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Control of internal browning and quality improvement of Fuji apples by stepwise increase of CO2 level during controlled atmosphere storage

Chung, H.; Moon, K.; Chung, S.; Choi, J.

Journal of the Science of food and agriculture 85(5): 883-888


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5142
DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.1867
Accession: 013100630

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To control internal browning injury and to reduce quality loss in 'Fuji' apples during storage, a stepwise controlled atmosphere (CA) method was applied in this study. Both non-bagged and bagged apples during maturation were stored at 0 degrees C under 1% O2 + 1% CO2, 1% O2 + 3% CO2 or air for 10 months, and 1% O2 + 1% CO2 for 2 months followed by 1% O2 + 3% CO2 for 8 months (stepwise CA). The concentrations of internal ethylene and carbon dioxide in apples kept for 24 h at 20 degrees C after storage under CA conditions were maintained at low level, but there was no effect of stepwise CO2 increase on internal gas concentrations. The non-bagged and bagged apples stored under stepwise CA were not significantly different from those stored under 1% O2 + 3% CO2 continuously for 10 months in term of flesh firmness, titratable acidity and yellowing index. However, the apples stored under stepwise CA were firmer, more acid and greener than those stored under 1% O2 + 1% CO2 continuously for 10 months. Internal browning injury occurred in apples stored under 1% O2 + 3% CO2 continuously for 10 months, but it was suppressed completely by stepwise CA storage. The stepwise CA, increasing of CO2 level after holding at 1% CO2 for the first 2 months of storage, was effective in maintaining the quality and controlling the internal browning injury in non-bagged and bagged 'Fuji' apples.

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