Section 14
Chapter 13,113

Ecosystem management: opportunities for private landowners in the central hardwood region

Roberts, S.; Parker, G.

Northern journal of applied forestry 15(1): 43-48


DOI: 10.1093/njaf/15.1.43
Accession: 013112562

Ecosystem-based forest management approaches are being considered by forest managers and landowners throughout the United States. Being dominated by nonindustrial private forestland, the Central Hardwood Region poses some unique challenges to implementation of ecosystem management approaches. Patterns of ownership and land use make it difficult to incorporate many of the landscape-scale features of ecosystem management. In addition, the lack of institutional leadership among private landowners may hamper adoption of ecosystem-based management over any substantial portion of the region. Despite these challenges, there are factors favoring the use of ecosystem management in the region. Foremost among them is that private landowner objectives are often compatible with the goals of ecosystem management. The forests of the region are naturally quite diverse and possess the ability to recover from past management to provide many of the benefits of undisturbed forests. As more technical information becomes available concerning how to make ecosystem management approaches work, the prospect for adoption by some portion of private landowner community is encouraging.

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