Effect of hay storage on oil yield and quality in three cymbopogon species (C. winterianus, C. martinii and C. flexuosus) during different harvesting seasons

Singh, A.; Naqvi, A.; Ram, G.S.ngh, K.

Journal of essential oil research JEOR 6(3): 289-294


DOI: 10.1080/10412905.1994.9698377
Accession: 013114011

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Hay storage of Cymbopogon martinii and C. winterianus, either in the shade or in the open, was found to be advantageous during summer and rainy seasons, respectively. Maximum enhancements of 31.4% and 18.0% in oil content over the fresh distilled herbs were recorded in 5 and 7 days respectively. The safe limit of herb storage varied according to the species and storage conditions. Storage of C. flexuosus herbage always caused a reduction in oil content except during the summer when it was not affected for three days under shade storage. Temperature and humidity were found to play a vital role in biosynthesis/accumulation of essential oils in stored herbs.