Essential oils of Annonaceae. VIII. Volatile constituents of the essential oils from three Guatteria species

Fournier, G.H.dijakhoondi, A.L.boeuf,, A.C.arles, B.

Journal of essential oil research JEOR 9(3): 275-278


Accession: 013120352

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The essential oils isolated from three Guatteria species, Annonaceae (G. ouregou Dun., G. sagotiana R.E. Fries and G. wachenheimi Benoist) have been examined by GC and GC/MS. The main components of each oil (> 5%) were: G. ouregou root oil: caryophyllene oxide (24.8%), alpha-cadinol (11.4%), trans-carveol (8.4%) and spathulenol (5.7%); G. sagotiana fruit oil: gamma-terpinene (25.4%), p-cymene (24.9%), caryophyllene oxide (8.4%) and beta-caryophyllene (7.4%); G. wachenheimi stem bark oil: borneol (20.4%), delta-3-carene (19.9%), caryophyllene oxide (8.3%) and limonene (6.2%); and G. wachenheimi leaf oil: beta-caryophyllene (19.2%), caryophyllene oxide (12.3%), spathulenol (11.4%), alpha-humulene (8.8%) and borneol (8.4%).