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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13156

Chapter 13156 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ross, D.; Berry, A.; Taylor, N.M.laren, D., 1986:
Measuring malnutrition in famines

Baettig, R.R.mond, R.P.rre, P., 2006:
Measuring moisture content profiles in a board during drying: a polychromatic X-ray system interfaced with a vacuum

Giblin, A.; Laundre, J.; Nadelhoffer, K.; Shaver, G., 1994:
Measuring nutrient availability in arctic soils using ion exchange resins: a field test

Boren, A.R.; Dixon, P.N.; Reed, D.B., 1983:
Measuring nutrition attitude among university students

Larson, D.; Flacco, P., 1992:
Measuring option prices from market behavior

Merkens, Bj, 1994:
Measuring outcomes of nutrition intervention

Brown, Ea, 1997:
Measuring performance at the Army Research Laboratory: the performance evaluation construct

Henderson, D.; Baldwin, E.; Thraen, C.; Rhodus, W., 1983:
Measuring price efficiency: experience with electronic markets

Orthner, D.; Smith, S.W.ight, D., 1986:
Measuring program needs: a strategic design

Arthur, Lm, 1981:
Measuring public attitudes toward natural resource issues: coyote control

Sundquist, W.; Cheng, C.N.rton, G., 1980:
Measuring returns to research expenditures for corn, wheat and soybeans

Moscovice, I.; Wholey, D.R.; Klingner, J.; Knott, A., 2004:
Measuring rural hospital quality

Risdon, P.S.ain, E., 1989:
Measuring self-esteem

Garcia, C.V.ntanas, J.A.tequera, T.R.iz, J.C.va, R.A.varez, P., 1996:
Measuring sensorial quality of Iberian ham by Rasch model

Eck, L.H.; Klesges, R.C.; Hanson, C.L.; Slawson, D.; Portis, L.; Lavasque, M.E., 1991:
Measuring short-term dietary intake: development and testing of a 1-week food frequency questionnaire

Ludeman, K., 1991:
Measuring skills and behavior

Craig-Bray, L.A.ams, G., 1986:
Measuring social intimacy in same-sex and opposite-sex contexts

Antle, J.; Goodger, W., 1984:
Measuring stochastic technology: the case of Tulare, milk production

Maki, Wr, 1984:
Measuring supply-side economic impacts on tourism

Schroer, B.; Farrington, P.; Messimer, S.; Thornton,. Jr.;, 1995:
Measuring technology transfer performance: a case study

Zhang, M.M.ttal, G., 1993:
Measuring tenderness of meat products by Warner Bratzler shear press

Gordon, J., 1991:
Measuring the 'goodness' of training

Wilde, P.E., 2007:
Measuring the effect of food stamps on food insecurity and hunger: research and policy considerations

Townsend, T.G.ade, E.J., 1983:
Measuring the U.S. cotton content of textile imports

Womack, Rb, 1993:
Measuring the attitudes and beliefs of American Indian patients with diabetes

Leggett-Frazier, N.; Turner, M.S.; Vincent, P.A., 1994:
Measuring the diabetes knowledge of nurses in long-term care facilities

Bessette, Rw, 2003:
Measuring the economic impact of university-based research

Hertzfeld, Hr, 2002:
Measuring the economic returns from successful NASA life sciences technology transfers

Seaman, C.; Hughes, A.; Hinks, C.; Hunter, E.; Parry, D., 1994:
Measuring the fat content of beef

Nord, M., 2003 :
Measuring the food security of elderly persons

Emmert, Gerald, D., 1978:
Measuring the impact of group performance feedback versus individual performance feedback in an industrial setting

Jansma, Jd, 1976:
Measuring the impact of natural resource investments on employment, income and economic structure

Feinstein, E.; Gustavson, L.P.; Levine, H.G., 1983:
Measuring the instructional validity of clinical simulation problems

Halstead, Jm, 1984:
Measuring the nonmarket value of Massachusetts agricultural land: a case study

Jordan, G.; Mortensen, J., 1997:
Measuring the performance of research and technology programs: a balanced scorecard approach

Gilbert, T.F., 1978:
Measuring the potential for performance improvement

Lambot, S.R.ebergen, J.B.sch, I.V.n-Den; Slob, E.; Vanclooster, M., 2004:
Measuring the soil water content profile of a sandy soil with an off-ground monostatic ground penetrating radar

Ehui, S.; Spencer, D., 1993:
Measuring the sustainability and economic viability a tropical farming systems: a model from sub-Saharan Africa

Zarnovican, R.G.ace, J., 1995:
Measuring tree height using a Sokkisha pole: Test of accuracy

Bishop, R.; Heberlein, T., 1979 :
Measuring values of extramarket goods; are indirect measures biased?

Denmead, O.; Dunin, F.; Wong, S.; Greenwood, E., 1993:
Measuring water use efficiency of Eucalypt trees with chambers and micrometeorological techniques

Foster, W.; Just, R.E., 1989:
Measuring welfare effects of product contamination with consumer uncertainty

Jackson, L.-Morlock; Yamanaka, E., 1985:
Measuring women's attitudes, goals, and literacy toward computers and advanced technology

Anonymous, 1984:
Measuring your life with coffee spoons

Boland, M.; Patrick, G., 1994:
Measurinvariability of performance among individual swine producers

Booltink, H.; Hatano, R.B.uma, J., 1993:
Measurment and simulation of bypass flow in a structured clay soil: a physico-morphological approach

Reddy, M.B.; Hurrell, R.F.; Cook, J.D., 2006:
Meat consumption in a varied diet marginally influences nonheme iron absorption in normal individuals

Hurrell, R.F.; Reddy, M.B.; Juillerat, M.; Cook, J.D., 2006:
Meat protein fractions enhance nonheme iron absorption in humans

Kerstetter, J.E.; Wall, D.E.; O'Brien, K.O.; Caseria, D.M.; Insogna, K.L., 2006:
Meat and soy protein affect calcium homeostasis in healthy women

Kinlen, L.J., 1982 :
Meat and fat consumption and cancer mortality: A study of strict religious orders in Britain

Harrington, G., 1988:
Meat and meat products: changes in demand and supply

Parmley, Ma, 1985:
Meat and poultry hotline: Q & A--on summertime food safety

Reidy, Kc, 1983:
Meat and poultry products: labeling costs of identifying fats and oils used as food ingredients

Capps, O.Jr; Havlicek, J.Jr, 1981:
Meat and seafood demand patterns: a comparison of the S1-branch demand system and the constant elasticity of demand system

Brittin, H.-C.Z.nn, D., W., 1977:
Meat buying practices of Caucasians, Mexican Americans, and Negroes

Lewis, N.; Albrecht, J.; Schnepf, M.; Hamouz, F.; Driskell, J.; Goertz, J., 1995:
Meat choices and cookery methods of Nebraskans

Richardson, N.; Shepherd, R.E.liman, N., 1994:
Meat consumption, definition of meat and trust in information sources in the UK population and members of the Vegetarian Society

Baker, A.; Duewer, L., 1983:
Meat distribution patterns in six southern metro areas

Anonymous, 1978:
Meat engineered with whey-soy blends, soy protein isolates

Roos, Kb-De, 1992:
Meat flavor generation from cysteine and sugars

Thompson, K.U.son, J., 1996:
Meat inspection costs--a charge too far?

Chambers, Pg, 1982:
Meat inspection of game carcasses in Matabeleland

Paterson, Bc, 1987:
Meat makes a comeback

Magill, David, A., 1979:
Meat makes the meal

Ward, Ce, 1979:
Meat marketing and pricing -- an evaluation of current and proposed systems

Kraft, Aa, 1986:
Meat microbiology

Zupke, Mp, 1992:
Meat now plays bit part in a healthy diet, but it's still part of the show

Anonymous, 1977:
Meat pies

Anonymous, 1978:
Meat plus vegetable protein - opportunities for growth

Hahn, Wf, 1991:
Meat price spreads are not proof of price gouging

Davis, E.; Sporleder, T., 1979:
Meat pricing and market reporting

Messenger, R., 1987:
Meat processors fight back!

Adolf, Mary, M., 1984:
Meat purchasing specifications: Your insurance policy

Tan, J., 2004:
Meat quality evaluation by computer vision

Cameron, N.; Nute, G.; Brown, S.; Enser, M.W.od, J., 1999:
Meat quality of Large White pigs genotypes selected for components of efficient lean growth rate

Owens, C.M.; Sams, A.R., 1998:
Meat quality of broiler breast meat following post-mortem electrical stimulation at the neck

Swatland, H.J.; Uttaro, B.; Goldenberg, A.A.; Lu, Z., 1998:
Meat quality variation in the robotic sorting of pork loins

Zuckerman, Sam, 1984:
Meat retreats: Industry's new light line

Anonymous, 1988:
Meat speciation

Thorne, Stuart, 1978:
Meat tenderisers

Pehanich, Mike, 1985:
Meat update: Challenge of changing times and tastes

Anonymous, 1989:
Meat, poultry inspection badly managed, GAO says

Lipton, Kl, 1986:
Meat, poultry, and dairy: what does the future hold?

Yu, T.; Wu, C.; Ho, C., 1994:
Meat-like flavor generated from thermal interactions of glucose and alliin or deoxyalliin

Easley, Lp, 1991:
Meat. 1

Huang, E.M.ttal, G., 1995:
Meatball cooking--modeling and simulation

Bittman, M., 1992:
Meatball mania

Anonymous, 1994:

Thaler-Carter, Re, 1998:
Meating the protein challenge

Hurley, J.S.hmidt, S., 1994:
Meatless in burgerland

Pannell, Dv, 1994:
Meatless lunches: the soy solution

Anonymous, 1979:
Meatless main dish pies

Backas, Nancy, 1984:
Meatless meals for meat eaters

Fial, Anita, 1980 :
Meatless menus: A marvelous alternative

Kulkarni, K.T.om, S., 1991:
Meatloaf goes modern

Ward, Ce, 1983:
Meatpacking: an unsettled industry

Grieco, A.; Bertoli, A.; Caradonna, P.; Caputo, S.; Greco, A.V., 1983:
Mebendazole and large echinococcal cysts

Petersen, E.; Thorén, G.; Bergquist, R., 1983:
Mebendazole treatment of Echinococcus granulosus infection. Report of a case

Vianna, M.L.; Roe, S.C., 2006:
Mechanical comparison of two knots and two crimp systems for securing nylon line used for extra-articular stabilization of the canine stifle

Neat, B.C.; Kowaleski, M.P.; Litsky, A.S.; Boudrieau, R.J., 2006:
Mechanical evaluation of pin and tension-band wire factors in an olecranon osteotomy model

Moores, A.P.; Beck, A.L.; Jespers, K.J.M.; Halfacree, Zë.; Wilson, A.M., 2006:
Mechanical evaluation of two crimp clamp systems for extracapsular stabilization of the cranial cruciate ligament-deficient canine stifle

Moores, A.P.; Beck, A.L.; Jespers, K.J.M.; Wilson, A.M., 2006:
Mechanical evaluation of two loop tensioning methods for crimp clamp extracapsular stabilization of the cranial cruciate ligament-deficient canine stifle

Rubin, J.; Murphy, T.C.; Rahnert, J.; Song, H.; Nanes, M.S.; Greenfield, E.M.; Jo, H.; Fan, X., 2005:
Mechanical inhibition of RANKL expression is regulated by H-Ras-GTPase

Chaqour, B.; Yang, R.; Sha, Q., 2006:
Mechanical Stretch Modulates the Promoter Activity of the Profibrotic Factor CCN2 through Increased Actin Polymerization and NF-B Activation

Kippenberger, S.; Loitsch, S.; Guschel, M.; Muller, J.; Knies, Y.; Kaufmann, R.; Bernd, A., 2005:
Mechanical Stretch Stimulates Protein Kinase B

Aydt, T.; Weller, C.; Testin, R., 1991:
Mechanical and barrier properties of edible corn and wheat protein films

Hinman, M.; Stauffer, S.; Lewis, R., 1994:
Mechanical and chemical properties of certain spider silks

Gunsolus, Jl, 1990:
Mechanical and cultural weed control in corn and soybeans

Yamawaki, Y.M.rita, M.S.kata, I., 1990:
Mechanical and dielectric properties of cyanoethylated wood

Youngquist, Y.; Krzysik, A.; Muehl, J.; Carll, C., 1992:
Mechanical and phycical properties of air-formed wood-fiber

Martinez-Monzo, J.M.rtinez-Navarrete, N.C.iralt, A.F.to, P., 1998:
Mechanical and structural changes in apple (var. Granny Smith) due to vacuum impregnation with cryoprotectants

Nakai, T.-; Yamamoto, H.-; Nakao, T.-; Hamatake, M., 2006:
Mechanical behavior of the crystal lattice of natural cellulose in wood under repeated uniaxial tension stress in the fiber direction

Renaud, M.R.eff, M.R.caboy, A., 1996:
Mechanical behaviour of saturated wood under compression. 1. Behaviour of wood at high rates of strain

Renaud, M.R.eff, M.R.caboy, A., 1996:
Mechanical behaviour of saturated wood under compression. 2. Behaviour of wood at low rates of strain some effects of compression on wood structure

Ravenelle, F.M.rchessault, R.; Legare, A.B.schmann, M., 2002:
Mechanical properties and structure of swollen crosslinked high amylose starch tablets

Bjorkman, A.L.ssota, H., 1992:
Mechanical properties of chemically treated wood

Cunniff, P.; Fossey, S.; Auerbach, M.; Song, J., 1994:
Mechanical properties of major ampulate gland silk fibers extracted from Nephila clavipes spiders

Arbelaiz, A.F.rnandez, B.V.lea, A.M.ndragon, I., 2006:
Mechanical properties of short flax fibre bundle

Raj, R.; Kokta, B., 1992:
Mechanical properties of surface-modified cellulose fiber-thermoplastic composites

Cenkowski, S.B.lley, N., 1992:
Mechanical removal of honey

Gupta, R.E.hington, R.; Green, D., 1996:
Mechanical stress grading of dahurian larch structural lumber

Lightner, L.; Roberts, L.W., 1984:
Mechanical transmission of Leishmania major by Glossina morsitans morsitans (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Anonymous, 1977:
Mechanically deboned meat dubbed tissue from ground bone

Froning, Gw, 1976:
Mechanically deboned poultry meat

Anonymous, 1979:
Mechanically deboned red meat, poultry and fish

Gao, Q.P.tt, R., 1991:
Mechanics of parenchyma tissue based on cell orientation and microstructure

Kaufman, S.; Kaufman, W.; Phillips, J., 1982:
Mechanism and characteristics of coxal fluid excretion in the argasid tick Ornithodoros moubata

Sundaralingam, M.S.kharudu, Y., 1990:
Mechanism and pathway of alpha-helix folding and unfolding mediated by water

Mattes, T.E.; Coleman, N.V.; Chuang, A.S.; Rogers, A.J.; Spain, J.C.; Gossett, J.M., 2007:
Mechanism controlling the extended lag period associated with vinyl chloride starvation in Nocardioides sp. strain JS614

Kangas, R.; Maston, E., 1988:
Mechanism for storing, singulating and planting woody cuttings

Marette, A.T.lp, O.; Bukowiecki, L., 1991:
Mechanism linking insulin resistance to defective thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue of obese diabetic SHR

Srivastava, S.; Desai, P.; Coutinho, E.; Govil, G., 2006:
Mechanism of action of L-arginine on the vitality of spermatozoa is primarily through increased biosynthesis of nitric oxide

Kovács, Mály.; Wang, F.; Sellers, J.R., 2005:
Mechanism of action of myosin X, a membrane-associated molecular motor

Lukov, G.-L.B.ker, C.-M.L.dtke, P.-J.H., T.; Carter, M.-D.H.ckett, R.-A.T.ulin, C.-D.W.llardson, B., M., 2006:
Mechanism of Assembly of G Protein Subunits by Protein Kinase CK2-phosphorylated Phosducin-like Protein and the Cytosolic Chaperonin Complex

Faller, P.; Kienzler, K.; Krieger-Liszkay, A., 2004:
Mechanism of Cd2+ toxicity: Cd2+ inhibits photoactivation of Photosystem II by competitive binding to the essential Ca2+ site

Khoshnoodi, J.; Sigmundsson, K.; Cartailler, J.-Philippe; Bondar, O.; Sundaramoorthy, M.; Hudson, B., G., 2006:
Mechanism of Chain Selection in the Assembly of Collagen IV: A PROMINENT ROLE FOR THE 2 CHAIN

Shashidharamurthy, R.; Koteiche, H.A.; Dong, J.; McHaourab, H.S., 2004:
Mechanism of chaperone function in small heat shock proteins: dissociation of the HSP27 oligomer is required for recognition and binding of destabilized T4 lysozyme

Cheruku, S.R.; Xu, Z.; Dutia, R.; Lobel, P.; Storch, J., 2006:
Mechanism of cholesterol transfer from the Niemann-Pick type C2 protein to model membranes supports a role in lysosomal cholesterol transport

Sunesen, M.; de Carvalho, L.Prado.; Dufresne, V.; Grailhe, R.; Savatier-Duclert, N.; Gibor, G.; Peretz, A.; Attali, B.; Changeux, J-Pierre.; Paas, Y., 2006:
Mechanism of Cl- selection by a glutamate-gated chloride (GluCl) receptor revealed through mutations in the selectivity filter

Karaveg, K.; Siriwardena, A.; Tempel, W.; Liu, Z.-Jie; Glushka, J.; Wang, B.-Cheng; Moremen, K., W., 2005:
Mechanism of Class 1 (Glycosylhydrolase Family 47) -Mannosidases Involved in N-Glycan Processing and Endoplasmic Reticulum Quality Control

Shekar, S.Chandra.; Wu, H.; Fu, Z.; Yip, S-Chin.; Nagajyothi; Cahill, S.M.; Girvin, M.E.; Backer, J.M., 2005:
Mechanism of constitutive phosphoinositide 3-kinase activation by oncogenic mutants of the p85 regulatory subunit

Oddo, C.; Freire, E.; Frappier, L.; de Prat-Gay, G., 2006:
Mechanism of DNA recognition at a viral replication origin

Kratchmarova, I.; Blagoev, B.; Haack-Sorensen, M.; Kassem, M.; Mann, M., 2005:
Mechanism of divergent growth factor effects in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

Bernacchi, S.; Ennifar, E.; Tóth, K.; Walter, P.; Langowski, Jörg.; Dumas, P., 2005:
Mechanism of hairpin-duplex conversion for the HIV-1 dimerization initiation site

Borra, M.T.; Smith, B.C.; Denu, J.M., 2005:
Mechanism of human SIRT1 activation by resveratrol

Pani, B.; Banerjee, S.; Chalissery, J.; Muralimohan, A.; Abishek, M.; Loganathan, R.Malarini.; Suganthan, R.Babu.; Sen, R., 2006:
Mechanism of inhibition of Rho-dependent transcription termination by bacteriophage P4 protein Psu

Gong, P.; Martin, C.T., 2006:
Mechanism of instability in abortive cycling by T7 RNA polymerase

Stahelin, R.V.; Ananthanarayanan, B.; Blatner, N.R.; Singh, S.; Bruzik, K.S.; Murray, D.; Cho, W., 2004:
Mechanism of membrane binding of the phospholipase D1 PX domain

Yao, N.Y.; Johnson, A.; Bowman, G.D.; Kuriyan, J.; O'Donnell, M., 2006:
Mechanism of proliferating cell nuclear antigen clamp opening by replication factor C

Bhanumathy, C.D.; Nakao, S.K.; Joseph, S.K., 2005:
Mechanism of proteasomal degradation of inositol trisphosphate receptors in CHO-K1 cells

Heo, J.; Campbell, S.L., 2005:
Mechanism of redox-mediated guanine nucleotide exchange on redox-active Rho GTPases

Gowher, H.; Liebert, K.; Hermann, A.; Xu, G.; Jeltsch, A., 2005:
Mechanism of stimulation of catalytic activity of Dnmt3A and Dnmt3B DNA-(cytosine-C5)-methyltransferases by Dnmt3L

Wang, W.; Lindsey-Boltz, L.A.; Sancar, A.; Bambara, R.A., 2006:
Mechanism of stimulation of human DNA ligase I by the Rad9-rad1-Hus1 checkpoint complex

Ferreira, M.E.; Hermann, S.; Prochasson, P.; Workman, J.L.; Berndt, K.D.; Wright, A.P.H., 2005:
Mechanism of transcription factor recruitment by acidic activators

Bardor, M.; Nguyen, D.-H.D.az, S.; Varki, A., 2005:
Mechanism of Uptake and Incorporation of the Non-human Sialic Acid N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid into Human Cells

Rhee, M.; Davis, P., 2005:
Mechanism of uptake of C105Y, a novel cell-penetrating peptide

Koteiche, H.-A.M.haourab, H., S., 2006:

Piskorska-Pliszczynska, J.; Astroff, B.; Zacharewski, T.; Harris, M.; Rosengren, R.; Morrison, V.; Safe, L.; Safe, S., 1991:
Mechanism of action of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin antagonists: characterization of 6-[125I]methyl-8-iodo-1,3-dichlorodibenzofuran-Ah receptor complexes

Mcdonel, James, L., 1980:
Mechanism of action of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin

Fujimura, M.O.da, K.I.oue, H.K.to, T., 1990:
Mechanism of action of N-phenylcarbamates in benzimidazole-resistant Neurospora strains

Takemoto, J.; Zhang, L.T.guchi, N.T.chikawa, T.M.yakawa, T., 1991:
Mechanism of action of the phytotoxin syringomycin: a resistance mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals an involvement of Ca2+ transport

Ruhrmann, J.; Sprenger, G.A.; Krämer, R., 1994:
Mechanism of alanine excretion in recombinant strains of Zymomonas mobilis

Masuda, T.T.naka, R.S.ioi, Y.T.kamiya, K.K.nnangara, C.; Tsuji, H., 1994:
Mechanism of benzyladenine-induced stimulation of the syntheis of 5-aminolevulinic acid in greening cucumber cotyledons: benzyladenine increases levels of plastid tRNAGlu

Hejazi, M.; Kleinegris, D.W.jffels, R., 2004:
Mechanism of extraction of beta-carotene from microalga Dunaliella salina in two-phase bioreactors

Magoshi, J.M.goshi, Y.N.kamura, S., 1994:
Mechanism of fiber formation of silkworm

Nair, K.S.; Pabico, R.C.; Truglia, J.A.; McKenna, B.A.; Statt, M.; Lockwood, D.H., 1994:
Mechanism of glomerular hyperfiltration after a protein meal in humans. Role of hormones and amino acids

Kouji, H.M.suda, T.M.tsunaka, S., 1990:
Mechanism of herbicidal action and soybean selectivity of AKH-7088, a novel diphenyl ether herbicide

Xing, H.; Wilkerson, D.C.; Mayhew, C.N.; Lubert, E.J.; Skaggs, H.S.; Goodson, M.L.; Hong, Y.; Park-Sarge, O-Kyong.; Sarge, K.D., 2005:
Mechanism of hsp70i gene bookmarking

Lyubimova, Vf, 1991:
Mechanism of incorporation of separate couch grass genomes into the genome complex of durum wheat

Rie, J.V.n; Mellaert, H.V.n; Peferoen, M., 1992:
Mechanism of insect resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis in Plodia interpunctella and Plutella xylostella

Iype, T.; Francis, J.; Garmey, J.C.; Schisler, J.C.; Nesher, R.; Weir, G.C.; Becker, T.C.; Newgard, C.B.; Griffen, S.C.; Mirmira, R.G., 2005:
Mechanism of insulin gene regulation by the pancreatic transcription factor Pdx-1: application of pre-mRNA analysis and chromatin immunoprecipitation to assess formation of functional transcriptional complexes

Posner, B.I.; Yang, C.R.; Shaver, A., 1998:
Mechanism of insulin mimetic action of peroxovanadium compounds

Zhang, X.; Reddy, S.Y.; Bruice, T.C., 2007:
Mechanism of methanol oxidation by quinoprotein methanol dehydrogenase

Layzell, D.B.; Hunt, S.; Palmer, G.R., 1990:
Mechanism of Nitrogenase Inhibition in Soybean Nodules : Pulse-Modulated Spectroscopy Indicates that Nitrogenase Activity Is Limited by O(2)

Kanner, J., 1992:
Mechanism of nonenzymic lipid peroxidation in muscle foods

Maskos, Z.; Winston, G.W., 1994:
Mechanism of p-nitrosophenol reduction catalyzed by horse liver and human pi-alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). Human pi-ADH as a quinone reductase

Hess, K.; Dudley, M.; Lynn, D.; Joerger, R.; Binns, A., 1991:
Mechanism of phenolic activation of Agrobacterium virulence genes: development of a specific inhibitor of bacterial sensor

Weenen, H.T.an, S.; Valois, P.-De; Bouter, N.P.s, A.V.nk, H., 1994:
Mechanism of pyrazine formation

Rodriguez, R.G.errero, M.; Lara, C., 1994:
Mechanism of sodium

Miao, Y.Y.shizaki, S., 1994:
Mechanism of spontaneous heating of Hay. 1. Necessary conditions and heat generation from chemical reactions

Miao, Y.A.ari, M.Y.shizaki, S., 1994:
Mechanism of spontaneous heating of Hay. 2. Chemical changes in spontaneously heated hay

Pilling, E.; Bromley-Challenor, K.; Walker, C.; Jepson, P., 1995:
Mechanism of synergism between the pyrethroid insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin and the imidazole fungicide prochloraz in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)

Nishino, T.; Okamoto, K.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Hori, H.; Matsumura, T.; Eger, B.T.; Pai, E.F.; Nishino, T., 2005:
Mechanism of the conversion of xanthine dehydrogenase to xanthine oxidase: identification of the two cysteine disulfide bonds and crystal structure of a non-convertible rat liver xanthine dehydrogenase mutant

Yu, Q.; Sandmeier, J.; Xu, H.; Zou, Y.; Bi, X., 2005:
Mechanism of the long range anti-silencing function of targeted histone acetyltransferases in yeast

Hsu, M-Feng.; Kuo, C-Jung.; Chang, K-Ti.; Chang, H-Chuan.; Chou, C-Cheng.; Ko, T-Ping.; Shr, H-Lin.; Chang, G-Gang.; Wang, A.H-J.; Liang, P-Huang., 2005:
Mechanism of the maturation process of SARS-CoV 3CL protease

Yamaki, H.Y.maguchi, M.Y.maguchi, H., 1992:
Mechanism of the antifungal action of (S)-2-amino-4-oxo-5-hydroxypentanoic acid, RI-331: inhibition of homoserine dehydrogenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pringle, H.; Bradley, S., 1981:
Mechanism of the antimicrobial action of delta 9-terahydrocannabinol on Naegleria fowleri

Bedoya, J.M., 1982:
Mechanism of transmission, recurrence and reinfection of trichomoniasis vaginalis in humans

Anonymous, 1991:
Mechanism of urolithiasis in vitamin A-deficient rats

Cousins, Robert, J., 1982:
Mechanism of zinc absorption

Ariyoshi, W.; Takahashi, T.; Kanno, T.; Ichimiya, H.; Takano, H.; Koseki, T.; Nishihara, T., 2005:
Mechanisms involved in enhancement of osteoclast formation and function by low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Hilakivi-Clarke, L.; Olivo, S.E.; Shajahan, A.; Khan, G.; Zhu, Y.; Zwart, A.; Cho, E.; Clarke, R., 2005:
Mechanisms mediating the effects of prepubertal (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acid diet on breast cancer risk in rats

Mewe, M.; Bauer, C.K.; Schwarz, Jürgen.R.; Middendorff, R., 2006:
Mechanisms regulating spontaneous contractions in the bovine epididymal duct

Nie, D.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; Jin, R.; Tang, K.; Chen, Y.; Qiao, Y.; Zacharek, A.; Guo, Y.; Milanini, J.; Pages, G.; Honn, K.V., 2006:
Mechanisms regulating tumor angiogenesis by 12-lipoxygenase in prostate cancer cells

Zhou, J.; Herring, B.Paul., 2005:
Mechanisms responsible for the promoter-specific effects of myocardin

Taniguchi, N.; Matsuyama, S.-Ichi; Tokuda, H., 2005:
Mechanisms Underlying Energy-independent Transfer of Lipoproteins from LolA to LolB, Which Have Similar Unclosed -Barrel Structures

DeLuca, H.F.; Zierold, C., 1998 :
Mechanisms and functions of vitamin D

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