Metabolism of xylose and xylitol by Pachysolen tannophilus

Xu, J.T.ylor, K.

ACS symposium series: 66) 468-481


Accession: 013156163

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The conversion of both xylose and xylitol to ethanol has been demonstrated in cell-free extracts of Pachysolen tannophilus. The facts that xylitol is metabolized in the extracts but not in whole cells in the absence of nystatin demonstrate that transport across the cell membrane limits its metabolism in whole cells. The metabolism of both xylose and xylitol requires NAD and ADP, but the metabolism of xylose requires and NADPH-generating system in addition. Xylose isomerase increases the rate of ethanol formation from xylose, but some xylitol accumulates nevertheless. Therefore, the cell-free system metabolizes xylose as two independent, sequential pathways, one to synthesize xylitol and one to convert it to ethanol. The consequences for process-improvement strategies are discussed.