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Chapter 13,221

WHEATSIM: Model 15: description and computer program documentation

Holland, F.; Sharples, J.

Station bulletin Dept of Agricultural Economics Agricultural Experiment Station Purdue University: 81 (319)


Accession: 013220831

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WHEATSIM is a simulation model of the U.S. wheat market specifically designed to analyze domestic policy alternatives. It consists of user controlled annual production and demand functions for up to seven consecutive years. The model can analyze up to 500 iterations of a 7-year sequence with each iteration consisting of a set of randomly selected annual yield and export shocks. Policy instruments modeled include deficiency payments, set-aside and diversion, CCC stocks, and the farmer-owned reserve. This publication (an update of a previous version) contains a description of the economic logic of WHEATSIM, the FORTRAN program documentation, and a sample input and output.

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