Section 14
Chapter 13,241

Effect of different fruit bags on quality of pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) kousui

Zhang ZhenMing; Zhang ShaoLing; Qiao YongJin; Tao ShuTian

Acta Agriculturae Shanghai 23(1): 30-33


Accession: 013240308

The comparative experiments of bagging were carried out with 12 types of fruit bags, and the results showed that after bagging, the hardness and titratable acid content of fruit significantly increased; the soluble solids and total soluble sugars of fruit and the fruit weight significantly decreased by 8.47%, 10.59% and 20.85% respectively; the vitamin C content of fruit increased 10%-39.9%; and such appearance quality as fruit smoothness and fruit dots also obviously improved.

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