Evaluation of museums service quality: a research study of museums and galleries visitors' satisfaction

Mylonakis, J.; Kendristakis, E.

Tourism and Hospitality Management 12(2): 37-54


ISSN/ISBN: 1330-7533
Accession: 013243701

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As competition increases in the leisure sector, quality service is an advantage that increases the number of new and repeat users. This case study investigates whether or not the Cambridge & County Folk Museum (UK) delivers quality service to external customers. A visitor questionnaire was used to assess the Folk Museum's service quality from the point of view of external customers. Staff and receptionist questionnaires were used to identify the Folk Museum's perceptions of its service quality and whether its operation is effective. The findings illustrate that there is no major disparity between the Folk Museum's internal objectives and the delivery of services. However, the museum does need to explore which services audiences want the museum to provide and to reinforce external communications in order to create positive and attractive images of the museum among the public.