Section 14
Chapter 13,259

Occurrence of fluoride in the groundwaters of Pandharkawada area, Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, India

Madhnure, P.; Sirsikar, D.Y.; Tiwari, A.N.; Ranjan, B.; Malpe, D.B.

Current Science 92(5): 675-679


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-3891
Accession: 013258859

Hydrogeological investigations have been carried out in the rural parts of Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, where agriculture is the main occupation. The area is mainly occupied by Deccan basalts, except in the southern part, where limestone and shale belonging to the Penganga Group occur. Groundwater occurs under unconfined conditions in the weathered and fractured portions of rocks, and semi-confined to confined conditions in fractured rocks. The groundwater of the area is of bicarbonate (HCO3-)-type and high fluoride (F-) concentration is observed in deeper aquifers compared to shallow aquifers. Physicochemical conditions like decomposition, dissociation and subsequent dissolution along with long residence time might be responsible for leaching of F- into the groundwater.

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