Studies on change in the top height of Austrian black pine (Pinus nigra L.) stands with different spacings

Veperdi, G.; Veperdi, I.

Erdeszeti Kutatasok 88: 207-220


Accession: 013269860

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Spacing trials established in the 1970s in Hungarian stands composed of Pinus sylvestris, Pinus nigra and Picea abies included 11 experimental blocks with 361 plots. During the study, numerous stand parameters were regularly assessed, among them the top height was also evaluated in 12- to 30-year-old stands. Top height is a criterion commonly used to express the site quality. The results indicate that the top height of the stands was significantly correlated, in various ways, with spacing, mean stand diameter at breast height, and spacing index of Hart-Becking. However, these correlations were considerably affected by the age of the stands. This article covers the evaluation of relationships between these factors.