Section 14
Chapter 13,276

Trends and approaches to marketing green tourism by farmers and publicity organizations in Germany based on an analysis of tourism brochures

Suzue, K.; Shinji, I.



Accession: 013275718

The goal of this study is to identify and to recommend an approach for Japan to promote green tourism. For this purpose, the authors looked at Germany's experience where green tourism has become a successful second business for farmers. The analysis focused on the marketing of green tourism by farmers and publicity organizations that have succeeded in responding to customer expectations.The result is summarized as follows :(1) Public perception of green tourism is a family trip with an expectation of fresh air and a clean environment. Farmers understand this well and provide well-suited marketing. Publicity organizations support farmers by implementing image enhancing programs.(2) One of the main reasons why green tourism is so successful in Germany is the introduction of a quality assurance system by DLG (Deutsche Land wirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V.). It provides transparency for visitors when they select hotels and farms. Although farmers are very active in introducing the system, they are encouraged to invest in the renovation of houses and facilities. Due to this, traditional farm house accommodation has been replaced by apartment/cottage type facilities.(3) The number of farm houses offering green tourism has reached a certain level and farmers are seeking ways of differentiating their business from others. Both farmers and publicity organizations are focusing their marketing and a wider variety of green tourism is now on offer.(4) Although the success of green tourism depends on the joint effort of farmers and publicity organizations, the most important factor is that each farmer has a sense of business and a desire to take advantage of opportunities.

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