Section 14
Chapter 13,293

A new species of Habrobracon sp., parasitising caterpillars of Chloridea obsoleta, F.: its biology and its agricultural importance

Bogoljubov, S.

Agriculture of Turkestan, Tashkent, 3, 281-291


Accession: 013292247

Chloridea obsoleta (Heliothis armigera) and Laphygma (Caradrina) exigua were observed in the district of Tashkent during 1913 on tomato plants and invaded even the adjoining cotton plantations. The caterpillars of the former pest have been attacked there by a small parasite, which will shortly be described by Kokujev, as a new species of Habrobracon. The author gives a short description and a figure of the parasite, which was first found by him on 14th July 1913 in some tomato fields.

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