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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13314

Chapter 13314 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Inatsu, Y.; Bari, M.-Latiful; Kawamoto, S., 2007:
Application of acidified sodium chlorite prewashing treatment to improve the food hygiene of lightly fermented vegetables

Voitkevitch, A., 1944:
Application of acidophilus cultures in cattle breeding

Peng, C.; Meng, H., 2007:
Application of activated zeolite in the advanced treatment of potable water

Hudson, D.W., 1944:
Application of aerial photography to logging operations

Pawel, M., 1933:
Application of algebraic theory to crossing-over and the exact calculation of its probability

Fan, F.R.; Koo, W.F., 1941:
Application of analysis of covariance to quasi-factorial experiment

Weibull, W., 1934:
Application of artificial fertilizers to seed plots

Maljcevskii, V.P., 1938:
Application of artificial light to increase crops

Wakeshima, T.; Yoshino, K.; Narihara, N., 1933:
Application of ascaridop in the treatment of ancylostomiasis, and efficacy of the anthelmintics in relation to the species of hookworms and their sex

Bezssonoff, N.; Vertruyes, H., 1938:
Application of ascorbinase to the estimation of vitamin C

L.Z.en; Hong TianSheng; W.W.iBin; Zhang WenZhao; Guo Zhuo, 2006:
Application of bilinear interpolation algorithm in litchi leaf image rotation for photosynthetic simulation

Szoke, A.; Kiss, E.; Veres, A.; Kerepesi, I.; Toth, A.; Toth, E.; Toldi, O.; Heszky, L., 2007:
Application of biotechnology methods in carnation breeding

Dmitriev, K.A., 1939:
Application of boron fertilizers to seed plots of red clover

Yang SuZhe; Chen YuMin; Huang BaoQuan, 2006:
Application of bubbler irrigation to spring maize and winter wheat planted in furrow with film mulching on ridge

Hamond, G.H., 1933:
Application of chemicals to the soil surface as a primary factor in white grub control

Takeuchi, T., 2007:
Application of citrus oil solvent (d-limonene) to dry-cleaning

Amin, K.C., 1943:
Application of colchicine to cotton

Ding ChenFang, 2007:
Application of combination forecasting method in grain production forecast

Gish, P.T., 1942:
Application of commercial nitrogenous fertilizers to Berks silt loam soil is profitable

Littleton, H.X.; Daigger, G.T.; Strom, P.F., 2007:
Application of computational fluid dynamics to closed-loop bioreactors: I. Characterization and simulation of fluid-flow pattern and oxygen transfer

Littleton, H.X.; Daigger, G.T.; Strom, P.F., 2007:
Application of computational fluid dynamics to closed-loop bioreactors: II. Simulation of biological phosphorus removal using computational fluid dynamics

Juszka, H.; Tomasik, M.; Lis, S., 2005:
Application of computer image processing to presenting the results of modelled cow milking

Ruzic, ; Cerovic, R.; Vujovic, T., 2007:
Application of contemporary in vitro methods in Prunus L

Antoniani, C., 1938:
Application of cryolysis to humus complexes

Slezak, K.; Terbe, I., 2005:
Application of different root anchoring media for container grown tomato

Mylona, E.; Xenidis, A.; Csovari, M.; Nemeth, G., 2007:
Application of dry covers for the closure of tailings facilities

Bernhagen, R.J., 1944:
Application of electrical earth resistivity surveys to ground-water studies in Ohio

Chen-Yun-Zeng; Yang-Hao; Zhang-Zhen-Ke; Qin-Ming-Zhou; Jin-Feng; Lu-Jun-Jie, 2007:
Application of equilibrium partitioning approach to the derivation of sediment quality guidelines for metals in Dianchi Lake

Aslander, A., 1936:
Application of farmyard manure to hay leys. Some trials in the county of Gavleborg

Torres Barusta, G., 1938:
Application of genetics to obtain pure lines with particular characters

Komissarov, D.A., 1938:
Application of growth substances to increase rooting capacity in cuttings of woody species and shrubs.

Hamner, C.L.; Schomer, H.A.; Marth, P.C., 1944:
Application of growth-regulating substance in aerosol form, with special reference to fruit-set in tomato

Edris, A.E.; Murkovic, M.; Siegmund, B., 2007:
Application of headspace-solid-phase microextraction and HPLC for the analysis of the aroma volatile components of treacle and determination of its content of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

L.JianRong, 2004:
Application of herbicides to afforestation in barren hills suitable for forest

Tiemann, H.D., 1940:
Application of high frequency electrical fields to drying and gluing of wood

Alziabi, O., 2007:
Application of immunohistochemistry to detect camelpox virus in cell culture and histological sections

Hao JianJun; M.Y.eJin; L.J.anChang; Zhao JianGuo; Shen YuZeng, 2006:
Application of in-situ synthesis of nickel-based anti-abrasion coating by argon-arc cladding on ploughshare

Chang, Y.Y.; Kim, K.S.; Jung, J.H.; Yang, J.K.; Lee, S.M., 2007:
Application of iron-coated sand and manganese-coated sand on the treatment of both As(III) and As(V)

Wested, J.; Iversen, K., 1938:
Application of liquid manure

Lecoq, B.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1945:
Application of measurements of chronaxie to the study of vitamins of the B group

Seo, D.; Kim, J.S.; Chang, E., 2007:
Application of medium class land cover maps to AVSWAT2000 for the prediction of inflow, CBOD, TN and TP for Yongdam Lake, Korea

Lecoq, R.; Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1943:
Application of method of chronaxie measurement to the study of rickets

Nakatsu, C.H.; Pesenti, P.T.; Rhodes, A., 2006:
Application of microbial source tracking to human health and national security

Manzon, E.D., 1938:
Application of microfiltration to the determination of available potassium in the soil.

Liu YuFei; Bai JunJie; L.K.iBin, 2007:
Application of microsatellite markers in genetic monitoring of RR-B strain Xiphophorus helleri

Bose, R.D., 1933:
Application of modern statistical methods to field trials

Rajabhooshanam, D.S., 1935:
Application of modern statistical methods to yield trials (Woodhouse Memorial Prize Essay, 1933

Sretenovic, L.; Aleksic, S.; Petrovic, M.M.; Petrovic, M.P.; Stojanovic, L.; Marinkov, G., 2007:
Application of modern technology of nutrition in high yielding cows in dry period and early lactation

Balenovic, T.; Kabalin, A.E.; Balenovic, M.; Susic, V.; Stokovic, I.; Pavicic, Z., 2007:
Application of molecular genetics to improve breeding and selection features in chicken

Szoke, A.; Kiss, E.; Milotay, P.; Szabo Hever, A.; Heszky, L., 2005:
Application of molecular markers in nematode resistance breeding of tomato

Jang, A.; Lee, S.W.; Seo, Y.; Kim, K.W.; Kim, I.S.; Bishop, P.L., 2007:
Application of mulch for treating metals in urban runoff: batch and column test

Perry, L.; Heard, P.; Kane, M.; Kim, H.; Savikhin, S.; Domcnguez, W.; Applegate, B., 2007:
Application of multiplex polymerase chain reaction to the detection of pathogens in food

Panosian, A.K., 1939:
Application of nitragin in Armenian S.S.R

Iskra, I.; Droste, R., 2007:
Application of non-linear automatic optimization techniques for calibration of HSPF

Hartzell, F.Z., 1929:
Application of one of Pearson's Probability Theorems and some special Probability Equations to Entomological Data

Taylor, G.G., 1937:
Application of orchard sprays, III. Spray nozzles (continued)

Taylor, G.G., 1935:
Application of orchard-sprays. I. The stationary system

Taylor, G.G., 1936 :
Application of orchard-sprays. II. The portable spraying-system

Brown, J.G.; Boyle, A.M., 1945:
Application of penicillin to crown gall

Rigoni, V.A., 1943:
Application of phenol and other reagents in the identification of agricultural varieties of barley, oats and rye. Manifestations of fluorescence in barley and oats

Gusev, E.P.; Razdrogov, N.N., 1938:
Application of phosphates to barley seeds

Saveljev, S.I., 1938:
Application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers by instalments in the autumn as a method of increasing frost resistance and yield in winter wheat

Trzcinska, M.; Sieliwanowicz, B.; Halasinska, A., G.; Czuprynski, B., 2007:
Application of physicochemically modified polymeric foil to develop antioxidant packaging

Proskura, S.S., 1937:
Application of potassium in rows for sugar beet.

Godwin, G., 1943:
Application of producer gas to Canadian automotive transport

Mandoki, L., 1935:
Application of recent advances in the study of metabolism at the bedside

Reantaso, M.B.; Subasinghe, R.P.; Anrooy, R. van, 2006:
Application of risk analysis in aquaculture

Shen, T.H., 1933:
Application of science to agriculture in China

Frimmel, F., 1935:
Application of scientific observations in the sphere of horticultural genetic experiments

Fedotova, Mme, T.L, 1939:
Application of simplified serological reactions for the determination of varietal resistance to disease

Glab, T., 2007:
Application of sodium hypochlorite in the technique of soil section preparation

Parthasarthy, N.; Sankaranarayanan, C.V., 1936:
Application of soluble fertilizers, ammonium sulphate and superphosphate, in swampy conditions for rice

Wang JiQing; Zhang BaiLiang, 2006:
Application of some cooling measures for greenhouse cooling in summer

Patil, S.K.; Singh, U.; Mishra, V.N.; Das, R.O., 2006:
Application of spatial information technology for fertiliser recommendation maps

Ivanov, D.N., 1940:
Application of spectroscopic analysis in soil science

Ziegler, M., 1939:
Application of spectrum analysis to the study of food

Stoate, T.N.; Lane Poole, C.E., 1938:
Application of statistical methods to some Australian forest problems. (Commonwealth Forestry Bureau Publication No. 21.)

Vaidyanathan, M., 1936:
Application of statistics to field technique in agriculture

Cultrera, R.; Galletti, A.C., 1938:
Application of sulphur in agriculture. II. Effect of sulphur on colloidal constituents of soil

Cultrera, R.; Galletti, A.C., 1939:
Application of sulphur in agriculture. III. Effect of sulphur on physical properties of soil

Brody, D.A.; Quigley, J.P., 1944:
Application of the inductograph to the registration of movements, particularly of body structures such as the pyloric sphincter

Sullivan, W.N.; Goodhue, L.D.; Fales, J.H., 1941:
Application of the Aerosol to Fumigation. I. Stabilization of a Naphthalene Aerosol

South, F.W., 1917:
Application of the Agricultural Pests Enactment

Goodspeed, T.H.; Uber, F.M., 1935:
Application of the Altmann freezing-drying technique to plant cytology. II. Character of the fixation

Brooke, R.O.; Smith, A.H., 1933:
Application of the Lorenz-Pregl technique for the determination of small amounts of phosphorus in biological material

Lignieres, J., 1933:
Application of the Method of Vaccination against Foot and Mouth Disease to Canine Distemper

Yaghi, N., 1924:
Application of the Rontgen Tube to Detection of Boring Insects

Sturges, S.; Knudson, A., 1938:
Application of the Schoenheimer-Sperry method to the determination of cholesterol and cholesterol esters in tissues

Yusupova, S.M., 1939:
Application of the Tiulin method of fractional peptization of soils in the investigation of clays

Justesen, S.H., 1939:
Application of the analysis of variance in field experiments

Remussi, C., 1938:
Application of the analysis of variance to comparative yield tests

Stocking, R.E., 1933:
Application of the capillary resistance test as a measure of vitamin C nutrition

Okamura, H., 1935:
Application of the colonmetric cryogenin method of Yamada to the micro-estimation of laevolose and the estimation of true glucose

Katzin, L.I.; Sandholzer, L.A.; Strong, M.E., 1943:
Application of the Decimal Reduction Time Principle to a Study of the Resistance of Coliform Bacteria to Pasteurization

Laug, E.P., 1938:
Application of the dithizone method to the determination of lead in biologicalmaterials

Gerdel, R.W.; Allen, R.E., 1941:
Application of the erosion equation to strip crop planning

Parks, L.R.; Barnes, C.R., 1935:
Application of the glass electrode to dairy products

Dreher, K.; Cretschmar, M., 1938:
Application of the idea of performance in apiculture and sericulture

Archimovitch, A., 1934:
Application of the inbreeding method to sugarbeet

Larska, M.; Rola, J., 2007:
Application of the indirect immunoperoxidase test to confirm the specificity EAV isolates

Tschirch, E.; Kruger, D., 1935:
Application of the iodide-thiocyanate process in the determination of urinary sugar

Canfield, R.H., 1941:
Application of the line interception method in sampling range vegetation

Isaacs, T.L.; Broyer, T.C., 1942:
Application Of The Liquid Extraction Method For The Determination Of Total Organic Acids In Plant Sap

Kharetcko-Savitskaja, E.I., 1940:
Application of the method of enforced self-fertilization of self-sterile forms

Novak, J., 1942:
Application of the method of genetical polynomes to the derivation of genotypes and phenotypes and their frequencies with polymerism. I. Homomerisra with recessivity

Jagodkin, I.G., 1937:
Application of the method of inbreeding and diallel crossing in sunflower growing

Schad, C.; Meneret, G.; Mayer, R., 1941:
Application of the methods of Fisher and Student ior comparing varieties in small plots

Kubiak, J., 2005:
Application of the mineral fertilizers of delayed action in ornamental plant nursery

Munsey, V.E., 1938:
Application of the neutral wedge photometer to the measurement of carotenoid pigments in flour and macaroni products

Parfitt, E.H.; Brown, W.H.; Shadwick, G.W., 1940:
Application of the Phosphatase Test to Butter

Scharer, H., 1945:
Application of the phosphatase test to cheese. I. A preliminary report on Cheddar type cheese

Shadwick, G.W.; Parker, M.E., 1939:
Application of the Phosphatase Test to Creamery Butter

Doehner, H., 1934:
Application of the principles of genetics and of the improvement of breeds to cows and to milk-producing sheep

Scharer, H., 1939:
Application of the rapid phosphatase test to dairy by-products

Ludington, V.D.; Bird, E.W., 1941:
Application of the refractometer to determination of total solids in milk products

Chilson, W.H.; Collins, M.A., 1940:
Application of the resazurin test in determining the quality of pasteurized cream

Gadd, I.; Kjaer, A., 1940:
Application of the selenium and indigo-carmine methods for testing cereals damaged by frost and Fusarium

Prat, H., 1934:
Application of the subordination principle to the epidermal characters in Gramineae

Popova, P.A., 1936:
Application of the theory of T. D. Lysenko to barley breeding

Baucke, J., 1939:
Application of the thiochrome test to the study of the vitamin B1 metabolism

Guymer, I.; Dutton, R., 2007:
Application of transient storage modelling to solute transport across a surcharged manhole

Liu ShiGuang; Shen ChunBao; Bao ChangChun; L.G.oFang; Wang Jian; J.R.Kai, 2006:
Application of wireless communication technology in the measuring and controlling system for greenhouses

Takahashi, W.N.; Rawlins, T.E., 1934:
Application stream double of refraction in the identification of streak diseases of Tomato

Rosenblum, L.A.; Jol Liffe, N., 1940:
Application to urine of Bandier and Hald's method for determination of nicotinic acid

Meurice, R., 1938:
Applications of colloidal chemistry to agricultural analyses

Martinovic, A.; Veskovic Moracanin, S., 2006:
Applications of starter cultures in meat industry

Pochon, J.; Amoureux, G., 1941:
Applications of the Measurement of protein Decoposition to the Study of Culture Media for TetanusBacilli

Boonyai, P.; Howes, T.; Bhandari, B., 2006:
Applications of the cyclone stickiness test for characterization of stickiness in food powders

Marton, L., 1942:
Applications of the electron microscope in colloid chemistry

Costeanu, N.D., 1937:
Applications of the phosphorites of Bessarabia as agricultural fertilizer

Wrenshall, C.L., 1938:
Applications of the photoelectric colorimeter to soil analysis

Ruehle, A.E., 1938:
Applications of ultra-violet absorption spectra in establishing the structure of vitamin-B1

Anonymous, 1921:
Applied Entomology and Phytopathology

Bledowski, R., 1927:
Applied Entomology and Plant Protection in Poland

Anonymous, 1919:
Applied Entomology and Schools

Friederichs, K., 1921:
Applied Entomology as an Independent Science

Andres, A., 1926:
Applied Entomology in Egypt

Kovacevic, Z., 1926:
Applied Entomology in Jugoslavia

King, H.H., 1927:
Applied Entomology in Relation to the Agricultural Resources of a Country

Lochhead, W., 1925:
Applied Entomology in Russia

Buxton, P.A., 1924:
Applied Entomology of Palestine, being a Report to the Palestine Government

Silantiev, A.A., 1915:
Applied Zoology as a subject of teaching in the agricultural school and its position in the St. Petersburg (Petrograd) Agricultural Classes

Wilhelmi, J., 1919:
Applied Zoology as an economic, medico-hygienic and cultural Factor

Evans, J.W., 1945:
Applied biology in Tasmania

Taylor, E.L., 1935:
Applied biology in the control of the worm diseases of domestic animals

Haenel, K., 1914:
Applied entomology and bird-protection

Dibold, H.; Lapp, F.W., 1937:
Applied food chemistry and diet. (The salt question)

Kobozieff, N.; Pomriaskinsky-Kobozieff, N.A., 1940:
Applied genetics and veterinary medicine

Boerger, A., 1939:
Applied genetics as a decisive factor in the advancement of wheat cultivation in subtropical South America

Pearson, G.A., 1944:
Applied genetics in forestry

Adachi, M., 1942:
Applied microbiological studies on rice fields. I. Nature of paddies during the cultivation of rice plants

Redlich, G.C., 1945:
Applied micropedology.

Pett, L.B., 1943:
Applied nutrition

Wendelmuth, G., 1933:
Applied nutritional science

Bojko, H., 1934:
Applied plant sociology

Goncalves, A.P., 1944:
Applied silviculture.

Holbeche, J.A.; Ferguson, S.W., 1941:
Apply borax with care

Poperekov, M., 1939:
Apply the theory and methods of work of Dr T. D. Lysenko to work on flax and cotton

McKay, J.W.; Burrell, P.C.; Goodhue, L.D., 1945:
Applying Colchicine to Plants by the Aerosol Method

Weiss, M.; Patel, M.; Heilmeier, H.; Bringezu, S., 2007:
Applying distance-to-target weighing methodology to evaluate the environmental performance of bio-based energy, fuels, and materials

Boischot, P.; Drouineau, G., 1936:
Applying fertilizers in irrigation water

Moreau, L.; Vlnet, E.; Slmon, L., 1942:
Applying fertilizers to fruit trees

Okata, Y.; Inui, Y.; Lankford, S.V.; Scholl, K., 2007:
Applying importance-performance analysis for Japanese senior travelers to Hawaii

Godlin, M.M.; Stotsky, A.I., 1938:
Applying loess to podzolized soils.

Haravani, J.L.; Ahmadabadi, M.A., 2007:
Applying potato losses in an innovative method for enhancing potato yield and profitability in Iran

Gunderson, N.O.; Anderson, C.W., 1944:
Applying the direct microscopic and swab tests in a milk control program

Keren, E., N.; Olson, B., E., 2007:
Applying thermal imaging software to cattle grazing winter range

Altman, I.J.; Sanders, D.R.; Boessen, C.R., 2007:
Applying transaction cost economics: a note on biomass supply chains

Krediet, G., 1937:
Appositional growth of testicular tissue in intersexes

Paul, L.C., 1940:
Appraisal of Grasshopper Control Methods in Saskatchewan

Farrell, L.N., 1940:
Appraisal of Therapeutic Agents in Experimental Staphylo-coecal Infection

Andrade, A.C., 1945:
Appraisal of knapsack sprayers

Boudreau, F.G., 1941:
Appraisal of Nutritional Status: Introductory Remarks

Curtis, James, D., 1944:
Appraisal of porcupine damage

Guillaume, A.; Herve, G., 1939:
Appraisal of the inseeticidal value of rotenone-bearing plants according to the rotenone estimation

Caldwell, R.M.; Stone, G.M., 1932:
Appressorium formation and penetration by leaf rust of Wheat, Puccinia triticina, in relation to aperture

Gandrup, J., 1936:
Approach grafting and root grafting of coffee

Silva, R.A.M.S., 2006:
Approach on risk factors of bovine trypanosomosis due to Trypanosoma vivax in the Bolivian and Brazilian Pantanals

Lou Yun; Zhao WeiBing; Liu QingTing; W.L.angChen, 2006:
Approach to calculating bending rigidity of rubber-reinforced track of tractors and its experimental verification

Francois, F., 2006:
Approaches and challenges in conducting environmental risk assessment and monitoring of GM crops in New Zealand: a regulatory perspective

Zhurkov, V.S.; Sycheva, L.P.; Revazova, I.A.; Novikova, S.M., 2006:
Approaches to assessing the human risk of mutagens

Caldow, G., 2007:
Approaches to farm-level control of paratuberculosis in cattle

Popov, V.M.; Scibrja, A.A., 1938:
Approbation of lucerne

Dijacenko, G.T., 1940:
Approbation of oats by using green plants

Righetti, T., L.; Sandrock, D., R.; Strik, B.; Azarenko, A., 2007:
Appropriate analysis and interpretation approaches to determine fertilizer-derived nitrogen in plant tissues

Kirichenko, N.I.; Baranchikov, Yu, N., 2007:
Appropriateness of needles of different conifer species for the feeding and growth of larvae from two populations of the Siberian moth

Anonymous, 1943:
Approval of new varieties of German crop plants

Barwale, R.B.; Char, M.; Deshpande, S.; Sharma, M.K.; Zehr, U.B., 2007:
Approval process and adoption of Bollgard cotton in India: a private company perspective

Anonymous, 1942:
Approved Names for Drugs

Collins, E.R.; Morris, H.D., 1940:
Approved methods of applying fertilizers to crops grown in the Coastal Plain section of North Carolina

Bridre, J.; Krassnoff, D., 1939:
Approximate Dimensions of the Filtrable Agent of Contagious Agalactia

Bistrup, C., 1944:
Approximate calculation of the standard deviation.

Ehrstrom, R., 1938:
Approximate determination of fat in feces

Harrisson, J.W.E., 1935:
Approximate determination of milk solids, including lactic acid, in condensed buttermilk and related products

Kulman, J., 1938:
Approximate determination of soluble and insoluble carbohydrates in flour or bread for diabetics

Tukey, H.B.; Barrett, M.S., 1936:
Approximate Germination Test For Non-After-Ripened Peach Seed

Tuba, J.; Hunter, G.; Kastelic, J., 1945:
Approximate nutrient composition of dried rose hips

Nigg, M., 1944:
Apractitioner's observations on the function of the left ovary in the cow

Thomas, P.H., 1943:
Apricot Culture in Tasmania

Mustafa, A.M.; Ginai, M.A., 1944:
Apricot growing in Baluchistan

Boehm, B., 1945:
Apricot gummosis. Its spread in the Barossa District

Kemp, H.K., 1941:
Apricot manurial trial at Light Pass

Fish, S., 1929:
Apricot scab or shot hole. A synopsis of three years' work on control conducted in the Goulburn Valley

Das, S., 1945:
Apricot seed cake as a nitrogenous manure

Fisher, D.V., 1936:
Apricot thinning investigations

Szalay, L.; Mady, R.; Nagy, A., 2005:
Apricot varieties in Hungary

Potter, M.C., 1942:

Geslin, H., 1938:
April frosts of 1938 in the orchard

Lawson, William., 1932:
April on the farm

Senevet, G.; Vialatte, C., 1921:
Apropos d'Ornithodorm marocamis VeIu, 1919

Nitzulescu, V., 1931:
Apropos du Phlebotomus chinensis

Krishna Iyer, P.N., 1942:
Aprostocetus krishnieri Mani-an important internal Parasite of the Amarantus stem boring Weevil, Hypohxus truncatulus (Boh.) in South India

Anrooy, R. van, 2006:
Aquaculture stock insurance: a short summary of the current status

Thomsen, L.C., 1937:
Aquatic Diptera. Part V. Ceratopogonidae

Cushman, R.A., 1933:
Aquatic Ichneumon-flies

Rimski-Korsakov, M.N., 1925:
Aquatic Parasites of the Genus Caraphractus, Hal

Steyermark, Julian, A., 1941:
Aquatic varieties of Poa annua

Zhang ShaoBing; Wang Zhang, 2006:
Aqueous enzymatic extraction of rapeseed emulsified oil

Ayabe, S.A.shima, H., 2007:
Aqueous extract of citrus peel reduces production of hydrogen peroxide in catechin-enriched green tea

Bilke ., 1944:
Arab purebreds for the national horse breeding

Bouriquet, G., 1934:
Arabian Coffee in Madagascar, in the region of Lake Itasy, and Hemileia vastatriax

Wakefield, A.J., 1933:
Arabica coffee : periods of growth and seasonal measures

Maher, C., 1937:
Arabica coffee and the plant breeder

Coste, R., 1936:
Arabica coffee in the Cameroons

Wang, S.; Chang, Y.; Guo, J.; Chen, J-Gui., 2007:
Arabidopsis Ovate Family Protein 1 is a transcriptional repressor that suppresses cell elongation

Karnik, S.K.; Trelease, R.N., 2007:
Arabidopsis peroxin 16 trafficks through the ER and an intermediate compartment to pre-existing peroxisomes via overlapping molecular targeting signals

Laplaze, L.; Jouannic, S.; Gherbi, H., 2006:
Arabidopsis thaliana as a tool to study the molecular biology of tropical plants

Crowell, D.N.; Huizinga, D.H.; Deem, A.K.; Trobaugh, C.; Denton, R.; Sen, S.E., 2007:
Arabidopsis thaliana plants possess a specific farnesylcysteine lyase that is involved in detoxification and recycling of farnesylcysteine

Thomas, J.F.H., 1944:
Arable crops for sheep

Carr, W.A.C., 1944:
Arable crops for silage

Menzies, I.C., 1944:
Arable farming and cattle feeding in the Lothians

Schnyder, A.; Kauter, A., 1945:
Arable farming and forage production

Pole Evans, I.B., 1932:
Arable farming and pasture problems

Gomez-Moreno, M.L., 1943:
Araceae of Fernando Po

Bosworth, A.W.; Sisson, E.W., 1934:
Arachidonic acid in butter fat

Montanez, M.A.V., 1936:
Arachis hypogaea L

Badami, V.K., 1935:
Arachis hypogaea Linn. Groundnut or peanut

Rastoin., 1934:
Arachis oil

Banks, N., 1924:
Arachnida of the Williams Galapagos Expedition

A.T., 1925:
Araecerus fascicu-latus and Stephanoderes hampei

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa reaction and vitamin C content of human milk : I. Influence of vitamin C upon Arakawa reaction : 111th report of peroxidase reaction

Uga, Y., 1935:
Arakawa s reaction of one lactant observed during one year. 56th Report of the peroxidase reaction

Asakura, K.; Ohsako, H., 1933:
Arakawa's reaction and toxicity of human milk. 42nd report of the peroxidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk : II. Influence of human milk and milk peroxidase on vitamin-C-like substance contained therein, and on synthetic ascorbic acid

Isoxo, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk. 1. The influence of vitamin C upon Arakawa's reaction, lllth Report of the perozidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk. 2. The influence of human milk and milk peroxidase npon vitamin C like substance of it and upon synthetic ascorbic acid. 115th Report of the perozidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk. 3. Are the methods for determination of vitamin C reliable? 119th Report of the peroxidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk. 4. Is the amount of vitamin C in Arakawa-positive milk not sufficient for a growing infant ? 120th Report of the peroxidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
Arakawa's reaction and vitamin C content of human milk. 5. Difference between Arakawa-negative human milk and human milk made Arakawa-negative by ascorbic acid added. 123rd Report of the peroxidase reaction

Isono, S., 1939:
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Arakawa's reaction of lactating mothers and calcium content of their urine. (Preliminary report.)

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Arando donax and its insect guests

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Arbitrary Modification of Colour and Structure of the Wool Coat

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Arboricultural research in Morocco

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Arboriculture in the South

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Arborvitae blight

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Archaeological data concerning the history of the domestication of the dog in the U.S.S.R

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Arctia caja or woolly bears

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Arctic Nervous Diseases

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Arctiid Larvae as dangerous Garden Pests

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Arcus senilis as a sign of chronic vitamin C deficiency

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Arduenna strongylina (Rudolphi, 1819)

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Are Chemical Fertilizers Poisonous for Animals ?

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Are Entomologists becoming Insecticide minded ?

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Are Experiments with Trypanosomes in Laboratories in Tropical Africa Vitiated by Accidental Infections ?

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Are Feeding Stuffs the Cause of Suspected Poisoning ?

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Are Hens Susceptible to Infection with the Bacillus of Johne's Disease (Para-Tuberculosis)?

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Are Male Rats Less Sensitive to Squill Poison than Female Rats?

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Are Present Methods of combatting Contagious Abortion effective?

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Are Sareosporldia Aberrant Forms of Cnidosporidia of Invertebrates?

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Are Spotted Kidneys in Calves caused by Br. abortus?

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Are Sunday inseminations necessary?

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Are Thysanoptera injurious Insects?

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Are Trypanosomes Filterable ?

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Are Utah farmers depleting their soils?

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Are all auxones growth hormones ?

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Are allantoin and the purin bodies in the urine of mammals derived in part by degradation of proteins P

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Are artificial mutations caused directly only? (A preliminary note.).

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Are children larger and pregnancies longer than formerly ?

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Are clover and lucerne meals protein feeds ?

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Are colours and markings in cattle connected with milk and fat production ?

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Are crossbred chickens really better ?

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Are cultivations overdone ?

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Are fermentation tests and biochemical characteristics reliable in the differentiation of Monilias ?

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Are fertilizer practices cause of small sized fruit?

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Are first year characters maintained in cane seedlings?

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Are folliculin and corpus luteum hormone equivalent in the preparation of the mammary gland for lactation ?

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Are gene mutations responsible for the growth factor requirements of micro-organisms?

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Are hair lotions containing cholesterol harmless?

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Are hygienic Scruples justified against the Use of Hydrocyanic Acid Gas and Substances incorporating it (Zyklon) as Destroyers of Vermin on a large Scale

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Are induced mutations only selection phenomena ?

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Are instances of flowering to be expected even in new cane varieties which so far have shown no signs of flowering ?

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Are living spores to be found over the ocean?

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Are malt germ and palm kernel cake meal suitable corn substitutes in potato feeding for pigs ?

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Are minute quantities of mercury injurious to health ?

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Are organic and artificial manures in conflict ?

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Are our apple varieties derived from a single species ?

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Are our sour oranges due to lack of phosphorus ?

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Are our vines menaced by a disease more pernicious than Phylloxera ?

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Are paper milk containers sanitary ?

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Are Pectic Substances Precursors to Lignin?

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Are pedigrees important?

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Are pilocarpine and choline true substitutes for the parasympathetic stimulation of the salivary glands?

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Are plant patents inventions ?

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Are Post-Mortem Statistics on Trichinosis Valid for the Living Population?

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Are potato and maize starch equivalent from the nutritional standpoint ?

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Are rabbits suited to histophysiological studies on the thyroid ?

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Are saline waters suitable for the watering, of livestock P

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Are saponins in foods prejudicial to health ?

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Are seasonal variations of thyroid gland dependent upon corresponding variations in anterior pituitary

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Are seeding densities an opportunity to increase grain yield of winter wheat in a living mulch of white clover?

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Are self-fertile hermaphrodite vines obligatory self-pollinators?

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Are similar results always obtained by use of soil rent and forest rent procedures?

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Are some of our Cantaloupe troubles caused by nutrient deficiences rather than by diseases?

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Are some species of Phyllotreta really Pests of Grain

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Are species of Apion injurious to the Seed of Red Clover?

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Are sprayed Grapes poisonous?

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Are suitable conformation and weight of our cattle to be maintained in conjunction with requirements for high production ?

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Are the Active Principles of Filter-passing and Ultramicroscopic Viruses Living Organisms or Enzymes ?

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Are the Agriculturists f Hawaii fortunate?

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Are the Algerian and Russian Theileria dispar Identical or Not?

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Are the B vitamins concerned in the utilization of fats ?

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Are the Elms being saved?

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Are the French Anophelines from non-malarial Eegions able to transmit Malaria ?

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Are the Italian Burbank Plum plantings destroyed by Graphium ulmi?

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Are the Mosquitos that maintain Malaria Individuals that live abnormally ?

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Are the Odonata of Economic Value ?

Anonymous, 1935:
Are the Quality requirements for State sealing in need of alteration ?

Rober, H., 1932:
Are the Wax Moths Pests ?

Lecoq, Raoul, 1931:
Are the Williams-Waterman vitamin B3 and Randoin-Lecoq nutritional vitamin the same?

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Are the biological bases of free-martins and hormone-induced intersexes the same ?

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Are the cattle of the Faeroes of Norwegian origin ?

Zivago, P., 1934:
Are the changes of the karyotype restricted to the shift from the haploid to the diploid phase in animals?

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Are the hay yields satisfactory ?

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Are the Institute of Medicine recommendations for gestational weight gain appropriate for adolescents?

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Are the lactogenic and carbohydrate metabolism hormones identical?

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Are the lower subaquifers of the Mediterranean coastal aquifer of Israel blocked to seawater intrusion? Results of a TDEM (time domain electromagnetic) study

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Are the requirements for vitamin C of the Swiss population met from home production and imported foods ?

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Are the so-called sex hormones from urine specific ?

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Are the water and alcohol soluble B vitamins also fat soluble ?

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Are the yeast races obtained by irradiation similar to natural races?

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Are there Differences between the Forms of Trypanosoma lewisi from the Blood and those from the Invertebrate Host?

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Are there Vines resistant to 'pourridie'?

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Are there advantages in feeding without whole grain ?

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Are there changes in the chemical composition of human teeth due to physiological stimuli?

Boynton, D.; Devilliers, J.; Reuther, W., 1938:
Are there Different Critical Oxygen Concentrations for the Different Phases of Root Activity?

Burghard, E., 1936:
Are there effects from overdosage of the new vigantol ?

Dobrovolskala-Zavadskala, N.; Garrido, F., 1936:
Are there lines resistant to tar cancer in mice ?

James, N.; Sutherland, M.L., 1942:
Are there living bacteria in permanently frozen subsoil?

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Are there more cases of Graves'- disease with few symptoms, than formerly ?

Burner, C., 1922:
Are there one or two Species of Phylloxera of American Origin?

Coolhaas. C., 1941:
Are there possibilities of planting other crops than those now cultivated in East Java ?

Lecoq, R., 1934:
Are there protein substances which cause nutritional disturbances ?

Giroud, A.; Ratsimamanga, A.R.; Chalopin, H., 1942:
Are there reserves of ascorbic acid ?

Gautier, Cl., 1931:
Are there reserves of protein in the liver of frogs at the commencement of hibernation P

Pickel, B., 1927:
Are there still Buyers of Prenolepis ?

Muller, E.F.; Birkofer, L., 1942:
Are there substances antagonistic to nicotinic acid for Proteus vulgaris and Streptobacterium plantarum ?

Chamorro, A., 1943:
Are there substances stimulating the mammary gland in the blood serum of pregnant females ?

Steensberg, V., 1932:
Are there too many legumes in our grass fields ?

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Are there two Species of the Oyster-shell Scale?

Kleiner, I.S., 1933:
Are there two separate enzymes-rennin and pepsin?

Cook, R.C., 1940:
Are they identical?

Hunersdorf ., 1939:
Are twin births desired in the sheep-pen ?

Mlehe, H., 1923:
Are ultramicroscopic organisms widely distributed in nature ?

Anonymous, 1940:
Are very hairy caterpillars eaten by birds?

Lentz, W., 1933:
Are we Combating Streptococcus Mastitis on the Right Lines?

Haseman, L.; Meffert, R.L., 1933:
Are we Developing Strains of Codling Moths Resistant to Arsenic?

Anonymous, 1936:
Are we growing bigger ?

Evers, Dr., 1934:
Are we more healthy to-day than our grandparents were?

Anonymous, 1932:
Are we producing the right type of rice ?

Watson, Ll. R., 1936:
Are we ready for a new bee ?

Sopotzko, A.A., 1916:
Are weevils of the genus Apion injurious to seed clover?

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Are welders subject to depletion of visual purple while at work ?

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Are white ear and grey speck disease of Oats to be regarded as varying pathological manifestations of an identical physiological group of disturbances ?

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Area Work in Bang's Disease Control

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Area Work on Bang's Disease in Arkansas

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Area and production scenario of oil palm in the state of Karnataka

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Area and systematic position of the cultivated and wild forms of Ornithopus

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Area of forest in Pennsylvania

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Area of grassland top-dressed, 1930-31

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Area under White Pine in the Bavarian State forest and risks to which it is exposed

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Area under grass for seed in spring

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Area-differentiated modelling of P-fluxes in heterogeneous macroscale river basins

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Areas of grassland top-dressed, 1930-32

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Arecoline Hydrobromlde as an Anthelmintic against E. granulosus in Dogs

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Arecoline Therapy in Taeniasis

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Arefraetometer for animaleyes

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Arenga wightii Griff. - a unique source of starch and beverage for Muthuvan tribe of Idukki district, Kerala

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Argentina : decree concerning foundation of foot and mouth disease vaccine institute

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Argentina's forest resources. Present exploitation and the destructive forces at work

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Argentina. Linseed

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Argentine Ant Campaigns successful

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Argentine Ant Control from an Economic Standpoint

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Argentine Blackquarter

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Argentine Republic : Locust Invasion in 1938-39

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Argentine Republic : transmission of the 'lepra explosiva' of the Orange by mites

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Argentine Republic. An epiphytotic of Wheat septoriosis

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Argentine Republic. FIXATION OF SAND DUNES

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Argentine Republic. The effects of rust on the Poplar groves of the Delta

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Argentine Republic. Tulip fire 'Botrytis tulipae', a disease new to the country

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Argentine Republic. Wilting of the terminal bud in Potato

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Argentine Republic: 'fermented' Maize ears and control measures

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Argentine Republic: experiments on the control of scab of Citrus fruits

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Argentine Republic: the overwintering stages of Pear and Apple scab

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Argentine Republic: yellow rust in she Wheat-growing region. Behaviour of the cultivated varieties vis-a-vis the disease

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Argentine Society for the Study of Natural Science. Second Conference, held at Mendoza

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Argentine lamb block test. Improvement effected by imported Southdowns

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Argentine maize tetraploids obtained by treatment with heat

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Argentine pastures and the cattle-grazing industry

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Argentine psammophytes which may be used for the consolidation of dunes

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Argentine species of the genus Peronospora

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Argentine woods.

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Argentinian export fruit

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Arginase studies. 1. The relation between the activity of the enzyme and the concentration of hydrogen ions

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Arginase studies. 2. The influence of hydrogen-ion concentration upon the stability of the enzyme

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Arginine metabolism. 2. The relation of the arginine content of the diet to the creatine-creatinine production during growth

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Arguments for placing the genus 'Blastocystis' among the Algae

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Argyresthia conjugella

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Argyresthia conjugella Zell

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Argyresthia conjugella, ZelL, and other Lepidopterous Pests in Ireland during 1942

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Argyresthia illuminatella, Z

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Argyrotaenia sphaleropa (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in citrus in the State of Parana, Brazil

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Ariboflavinosis as a probable cause of vernal conjunctivitis

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Ariboflavinosis. Reports of two cases

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Arima marginata eoleoptere parasite accidental du ehrysantheme insecticide

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Arizona Wild Cotton or Thurberia and its Insect Enemies in Relation to the Cotton Industry of the Southwest

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Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station. Forty-Eighth Annual Report, Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1936

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Arkansas disease-control work in 1937

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Armilaria mellea (Vahl.) Qael. in relation to New Zealand forests

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Armillaria control in the orchard

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Armillaria dry rot of Potato tubers in British Columbia

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Armillaria mellea (Val.) Quel., causing the desiccation of Oak forests in Jugo-Slavia

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Armillaria mellea Vahl. produces two kinds of root rot of the Walnut (Juglans regia L.)

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Armillaria mellea as a Potato disease

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Armillaria mellea in a mine-working

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Armillaria root rot of fruit trees in the eastern United States

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Armillaria socialis - morphological-anatomical and ecological characteristics, pathology, distribution in the Czech Republic and Europe and remarks on its genetic variation

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Armillifer brumpti n. sp., a New Species of Linguatula from Madagascar

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Army Fall Worm

Kester, W.O., 1938:
Army Food Inspection

Anonymous, 1920:
Army Mystery Worm. Action in Case oi Recurrence

Anonymous, 1936:
Army Veterinary Statistics for France, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco and the Levant for 1934

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Army Worm Control through County Organisation

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Army Worms or Swarming Caterpillars (Laphygma exempta, Wlk.)

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Army Worms, Cut Worms and Web Worms

Ladrat ., 1937:
Army dogs

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Army experiments on food containers

Barber, M.I., 1941:
Army feeding is a big job

Anonymous, 1945:
Army inaugurates dog breeding program

Kretschmer, W., 1935:
Army pathologist in Serbia and Macedonia, 1916-1917

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Army pig farms in the Middle East

Parmenter, D., 1944:
Army's four-footed soldiers

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Army-Worm Outbreak of 1914

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Armyworm Habit of Heliothis armigera (Him.)

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Armyworms in Georgia

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Armyworms in southern Minnesota

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Arnino acids content and proteolytic activity of the rice kernel

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Arohena experiment

Goldhausen, M.K., 1935:

Bang, Folke, 1943:
Aroma bacteria in starters

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Aroma in dahi. I. Isolation of a new strain of Str. diacetyl aromaticas from Indian dahi. II. Production of aroma in milk cultures inoculated with the new strain of Str. diacetyl aromaticus

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Aromatic plants and plants for perfume

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Aromatic substances in fruit and vegetables

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Aroostook Potato Insects

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Arrangement and Position of Blood Cells in the Circulating Blood

Richardsen, A., 1932:
Arrangement and interpretation of wintering experiments on young cattle

Fischer, E., 1943:
Arrangement of nuclei in the heart muscle inpigs

Koblet, R., 1942:
Arrangement of the cropping system in the arable farming region of north-east Switzerland

Swett, W.W.; Underwood, P.C.; Matthews, C.A.; Graves, R.R., 1942:
Arrangement of the tissues by which the cow's udder is suspended

Weyer, F., 1941:
Arrangements for con tinuous Breeding of A. superpictus in Hamburg (with biological Observations.)

Ancel, P.; Lallemand, S., 1943:
Arrest of development of the amnion by means of certain hormones

Ancel, P.; Lallemand, S., 1943 :
Arrested development of the amnion in the chick embryo caused by certain hormones

Williams-Jones, H.E., 1944:
Arrested development of the long bones of the fore-limbs in a female cat

Cox, A.J.; Smith, C.E., 1939:
Arrested pulmonary coccidioidal granuloma

Lamont, N., 1939:
Arresting deterioration of hill country

Muhlberg, J., 1929:
Arrivera-t-on a supprimer radicalement le ver rose ?

Redgrove, H.S., 1932:

Anon., 1944:
Arsenale of lead sprays. Effect of quality of oranges. Control of light brown apple moth

Ambruster, Howard, W., 1943:
Arsenate of Iron

Anonymous, 1921:
Arsenate of Lead

Newman, H.E., 1923:
Arsenate of Lead and the Leaf Roller

Sanders, G.E., 1917:
Arsenate of Lead versus Arsenate of Lime

Cook, A.J., 1913:
Arsenate of Lead versus Paris Green

Muller, J., 1913:
Arsenate of Lead. Composition of Various Brands sold as Insecticides

Robertson, W.C., 1934:
Arsenate of Lead.-Analysis of Samples

Sanders, G.E., 1916:
Arsenate of Lime in Combination with Soluble Sulphur as a Spray Material for the Apple

Scott, W.M., 1915:
Arsenate of Lime or Calcium Arsenate

Marani, M., E.Al., 1940:
Arsenate of aluminium lor control of codlin moth

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Arsenated petroleum oil as a wood preservative

Jensen., 1943:
Arsenic Poisoning of Horses of a Grenadier Regiment

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Arsenic Preparations against Pests of Vines and Fruit Trees.

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Arsenic Resistance in Trypanosomes

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Arsenic Salts against Cydia pomonella

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Arsenic and goiter

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Arsenic and its utilization as a wood preservative and plant protective

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Arsenic as a Larvicide for Anopheline Larvae

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Arsenicals in Potato Flea Beetle Control

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Arsenicals, Viticulture and Plant Protection

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Artichoke anthracnose

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Artichoke pests

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Artichoke silage

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Artifically dried green sweet lupin in the diet of dairy cows

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Artificial Alteration of the Active Reaction of Water Reservoirs for the Control of the Larvae of the Malaria Mosquito.

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Artificial Antigens with Agar, Gum Aeaela and Cherry Gum Specificity

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Artificial Cultivation of S. duttoni and S. galUnarum

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Artificial Distribution of Beneficial Ladybirds in California by the Ton

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Artificial Impregnation in Bitches

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Artificial Infection of Fowls with Bovine Type Tubercle Bacilli.

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Artificial Infection of Sheep with Brucella via the Spinal Cana

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Artificial Infection of the Coconut Leaf Miner with Beauveria globulifera (Spegazzini) Picard

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Artificial Infection of the Horse with B. mallei isolated from an Infected Goat

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Artificial Infestation of Dogs with Muscle Cysticerci from Roe Deer

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Artificial Insemination

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Artificial Insemination and Community Breeding of Cattle

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Artificial Insemination in Cattle

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Artificial Insemination in Sheep

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Artificial Insemination in the Duck

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Artificial Insemination in the Fowl

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Artificial Insemination in the Rabbit

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Artificial Insemination of Cattle during the First Year of the Second Five-year Period

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Artificial Insemination of Ewes

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Artificial Insemination of Sheep on a Large Scale

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Artificial Insemination. With special Reference to Scottish Conditions

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Artificial Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae Infection in guinea pigs

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Artificial Multiplication of the Red Forest Ant

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Artificial Parthenogenesis in Ticks

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Artificial Parthenogenesis in the Silkworm

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Artificial Production of Eetromelia

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Artificial Production of Hopper-burn

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Artificial Production Of Tipburn

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Artificial Production of the Wedding Dress in Chrosomus Erythrogaster

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Artificial Rearing of A. cayennense for the Preparation of Vaccine against Spotted Fever

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Artificial Thallium Moult in Sheep

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Artificial Acidosis In Trypanosoma Lewisi Infections, And Its Bearing On The Pathogenic Action Of Trypanosoma Equiperdum

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Artificial alimentation of the bloodsucking reduviid, Triatoma infestans, by means of vitaminised serum

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Artificial and Insect Transmission of Sugar-Cane Mosaic

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Artificial and natural fertilizers

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Artificial biological conditions of civilisation

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Artificial breeding

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Artificial breeding as a means of controlling genital infections in the dairy herd

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Artificial breeding in New Jersey

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Artificial breeding progress in N.J

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Artificial coat coloration and the growth of hair

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Artificial colouring and ripening of fruits and vegetables with ethylene

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Artificial colouring matter in ice cream

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Artificial colouring of lemons

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Artificial colouring of lucerne seed for importation into Tunis

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Artificial Control of Nucellar Embryony in Citrus

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Artificial control of sex ratio

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Artificial culture of sweet cherry embryos

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Artificial diet for rearing Doru luteipes (Scudder) (Dermaptera: Forficulidae), a predator of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Artificial drying of copra

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Artificial drying of feed crops

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Artificial drying of fodder crops

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Artificial drying of forage

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Artificial drying of grass at the individual farms

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Artificial drying of grass on individual farms

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Artificial drying of green fodder, especially lucerne

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Artificial drying of green forage crops

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Artificial drying of hay

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Artificial drying of hay

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Artificial drying of leguminous fodder crops with a Hessiccator.

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Artificial drying of poultry manure.

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Artificial drying of producer fuelwood at the Neuchatel gasworks.

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Artificial drying of seed clover

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Artificial drying of various kinds of grasses.

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Artificial drying on the farm

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Artificial evagination of larval tapeworms

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Artificial farmyard manure for mushroom growing

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Artificial feeding during the first year of life. Reply

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Artificial feeding of infants

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Artificial feeding of infants

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Artificial feeding of infants

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Artificial fertilization of Pistacia Vera.