Section 14
Chapter 13,317

Bacterial wilt of the Egg-plant

Wager, V.A.

Fmg. S. Afr 19(223): 661-664


Accession: 013316807

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In many parts of South Africa Bacterium solanacearum is a limiting factor in eggplant production, and in some areas the disease has become so serious that neither potatoes nor tomatoes can be grown. In laboratory tests the tree tomato and certain cinlli varieties also wilted after inoculation. Peanuts are susceptible, but the small Spanish type or Natal common two-kernel peanut is reported to be more resistant than the Virginia Bunch variety. Under the conditions prevailing in South Africa tobacco appears to be immune. Spread commonly occurs through the carriage of infected soil from one farm or field to another and through the use of infected seed potatoes. As the bacteria rapidly succumb to drying, they are not likely to be wind-borne.

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