Section 14
Chapter 13,344

Control of the Blossom Blight Stage of Fire Blight

Rosen, H.R.

Science 76(1976): 447-448


ISSN/ISBN: 0036-8075
PMID: 17744352
DOI: 10.1126/science.76.1976.447
Accession: 013343137

Progress report showing apparently effective control by spray consisting of a 1:3:50 bordeaux. To this was added lead arsenate in the calyx and cover sprays in the same amount used for the checks. Applications were as follows: 1st. as a cluster bud or pink spray (April 8 and 9) ; 2nd, when approximately 25% of the blossoms were open (April 12) ; 3rd, when approximately 80% of the blossoms were open (April 16) ; 4th, when about 7/8 of the petals had fallen (April 20) ; and 5th (May 9), when the 1st brood of codling moths was anticipated. Results indicate clearly that blossom blight was almost completely controlled in the experimental spray plot.

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