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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13348

Chapter 13348 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wright, D.O., 1945:
Cutaneous helminthiasis

Frazier, C.N.; Hu, C.K., 1931:
Cutaneous lesions associated with a deficiency. of vitamin A in man

Franchi, F., 1937:
Cutaneous lesions due to Cephalosporium acremonium. (A clinico-experimental contribution.)

Drieux, H.; Poisson, J.; Vasseur, M., 1944:
Cutaneous lesions of neurofibroina in the bovine

Lewis, G.M.; Montgomery, R.M.; Hopper, M.E., 1938:
Cutaneous maalfestatioiis of Triehophyioa purpueum

Banerjee, S., 2007:
Cutaneous manifestations in renal failure patients: a case series

Montgomery, R.M.; Casper, E.A., 1945:
Cutaneous manifestations of the fungi causing dermatophytosis and onychomycosis

Lehman, E.; Rapaport, H.G., 1940:
Cutaneous manifestations of vitamin A deficiency in Children

T., F.E., 1928:
Cutaneous moniliases

Bechet, P.E., 1943:
Cutaneous moniliasis

Downing, J.G.; Hazard, J.B., 1935:
Cutaneous moniliasis associates with oral thrash. An unusual case

Brochet, L.; Wilhelm., 1932:
Cutaneous mycosis observed at Teheran

Black, K.O., 1945:
Cutaneous schistosomiasis involving S. haematobium eggs

Curasson, G.; Mornet, P., 1941:
Cutaneous strepto-thricosis of cattle

Weidman, F.D., 1933:
Cutaneous tornlosis: the identification of yeast cells in general in histologie sections

Wile, U.J., 1935:
Cutaneous torulosis

D.Gregorio, E., 1934:
Cutaneous trichophytosis induced by anti-smallpox vaccination

Ayyangar, S.S., 1944:
Cutaneous trypanosomiasis in bovines

Stableforth, A.W., 1937:
Cutaneous. Streptothricosis : A Case in Great Britain

Hall, M.C., 1921:
Cuterebra Larvae from Cats, with a List of those recorded from other Hosts

Brocq-Rousseu Urbain, Achille, 1924:
Cuti-Immunity against Anthrax in the Guinea-Pig produced by Cuti-Vaccination

Cordier, G., 1925:
Cuti-Vaccination against Anthrax

Brocq-Rousseu Urbain., 1923:
Cuti-Vaccination and Cuti-Immunity against Anthrax in the Horse

Newodoff, A.P.; Weintrob Pinous Wladimirski Anfiloff Froloff., 1925:
Cuti-Vaccination and Cuti-Immunity in Anthrax

Brocq-Rousseu Urbain, Ach., 1925:
Cuti-Vaccination and Cuti-Immunity of the Guineapig against Anthrax

Rossi, L., 1926:
Cuti-Vaccination of the Guinea-pig against Anthrax by means of First Vaccine alone

Eperjessy, G., 1941:
Cuticular excretion under conditions of high manuring.

Juárez, M.P.; Fernández, G.C., 2006:
Cuticular hydrocarbons of triatomines

Tribe, J., 2006:
Cutting Edge Research in Tourism Conference, Surrey, UK, 6-9 June 2006

Brelin, P., 1940:
Cutting and treatment of producer wood.

Deppa, J.W., 1939:
Cutting and use of brush in erosion control

Heiberg, S.O., 1942:
Cutting based upon economic increment

Gardner, V.R., 1928:
Cutting corners and cutting profits in spraying

Hartelius, H., 1944:
Cutting down of fillers in young forest. An investigation of injury to the sapling stand.

Anon., 1940:
Cutting graft-wood

Teichmann, A., 1923:
Cutting in alternate Strips and the Nun Moth

Unglaub, H., 1941:
Cutting lucerne

Anonymous, 1941:
Cutting of fruit-tree woods. Utilization of fruit-tree woods. Care and use of fruit-tree woods.

Osvald, H., 1939:
Cutting of the aftermath

Johnson, G.C., 1940:
Cutting potato sets

Jemison, G.M.; E.A., 1945:
Cutting practices for the Carolinas. Report of Cutting Practices Committee, Appalachian Section, Society of American Foresters

Hanzlik, E.J., 1940:
Cutting practices in the Douglas Fir type, Western Washington and Oregon

Hildman, A.T., 1940:
Cutting practices in the Ponderosa Pine region of the Northwest.

Jacobson, N.G., 1940:
Cutting practices in the mixed Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Cedar forests of the Pacific Northwest

Arnold, H.C., 1941:
Cutting seed potatoes

Gill, N.T., 1939:
Cutting weeds to prevent seeding

Larsen, C.M., 1943:
Cuttings from herbaceous shoots on roots of Aspen and Grey Poplar.

Kruyt, W., 1943:
Cuttings in various soil media

Magielse, M.M., 1934:
Cuttings of Japanese citron and rough lemon

Lyle, C, 1927:
Cutworm Bait Poisons

Ripper, W., 1935:
Cutworm Control

Lyle, C., 1927:
Cutworm Control on Overflowed Land

Langston, J.M., 1928:
Cutworm Investigations following the Overflow

White, G.F., 1923:
Cutworm Septicemia

Walkden, H.H., 1943:
Cutworm and armyworm populations in pasture grasses, waste lands, and forage crops

Fowells, H.A., 1940:
Cutworm damage to seedlings in California Pine stands

Jack, R.W., 1918:

Pescott, R.T.M.; Hogan, T.W., 1939:

Middleton, M.S., 1913:
Cutworms and their control

Frenkel', K.L., 1927:
Cutworms as Pests of Vegetables in the Irkutsk Area.

Petherbridge, F.R.; Stapley, J.H., 1937:
Cutworms as Sugar-beet Pests, and their Control

Lyle, C., 1927:
Cutworms not affected by Seed Treatment

Frenkel', K., 1930:
Cutworms observed in the Irkutsk Region in 1927.

Walton, W.R., 1929:
Cutworms on Golf Greens

Gossard, H.A., 1917:
Cutworms. Their Habits, Characteristics and Means of Control

Watson, J.R., 1915:
Cyanamide as a Means of controlling Root-Knot

Harms., 1943:
Cyanamide poisoning in animals with special reference to game

Clark, A., 1940:
Cyanic Poisons in Food Plants

Roberts, N., 1914:
Cyanide Fumigation of Ships: Method used in New Orleans

Quayle, H.J., 1918:
Cyanide Fumigation: Diffusion of Gas under Tent and Shape of Tree in Relation to Dosage

Lounsbury, C.P., 1921:
Cyanide Gas Remedy for Scale Insects

Casier, H., 1932:
Cyanide and glycolysis of blood; determination of the non-fermentable reducing components

Davis, A.C.; Claborn, H.V., 1935:
Cyanide fumigation of mushroom houses

Creel, R.H.; Faget, F.M., 1916:
Cyanide gas for the destruction of insects

Surface, H.A., 1914:
Cyanide Of Potassium In Trees

Shearer, G.D.; Sellers, K.C., 1944:
Cyanide poisoning and its treatment

Sevag, M.G.; Shelburne, M., 1942:
Cyanide-Sensitive Bacterial Respiratory Systems Differeny from Ute Usual Cytochrome-Cytoehrome Oxidase System

Ramsay, A.A., 1928:
Cyanides used for Fumigation

Hansson, L.-Anders; Gustafsson, S.; Rengefors, K.; Bomark, L., 2007:
Cyanobacterial chemical warfare affects zooplankton community composition

Eddy, C.O., 1927:
Cyanogas Calcium Cyanide for Housefly Fumigation in certain Types of Building

Townsend, C.H.T., 1925:
Cyanogas Calcium Cyanide for the Control of Atta sexdens L. in Brazil

Schenk, G., 1926:
Cyanogas Calcium Cyanide for the Control of Insecte infesting Grain in Storage Bins

Bromley, S.W., 1928:
Cyanogas Calcium Cyanide for the Fumigation of Flour Mills

Hardy, F.; Ross, R., 1929:
Cyanogas Dusting for Froghopper Control

Hester, J.B., 1945:
Cyanogas injury to tomato plants influenced by potash fertilization

Ragnganathan, S., 1933 :
Cyanogenesis and thiocyanogenesis in food-stuffs

Henry, T.A., 1938:
Cyanogenesis in Lotus arabicus

Corkill, L., 1940:
Cyanogenesis in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.). I. Cyanogenesis in Single Plants

Melville, J.; Doak, B.W., 1940:
Cyanogenesis in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.). II. Isolation of the Gluco-sidal Constituents

Coop, I.E., 1940:
Cyanogenesis in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.). III. A Study of Linamarase, the Enzyme which Hydrolyses Lotaustralin

Melville, J.; Coop, I.E.; Doak, B.W.; Reifer, I., 1940:
Cyanogenesis in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.). IV. Methods of Determination and General Considerations

Cazaban, F.; Isnard, J., 1936:
Cyanogenetic Glueoside Content of Linseed Cake

Busso, L., 1934:
Cyanogenetic Plants. Sorghum gentile Poisoning in Cattle

Giusti, L., 1937:
Cyanogenetic forage plants

Finnemore, H.; Reichard, S.K.; Large, D.K., 1936:
Cyanogenetic glucosides in Australian plants. Part 3. Eucalyptus cladocalyx

Finnemore, E.L.; Cooper, J.M., 1937:
Cyanogenetic glucosides in Australian plants. Part 4. Zieria laevigata

Finnemore, H.; Reichard, S.K.; Large, D.K., 1937:
Cyanogenetic glucosides in Australian plants. Part 5. Phyllanthus gastroemii

Hordh, U., 1935:
Cyanogenetic glucosides in foodstuffs

Winks, W.R., 1943:
Cyanogenetic plants

Sainz-Pardo, J.S.; Tarazona, J.M.; Carbone, R.; Mata, J., 1945:
Cyanogenetic properties of tare seed in contact with digestive juice in the pig

Isnard, J., 1939:
Cyanogenetie Linseed Cake and Its Toxicity for Sheep

Leroy, G.; Isnard, J.; Cazaban, F., 1936:
Cyanogenetie Linseed Cakes

Doak, B.W., 1935:
Cyanoglucosides in White Clover

Juliano, J.B.; Guerrero, M., 1935:
Cyanophoric plants of the Maquiling region : V

Richardson, A.P., 1939:
Cyanosis in Chickens and Mice Induced by Sulfanilamide

Pizzolatti, M.Geraldo.; Brighente, I.Maria.Costa.; Bortoluzzi, A.João.; Schripsema, J.; Verdi, L.Gonzaga., 2007:
Cyathenosin A, a spiropyranosyl derivative of protocatechuic acid from Cyathea phalerata

Elorrieta, L.D.B., 1942:
Cyaticercosis in Pigs of Venezuela

Bumgardner, R.J., 1945:
Cybocephalus established in California

Barthelet, J.; Gaudineau, M.M., 1936:
Cyclamen diseases

Dindon, P.J., 1915:
Cyclamen persicum giganteum

Butcher, R.W., 1934:
Cyclamen wilt disease

Corradetti, A., 1941:
Cycle of P. gallinaceum in the retieulocytes

Clements, F.E., 1942:
Cycles and climates

Clements, Frederic, E., 1942:
Cycles and climaxes

Mcnamara, H.C.; Hootos, D.R.; Porter, D.D., 1931:
Cycles of growth in Cotton root rot at Greenville, Tex

Anon., 1938:
Cyclic Variation in Response to Injected Oestrone

Riddle, Oscar, 1942:
Cyclic changes in blood calcium, phosphorus and fat in relation to egg laying and estrogen production

Kakuskina, E.A., 1940:
Cyclic changes in the

Smirnova, E.I., 1945:
Cyclic changes in the content of gonadotropic and thyrotropic hormones in the anterior lobe of the pituitary

Van Wagenen, G.; Morse, A.H., 1940:
Cyclic changes in the exteriorized uterus

Agren, G.; Wilander, O.; Jorpes, E., 1931:
Cyclic changes in the glycogen content of the liver and the muscles of rats and mice: Their bearing upon the sensitivity of the animals to insulin, and their influence on the urinary output of nitrogen

Bloom, W.; Domm, L.V., 1941:
Cyclic changes in the medullary bone of laying hens

Burger, J.Wendell, 1938:
Cyclic changes in the thyroid and adrenal cortex of the male starling, Sturnus vulgaris, and their relation to the sexual cycle

Enders, R.K.; Leekley, J.R., 1941:
Cyclic changes in the vulva of the marten (Martes americana)

Freed, S.C.; Soskin, S., 1938:
Cyclic inhibitory influence of the rat's ovary on the uterine response to cstrin

Kaplan, B.; Sherman, T.; Fromm, H., 2007:
Cyclic nucleotide-gated channels in plants

Lamar, J.K.; Shettles, L.B.; Delfs, E., 1940:
Cyclic penetrability of human cervical mucus to spermatozoa in vitro

Friedgood, H.B., 1935:
Cyclic response of the thyroid gland to experimental excitation and depression

Brett, Margaret, A., 1931:
Cyclic saltation in Stemphylium

A.H.bsi, S.S.; A.W.haibi, N.S.; Khalid Mahmood, 2006:
Cyclic use of good quality and saline irrigation water for tomato production in Oman

Bacsich, P.; Wyburn, G.M., 1940:
Cyclic variations in the vascular architecture of the uterus of the guinea pig

Richter, C.P., 1933:
Cyclical Phenomena Produced in Rats by Section of the Pituitary Stalk and their Possible Relation to Pseudo-Pregnancy

Van Hoof, L.; Henrard, C.; Peel, E., 1937:
Cyclical Transmissibility of Tryp. brucei and Tryp. congolense Kept for a Long Time in a Laboratory

Van Hoof, L.; Henrard, C., 1933:
Cyclical Transmission of Resistant Strains of Trypanosoma gambiense by Glossina palpalis

Negri, R., 1941:
Cyclical appearance of trypanolysins and trypanosomea agglutinins in the blood of guinea pigs Infected with trypanosomiasis

Agren, G., 1935:
Cyclical changes in liver glycogen of rats following adrenalectomy

Lange, K.H., 1939:
Cyclical changes in the genital tract of white rats

Bullough, H.F., 1943:
Cyclical changes in the skin of the mouse during the oestrous cycle

Efremow, V.V., 1935:
Cyclical progress of experimental vitamin B2 deficiency in the white rat

Goodman Leroy Wislocki, G.B., 1935:
Cyclical uterine bleeding in a new world monkey (Ateles geoffroyi)

Del Castillo, E.B.; D.P.ola, G., 1942:
Cyclical vaginal response to the daily administration of estradiol in castrated rats

Siwe, S.A., 1934:
Cyclical vomiting in children

Haileyesus, T.; Annest, J.L.; Dellinger, A.M., 2007:
Cyclists injured while sharing the road with motor vehicles

Embree, N.D.; Shantz, E.M., 1940:
Cyclization of vitamin A2

Johnson, J.P., 1941:
Cyclocephala (Ochrosidia) borealis in Connecticut

Iglesias, F., 1914:
Cycloneda sanguinea

Ruszkowski, J.S., 1932:
Cyde d'evolution du Cestode Drepamdoiaenia lanceolata (Bloch)

Steuart, D.W., 1935:

Anonymous, 1913:
Cydia (Carpocapsa) pomonella and its repression

Kostrovsky, Karl, 1914:
Cydia (Grapholita) funebrana, Fr., its bionomics and methods of fighting it

Anonymous, 1917:
Cydia funebrana

Cecconi, G., 1913:
Cydia leplastriana, Curtis, as a pest of cauliflowers

Bazan, R., 1935:
Cydia molesta

Anonymous, 1921:
Cydia molesta on the Italian Riviera

Schwan, B., 1941:
Cydia nigncana-a Pea Pest that cannot easily be reached

Baunacke, W., 1924:
Cydia pomonella, Cheimatobia brumata and Hyponomeuta malinellus. Measures against C. brumata

Polizu, S., 1928:
Cydia pomonella, L., and its Control

Shchegolev, V.N., 1928:
Cydia pomonella, L., in the Orchards of the Azov Region.

Parthasarathy, N., 1939:
Cyiogenetical studies in Oryzeae and Phalarideae. III. Cytological studies in Phalarideae

Calvino, M., 1919:
Cylas fonnicarius

Frankena, H.J.; Goedewaagen, M.A.J., 1942:
Cylinder experiments on the influence of different water levels on the growth of grass in three soil types

Cormack, M.W., 1937:
Cylindrocarpon Ehrenbergi Wr., and other species, as root parasites of alfalfa and sweet clover in Alberta

Reinking, O.A., 1936:
Cylindrocarpon fungus studies

Reinking, O.A., 1936:
Cylindrocarpon-isolations from tropical soils

Novouspensky, S.P., 1927:
Cylindrocephalum hyacinthi n. sp. on Hyacinth flowers

Vorhies, C.T., 1924:
Cylindrocopturus jatrophae Fall, a New Economic Insect

Thompson, J.E., 1936:
Cylindrosporimn eoncentrieum Grev

Negrelle, R.R.B.; Gomes, E.C., 2007:
Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf: chemical composition and biological activities

Varvarin, V., 1932:
Cynodon dactylon

Shlykov, G.N., 1935:
Cyperus esculentus

Blake, S.T., 1942:
Cyperus rotundus (nut grass) and its allies in Australia

Buckell, E.R., 1923:
Cyphoderris monstrosa Uhler in British Columbia (Orthoptera)

Morris, H.M., 1931:
Cyprus : Locust Campaign, 1930 and 1931

Pitcairn, A., 1934:
Cyprus ; an Empire source of food supplies

Kruger, G., 1934:
Cyrenaica: Plant Pests

Kruger, G., 1933:
Cyrenaiea: Some Insects injurious to Crops

Muir, F., 1921:
Cyrtorhinus in Hawaii and some Factors acting against it

Mitchell, H.H., 1931:
Cysteine and taurine as substituents for cystine in nutrition

Yadav, M.; Dubey, M.L.; Gupta, I.; Malla, N., 2007:
Cysteine proteinase 30 (CP30) and antibody response to CP30 in serum and vaginal washes of symptomatic and asymptomatic Trichomonas vaginalis-infected women

Hinshaw, W.R.; Rettger, L.F., 1936:
Cysteine-Gelatin as a Differential Medium for SalMonella pullorum and Salmonella gallinarum

Hetzel, H., 1935:
Cystic Endometritis in Carnivora

Gaus, O., 1937:
Cystic Liver Due to Proliferation of Bile Ducts (Giant Liver) and Cystic Kidneys in a Calf

Folger, A.F., 1934:
Cystic Mole in Cattle

Ball, V.; Zaessinger, J.; Martin, P., 1933:
Cystic Mole in a Cow

Clapp, H., 1934:
Cystic Ovaries and Twinning in Holsteins

Marcato, A., 1937:
Cystic Pneumatosis of Lymph Nodes in the Horse

Zuckerman, S., 1937:
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a Rhesus monkey

Andersen, D.H., 1938:
Cystic fibrosis of the pancreas and its relation to celiac disease. A clinical and pathologic study

Andersen, D.H., 1939:
Cystic flbrosis of the pancreas, vitamin A deficiency, and bronchiectasis

Madsen, L.L.; Hall, S.R.; Converse, H.T., 1942:
Cystic pituitary in young cattle with vitamin A deficiency

Dabrigeon, J., 1942:
Cysticerci in Cattle in Anjou

Miyata, J., 1939:
Cysticercoids and nematode larvae found in rat fleas on ships at Kobe.

Jones, M.F., 1934 :
Cysticercoids of the crow cestode, Hymenolepis variabilis (Mayhew, 1925) Fuhrrmann, 1932 (Hymenolepididae)

Dixon, H.B.F.; Smithers, D.W., 1935:
Cysticercosis (Taenia solium)

Dixon, H.B.F.; Hargreaves, W.H., 1944:
Cysticercosis (Taenia solium). A further ten years' clinical study, covering 284 cases

Macarthur, W.P., 1933:
Cysticercosis as a cause of epilepsy in man

Macarthur, W.P., 1934:
Cysticercosis as seen in British army, with special reference to the production of epilepsy

Penfold, W.J.; Penfold, H.B., 1937:
Cysticercosis bovis and its prevention

Chung, H.L.; Lee, C.U., 1935:
Cysticercosis cellulosae in man with special reference to involvement of central nevous system

Walker, A.E., 1936:
Cysticercosis cellulosae in the Monkey

Blyth, W., 1941:
Cysticercosis Epilepsy

Segal, L.J., 1941:
Cysticercosis epilepsy treated with sulpbathiazole

D.Graaf, C., 1936:
Cysticercosis in Sheep (Review)

Cauchemez, Nain Prudhomme., 1939:
Cysticercosis in Small Ruminants. A Case in a Sheep

Kuipers, K.R., 1933:
Cysticercosis in a Sheep

Gouge, R.E., 1936:
Cysticercosis in deer

Viljoen, Noel Francois, 1937:
Cysticercosis in swine and bovines, with special reference to South African conditions

Wetzel, R.; Enigk, K., 1938:
Cysticercosis in the Muscles of Elk

Pellegrini, D., 1942:
Cysticercosis in the camel

Morrison, W.K., 1934:
Cysticercosis In Twin Brothers Aged 13 Years

Nikoltshev, K., 1942:
Cysticercosis of Swine in Bulgaria.

Macarthur, W.P., 1935:
Cysticercosis of the brain

Dickson, W.E.C.rnegie; Willis, J.D., 1941:
Cysticercosis of the brain with epilepsy and papilloedema

Baker, A.B., 1936:
Cysticercosis of the central nervous system

Wetzel, R., 1943:
Cysticercosis of wild animals and meat inspection

Manegold, O., 1931:
Cysticercosis with special reference to Measles in Pigs and Sheep

Manegold, O., 1931:
Cysticercosis, with Particular Reference to that of Pigs and Sheep

Reuter, F., 1944:
Cysticercus bovis in French cattle

D.Rivas, D., 1937:
Cysticercus bovis in man

Cattaneo, F., 1935:
Cysticercus bovis in the Oesophagus of Cattle

Feng, H.H., 1934:
Cysticercus ceilulosae subconjunctivalis. Report of a case

Nikoltscheff, K., 1942:
Cysticercus cellulosae in pigs in Bulgaria.

Winterhalter, M.; Erlich, I., 1942:
Cysticercus cellulosae infestation in a aog

Hare, C.C., 1938:
Cysticercus cellulosae of the brain

Neumann, M.A., 1943:
Cysticercus cellulosae of the brain : report of a case

Brochner-Mortensen, K., 1940:
Cysticercus cellulosae.

Pellegrini, D., 1942:
Cysticercus drome-darius in cattle in Somaliland

Dobrovolny, C.G.; Harbaugh, M.J., 1934:
Cysticercus fasciolaris from the red squirrel

Krueger., 1934:
Cysticercus in Cattle and Tapeworms in Man

Schonberg., 1943:
Cysticercus inermis (C. bovis) in the oesophagus of cattle

Kuntz, R.E., 1943:
Cysticercus of Taema taeniaeformis with two strobilac

Allen, S.S.; Lovell, H.W., 1933:
Cysticercus of brain

Granouillit, F., 1936:
Cysticercus tenuicollis in Livers of Swine in Coehin-China

Quensel, F., 1938:

Dixon, H.B.F.; Smithers, D.W., 1935:
Cysticereosis (Taenia soliurn)

Sorge, F., 1936:
Cysticerkose im Verkalkungszustand

Malan, C.E., 1943:
Cystidiella valdensis, a new genus and a new species of anasco-sporous Blastomycetes

Kerstens, C.J.A., 1931:

Faure, L., 1936:
Cystieereosis in a Goat

Debelic, S., 1936:
Cystieereosls and Trichinosis of Swine in Yugoslavia

Engel, E., 1937:
Cystieereus Infection in Cattle and Meat Hygiene

Henrici, M., 1932:
Cystine and Sulphur Content of Bushes and Grasses in a Karroid Area (Fauresmith)

Greenstein, J.P.; Leuthardt, F.M., 1944:
Cystine and cysteine in the water-extractable proteins of rat and rabbit tissues

Skinner, C.E.; Muller, A.E.gene, 1940:
Cystine and methionine deficiency in mold proteins

Akeson, A., 1942:
Cystine and methionine determinations in cytochrome c

Haag, J.R.; Wright, L.D., 1940:
Cystine and methionine for growth and lactation

Haag, J.R.; Wright, L.D., 1939:
Cystine And Methionine Requirements For Growth And Lactation

Bell, M.E., 1933:
Cystine and nephrotoxicity

Beeston, A.W.; Channon, H.J., 1936:
Cystine and the dietary production of fatty livers

D.C.ro, L.; Beltrami, W., 1935:
Cystine and vitamin C deficiency

Huffman, C.F.; Duncan, C.W., 1940:
Cystine as a possible deficiency in a ration of alfalfa hay for milk production

Olcott, H.S., 1943:
Cystine content and enzyme digestibility of powdered hoof proteins

Payne, S.A.; Perlzweig, W.A., 1933:
Cystine Content Of Finger Nails In Pellagra

Long, J.E.; Heller, V.G.; Darlow, A.E., 1933:
Cystine content of sheep's wool as effected by the protein content of the diet

Gubler, C.J.; Greaves, J.E., 1942:
Cystine content of wheat and its quantitative determination

Lafon, M.; Veilet, A., 1938:
Cystine deficiency and genital function

Lafon, M.; Veillet, A., 1938:
Cystine deficiency and reproduction

Weichselbaum, Theodore Edwin, 1935:
Cystine deficiency in the albino rat

Shrewsbury, C.L.; Bratzler, J.W., 1933:
Cystine deficiency of soybean protein at various levels, in a purified ration and as a supplement to corn

Csonka, F.A.; Lichtenstein, H.; Denton, C.A., 1944:
Cystine determination in proteins and foods

Ramaiyya, P.V., 1932:
Cystine metabolism in sheep

Fries, D., 1942:
Cystine storing disease

Monden, M., 1939:
Cystine-cysteine in the body. 1. Cystine-cysteine content in normal animal

Brand, E.; Cahill, G.F.; Harris, M.M., 1935:
Cystinuria. 2. The metabolism of cystine, cysteine, methionine, and glutathione

Brand, E.; Cahill, G.F., 1935:
Cystinuria. 3. The metabolism of serine

Brand, E.; Cahill, G.F.; Block, R.J., 1935:
Cystinuria. 4. The metabolism of homocysteine and homocystine

Brand, E.; Block, R.J.; Kassell, B.; Cahill, G.F., 1937:
Cystinuria. 5. The metabolism of casein and lactalbumin

Brand, E.; Cahill, G.F.; Kassell, B., 1938:
Cystinuria. 8. The metabolism of crystalline egg albumin

Kassell, B.; Cahill, G.F.; Brand, E., 1938:
Cystinuria. 9. The metabolism of lactalbumin and of reduced lactalbumin

Hess, W.C.; Sullivan, M.X., 1942:
Cystinuria. The effect of various amino acids on the excretion of cystine

Lough, S.A.; Perilstein, W.L.; Heinen, H.J.; Carter, L.W., 1941:
Cystinuria. The metabolism of cystine, cysteine, methionine, homocystine, and S-carboxymethylcysteine

Laubert, R., 1932:
Cystopus root swelling on Radishes

Makar, N., 1932:
Cystoscopic appearances of bilharziosis of the bladder

Ueberreiter, O., 1937:
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Cytological studies of the pituitary of the

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Cytological study and chromosome counts in one of the Phaseoleae, Voandzeia subterranea Thouars

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Cytological study of human colostrum

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