Cytogenetical studies on Oryza sativa L. IV. The cytogenetics of F1 hybrid of O. sativa, L. and O. minuta. Presl

Morinaga, T.

Jap. J. Bot 11: 1-18


Accession: 013347484

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Germinable F1 seed was obtained from the cross O. sativa subsp. japonica (2n = 24) x O. minuta (2n=48). The majority of F1 plants did not survive the plumule stage; only three adult F1 plants were raised. The F1 hybrids resembled O. minuta more closely in some characters than O. sativa; in other characters the plants resembled O. sativa or were intermediate between the two parents. The F1 hybrids were highly sterile and extremely susceptible to bunt.