Cytological and genetic studies on forest plants. II. Chromosome conjugation in pollen mother cells and pollen fertility of the intermediate black pine (Pinus densi-Thunbergii Uyekl)

Hlrayoshi, I.; Nakamura, Y.; Kano, T.

Seiken Ziho 2, 90-96


Accession: 013347540

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Pinus densi-Thunbergii is intermediate in external characters and anatomical structure between P. densiflora and P. Thunbergii and is considered to be a hybrid between these two species. Cytological observations confirmed its hybrid nature. In the metaphase of the pollen mother cells of this pine the configuration occurring most frequently comprised one tetravalent and ten bivalents. Univalents and trivalents were also recorded. P. Thunbergii and P. densiflora show regular bivalent formation.