Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield and nutrient uptake in wheat under adequate and limited irrigation

Abhijit Sarma; Harbir Singh; Pannu, R.K.; Nanwal, R.K.; Singh, K.P.

Haryana Journal of Agronomy 22(1): 1-4


Accession: 013362664

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A field experiment was conducted in Hisar, Haryana, India, during the 2000/01 and 2001/02 rabi season to determine the effect of integrated nutrient management (INM) under adequate and limited irrigation on the nutrient content and uptake of wheat cv. PBW 343. The treatments comprised: 0, 112.50 and 187.50 kg N/ha; 10 t farmyard manure (FYM)/ha; 25 g Azotobacter/kg seed, alone or in combinations. The highest yields of grain and straw, and uptake of N, P and K were obtained with 150 kg N/ha + FYM + Azotobacter and adequate irrigation.