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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13364

Chapter 13364 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tyner, L.E., 1944:
Effect of media composition on the numbers of bacterial and fungal colonies developing in Petri plates

Steinert, J.; Papp, G., 1934:
Effect of menstruation on human milk

Schnetz, H., 1935:
Effect of metals on adrenaline hyperglycaemia in rabbits

Schlemmer, F.; Cahnmann, H., 1932:
Effect of metals on the vitamin-C content of milk

Selivanova, S., 1937:
Effect of meteorological Conditions on the Development of Laspeyresia nigricana Stph.

Kostin, S.I., 1939:
Effect of meteorological factors on soil temperature

Floren, W.; Heite, H.J., 1941:
Effect of methaemoglobin forming poisons on certain endogenous reducing substances

Kik, M.C., 1938:
Effect of methionine on casein metabolism

Koski, T.; Liukkonen, L., 1937:
Effect of method of feeding on the acidity of the stomach in infants

Meier, O., 1933:
Effect of method of harvesting and of artificial drying on yield and nutritive value of forage crops, and on the suitability of artificially dried forage

Lemmel, G., 1937:
Effect of method of making rye bread on growth in young growing rats

Skrosel, L., 1937:
Effect of method of milking on the secretion of milk and milk fat

Janse-Stuart, C.; Beyer, A.K.V., 1939:
Effect of method of preparation of potatoes on their vitamin C content

Lemmel, G., 1937:
Effect of method of preparation on the digestibility of rye bread

Yang, E.F., 1938:
Effect of method of preparation on the vitamin B1 content of rice

Yang, E.F., 1938:
Effect of method of preparation on vitamin B1 content of rice

Pies, R.; Schroeder, H., 1938:
Effect of method of preparing food on the vitamin Ccontent of the organism

Dunham, R.S., 1933:
Effect of method of sowing on the yield and root and top development of sweetclover in the Bed River Valley

Vail, G.E.; Jeffrey, M.; Forney, H.; Wiley, C., 1943:
Effect of method of thawing upon losses, shear, and press fluid of frozen beefsteaks and pork roasts

Turpin, H.W., 1932:
Effect of methods of grazing on the yield of lucerne

Lopato, Yu. G.; Sidorov, I.S., 1941:
Effect of methods of sowing perennial grasses on soil fertility.

Kisch, B., 1932:
Effect of methylglyoxal on tissue respiration

Schnedorf, J.G.; Ivy, A.C., 1935:
Effect of methylhistamine and hydroxyethylglyoxaline on gastric secretion and blood pressure in the dog

Lyon, C.B.; Beeson, K.C.; Ellis, G.H., 1943:
Effect of micro-nutrient deficiencies on growth and vitamin content of the tomato

Horovttz-Vlassova, L.M.; Buchman, N.D., 1938:
Effect of micro-organisms on vitamin C.

Matsushita, M.; Yamatani, N.; Meguro, S.; Kawachi, S., 2007:
Effect of micro-topography on structure of soil microbial community in sugi plantation forest soil

Min, B.J.; Kwon, O.S.; Lee, W.B.; Son, K.S.; Hong, J.W.; Yang, S.J.; Moon, T.H.; Kim, I.H., 2005:
Effect of microbial phytase in low phosphorus and calcium level diet on the performance and nutrient digestibility in laying hens

Rekasi, M.; Filep, T., 2006:
Effect of microelement loads on the element fractions of soil and plant uptake

Yarwood, Cecil, E., 1934:
Effect of mildew and rust infection on dry weight and respiration of excised clover leaflets

Schultz, F.W.; Fetter, D., 1933:
Effect of milk and modified milk on gastric contractions

Martino, G., 1934:
Effect of milk diet on the sexual development of birds

Almquist, H.J.; Mecchi, E.; Kratzer, F.H., 1941:
Effect of milk on gizzard erosion and cholic acid in the chick

Wittmer, E.F., 1941:
Effect of milk waste on sewage treatment at Marysville, Ohio

Demeter, K.T., 1933:
Effect of milking machines on bacterial content of milk

Dang, A.K.; Anand, S.K., 2007:
Effect of milking systems on the milk somatic cell counts and composition

Jarrard, M.; Hung, Y-C.; McWatters, K.; Phillips, R.D., 2007:
Effect of milling and preparation method on the physical properties and quality of moin-moin (steamed paste)

Salgare, S.A.; Shashi Yadav, 2005:
Effect of mineral (potassium sulphate) on the resting period of pollen of white-flowered Catharanthus roseus and further evidence of a criticism on the hypothesis of Saoji and Chitaley (1972) - a critical review

Lora Suva, R.; Pulido Murcia, I.; Mendez Matamoros, A.; Pena Baracaldo, F., 2006:
Effect of mineral and organic fertilization on yield of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in a typic Hapludalfs soil of medium fertility

Holtsman, E.A., 1937:
Effect of mineral and organic fertilizers on fertility of soils of the Trans-Volga region

Marek, J.; Wellmann, O.; Urbanek, L., 1933:
Effect of mineral composition of the diet on calcium, phosphorus and total CO2 content of blood serum

Brown, H.D.; Schulkers, R.D.; Shetlar, M.R., 1944:
Effect of mineral deficiencies on the carotene content of vegetables grown in the greenhouse

Lemoigne Dupic., 1938:
Effect of mineral nitrogen with or without potassic and phosphatic fertilizers.

Mader, E. 0., 1943:
Effect of mineral nutrition on flower production of own-rooted roses and the incidence of black-spot

Hamner, K.C.; Lyon, C.B.; Hamner, C.L., 1942:
Effect of mineral nutrition on the ascorbic-acid content of the tomato

Doak, K.D., 1931:
Effect of mineral nutrition on the reaction of Wheat varieties to leaf rust

Ustenko, G.P., 1941:
Effect of mineral salts on photosynthesis in relation to the amount of assimilates in the leaf

Thomas, P., 1934:
Effect of mineral salts on the state of oxidation in the body on a diet deficient in vitamins

Heller, V.G.; Penquite, R., 1936:
Effect of minerals and fiber on avian intestinal pH

Hodges, E.M.; Killinger, G.B.; Carrigan, R.A., 1945:
Effect of minor elements on the establishment and growth of pasture plants

Handovsky, H., 1933:
Effect of minute amounts of copper on the mammalian organism. Effect of minute amounts of heavy metals on degradation of glycogen in vitro

Hovmand, H.C., 1942:
Effect of modern Sulion-amides on Horse-pathogenic beta -hemolytie Streptococci. Experimental Studies

Platenius, H.; Jones, J.B., 1944:
Effect of modified storage on ascorbic acid content of some vegetables

Mussehl, F.E.; Ackerson, C.W., 1932:
Effect of modifying the Ca-P ratio of a specific ration for growing chicks

Mussehl, F.E.; Ackerson, C.W., 1934:
Effect of modifying the calcium-phosphorus ratio of poults

Teekam Singh; Rana, K.S., 2006:
Effect of moisture conservation and fertility on Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) and lentil (Lens culinaris) intercropping system under rainfed conditions

Oluwole, F.A.; Abdulrahim, A.T.; Olalere, R.K., 2007:
Effect of moisture content on crackability of bambara groundnut using a centrifugal cracker

Carter, E.P.; Young, G.Y., 1945:
Effect of moisture content, temperature, and length of storage on the development of sick wheat in sealed containers

Barton, Lela, V., 1943:
Effect of moisture fluctuations on the viability of seeds in storage

Perelygin, L.M., 1939:
Effect of moisture on resistance of wood to impact bending

Drow, J.T., 1945:
Effect of moisture on the compressive, bending and shear strengths, and on the toughness of plywood

Serdobol'sky, I.P., 1940:
Effect of moisture on the oxidation-reduction processes in podzol soils.

Patil, P.L.; Radder, B.M.; Patil, S.G.; Aladakatti, Y.R.; Meti, C.B.; Khot, A.B., 2006:
Effect of moisture regimes and micronutrients on yield, water use efficiency and nutrient uptake by maize in Vertisol of Malaprabha Command, Karnataka

Bares, A.F., 1930:
Effect of moisture supply on development of Pyrus communis. (Contributions from the Hull Botanical Laboratory 406)

Walker, J.C.; Musbach, F.L., 1939:
Effect of moisture, fertility, and fertilizer placement on root rot of canning peas in Wisconsin

Stitt, R.E., 1944:
Effect of moisture, seeding dates, and fertilizer on stands and yields of crimson clover

Webb, R.J.; Bull, S., 1945:
Effect of molasses and molasses feed on quality of beef. (Univ. Illinois Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 510)

Nasser, W.; Rincon, C.; Hernandez, Y.; Isea, F., 2005:
Effect of molasses on phytotoxicity caused by glyphosate-based herbicides in pawpaw (Carica papaya) 'Maradol'

Yenko, F.M.; Baens, L.; Serrano, F.B., 1936:
Effect of molds on Bakauan bark and tanning liquors

Baens, L.; Yenko, F.M., 1936:
Effect of molds on some Philippine tanning liquors II

Medina, I.; Gallardo, J.M.; Gonzalez, M.J.; Lois, S.; Hedges, N., 2007:
Effect of molecular structure of phenolic families as hydroxycinnamic acids and catechins on their antioxidant effectiveness in minced fish muscle

Morais-De-Oliveira, M.-Vinicius; Lana, R.-De-Paula; Eifert, E.-Da-Costa; Luz, D.-Ferreira; Pereira, J.-Carlos; Olalquiaga-Perez, J.-Ramon; De-Vargas, F.-Miranda,. Jr.;, 2007:
Effect of monensin on intake and apparent digestibility of nutrients in sheep fed diets with different crude protein levels

Haarmann, W., 1932:
Effect of monobromoacetate on carbohydrate metabolism and anaerobic metabolism of lactic acid

Sarkar, B.N.; Dutt, K.M., 1934:
Effect of mosaic disease on the tonnage and the juice of Sugarcane in Patna

Mcrae, W.; Subramaniam, L.S., 1933:
Effect of mosaic on the tonnage and the jnice of Sngar cane in Fusa, Fart III

Mcrae, W., 1932:
Effect of mosaic on the tonnage and the juice of Sugar cane in Pusa, Part II

Mcrae, W.; Subramanian, L.S., 1934:
Effect of mosaic on the tonnage and the juice of Sugar-Cane in Pcsa, part IV

Gaskill, J.O., 1940:
Effect of mosaic upon yield of seed by Sugar Beet roots

Stevens, H.P., 1923:
Effect of mould on a sheet Rubber compounded with litharge

Kim, Y.J., 2006 :
Effect of mugwort and fish oil addition on quality and shelf-life in meat-type chicken

Stephenson, R.E.; Schuster, C.E., 1945:
Effect of mulches on soil properties

Neelima Garg; Gorakh Singh; Preeti Yadav; Noopur Goel; Soni, M.K., 2007:
Effect of mulching on soil microbial population in guava (Psidium guajava) orchard soil

Makarevsky, N.I., 1937:
Effect of mulching on soil temperature.

Karnaukhov, B.G., 1939:
Effect of mulching on the moisture content and dynamics of water-soluble and nutrient matter in Azov chernozem

Koeppe, H., 1935:
Effect of muscular activity on blood sugar and blood catalase

Sendrail, M.; Blancardi, C., 1932:
Effect of muscular exercise on sensitiveness to insulin

Selye, Hans, 1939:
Effect of muscular exercise on the fat content of the liver

Minibeck, H.; Verzar, F., 1940:
Effect of muscular exercise on the flavin content of the liver

Giaja, J., 1932:
Effect of muscular fatigue on heat regulating power and resistance to cold

Ohta, K., 1938:
Effect of muscular work and cold on urinary excretion of vitamin C

Anker, M., 1933:
Effect of muscular work on blood sugar in diabetics

Pankaj Baiswar; Satish Chandra; Rajiv Kumar, 2006:
Effect of mycoparasitism and volatile compounds of Trichoderma and Aspergillus spp. on Penicillium and Aspergillus causing storage rot of gladiolus

Mitchell, J.W., 1940:
Effect of naphthalene acetic acid and naphthalene acetamide on nitrogenous and carbohydrate constituents of bean plants

Stewart, William, S., 1940:
Effect of naphthalene acetic acid on mobile auxin in bean seedlings

Myers, Amy., 1942:
Effect of naphthalene on stored lucerne seed

Batjer, L.P.; Moon, H.H., 1945:
Effect of naphthaleneacetic acid spray on maturity of apples

Schittenhelm, A.; Eisler, B., 1933:
Effect of narcosis on blood iodine

Plaut, F.; Bulow, M., 1935:
Effect of narcotics on the vitamin C content of the cerebrospinal fluid and brain

Shrikhande, J.G., 1940:
Effect of narrow carbon-nitrogen ratio and of naturally occurring tannins in decomposing plant materials upon the production of mucus

Scheunert, A.; Reschke, J., 1941:
Effect of natural and synthetic vitamin C in animal experiments

L.Breton, E., 1934:
Effect of nature of the food burnt on the rate of oxidation of alcohol in the organism. Proteins

Ludecke, H., 1938:
Effect of nematodes on the nutrient uptake of sugar beet.

Neymabk, M.; Widmark, E.M.P., 1936:
Effect of neutral fat, fatty acids and glycerine on the metabolism of ethyl alcohol

Sokoloff, V.P., 1938:
Effect of neutral salts of sodium and calcium on carbon and nitrogen of soils

Hillig, Fred, 1942:
Effect of neutralization on sour milk in the manufacture of dried skim milk

Bird, E.W., 1938:
Effect of neutralizers on fat losses in buttermilk and the quality of the butter

Bird, E.W., 1939:
Effect of neutralizers on the fat losses in buttermilk and the quality of the butter

Herrmann, J.A.; Wallace, R.L., 2007:
Effect of new and reused CIDRs on serum progesterone concentrations in lactating dairy cows

Dorfman, A.; Koser, S.A.; Saunders, F., 1939:
Effect Of Nicotinamide On Respiration Of Dysentery Bacilli

Dobrovolskaia-Zavadskaia, N., 1945:
Effect of nicotinamide on the growth of tumours in mice

Strauss, L.H.; Scheer, P., 1939:
Effect of nicotine on vitamin C metabolism

Racker, E.; Krimsky, I., 1945:
Effect of nicotinic acid amide and sodium on glycolysis and oxygen uptake in brain homogenates

Monod, J., 1942:
Effect of nicotinic acid and amide, aneurin and ascorbic acid on the growth of cultures of B, Coli

Aring, C.D.; Ryder, H.W.; Roseman, E.; Rosen Baum, M.; Ferris, E.B., 1941:
Effect of nicotinic acid and related substances on the intracranial blood flow of man

Moore, M.T.; Lichstein, J., 1941:
Effect of nicotinic acid and thiamin chloride on the adverse symptoms encountered in old age

Auvergnat, R.; Jouenne, M., 1942:
Effect of nicotinic acid on blood sugar in normal and depancreatised dogs

Greco, D., 1939:
Effect of nicotinic acid on blood sugar level

Fichera, G.; Vasta, S., 1941:
Effect of nicotinic acid on carbohydrate metabolism

Malaguzzi Valeri, C.; Paterno, P., 1939:
Effect of nicotinic acid on gastric processes

Gross, E.S.; Sasaki, Y.; Spies, T.D., 1938:
Effect of nicotinic acid on increased porphyrinuria occurring in seven painters

Abramson, D.I.; Katzenstein, K.H.; Senior, F.A., 1940:
Effect of nicotinic acid on peripheral blood flow in man

Kowaiewski, K.; Conard, V., 1930:
Effect of nicotinic acid on skin temperature and gastric secretion

Fichera, G.; Vasta, S., 1941:
Effect of nicotinic acid on the calcium and potassium content of the blood

Landy, Maurice, 1938:
Effect of nicotinic acid, its isomers and related compounds upon nutrition of Staphylococcus aureus

Schneider, F., 1939:
Effect of nine years' continuous beet culture

Lott, R.V., 1942:
Effect of nitrate of soda on development of the Halehaven peach

Ali, A.; Sivakami, S.; Raghuram, N., 2007:
Effect of nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, glutamate, glutamine and 2-oxoglutarate on the RNA levels and enzyme activities of nitrate reductase and nitrite reductase in rice

Whitehead, E.I.; Olson, 0. E., 1942:
Effect of nitrates on determination of protein nitrogen by Kjeldahl method

Karwasra, R.S.; Anil Kumar, 2006:
Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on fodder sorghum production

Yadav, R.S.; Sammauria, R.; Rathore, M.S., 2007:
Effect of nitrogen and potassium on the growth, yield and quality of garlic (Allium sativum) in light textured soils of Rajasthan

Syed, T.H.; Ganai, M.R.; Tahir Ali; Mir, A.H., 2006:
Effect of nitrogen and sulphur fertilization on yield of and nutrient uptake by sunflower

Mehla, D.S.; Singh, J.P.; Bhardwaj, K.K., 2006:
Effect of nitrogen and water management practices on the yield and nutrient uptake by rice crop

Mohr, R.M.; Derksen, D.A.; Grant, C.A.; Mclaren, D.L.; Monreal, M.A.; Moulin, A.M.; Khakbazan, M.; Irvine, R.B., 2007:
Effect of nitrogen fertilizer rate, herbicide rate, and soil disturbance at seeding on the productivity of a wheat-pea rotation

Griffith, R.B., 1943:
Effect of nitrogen on anther color in Kentucky bluegrass

Decoux, L.; Vander-Waeren, J.; Simon, M., 1938:
Effect of nitrogen on the growth of sugar beet. Second communication.

Suslov, A., 1935:
Effect of nitrogen on the yield of meadow grasses

Gusev, N.A., 1939:
Effect of nitrogen rate and of the ratio between phosphorus and nitrogen in fertilizers on seed yield of red clover

Spencer, Ernest, L., 1935:
Effect of nitrogen supply on host susceptibility to virus infection

Brown, H.B.; Pope, H.W., 1939:
Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in fertilizers on the earliness of cotton

Kalinkevich, A.F., 1938:
Effect of nitrogen-potassium periodic supply upon yield of root and store of rubber in kok-saghiz

Burgevin, H., 1937:
Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers on the harmful limit of nitrogen in sugar beet

Chapman, H.D., 1936:
Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers, organic matter, sulfur, and colloidal silica on the availability of phosphorus in calcareous soils

Hiremath, S.; Stephen, M.; Iype, S., 2007:
Effect of nongenetic factors on body weights at different ages in crossbred cattle of Kerala

Kumaresan, A.; Ansari, M.R.; Abhishek Garg, 2006:
Effect of nonluteal and luteal oviductal proteins on buffalo spermatozoa function during cryopreservation

Fukase, T., 1936:
Effect of nucleic acid with or without cholic acid on fasting blood sugar

Andres-Elias, N.; Pujols, J.; Badiola, I.; Torrallardona, D., 2007:
Effect of nucleotides and carob pulp on gut health and performance of weanling piglets

Crane, H.L.; Hardy, M.B.; Looms, N.H.; Dodge, F.N., 1935:
Effect of nut thinning on size, degree of filling, and annual yields of pecans

Kempton, J.H., 1942:
Effect of nutrient cultures on the reaction of maize seedlings to light

Vogel, F., 1938:
Effect of nutrient deficiencies on cabbage lettuce and kohlrabi on different soils

Darley, E.P.; HartHelen, 1944:
Effect of nutrient levels and temperature on the development of Puccinia graminis tritici

Paikaray, R.K.; Mahanta, D.; Swain, S.K., 2006:
Effect of nutrient management in white jute (Corchorus capsularis)-rice (Oryza sativa) cropping system under rainfed condition

Sangeeta Swami; Sharma, D.D.; Chouhan, G.S., 2006:
Effect of nutrient management on productivity of foxtail millet

Raleigh, S.M.; Chucka, J.A., 1944:
Effect of nutrient ratio and concentration on growth and composition of tomato plants and on the occurrence of blossom-end rot of the fruit

Blanck, E.; Hettkeshoven, W.; Schorstein, H., 1936:
Effect of nutrient ratios in manure on oats and barley

Blanck, E.; Schorstein, H., 1936:
Effect of nutrient ratios in manure on oats. Phosphorus utilisation by oats

Macgillivray, John, H., 1942:
Effect of nutrient root media on loss in weight and amount of rot in stored tomatoes

Kopp, M.M.; Luz, V.K. da; Silva, V.N.; Coimbra, J.L.M.; Maia, L.C.; Carvalho, F.I.F. de; Oliveira, A.C. de, 2007:
Effect of nutrient solution pH on phytotoxicity caused by organic acids in rice

Gul, A.; Kidoglu, F.; Anac, D., 2007:
Effect of nutrient sources on cucumber production in different substrates

Desouza Blaise; Ravindran, C.D.; Singh, J.V., 2007:
Effect of nutrient-management practices on growth, fruiting pattern, and yield of Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)

Naylor, A.W., 1941 :
Effect of nutrition and age upon the rate of development of terminal staminate inflorescences of Xanthium pennsylvanicum

Mahdihassan, S., 1943:
Effect of nutrition and climate on rat leprosy

Volk, A., 1938:
Effect of nutrition and water supply on the maturity of the wood and root formation in grape vines.

Jonen, P., 1932:
Effect of nutrition of mother on development of foetus

Popoff, J.S.; Salzman, A.A.; Margoit, N.A., 1936:
Effect of nutrition on sexual function

Ellis, N.R., 1938:
Effect of nutrition on the composition and Quality of animal fats

Akiyama, Y.; Mekata, Y.; Shiozawa, N.; Hayashi, K.; Takahashi, N.; Hirata, H.; Kimira, M.; Kashimura, O.; Kawano, Y., 2007:
Effect of nutritional intake on the change in sweetness preference from a long run in hot conditions

Van Der Lee, P.J.; Gorter, A., 1937:
Effect of nutritional state on the urea forming enzyme system of the rat liver

Magness, J.R.; Degman, E.S.; Batjer, L.P.; E.A., 1937:
Effect of nutritional treatments on internal cork of apples

ukasik, I., 2006:
Effect of o-dihydroxyphenols on antioxidative mechanisms of cereal aphids associated with glutathione

Kolanowski, Z., 1933:
Effect of oats on production in cows

Ichok, G.; Toussaint, G., 1936:
Effect of occupation on blood phosphate and calcium in pregnancy

Clavebt, J.; Benoit, J., 1942:
Effect of oestradiol dipropionate in increasing skeletal calcium of the pigeon

Macht, D.I.; Stickels, A.E., 1930:
Effect of oestrin and lutein combinations on the uterus of the mouse

Bullough, W.S., 1942:
Effect of oestrin injections on the mouse ovary

Klein, M.; Mayer, G., 1942:
Effect of oestrogen injections on the ovary of the pregnant rat

Mortimer, H.; Wright, R.P.; Bachman, C.; Collip, J.B., 1936:
Effect of oestrogenic hormone administration upon nasal mucous membrane of the monkey (Macaca, mulatta)

Swingle, W.W.; Parkins, W.M.; Taylor, A.R.; Hays, H.W.; Morrell, J.A., 1937:
Effect of oestrus (pseudo-pregnancy) and certain pituitary hormones on the life-span of adrenalectomised animals

Stickney, J.Clifford, 1943:
Effect of oil of peppermint, dehydrocholic acid and disodium phosphate on gastric emptying in dogs

Traxl, W.; Braun, K.; Locker, K., 1934:
Effect of oils and colloidal solutions of metals in oils on cell respiration

Grailly, R.D.; Daron, P., 1932:
Effect of oils on evacuation of gall bladder

Yeh, M.; Chiang, C.; Lin, D., 2006:
Effect of openings on the racking strength of structural log walls

Depisch, F.; Hasenohrl, R.; Schonbauer, L., 1933:
Effect of operative measures on sugar metabolism. Remarks on work of Takats

Lucke, H.; Heydemann, E.R.; Berger, O., 1934:
Effect of operative treatment of the anterior pituitary on the metabolism of diabetic dogs

Simonson, E.; Kearns, W.M.; Enzer, N., 1941:
Effect of oral administration of methyltestosterone on fatigue in eunu-choids and castrates

Mackenzie, C.G.; Mccollium, E.V., 1941:
Effect of oral and parenteral administration of vitamin E on creatinuria and symptoms of dystrophic rabbits

Manchester, T.C., 1942:
Effect of orange and lemon juices on activity of proteolytic enzymes

S.J.hn, J.L.; Overholser, E.L.; Overley, F.L., 1942:
Effect Of Orchard Fertilizer Applications On The Composition Of Apples

Krane, W., 1932:
Effect of ordinary diluents on digestibility of cow's milk

Lustig, B.; Wachtel, H., 1939:
Effect of organ extracts, especially of the anterior pituitary, on growth

Wang DongSheng; Liang ChengHua; D.L.Yu, 2007:
Effect of organic acids on K release from K-bearing minerals

Contreras, F.; Paolini, J.; Rivero, C., 2005:
Effect of organic amendment on carbon mineralization kinetic in soils of Rivas Davila County, Merida state, Venezuela

Contreras, B.F.; Paolini, J.; Rivero, C., 2005:
Effect of organic amendments on acid phosphatase and arylsulfatase enzymes in soils of Rivas Davila, Merida state

Ghuge, T.D.; Gore, A.K.; Jadhav, S.B., 2007:
Effect of organic and inorganic nutrient sources on growth, yield and quality of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

Ahmed, P.; Medhi, B.D.; Singh, A.K., 2006:
Effect of organic and inorganic sources of nitrogen on ammonia volatilization and yield of transplanted rice

Terziyski, D.-; Grozev, G.-; Kalchev, R.-; Stoeva, A., 2007:
Effect of organic fertilizer on plankton primary productivity in fish ponds

Mohan, S.C.; Ghandaragiri, K.K., 2007:
Effect of organic manures on growth and yield attributes in cotton+blackgram intercropping system

Stephenson, R.E., 1938:
Effect of organic materials and fertilizer treatments upon the soluble nutrients in soils

Rhoades, H.P., 1939:
Effect of organic matter decomposition on the solubility and fixation of phosphorus in alkaline soils

Drozdetsky, P.A., 1941:
Effect of organic matter on structure formation in a solonets.

Bouyoucos, G.J., 1939:
Effect of organic matter on the water-holding capacity and the wilting point of mineral soils

Haenseler, C.M., 1928:
Effect of organic mercury seed treatments on germination and yield of Peas

Dimitrov, S.G.; Atanasov, V.K.; Surai, P.F.; Denev, S.A., 2006:
Effect of organic selenium on turkey semen quality during liquid storage

Kuo, C-S.; Pei, D.; Yao, C-Y.; Hsieh, M-C.; Kuo, S-W., 2006:
Effect of orlistat in overweight poorly controlled Chinese female type 2 diabetic patients: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Kanta Rani; Varshney, U.K., 2006:
Effect of osmotic and ionic stress on water relations of isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk.) seedlings

Ohmann, G., 1935:
Effect of outdoor winter camping on the feed requirements of horses in the Finnish army

Takewaki, K., 1939:
Effect of ovarian androgen on mouse adrenal

Kaufmann, C.; Muller, C.; Steuber, M., 1932:
Effect of ovarian extract on basal metabolism

Sammartino, R.; Arenas, N., 1940:
Effect of ovarian hormones on the genital apparatus of intact, ovariectomised and hypophysectomised bitches

Mott, C.R., 1945:
Effect of ovariectomy on basal metabolic rate of the albino rat

Severin, J.E., 1939:
Effect of ovariectomy on lactating bitches

Wilkins, F.S., 1935:
Effect of over-grazing on Kentucky bluegrass under conditions of extreme drought

Kruger, F.V., 1937:
Effect of overdoses of water on the excretion of creatinine and urinary solids

Beyer, P.E., 1937:
Effect of overfeeding on slaughter weight of animals

Zywica, R.; Banach, J., K., 2007:
Effect of own-construction device for electrical stimulation and storage time on tenderness of bullocks meat

Haarmann, W., 1932:
Effect of oxalate, fluoride and monobromoacetate on carbohydrate metabolism

Weekers, R., 1942:
Effect of oxidising agents on the carbohydrate metabolism, the sulphydryl groups and the transparency of the crystalline lens

Guillbmet, R.; Sonntag, G.; Guilbot, A., 1945:
Effect of oxidising agents on the proteins of wheat flour

Negroni, P., 1944:
Effect of oxidized ascorbic acid on the cutaneous reaction to tuberculin

Platenius, H., 1943:
Effect Of Oxygen Concentration On The Respiration Of Some Vegetables

Boynton, D.; Compton, 0. C., 1943:
Effect of oxygen pressure in aerated nutrient solution on production of new roots and on growth of roots and tops by fruit trees

Sudhakar, N.; Prasad, D.N.; Mohan, N.; Murugesan, K., 2007:
Effect of ozone on induction of resistance in Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) Kurz. against acute ozone exposure

Schmith, K., 1943:
Effect of p-(aminomethyl)-benzenesulfonamide ( marfanil ) A ehemothera-peutic with a fundamentally new mode of action

Hamilton, H.L.; Plotz, H.; Smadel, J.E., 1945:
Effect of p-aminobenzoic acid on the growth of typhus rickettsiae in the yolk sac of the infected chick embryo

Isbell, Harris, 1942:
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Effect of paper mulches on soil temperature, soil moisture and yields of certain crops

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Effect of parathyroid extract on blood coagulation

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Effect of partial substitution of oats by waste products of the sugar industry on the alkali reserve and lactic acid of the blood and on the recovery from fatigue of horses

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Effect of particle size on the solubility of dolomite and magnesie limestone in 4% citric acid solution adjusted to pH 4.0 with ammonium hydroxide

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Effect of pasteurization and sterilization on the chemistry and biology of milk

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Effect of pasteurization on the nitrogenous compounds of cheese

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Effect of pasteurization on the riboflavin content of milk

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Effect of pasture upon the carotene content of blood plasma of the bovine

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Effect Of Petroleum Oils On The Respiration Of Bean Plants, Apple Twigs And Leaves, And Barley Seedlings

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Effect of phenothiazine on the development of roundworm larvae in the faeces

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Effect of phloridzin and sodium fluoride on the dichlorphenolindophenol reducing power of the lens

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Effect of phosphate fertilizer upon the growth and yield of the Carman grape in North Texas

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Effect of phosphate on tissue respiration

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Effect of phosphatides on the estimation of fat in milk and milk products

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Effect of phosphite on soil microbial enzyme activity and the feeding activity of soil mesofauna

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Effect of phosphorus and magnesium on the yield and quality of sunflower seeds in relation to their time of application.

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Effect of photoperiodlc treatment on the growth of rice

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Effect of physical condition of the cow on milk tests

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Effect of protein deficiency in the ration on the amount of feed consumed by lambs

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Effect of protein deficiency on milk production in cows which have recently Calved

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Effect of protein free diet on oxidative processes in the body

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Effect of protein quality in production of dietary cirrhosis of the liver in rats

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Effect of protein supplements on milk secretion

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Effect of protein supplements on rabbits

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Effect of protein-fat diet on the synthesis of hippuric acid

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Effect of proteins on the diffusion of amino acids through membranes

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Effect of proteolysis on lipase induced rancidity in Cheddar cheese

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Effect of protoporphyrin on the autoxidation of l-ascorbic acid

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Effect of pruning on growth in the young peach

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Effect of pruning time and planting distance on the scion production of mango (Mangifera indica) from clonal hedgerow

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Effect of pseudopregnancy on mammary carcinoma incidence in mice of the A stock

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Effect of pseudopyridoxine on rat and yeast growth

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Effect of psychic factors on blood sugar in the dog

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Effect of psychological disturbances on trypanosome infection in animals

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Effect of pure alcohol on gastric motility

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Effect of pure crystalline male hormones on the histological structure of the comb of capons

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Effect of pure or fermented milk on the weight curve

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Effect of purified pituitary preparations on the insulin content of the rat's pancreas

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Effect of purified rations on deciduomal formation in the rat

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Effect of pyloric obstruction on gastric secretion

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Effect of pyridine compounds on the nutrition of Staphylococcus aweus

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Effect of qualitatively different diets on liver necrosis due to salvarsan

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Effect of quality of diet on secretory function of the salivary glands

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Effect of quantitative feed restriction and subsequent refeeding on the performance and carcass traits of broilers

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Effect of quantitative feed restriction on the performance and laying characteristics of pullets

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Effect of quantity preparation procedures on vitamin retention and palatability of dehydrated potato shreds

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Effect of quartz-lamp irradiation of the skin upon digestive organs

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Effect of quinones on acid formation in saliva

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Effect of race of fowl and weight of egg on egg composition

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Effect of ractopamine and lysine levels on the performance of leaning pigs in the finishing phase

Perez, A.; Obispo, N.E.; Palma, J.; Chicco, C.F., 2006:
Effect of ractopamine and lysine on the lean yield of pigs in the finishing phase

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Effect of radiation on malaria. An experimental study in the chick and duck

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Effect of radio-phosphorus on blood of monkeys

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Effect of radioactive elements upon development of the root-nodule bacteria and upon the assimilation by them of the molecular nitrogen of the atmosphere

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Effect of rainfall and of substrata upon composition and reaction of the soil waters of Everglades peat land

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Effect of rainfall and site factors on the growth and survival of young forest plantations

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Effect of raised bed planting on plant morphological characters and grain yield of winter wheat

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Effect of raising the base excess of a ration on the acid base equilibrium, health and yield of milk cows

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Effect of rape oil in the ration on the iodine value of pig fat

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Effect of rare earths on metabolism

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Effect of rate of cooling on the preservation of sperm.

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Effect of rate of growth of bacteria on action of penicillin

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Effect of rate of milking on the secretion of milk and milk fat

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Effect of raw and autoclaved milk on growth and metabolism

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Effect of raw and cooked wild cocoyam (Caladium bicolor) on the performance of broiler chicks

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Effect of raw and heated milk on tadpoles of Bufo vulgaris

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Effect of raw fruit diet on the child. Fasting metabolism of the growing organism: treatment of intestinal disturbances in children with raw fruit

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Effect of raw or boiled fresh milk and of fermented milk on the intestine perfused by the Cohnheim-Magnus method

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Effect of raw pancreas upon blood lipids of completely depancreatized dogs maintained with insulin

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Effect of re-absorption on the iodine excretion curve of blood after injection of Iodtetragnost

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Effect of reaction and manurial treatment on the oomposition and digestibility of meadow grass. 1. Effect of reaction

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Effect of reaction of the environment on the development of the Rous sarcoma

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Effect of reactive oxygen intermediaries on the viability and infectivity of Mycobacterium lepraemurium

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Effect of rearing environment and age on gut development of piglets at weaning

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Effect of rectal glucose on the blood sugar

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Effect of reduced atmospheric pressure on gluthathione content of the liver

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Effect of reduced atmospheric pressure on hatchability of hen's eggs

Fraps, R.M., 1945 :
Effect Of Reduced Atmospheric Pressure On Hatchability Of The Hen's Egg

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Effect of reduced barometric pressure on ram semen

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Effect of reduced evaporation on the provitamin A content of lettuce In refrigerated storage

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Effect of reducing the amount in the diet of a protein associated with high liver glycogen content and low metabolic oxidation

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Effect of refrigeration on ascorbic acid content of canned fruit juices after opening

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Effect of refrigeration on retention of ascorbic acid in vegetables

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Effect of relative Humidity on the Eggs of Plodia interpunctella Hubn.

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Effect of relative humidity and amount of turning on hatchability of turkey eggs and livability of poults

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Effect of removal of forest vegetation upon water-yields

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Effect of removal of lipoids on precipitability of serum proteins by neutral salts

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Effect of removal of pancreatic secretion on production of duodenal ulcers

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Effect of removal of the pancreas in the splenectomised dog

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Effect of removal of the pituitary on calcium metabolism

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Effect of removing different proportions of foliage on contrasting strains of Kentucky bluegrass, Poa pratensis L

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Effect of removing the rind on analyses of cheese

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Effect of renal insufficiency upon plasma magnesium and magnesium excretion after ingestion of magnesium sulfate

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Effect of renal retention of vitamin C on saturation tests. A formula for compensation of this factor of error

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Effect of renovation of beds after harvest on yield and grade of strawberries

Anonymous, 1943:
Effect of repeated dehydration on photosynthesis

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Effect of repeated ether narcosis and glycine feeding on the function of healthy skeletal muscle

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Effect of repeated injections of sugar on power of liver to fix pigments

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Effect of replacement therapy on eruption of the incisor of the hypophysectomized rat

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Effect of resection of the stomach on the bacteriology and chemistry of the small intestine and its clinical significance

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Effect of restaurant cooking and service on vitamin content of foods

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Effect of restricted diet on deamination processes in the organism. 1. Effect of high carbohydrate diet

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Effect of restricted diet on oxidative processes

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Effect of restricted raw or cooked diet on the growing organism and length of life

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Effect of restriction of inorganic salts in the diet on organ growth

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Effect of riboflavin and tbiamin chloride upon the oataraotogenic action of galactose

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Effect of riboflavin combined with nicotinamide in the replacement of considerable protein losses

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Effect of riboflavin on experimental Staphylococcus infection in the guineapig

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Effect of rice (Oryza sativa) residue and nitrogen on performance of wheat (Triticum aestivum) under rice-wheat cropping system

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Effect of rigid sodium restriction on blood pressure and survival of hypertensive rats

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Effect of ringing the stem on photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration of pecan leaves

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Effect of rinsing with povidone-iodine on bacteraemia due to scaling: a randomized-controlled trial

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Effect of roasting on extraction of bioactive conserves in coffee

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Effect of rock phosphate on the dairy cow

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Effect of root-knot nematode on tomato wilt

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Effect of rotation and continuous grazing by dairy cows on the carotene content of the pasturage and the milk

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Effect of route of administration on detoxication of selenium by arsenic

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Effect of route of administration on the bioassay of prolactin

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Effect of row distance, hill distance and number of plants per hill on the yield and some other characters of rice

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Effect of row placement of fertilizers on yields of winter wheat and barley.

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Effect of row spacing on growth, yield and yield components of mashbean

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Effect of row-width and planting density on podding and yield performance of early soybean cultivar Enrei with reference to raceme order

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Effect of rumen contents on the growth of chickens

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Effect of rust (Puccinia phlei-pratensis Erikss. & Henn.) attack on Phleum pratense

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Effect of safflower silage on yield and quality of milk

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Effect of saiting;and keeping on vitamin B1 content of egs yolk.

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Effect of saline cathartics on the gastrointestinal tract. 2. Contact with the intestinal mucosa

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Effect Of Saline Substrate On Hourly Levels Of Carbohydrates And Inorganic Constituents Of Barley Plants

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Effect of saline water on Mediterranean loess soils

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Effect of saline water, FYM and phosphorus on the performance of different varieties of okra

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Effect of salt concentration on the colorimetric phosphorus determination

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Effect Of Salt Concentration, Kind Of Salt, And Climate On Plant Growth In Sand Cultures

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Effect of salt free diet on persons suffering from high blood pressure

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Effect of salt on physiological responses of barley to iron deficiency

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Effect of salt on the hardness of, and distribution of water in, butter

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Effect of salt on the keeping quality of cream

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Effect of salt poor diet on excretion of NaCl

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Effect of salt solutions on the solubility of wheat protein

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Effect of salting curd for blue cheese

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Effect of saltpickling on the calcium and phosphorus contents of vegetables

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Effect of salts of organic acids on tissue respiration

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Effect of sap-stain on the properties of timber. II. Effect of sap-stain on the decay-resistance of Pine sapwood

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Effect of saponin on metabolism

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Effect of saponins on the calcification induced by vigantol and on the sexual cycle

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Effect of sawdust on the course of digestion and on the digestibility of feeds in rabbits

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Effect of scab on the quality of hard red spring Wheat

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Effect of sea water on mould in Cacao beans

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Effect of season and heredity on the incidence of blood spots

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Effect of season of cutting on sprouting of Dogwood

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Effect of season of pruning and number of new shoots on the rate of top regeneration of Valencia orange trees

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Effect of season of year on the composition of milk

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Effect of season on body growth. Norwegian studies

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Effect of season on the growth and feed consumption of turkeys

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Effect of seasonal water stress on soybean and site specific evaluation of CROPGRO-Soybean model under semi-arid climatic conditions

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Effect of secondary spruce forests on phytoenvironment in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mountains

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Effect of section of the pituitary stalk on lactation in the white rat

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Effect of section of the vagi or splanchnic nerves on the resynthesis of muscle glycogen in the dog

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Effect of seed Potato treatment on yield and rhinoctonicsis in Florida from 1924 to 1929

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Effect of seed development on the growth of grapes

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Effect of seed disinfection and delayed sowing on the control of bunt in infested soil

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Effect of seed injury upon the germination of Pisum sativum

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Effect of seed soaking in nitrogen, phosphorus and herbicides solution on yield and other characteristics of wheat

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Effect of seed treatment on emergence of peas

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Effect of seed treatment on nodulation of soybeans and peas

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Effect of seed treatment on protection, rate of emergence, and growth of garden peas

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Effect of seed treatment with cobalt on nodulation, growth and yield of green gram crop through improving biological nitrogen fixation

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Effect of seed treatments on seed longevity

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Effect of seed treatments on seed longevity. Paper presented at 22nd Annual Meeting Amer. Phytopath. Soc., Cleveland, Ohio. Dec. 1930-Jan. 1931

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Effect of seed treatments on seedling emergence, severity of seedling blight, and yield of Rice

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Effect of seed weight and seed origin on the early development of eastern white pine

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Effect of seed-formation on the rate of respiration of the fruit of the Japanese persimmon or kaki (Diospyros Kaki L. f .)

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Effect of selected natural products, Thioproline and PegasysReg. on hepatic platelet activating factor (PAF) in CCl4-induced hepatic fibrosis in rats

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Effect of selection within apogamie and clonal progenies

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Effect of selenious and selenic acids on development of plants

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Effect of selfing in kaoliang

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Effect of selfing upon yield of millet

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Effect of seminal constituents on spermatozoa

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Effect of sensitisation and anaphylactic shock on the vitamin C content of organs

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Effect of sensitisation with foreign protein and of anaphylactic shock on blood iodine

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Effect of several Varieties of Sorghum and other Host Plants on Biology of the Chinch Bug

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Effect Of Several Environmental Factors On The Hardening Of Plants

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Effect of several growth substances on vegetable crop plants

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Effect of several seed protectants on germination and stands of various forage legumes

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Effect of several trace elements on growth of a legume.

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Effect of severe and prolonged inanition on sex characters and function in the cock

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Effect of severe calcium deficiency on pregnancy and lactation in the rat

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Effect of severe cold on turf

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Effect of severity of pruning on top regeneration in citrus trees

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Effect of sewage sludge, urban compost and FYM on juice quality and soil nutrient status of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

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Effect of sewage water on growth, metabolism and yield of bean

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Effect of sex and of vitamin E deficiency on the content of steroid ketones in the organs of the rat

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Effect of sex hormones (ovarian and anterior pituitary) upon gas exchange

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Effect of sex hormones on blood calcium and tetany in bitches suffering from chronic parathyroid in-sufficiency

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Effect of sex hormones on creatine metabolism

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Effect of sex hormones on spontaneous creatinuria due to endocrine disturbance

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Effect of sex hormones on the erythrocyte number in the blood of the domestic fowl

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Effect of sex hormones on the gonads of frog larvae (Rana clamitans) : sex inversion in females ; stability in males

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Effect of sex hormones on the metabolism of the sex organs

Mosonyi, J., 1936 :
Effect of sex hormones on the vitamin C content of the adrenals and liver of guineapigs

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Effect of sex hormones, separately and combined, on the proliferation and hydration of combs and cloacae of male chicks

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Effect of sex hormonesoneggproduction in fowls

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Effect of sex on the lipoids of some marine molluscs

Brown, E., 1927:
Effect of shade on Apple scab

Carsner, E., 1939:
Effect of shade on flowering of sugar beets

Matthews, D.N., 1940:
Effect of shape, density, and methods of exposure of fuel moisture indicator sticks

Work, Paul, 1944:
Effect of shearing on performance of beet seed

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Effect of shipping, freezing and canning on the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content of peas

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Effect of short and long periods of heavy work on metabolism

Tverskoy, D.L., 1937:
Effect of short and ultra-short radio waves on fungi and bacteria pathogenic to plants

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Effect of short-term nutritional stress upon resistance to scald shock

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Effect of side dressings of different sodium and nitrogenous salts on yield of beets

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Effect of silage made with addition of acid on digestibility, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus balances in cattle, sheep and pigs

Brouwer, E., 1935:
Effect of silage made with mineral acid on acid base equilibrium

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Effect of silage on milk

Gorini, C., 1934:
Effect of silage on the quality of milk and its products

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Effect of silage on the vitamin B content of milk

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Effect of silage with different concentrate supplements on milk production and butter quality compared with dry fodder and with pasture feeding

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Effect of silage, acidified with hydrochloric and sulphuric acid, on nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus metabolism of sheep and pigs, with special reference to growing animals in long period experiments

Price, R.M., 1930:
Effect of silica on the growth of the tubercle bacillus

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Effect of simultaneous action of radium emanations and of the absorption of thyroid gland on the growth and metamorphosis of tadpoles

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Effect of simultaneous administration of growth complex and estradiol on mammary gland of hypophysectomized rat

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Effect of singeing time on physicochemical characteristics of duck meat

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Effect of single dose of ergosterol or parathormone on histologic structure of dentin of rat incisor, correlated with blood-calcium findings

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Effect of site and the Locust borer on plantations of Black Locust in the Duke Forest

Haber, E.S., 1932:
Effect of size of crown and length of cutting season on yields of asparagus

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Effect of size of farm business on labor income in a period of rising prices

Paloheimo, L., 1937:
Effect of size of hay ration on consumption of concentrated feeds and on growth in calves

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Effect of skim milk on the growth and acquisition of parasites by pigs under conditions of constant exposure to infection

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Effect of skim-milk, lactose, vinegar and iodine on the quantitative character of a coccidian infection

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Effect of sleep on the gastric function of children

Sanfilippo, G., 1936:
Effect of slight undenutrition on the testes of the pigeon

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Effect of slope steepness and wheat crop on soil, runoff and nutrient losses in eroded land of Malakand Agency, NWFP, Pakistan

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Effect of small amounts of ergot on the animal organism.

Salvadori, C., 1932:
Effect of small amounts of iodine on the energy and protein metabolism of dogs

Button, L.L.; Miller, C.I., 1936:
Effect of small doses of cestrin upon ovarian and vaginal cycles of mature rats

Coppo, M.; Pisa, M., 1935:
Effect of small doses of parathyroid hormone on serum magnesium

Rubinstein, H.S.; Kurland, A.A., 1940:
Effect of small doses of testosterone propionate on the testis

Zajtay, Zattschek a., 1934:
Effect of small iodine supplements on egg yield of hens and on hatchability

Covello, M., 1939:
Effect of smoking and of coffee drinking on the urinary elimination of substances which react like mcotinie acid

Jorgenson, L.R., 1929:
Effect of smut infection on the yield of selfed lines and F, crosses in Maize

Loginov, F.T., 1938:
Effect of snow retention on the wintering of autumn wheat in relation to the temperature regime of the soil in the forest-steppe region of Western Siberia

Gordon, L.; Griswold, R.M.; Porter, T., 1945:
Effect of snow-ice on the retention of vitamin C in green vegetables displayed in a retail market

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Effect of soaking coffee under organic acids and its influence on quality - a preliminary study

Anonymous, 1937:
Effect of sociological factors on nutritional State

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Effect of sod, cultivation and straw mulch upon orchard soil moisture content

Decoux, L.; Vanderwaeren, J.; Simon, M., 1940:
Effect of soda and potash on the development of the sugar beet

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Effect of sodicity levels on growth performance of Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) plants

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Effect of sodium acetate on plant growth and soil pH value as indicated by greenhouse experiments

Catel, W., 1933:
Effect of sodium acetate on the inflamed small intestine

Kirsner, J.B.; Wolff, R.A., 1943:
Effect of sodium alkyl sulfate on peptic activity of gastric contents in man and in vitro

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