Section 14
Chapter 13,368

Ensiling the juice of young, proteinrich fodder. 2. Experiments in ensiling with Defu solution

Ruschmann, G.; Bartram, H.

Ztschr. Tiererndhrung Futtermittelk 6: 252-267


Accession: 013367909

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In continuation of earlier work (Abst. 3031, Vol. 12) an examination was made of the influence of graded amounts of Defu solution, when added alone or with 0.5 or 1.0 per cent, of fodder sugar to the mixed juice of horse beans and lucerne, on the preservation of this juice in small glass containers at either 21 degrees or 30 degrees C. The results showed that the sugar was more effective than the Defu solution but that the best results were obtained by the use of the two preservatives. As indicated by the acid production, the sugar and ammonia reactions as well as the curves of growth of lactic acid and putrefactive bacteria, sugar and a moderate addition of Defu solution allowed of the preservation of the juice for 90 days, the duration of the experiment.