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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 13373

Chapter 13373 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1914:
Exophthalmus esuriens on sugar-cane in St. Kitts

Ritcher, P.O.; Fluke, Jr., C.L., 1935:
Exoprosopa fasciata Macq., White Grub Pupal Parasite

Sandu-Ville, C., 1939:
Exosporium deflectens Karst. on leaves of Juniperus communis L. in Rumania

Kobe, K.A.; Goin, F.L., 1939:
Exothermal decomposition temperature of wood impregnated with flammable organic liquids

Hermans, E.H.; Van Thiel, P.H., 1936:
Exotic Affections in the Netherlands : Myiasis

Wilson, C.; Wilson, M., 1942:
Exotic Bamboos

Lizer Y Trelles, C.A., 1937:
Exotic Coccids introduced into Argentina and the Injury they cause

Luigioni, P., 1920:
Exotic Coleoptera, beneficial and injurious to Plants, introduced into Italy and found in the Province of Rome

Meyrick, E., 1923:
Exotic Microlepidoptera

Meyrick, Edward, 1932:
Exotic Microlepidoptera

Meyrick, Edward, 1933:
Exotic Microlepidoptera

Meyrick, Edward, 1934:
Exotic Microlepidoptera

Meyrick, Edward, 1936:
Exotic Microlepidoptera

Malloch, J.R., 1932:
Exotic Muscaridae (Diptera) xxxvi

Bornebusch, C.H., 1941:
Exotic coniferous trees on Sollestedgaard estate.

Bornebusch, C.H., 1941:
Exotic deciduous trees in Esrom Forest District.

Bellier ., 1934:
Exotic fruit trees acclimatized in Morocco

Green, P., 2007:
Exotic fungal infection in a horse

Hall, T.D.; Meredith, D., 1938:
Exotic pastures in the George-Knysna area ; a study of fertility, milk production and management problems on kikuyu and other introduced grasses

Boyce, J.S., 1941:
Exotic trees and disease

Swabey, C., 1940:
Exotic trees at a tropical hill station

Rosevear, D.R., 1940:
Exotic trees in the Cameroons

Anonymous, 1941:
Exotics introduced into Italy.

Shera, G., 1931:
Exotoxins in Relation to Vaccine Therapy

Finzi, G.; Prof. Della, R.U.iversita D.M.lano., 1936:
Exotuberculin in Human and Veterinary Medicine

Finzi, G., 1935:
Exotubereulins. (ETF).

Anonymous, 1934:
Exp. and Res. Sta. Cheshunt Ann. Kept, for 1933 (19th year)

Anonymous, 1945:
Expanded forestry research.

Moyer, F.T., 1942:
Expanding markets for agricultural gypsum

Perkins, H.S., 1945:
Expanding markets for oversize panels

Spencer, R.R., 1931:
Expansion of Investigations on Tick-borne Diseases by the United States Public Health Service

Ivanov, S.P.; Bordonos, T.G.; Lindenberg, V.A., 1936:
Expansion of the principal Beet Insect Pests in the chief Beet-sowing Area (Ukraine, Kursk and Voronezh Regions).

Cannon, C.Y.; Hansen, E.N., 1939:
Expectation of life in dairy cows

Greenwell, T.C., 2007:
Expectations, industry standards, and customer satisfaction in the student ticketing process

Mellecker, J.B.; Baker, M.W., 1942:
Expected service effectiveness of preservative treatments applied to millwork. - A laboratory method of comparison

Spartz, L., 1931:
Expectorations containing Tubercle Bacilli in the Absence of Tuberculous Lesions

Flerov, B.V., 1934:
Expediency of removing Bark from Pine Stumps in Cutting Areas of the Leningrad Region.

Brumpt, E.; Velasquez, J.; Ucroz, H.; Brumpt, L.C., 1939:
Expedition of E. Brumpt and L. C. Brumpt in Colombia and Venezuela. I. L. bogotensis as Intermediate Host of the Liver Fluke in Colombia

Anonymous, 1924:
Expedition to Australia

Balabaev, G.A., 1934:
Expedition to West Siberia and the Sayan Mountains

Balls, E.K., 1940:
Expedition to the Andes, 1938-1939

Lizer, C., 1919:
Expedition to the Bolivian Chaco, for the purpose of investigating the Permanent Zone or Hibernation Quarters of Schistocerca paranensis (the Winged Locust)

Carvalho, A., 1944:
Expedition to the centres of origin of Cinchona (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) 1939-40.

Fekrin, E.F., 1936:
Expeller processed soybean oil meal compared with other protein supplements

Wehlmann, K., 1942:
Expenditure and returns in the cultivation of medicinal and spice plants with special reference to peasant farming

Anonymous, 1913:
Expenditure entailed since 1904 by the application of the Phylloxera law

Johnston, C.I., 1938:
Expenditure for meat in Saint John, Montreal and Vancouver

Williams, F.M.; Hanson, A.C., 1939:
Expenditure habits of wage earners and clerical workers

Jacobsen, J.B.C., 1934:
Expenditure in the production of agricultural seed

Harry, E.L.; Phillips, J.R.E., 1938:
Expenditure of unemployed and employed households. A study of some yearly budgets

Schulz, T., 1943:
Expenditure on food and nutrition

Anonymous, 1936:
Expenditure on food in working-class households. (Committee Against Malnutrition Bull. No. 16)

Solbrig, Dr., 1932:
Expenditure on food of 2000 households of employed persons

Matsuura, I.; Yosida, M.; Kaneda, Y.; Kotani, E., 1930:
Experi-mental studies on the poisonous, iction of metabolism pro-ducts of fungi against plants.

Haltenhoff, R., 1934:
Experience With Lentin in Mixed Veterinary Practice

Loewel, E.L., 1942:
Experience and Observations with Winter Sprays containing Dinitro-ortho-cresol

Torgusnikov, M.N., 1940:
Experience and achievements of the leading workers in the Kopinsk district (W. Siberia)

Opitz, K.; Tamm, E.; Wiese, K.; Knobels-Dorff, H.V.; Grohnwald, W., 1940:
Experience and experiments in the manuring, growing and harvesting of the yellow sweet lupin (Lupinus luteus)

Winkler, O., 1944:
Experience and knowledge gained from the catastrophic forest fire at Calanda near Chur, August/September 1943.

Bunger, W., 1942:
Experience and observations of fattening tests at the Institute at Kraftborn near Breslau

Rosenbaum, H., 1937:
Experience and observations on the vernalization of Glycine

Guenther, F., 1938:
Experience concerning Chinese agriculture and animal keeping

Greve., 1926:
Experience derived from this year's outbreak of rust of winter Wheat, and some prophylactic measures

Krylov, A., 1944:
Experience gained at the Kamenno-Stepnaja Station

Tullberg, K., 1940:
Experience gained from studies carried out at the milk-control station in Helsingfors

Nauck, E.G.; Weyer, F., 1941:
Experience gained in Breeding Pediculus humanus and in its artificial Infection with Typhus

Schoon, J.G., 1933:
Experience gained in Examination for Cysticercus inermis

Krylov, A., 1944:
Experience gained in the course of work at the Kamenno-Stepnaja Station

Karsten., 1937:
Experience in Control of Bovine Brucellosis

Teichmann., 1936:
Experience in Control of Bovine Contagious Abortion and Bovine Trichomoniasis

Machens, M., 1938:
Experience in Obligatory Notification of TB. in Calves

Meissner., 1936:
Experience in Vaccination against Bovine Contagious Abortion and Tuberculosis

Borchers, F.; May, E., 1932:
Experience in biological and technical respects in combating the Pine Geometrid

Christnach ., 1933:
Experience in castration of mares

Schumann, P., 1944:
Experience in controlling bovine streptococcal mastitis

Sappok, H., 1935:
Experience in cultivating yellow sweet lupin

Finke, H., 1943:
Experience in grass seed production

Rozynski, H., 1943:
Experience in growing Glycine hispida

Gwillim, T.E.; Buddicom, V.D.; Perkins, N.S., 1945:
Experience in ley farming

Gould, J.J., 1940:
Experience in maintenance of large timber structures

Wllmerding, C.H., 1940:
Experience in manure conservation

Schonberg, F., 1934:
Experience in the Bacteriological Examination of 40,000 Milk Samples

Fritzsche, K., 1941:
Experience in the Control of Bovine Contagious Abortion

Boerger, A., 1938:
Experience in the Control of Epicauta on Potato

Seit, B., 1934:
Experience in the Treatment of Mastitis with Entozon

Kl. I.K., 1937:
Experience in the growing of Phacelia

Voss, J., 1938:
Experience in the growing of crop plants in the greenhouse

Braun., 1943:
Experience in the growing of seed of winter vetch

Diez., 1943:
Experience in the growing of summer rape in 1942

Anonymous, 1942:
Experience in the growing of the soybean

Westphal, H., 1944:
Experience in the growing of white lupins

Milovanov, V.K.; Kulesova, V.G., 1945:
Experience in the organisation of a city artificial insemination centre

Smirnov-Ugrjumov, D.V., 1945:
Experience in the organisation of an artificial insemination centre serving several collective farms

Eichmeyer., 1943:
Experience in the use of fir needles as iodder in Norway

Pallaske, G.; Volkmann, A., 1938:
Experience of Bovine Tricho-moniases

Soderlund, H., 1940:
Experience of Calcium Therapy of Milk Fever.

Koester, A., 1943:
Experience of Meli-lotus albus and summer rye

Geinitz, A., 1942:
Experience of Phacelia as a stubble crop

Curasson, G., 1937:
Experience of Saponin Vaccine against Rinderpest

Pammer, F., 1932:
Experience of Sudan grass

Lewenhaupt, K., 1943:
Experience of airfields as sheep pasture

Somorjai, F., 1933:
Experience of breaking up and sowing down new grassland areas in the Hungarian Plain

L.Roche, W.Von., 1943:
Experience of electric fencing

Weber, H., 1941:
Experience of field watering in Silesia

Berner, U., 1940:
Experience of growing Melilotus albus

Schurig., 1943:
Experience of growing field crops of Phaseolus vulgaris

Chmelar, Fr., 1931:
Experience of growing soybeans in Czechoslovakia. Replies to a questionnaire

Tiemann, A., 1938:
Experience of sweet lupin cultivation in the dry eastern region

Setzkorn, W., 1932:
Experience of the German rapid drying frame.

Koch, H., 1939:
Experience of the continuous treatment of pernicious anaemia

Reimold., 1937:
Experience of the fodder mallow

Seiet, E., 1937:
Experience of the sweet lupin

Llndfoes, T., 1922:
Experience of the winter 1921-22 as regards disinfection against the snow fungus

Opitz., 1943:
Experience on the failure of Ornithopus sativus under a cover crop

Schmitt, J., 1933:
Experience with Pernocton Narcosis (Dog, Cat, Sheep, Goat, Pig and Fowl)

Sontgen, K., 1940:
Experience with Alcohol Treatment of Milk Samples to be Examined for Brucella and Tubercle Bacilli

Detlefsen., 1937:
Experience with Aricyl, Tonophosphan and Volkmar's Mineral Mixtures

Gerosa, G., 1934:
Experience with BCG on Cattle in the Province of Pavia (Italy)

Gronau., 1934:
Experience with Br. abortus-Chinosol Vaccine

Weischer.; Sonderkamp., 1934:
Experience with Calcium Therapy in Acute Conditions

Hegyeli, Z., 1938:
Experience with Cod Liver Oil and Raw Liver Therapy.

Clements, C., 1932:
Experience with Codling Moth Traps

Richters, C.E., 1934:
Experience with Equine Infectious Anaemia in the German Army

Baltzan, D.M., 1937:
Experience with Fifty-seven Brucellosis Infections in Saskatchewan

Brakling, A., 1936:
Experience with Heyden's gastro-sil

Simons, H., 1919:
Experience with Malaria and Critical Studies of the Unitarian Theory

Leo, H.G., 1939:
Experience with Prontosil in the Treatment of Strangles

Dreesbach, F., 1932:
Experience with Taeniasept in Dog Practice

Michalka, J., 1933:
Experience with Vaccination against Swine Fever

Jamkin, P., 1945:
Experience with a hay mower having a long cutter bar

Anonymous, 1942:
Experience with artificial drying of green fodder in Austria

Barker, C.A.V., 1944:
Experience with ascorbic acid therapy for sterility in cows

Christopher, E.P., 1940:
Experience with color development of apples after harvest

Igel, G., 1944:
Experience with cultivation of oil plants in the Ukraine

E.M., 1942:
Experience with endless belt gas-heated driers

Syrach Larsen, C., 1943:
Experience with exotic tree species in Danish forestry.

Banse, H.J., 1944:
Experience with full diet in treatment of diabetes

Masefield, G.B., 1943:
Experience with grass stop-wash lines in Uganda

Slpov, D., 1936:
Experience with hormonic pregnancy diagnosis in animals

Hoisington, D.; Ortiz, R., 2006:
Experience with monitoring and GM crops in CIMMYT

Lindblad, O.; Tiren, L.; E.A., 1945:
Experience with natural regeneration. Lectures and discussion at the annual meeting of the Swedish Forestry Association, 1945.

Weber, H., 1941:
Experience with overhead irrigation in Silesia.

Lueg., 1941:
Experience with ploughing-in of artificials to sugar beet.

Peregon, I.L., 1936:
Experience with repeated insemination of sheep

Wunderwald, A., 1938:
Experience with single dose vitamin D3 treatment in rickets

Berkson, J., 1943:
Experience with tests of significance: a reply to Professor R. A. Fisher

Capobianco, P., 1935:
Experience with the Carbozoo Anthrax Vaccine

Philippi, K., 1939:
Experience with the micro-butyric acid number of Grossfeld

Rohmeder, E., 1940:
Experience with the selenium method in research on forest seed.

Kaminester, S., 1944:
Experience with the six hour rat test for pregnancy

Christensen, T.H.; Bhander, G.; Lindvall, H.; Larsen, A.W.; Fruergaard, T.; Damgaard, A.; Manfredi, S.; Boldrin, A.; Riber, C.; Hauschild, M., 2007:
Experience with the use of LCA-modelling (EASEWASTE) in waste management

Panyseva, L.V., 1934:
Experience with the use of the diluent GPS-8 in sheep breeding

Ebermaier, K., 1937:
Experience with the vitamin preparation betaxin

Vogt, E., 1937:
Experience with vitamin E

Stearns, L.A.; Maccreary, D.; Haden, W.R., 1934:
Experience, during 1933, with Arsenicals and Arsenical Substitutes applied on Apple for Control of Codling Moth

Stearns, L.A., E.Al., 1933:
Experience, during 1933, with arsenicals and arsenical substitutes applied on apple for control of codling moth

Horn, 1928:
Experiences and Observations in co-operative Work against the Winter Moth

Lewis, W.K., 1932:
Experiences and Results of State Quarantine against Abortion Disease

Grontved, P., 1943:
Experiences and experiments in the keeping of seed crops clean

Tedin, O.; Peter-Sson, G.; Lindberg, J.E., 1943:
Experiences and experiments with the cultivation of nicotine-rich tobacco in Skane, 1942.

Tedin, O.; Pettersson, G.; Lindberg, J.E., 1943:
Experiences and experiments with the cultivation of tobacco of high nicotine content in Scania in 1942

Porqueddu, C.; Maltoni, S., 2006:
Experiences and perspectives of restoration with herbaceous species in Italy

Fernandes, J.P., 2006:
Experiences and perspectives of restoration with site-specific seeds and plant materials

Toxopeus, H.J., 1931:
Experiences and results in citrus crossing

Norgaard, A., 1932:
Experiences concerning 1000 insulin-treated diabetics

Kroesen, J.C.T., 1936:
Experiences concerning Irrigation in Connection with the Control of the White Rice-borer in West Brebes

Axelsson, J., 1942:
Experiences concerning the scarcity of forage during the last two years

Krieg, H., 1933:
Experiences during the last Campaign against the Pine Noctuid

Kleist, C.A., 1944:
Experiences from field work in AIV propaganda

Granhall, I., 1942:
Experiences from the 1941 cultivation and preparation of textile crops.

Schedl, K.E., 1937:
Experiences from the preventative Measures taken in 1936 against Bark Beetles in the District of Wiesbaden

Steinegger, P., 1943:
Experiences gained in Phylloxera control in the canton of Baselland

Maas., 1942:
Experiences in Active Immunization against Foot and Mouth Disease with Riems Vaccine which had been Frozen

Thomann, H., 1928:
Experiences in Breeding the Warble Fly

Gladkov, A.D., 1940:
Experiences in Brucellosis Eradication on Collective Farms in Rogachevka

Friend, R.B.; Walden, B.H., 1925:
Experiences in Dusting to kill Pea Aphid, Cabbage Aphid, and Onion Thrips

Lappe., 1942:
Experiences in Equine Mange Control in the Winter of 1940-41

Clark, C.F., 1932:
Experiences in Eradicating Bang's Disease in Three Infected Herds of Cattle

Uvarov, A.A.; Suzdal'tsev, A.I., 1939:
Experiences in Eradication of Brucella Infection from a Sheep Farm by Means of Intradermai Allergic Tests using Viem Bruceliysate

Fischer, H., 1926:
Experiences in Fumigation with Diametan

Schilling, V., 1921:
Experiences in Military Hygiene in Turkey (Cilicia and North Syria)

Speyer, W., 1937:
Experiences in Pest Control in the Alte Land Orchards

Stuhlenmiller, M., 1942:
Experiences in Sterility Control in Cattle

Wolff, H., 1931:
Experiences in connexion with facade painting

Mikolasek.; Fr., 1934:
Experiences in growing grasses for seed and seed cleaning

Urquhart, B.P., 1945:
Experiences in harvesting timber and their application to silviculture and management

Davidson, H.R., 1938:
Experiences in judging pig carcasses, from the antipodes

Anonymous, 1942:
Experiences in land reclamation

West, W.J., 1941:
Experiences in land reclamation. Dolfor Hill reclamation scheme

Traut, W., 1933:
Experiences in lucerne seed cultivation

Klapp, E., 1933:
Experiences in lucerne seed growing

Sivapragasam, A., 2007:
Experiences in managing invasive alien insect species in agro-ecosystems

Saraev, P.I., 1941:
Experiences in obtaining high yields of millet in the West-Kazahstan and Aktubinsk Territories

Westermarck, N., 1938:
Experiences in pasture management in Finland

Grundling, F., 1944:
Experiences in pig feeding

Kaden, O.F., 1934:
Experiences in pruning coffee in West Africa

Kuhn, A.F., 1940:
Experiences in reforestation.

Tukey, H.B.; Brase, K., 1931:
Experiences in rooting soft and hardwood cuttings of hardy fruits

Buchinger, A., 1944:
Experiences in safflower cultivation

Rozynski, H.Von., 1943:
Experiences in soya bean cultivation

Reich., 1932:
Experiences in the Carrying-Out of Veterinary Milk Control

Mckay, K.G., 1937:
Experiences in the Control of Bang's Disease In California

Janisch, R., 1943:
Experiences in the Control of Flea-beetles

Richter., 1942:
Experiences in the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease in Silesia

Schmiiz., 1941:
Experiences in the Control of Mange in Horses

Thiem, H., 1934:
Experiences in the Control of Philanthus triangulum

Speyer, W., 1928:
Experiences in the Control of the Apple Leaf-sucker on the Lower Elbe

Meyer, R., 1931:
Experiences in the Control of the Pine Moth

Skomorokhov, A.L.; Dubyanskii, A.A.; Khomenko, N.A., 1939:
Experiences in the Eradication of Foot and Month Disease by the Use of the Chloroform Vaccine Inactivir

Jeckstadt., 1942:
Experiences in the Feeding of Unthrashed Ukrainian Wheat to Horses (Mouth Injury)

Reichenow, E., 1937:
Experiences in the Longevity of Cultures of African Pathogenic Trypanosomes.

Burki, J., 1941:
Experiences in the artificial insemination of cattle

Scheibe, A., 1938:
Experiences in the breeding and cultivation of safflower (C. tinctorius L.)

Crawford, A.B., 1944:
Experiences in the control of contagious abortion of cattle in the United States

Braadlie, O., 1937:
Experiences in the cultivation of Sphagnum bog

Hardt., 1941:
Experiences in the cultivation of buckwheat

Sherwood, H.M., 1940:
Experiences in the propagation of some sub-tropical fruits

Voss, J., 1938:
Experiences in the raising of agricultural plants in the hot house

Osterwalder, A., 1931:
Experiences in the summer of 1930 in the control of Apple scab and of the shot hole disease of stone fruit trees

Olsson, E., 1945:
Experiences in the treatment of deficiency diseases of cattle

King, W.S.; Moller, A.W., 1943:
Experiences of Air Bombardment in an Urban Area

Luders, H., 1940:
Experiences of Blackleg in East Friesland

Skovbjerg, E., 1941:
Experiences of Gastric Strongylosis and other Diseases of Sheep

Manson-Bahr, P., 1920:
Experiences of Malaria in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force

Edwards, B.B., 1937:
Experiences of a nursing and health service with the nutrition problems of a community

Nielsen, F., 1945:
Experiences of artificial insemination in Denmark

Kanbur, R.; Shaffer, P., 2007:
Experiences of combining qualitative and quantitative approaches in poverty analysis

Hedborg, H., 1943:
Experiences of cultivated pastures for sheep

Dutton, A.F., 1938:
Experiences of forty years of flower-growing

Benson, K., 1942:
Experiences of insemination work

Kramer, O, 1937:
Experiences of the Peronospora year 1936

Pepik, P.; Peterson, H.; Peebsen, E., 1940:
Experiences of the Veterinary Organization of the Soviet union

Ageev, J.P., 1940:
Experiences of the collective farms in combating drought

Braun ., 1938:
Experiences of the first veterinary surgeon in German New Guinea. 3, 4, 5

Moberg, R., 1941 :
Experiences on Puerperal Haemoglobinuria in Cattle

Akerman, A., 1945:
Experiences on overwintering of winter cereals and frost hardiness of various winter wheats

Bodenheimer, F.S., 1931:
Experiences on the Biology of the House-fly in Palestine

Schmidt, F., 1940:
Experiences on the Connexion between Sheep and the Spread of Bovine Malignant Catarrh

Schander, R.; Gotze, G., 1929:
Experiences on the Occurrence and Control of the Beet-fly in 1928

Kalandra, A., 1943:
Experiences on the epidemic occurrence of Epiblema tedella Cl. in the years 1939-1941.

Fresdorf, E., 1933:
Experiences under the Scheme for eradicating Tuberculosis

Noth, A., 1939:
Experiences with Aletemilch in Southern Nigeria

Steiner, H.M., 1945:
Experiences with Additives to Lead Arsenate in Codling Moth Control

Burkhardt, F., 1920:
Experiences with Chloro-picrin as a Means for combating Animal Pests

Gunneman, F., 1939:
Experiences with Equine Infectious Anaemia

Long, J.D.; Mostajo, B., 1934:
Experiences with Fleas as Vectors of Bubonic Plague

Von Vietinghoff-Riesch, A.Frhr., 1931:
Experiences with Forest Insects as a Forest Ranger in Saxon Lusatia in 1923-1930

Meythaler, F., 1931:
Experiences with Gansslen's liver extract for injection in the treatment of pernicious anaemia

Futamura, E., 1935:
Experiences with Japanese Swine Fever Vaccines

Bonikowsky, H., 1934:
Experiences with Karakul crosses with reference to genetic problems

Meyn, A., 1935:
Experiences with Rapid Pasteurization in Leipzig

Koch, W.; Scherbauer, I., 1941:
Experiences with Simultaneous Inoculation against Dog Distemper

August, H.M., 1938:
Experiences with Stuttgart Disease at Munich in 1936 and 1937

Rudolph, O., 1932:
Experiences with T-Gas

Fulmek, L., 1924:
Experiences with Venetan in combating Aphids on Tobacco in Deli

Rossi, F.A.; Schang, P.J.; Campion, R.L., 1942:
Experiences with Waldmann's Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine

Van Dijk, J.J., 1941:
Experiences with a Formol Vaccine and Serum against Swine Fever

Neff Kernreuter., 1942:
Experiences with a Mobile Field X-Ray Outfit in a Veterinary Company

Hartfall, S.J., 1937:
Experiences with a concentrated whole liver extract

Dressler, W., 1944:
Experiences with a troop of dogs being trained as replacements

Snoad, J.D.; Pope, G.M.; Thomas, N.S., 2007:
Experiences with application of rapid methods for true purity and dry substance assessment in factory product streams

Juhlin Dannfelt, M.; Elgstrand, A.; E.A., 1944:
Experiences with artificial regeneration.

Stutz, M.; Braun, E., 1942:
Experiences with be-dul-ce for schoolchildren

Blake, M.A.; Edgerton, L.J., 1945:
Experiences with blight-resistant chestnuts in New Jersey

Wappes, L., 1942:
Experiences with broadcast sowing.

Hvidsten, H., 1945:
Experiences with cellulose and Beckmann-treated straw for horses

Lange, W., 1939:
Experiences with different methods of breeding nutria

Peyer, E., 1942:
Experiences with dilute Bordeaux mixture for the control of Vine mildew in German Switzerland during the summer of 1941

Hall, H.A., 1933:
Experiences with goiters in the Philippines

Richter, J.; Gehring, K., 1935:
Experiences with hormonic pregnancy diagnosis in the mare

Clark, C.F.; Bryan, C.S.; Horwood, R.E., 1942:
Experiences with lactovaccine in the control of mastitis

Hutchison, E., 1945:
Experiences with lucerne and its future in this district

Leak, F., 1945:
Experiences with lucerne growing between vine rows

Earle, F.S., 1923:
Experiences with mosaic disease. Uba found to be immune in Cuba

Lorch, M., 1934:
Experiences with mown pastures in the foothills district and their economic importance

Humperdinck, C., 1939:
Experiences with new substances for wood impregnation.

Nehring, K., 1944:
Experiences with nitrogen fertilizer for plants bearing oil-producing fruits

Hoffmann, W., 1932:
Experiences with pest control in the administration of a large municipal garden

Carolus, R.L., 1936:
Experiences with rapid chemical tests for the determination of nutrient deficiencies in vegetable crops

Gehlsen, C.A., 1942:
Experiences with regard to the cultivation of Eucalypts in Brazil.

Beijers, J.A., 1942:
Experiences with respiratory diseases in the horse during 1941

Eickmann, H., 1942:
Experiences with the Cattle Health Service

Wiese, Otto., 1931:
Experiences with the G.S.H. diet treatment of various forms of tuberculosis in childhood

Kraus, F.J., 1943:
Experiences with the SulphurDioxide Treatment of Equine Mange

Eichmeyer., 1943:
Experiences with the use of Fir needles as fodder in Norway.

Zimmerle, H., 1944:
Experiences with the von Seebach system of fellings for light increment in Wurttemberg.

Hahn., 1937:
Experiences with timber preservatives

Umber, F.; Storring, F.K.; Glet, E., 1938:
Experiences with various depot insulin preparations in the treatment of 250 diabetics

Bergknecht, F., 1944:
Experiences with wages on the basis of time studies.

Aullo, M., 1922:
Experiencias sobre aclimatacion de insectos parasitos

Fabricius, L., 1939:
Experiment I on the liming of forest soils.

Fabricius, L., 1919:
Experiment II on the liming of forest soils.

Anonymous, 1941:
Experiment Station Reports

Middelburg, H.A., 1939:
Experiment Station for Vorstenland Tobacco, Annual report 1937-1938

Middelburg, H.A., 1940:
Experiment Station for Vorstenland Tobacco. Annual report 1938-1939

Coolhaas, C., 1937:
Experiment Station for Vorstenland Tobacco. Annual report- Harvest year 1935-1936

Coolhaas, C., 1938:
Experiment Station for Vorstenland Tobacco. Annual report-Harvest year 1936-1937

Anonymous, 1934:
Experiment Station notes

Anonymous, 1937:
Experiment Station notes

D Odds, H.R., 1943:
Experiment Station notes

D Odds, H.H., 1944:
Experiment Station notes

D. . . . . . . . .; H.H., 1943:
Experiment Station notes. A mixed bag: fertiliser experiments

Anonymous, 1933:
Experiment Station notes. Cane diseases

D. . . . . .; H.H., 1942:
Experiment Station notes. Effects of red rot

Andre, F.; Baess, H.P.; Rand, F.V., 1945:
Experiment Station progress in insect and plant disease control, 1945

Guerillot, J., 1937:
Experiment field of the Grignon Agricultural Station. Effect of fertilizers on sugar-beet.

Marco, P.R., 1944:
Experiment field technique for testing lucerne hybrids

Birmingham, W.A.; Mills, H.A., 1925:
Experiment for the control of black spot of Apple due to the fungus Venturis inaeqnalis (Cke) Aderh

Anderson, M.L., 1931:
Experiment in Control Measures against Damage in Nurseries by the Brown Chafer (Serica brunnea)

Kuppuswamy, A.R., 1941:
Experiment in Trypanosoma evansi

Avakyan, A.A.; Belozerova, O.M.; Krilova, Z.V.; Litunovskaya, M.N., 1945:
Experiment in ascaris control among the children of Shatura-Torf.

Belozerova, O.M.; Krilova, Z.V., 1945:
Experiment in ascaris control at the children's village, Muraveinik , near Moscow.

Rostafinski, J.; Patocka, K., 1932:
Experiment in fattening native pigs with white sugar and steamed potatoes

Werner, A.; Schultz, J., 1933:
Experiment in feeding Hormovit SM to backward weaned pigs

Soharrer, K.; Schropp, W., 1932:
Experiment in feeding iodine to hens

Rego, A., 1944:
Experiment in observing the behaviour of the axial root of the Cajueiro.

Ferrari, L., 1935:
Experiment in practical poultry breeding

Heinze., 1941:
Experiment in soybean virus infection in the field

Lakoza, I., 1940:
Experiment in the acclimatisation of jacks of the Hamodan breed in the central region of the U.S.S.R

Elgueta, G.M.; Baillon, L., 1944:
Experiment in the cross-fertilization of Phaseolus vulgaris

Anonymous, 1941:
Experiment in the growing of peas under graded conditions of soil moisture

Ehrenberg, P.; Prittwitz, V., 1936:
Experiment in the substitution of ammonium bicarbonate lor foreign oilcake protein in feeding milk cows on beet silage

Geith, R.; Sajonz, A., 1940:
Experiment in the use of sewage water on permanent pastures at Podelwitz, near Leipzig

Semenova, N.E., 1945:
Experiment in treatment of enterobiasis with phenothiazine.

Shivrina, A.N.; Onokhova, N.P., 1934:
Experiment of drying fruit, berries and vegetables, in preserving the vitamine C.

Ivanov, N.N.; Marga, V.I.; Onokhova, N.P., 1934:
Experiment of obtaining the pure vitamine C from fruits of the dogrose.

Voitkevic, A.A., 1944:
Experiment of thyroidectomy in the heron

Milovanov, V.K.; Razumov, P.G., 1940:
Experiment on artificial insemination of sheep with encapsuled sperm at the collective farms of Tutaev district

Nemec, A., 1938:
Experiment on fertilizing forest soils in agricultural intercultivation in the Malacky forestry region.

Smirnov, L.P.; Svecov, A.V., 1941:
Experiment on individual maintenance of Romanov sheep as a measure to control mortality in lambs

Windheuser, C., 1939:
Experiment on the addition of ammonium bicarbonate in silage making, and feeding the product to dairy cows

Rehman, M.A., 1941:
Experiment on the air seasoning of Pinus longifolia (Chir) sleepers in the East Almorah Division, U.P

Naik, R.N., 1942:
Experiment on the control of nasal granuloma

Krasullin, N.P., 1939:
Experiment on the determination of transpiration by Pine and Birch in the stand. (Preliminary report.).

Pires, R.B., 1935:
Experiment on the diagnosis of the hybrid of the genus Vitis

Griffith, M., 1940:
Experiment on the eradication of bracken by summer ploughing

Yankovitch, L., 1939:
Experiment on the measurement of the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by legumes.

Blattny, C., 1930:
Experiment on the passage of Potato virus

Ma, W.T., 1944:
Experiment on the production of dry rinderpest vaccine

Tomita, S., 1940:
Experiment on the suceptibility of humans to infection by Strongyloides fulleborni and with S. papilllosus..

Hale, J.D., 1944:
Experiment on the treatment of trees with chemicals to facilitate removal of bark

Pehrson, J., 1943:
Experiment plots at the Agricultural College Institute for the study of Plant Cultivation 1942-1943

Lihnell, D., 1945:
Experiment relating to Azalea wilt disease

Plummer, A.P., 1944:
Experiment shows value of crested wheatgrass and rye for spring and fall pasturage

Anonymous, 1940:
Experiment station notes

D. . . . . . . . . H.H., 1945:
Experiment station notes-Release of cane variety N:Co. 310

D. . . . .; H.H., 1940:
Experiment station notes. Harvesting of experimental varieties : interesting variety trials

Anonymous, 1941:
Experiment station notes. Interesting fertilizer experiments: value of sulphate of ammonia

D. . . . .; H.H., 1940:
Experiment station notes. Wide range of activity: gratifying achievements

Adams, G.; Smith, S.L., 1944:
Experiment station research on the vitamin content and the preservation of foods

Castro Esquivel, R., 1941 :
Experiment stations in Costa Rica

Rahim-Ud-Din, M., 1936:
Experiment with Bull Virus (Rinderpest) on Animals Protected with Goat Virus

Anonymous, 1943:
Experiment with Finnish strains of timothy

Trjebinski, Dr. J., 1913:
Experiment with Insecticides

Sorensen, E., 1939:
Experiment with artificial insemination on the Island of Samso from 1st September 1936 to 31st August 1938

Prince, F.S.; Blood, P.T.; Coates, W.H.; E.A., 1940:
Experiment with potatoes

Sakshaug, B., 1944:
Experiment with seeds mixtures for pastures

Baelum, J., 1940:
Experiment with skim milk and boiled potatoes for laying hens

Wel, A.R.Van., 1935:
Experiment with tea seed of different diameter

Curtin, L.P.; Thordarson, W., 1928:
Experimenta in wood preservation. VI. Recent laboratory work

Maclean, J.D., 1933:
Experimenta with the Boulton process in the treatmeut of green Southern Fine poles

Hadwen, S.; Nuttall, G.H.F., 1913:
Experimental Tick Paralysis in the Dog

Hadwen, S.; Nuttall, G.H.F., 1913:
Experimental Sick paralysis in the Dog

Anonymous, 1932:
Experimental & Research Station, Cheshunt, Ann. Rept. for 1931 17th year

Marshall, R.S.; Lester, H.M.O.; Kane, F., 1931:
Experimental (b): An attempt to produce pica artificially

Savastano, G.; Fawcett, H.S., 1930:
Experimental , researches on the pathological development of ' mal secco ' in the Lemon

Riedmuller, L., 1933:
Experimental Abortion in Cattle produced by Vaginal Transmission of Trichomonads

Evans, Alice, C., 1923:
Experimental Abortion in a Cow produced by Inoculation with Bacterium melitensis

Negroni, P., 1931:
Experimental Actinomycosis

Olofsson, N.E., 1932:
Experimental Action of Iron Sulphate against Anaemia of Suckling Pigs

Wells, W.F.; Lurie, M.B., 1941:
Experimental Air-Borne Disease. Quantitative Natural Respiratory Contagion of Tuberculosis

Loosli, C.G.; Lemon, H.M.; Robertson, O.H.; Appel, E., 1943 :
Experimental Air-Borne Influenza Infection. I. Influence of Humidity on Survival of Virus in Air

Regoli, A., 1941:
Experimental Allergic Uveltis

Bullard, J.F.; Andrews, F.N., 1943:
Experimental Alteration of Thyroid Function in Cattle

Gagarin, V.G., 1933:
Experimental Analysis of Automatic Genetic Processes

Levkovich, E.N.; Skruinnik, A.N., 1941:
Experimental Analysis of the Mechanism of natural Immunisation of the Population in the Foci of Tick-borne (Spring-Summer) Encephalitis.

Pinoy, P.E.; Fabiani, G., 1933:
Experimental Anti-Anthrax Immunity in the Fowl

Bentley, C.A., 1917:
Experimental Anti-Malarial Measures. (Tenth Triennial Report on Vaccination in Bengal for the Years 1914-15, 1915-16 and 1916-17.)

Covell, G.; Afridi, M.K., 1937:
Experimental Application of Paris Green from Aircraft

Jacotot, H., 1936:
Experimental Association of Rinderpest and Vaccinia

Ludden, J.B.; Bruger, M.; Wright, I.S., 1942:
Experimental Atherosclerosis. IV. Effect of Testosterone Propionate and Estradiol Dipropionate on Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rabbits

Brucer, M.; Wright, I.S.; Wiland, J., 1943:
Experimental Atherosclerosis. V. Effect of Testosterone Propionate and Estradiol Dipropionate on the Cholesterol Content of the Blood and the Aorta ip Castrate Female Rabbits

Remlinger, P.; Bailly, J., 1933:
Experimental Aujeszky's Disease in the Rabbit

Verge, J.; Placidi, L., 1934:
Experimental B. anthracis Infection in the Dog and Cat

Londborg, E.G.; Plazikowski, U., 1933:
Experimental Bacterin Treatment of Pigs against Infection with a Pasteurella-Like Organism

Ender, F.; Helgebostad, A., 1939:
Experimental Beriberi in Silver Foxes

Nicolau, S.; Galloway, I.A., 1930:
Experimental Borna Disease

Lanfranchi, A.; Pacchioni, G., 1934:
Experimental Br. a. Infection in Horses and Sheep

Risi, A., 1938:
Experimental Br. melitensis Infection in Animals and Intravenous Curative Vaccination

Grandori, L.; Modena, M.P., 1938:
Experimental Breeding of L. utibilis

Besredka, A.; Gross, L., 1939:
Experimental Brown-Pearce Epithelioma in the Stomach. Immunization by Intradermal Inoculation

Cardona, L., 1935:
Experimental Brucella Infection in the Dog.

Liddo, S., 1934:
Experimental Brucellosis in Birds

Domke, W., 1940:
Experimental Brucellosis in Dogs

Valade, P., 1937:
Experimental Cancer Due to Carcinogenic Agents

Lombard, C., 1936:
Experimental Cancers and Other Neoplasms

Stewart, H.L.; Cantarow, A., 1938:
Experimental Carbon Tetra-chloride Poisoning in the Cat. II. The Influence of Ligation of Single Bile Ducts

Cantarow, A.; Stewart, H.L.; Morgan, D.R., 1938:
Experimental Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning in the Cat. I. The Influence of Calcium Administration

Passey, R.D., 1935:
Experimental Careinogenesis

Kolle, W.; Hartoch, O.; Rothermundt, M.; Schurmann, W., 1913:
Experimental Chemotherapeutic Investigations in connection with Trypanosome Infections

Miessner, H.; Koser, A., 1934:
Experimental Chemotherapy of Br. abortus Infection in Guinea Pigs

Andersen, T.T.; Tulinius, S., 1940:
Experimental Chronic Hepatitis (Cirrhosis) Based on Infection

Hac, L.R.; Hubert, A.C., 1944:
Experimental Clostridium welchii infection. II. Local sulfonamide therapy (sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole and suifanilamide)

Hac, L.R., 1944:
Experimental Clostridium welchii infection. III. Local therapy (zinc peroxide, tyro-thricin, and mixtures of sulfadiazine and urea and sulfadiazine and zephiran)

Hac, Lucile, R., 1944:
Experimental Clostridium welchii infection. IV. Penicillin therapy

Hac, L.R.; Eilert, M.L., 1943:
Experimental Clostridium, welchii Infection. I. Oral Sulfonamide Therapy. (Sulfanilamide, Sulfapyridine, Sulfathiasole and Snlfadiazine)

Zavadovskii, M., 1934:
Experimental Cock-feathering in Hen Pheasants due to Large Doses of Thyroid.

Von Haam, E.; Hartwell, R., 1936:
Experimental Conjunctivitis Caused by Virus of Lymphogranuloma inguinale

Von Wight, E., 1934:
Experimental Contribution on the Biology of Brucella

Legori, E., 1931:
Experimental Contribution to the Cure of Sterility in Bovines

Steck, W., 1933:
Experimental Contribution to the Problem of Chemotherapy in the Control of Contagious Streptococcus Mastitis (Nocard and Mollereau)

Legori, E., 1931:
Experimental Contribution to the Treatment of Sterility in Bovines

Hecht, O., 1932:
Experimental Contributions on the Biology of Mosquitos, 214 II

Hecht, O., 1933:
Experimental Contributions to the Biology of Mosquitos III. The Digestion of Blood and the ' Maturation of Eggs in A. maculipennis at the End of Overwintering

Hecht, O., 1933:
Experimental Contributions to the Biology of Mosquitos, IV

Hecht, O., 1934:
Experimental Contributions to the Biology of Mosquitos. V

Strel'tzov, I., 1928:
Experimental Control of Tropinota hirta, Poda, by attracting the Beetles to blue sticky Sheets of Paper.

Frauchiger, E.; Hofmann, W., 1938:
Experimental Conveyance of Poliomyelitis to Oxen

Melanidi, C.; Stylianopoulo, M., 1925:
Experimental Cryptococcic Conjunctivitis in the Dog

Jolly, J.; Lieure, C., 1934:
Experimental Cryptorchism and Temperature

Brouha, L.; Desclin, L., 1933:
Experimental Cryptorchism in Guinea-Pig

Roskin, G.; Romanowa, K., 1933:
Experimental Cytological Research on the Effect of Certain Chemotherapeutic Substances on Trypanosomes

Popov, S.D., 1931:
Experimental Data obtained by the Investigation of the Work of Dusters for fighting Pests and Diseases of Farm Plants.

Lent, H.; Pifano, C., F., 1939:
Experimental Data on the Infection of Triatoma nigromaculaia with Trypanosoma cruzi, and a Re-description of the Triatomid

Hurst, E.W., 1940:
Experimental Demyelination of the Central Nervous System.1. The Encephalopathy Produced hy Potassium Cyanide

Norris, K.R., 1944:
Experimental Determination of the Influence of the Red-legged Earth Mite (Halotydeus destructor) on a Subterranean Clover Pasture in Western Australia

Steinbach, M.M.; Klein, S.J.; Deskowitz, M., 1935:
Experimental Diabetes and Tuberculosis in the Dog

Dubois, C.; Brune, C., 1933:
Experimental Diagnosis of Contagious Abortion of Bovines by Investigation of Allergic Reactions

Sergent, E.; Donatien, A.; Lheritier, A., 1920:
Experimental Diagnosis of Dourine

Soldini., 1938:
Experimental Diagnosis of Dourine

Ohlen, R., 1934:
Experimental Diplococcal Mastitis in a Cow

Pospelov, V.P.; Sal'dau, P.Y.; Petrov, A.D.; Isachenko, V.B., 1927:
Experimental Disinfection of Gram and Flour with Chloropicrin and other volatile Substances.

Suvorov, S.V., 1926:
Experimental Disinfection of Plague-infected Dwellings with Chlorine Gas and Carbon Dioxide.

Parman, D.C., 1928:
Experimental Dissemination of the Tabanid Egg Parasite, Phanurus emersoni Girault, and biological Notes on the Species

Lipschutz, A., 1934:
Experimental Disturbance of the Gonadotropic Balance of the Prepituitary

Domilescu, G.C., 1938:
Experimental Dourine in Laboratory Animals

Issajev, L., 1934:
Experimental Dracontiasis in Dogs.

Nuttall, G.H.F., 1915:
Experimental Drug Treatment of East Coast Fever of Cattle

Chase, W.W., 1917:
Experimental Dusting and Spraying of Peaches

Chase, W.W., 1920:
Experimental Dusting and Spraying of Peaches for 1919

Tenhaeff, C.; Ferwerda, S., 1940:
Experimental Echinococcosis

Itoiz, O.A., 1942:
Experimental Echinococcosis. Immunity and Allergy

Deve, F., 1936:
Experimental Echinoeoeeosis.

Clark, H.C.; Dunn, L.H., 1931:
Experimental Efforts to transfer Monkey Malaria to Man

Remlinger, P.; Bailly, J., 1935:
Experimental Eneephalomyelitis of Horses (Argentine Virus)

Nicolau, S.; Galloway, I.A., 1930:
Experimental Enzootic Encephalo-myelitis. Borna Disease. (Third Memoir)

Campbell, D.H., 1942:
Experimental Eosinophilia with Keratin from Ascaris suum and other Sources

Lurie, M.B., 1933:
Experimental Epidemiology Of Tuberculosis : The Effect Of A Primary Infection On Contact Tuberculosis In Rabbits

Marsh, H., 1933:
Experimental Erysipelothritic Arthritis in Lambs

Savage, W.G., 1933:
Experimental Evidence of a Heat Resistant Gastrointestinal Irritant Produced by Bacilli of the Salmonella Group

Paraschivescu, N., 1941:
Experimental Evidence that the Baeteriophage is Particulate

Rasch, Kurt., 1930:
Experimental Examination of the Lahaye Vaccine against Pigeonpox

Thalhimer, W.; Solandt, D.Y.; Best, C.H., 1938:
Experimental Exchange Transfusion Using Purified Heparin

Kubo, H.; Fujimoto, H.; Nakayama, H., 1939:
Experimental Feeding of Buckwheat. II. Development of Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cell Tumours.

Cleland, J.B., 1914:
Experimental Feeding with some Alleged Poison Plants of New South Wales

Gins, H.A.; Weber, R., 1922:
Experimental Foot and Mouth Disease

Gins, H.A., 1922:
Experimental Foot and Mouth Disease. Microscopic Investigations

Gins, H.A.; Fortner, J., 1926:
Experimental Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the Rabbit

Jarmai, K.; Balo, L., 1938:
Experimental Fowl Leucosis

Anonymous, 1941:
Experimental Fox Ranch, Summer-side, P.E.I. Progress Report 1935-1941

Oehlers, H., 1927:
Experimental Fumigation with Hydrocyanic Acid Gas in Greenhouses

Masui, K., 1933:
Experimental G-ynandromorphism in the Fowl. Skin and Gonad Transplantation

Camus, L., 1916:
Experimental Generalised Vaccinia

Alt, H.L., 1935:
Experimental Goat's Milk Anemia

Bollman, J.L.; Schlotthauer, C.F., 1937:
Experimental Gout in Turkeys

Graub, E.; Zschokke, W.; Saxer, E., 1939:
Experimental Grounds for Protective Vaccination against Foot and Mouth Disease by Crystal-Violet Vaccine

Ashburn, L.L.; Emmons, C.W., 1945:
Experimental Haplosporangium infection

Dalous, E.; Fabre, J.; Pons, H.; Cahuzac, M., 1937:
Experimental Hepatitis in Rabbits Caused by Clostridium welchii

Van Deinse, F.; Schwartz, R.; Solomides, J., 1939:
Experimental Hyperergic Reactions in Rabbits Sensitized by Dead or Avirulent Tubercle Bacilli. Toxicity of the Avian Bacillus

Jadassohn, W.; Rehsteiner, K., 1931:
Experimental Hyphomycete infections of the eye. (A contribution to the problem of organotropy)

Leccisotti, G., 1940:
Experimental Immunization against Brucellosis by Pasteurized Infected Milk

Ottolenghi, D.; Rossetti, G., 1928:
Experimental Infection of Anopheles maculipennis and A. sacharovi with Malaria

Simanin, P.I., 1928:
Experimental Infection of Anopheles maculipennis, Mg., with the Plasmodiiim oi Malaria irom a Patient treated with Quinine.

Lisova, A.I., 1932:
Experimental Infection of Anopheles with Malaria Parasites in the Village of Toi-Tyube.

D.F.nseca, J.A.B.; Unti, O., 1943:
Experimental Infection of Anophelines from Regions free from Malaria

Lotze, H., 1932:
Experimental Infection of Birds with Proteosoma. Part III. A Contribution to the Therapy of Avian Malaria

Nicolau, S.; Kopciowska, L., 1935:
Experimental Infection of Birds with T. canis

Ristorcelli, M., 1939:
Experimental Infection of Cats with E. coli, by way of the Small Intestine, after Laparotomy

Checcacci, L.; Battignani, C.; Rossi, P., 1941:
Experimental Infection of Cats with Human, Bovine, and Avian Types of Tubercle Bacilli

Salzer, H., 1938:
Experimental Infection of Cattle with Genital Trichomonads

Elmanoff, N.W., 1938:
Experimental Infection of Cattle with the Organism of Northern Piroplasmosis (Babesia Babesiella-bovis)

Rita, G., 1939:
Experimental Infection of Chicken Embryo with Fixed Rabies Virus.

Hu, S.M.K., 1935:
Experimental Infection of Culex fatigans Wiedmann ( from Foochow, Fukien Province with Wuchereria bancrofti Cobbold

Laveran, A.; Franchini, G., 1920:
Experimental Infection of Dogs and Guinea-pigs by means of Cultures of Insect Herpetomonads

Sergent, E.; Et.; Donatien, A., 1920:
Experimental Infection of Dromedaries with T. berberum, the Causal Organism of Debab

Biocca, E., 1938:
Experimental Infection of Embryos and Adult Fowls with T. brucei

Roubaud, E.; Lepine, P.; Treillard, M.; Sautter, V., 1941:
Experimental Infection of European Aedes Mosquitoes with Eqnine Encephalomyelitis Virus from Venezuela

Acanfora, G., 1939:
Experimental Infection of Fowl Embryos with Trypanosoma brucei

Mesnil, F.; Leger, M.; Perard, C., 1936:
Experimental Infection of Fowls with Trypanosomes Pathogenic for Mammals

Mazzotti, L., 1941:
Experimental Infection of Haematosiphon inodora (Duges) with Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas

Manninger, R., 1938:
Experimental Infection of Horses with Equine Infectious Anaemia

Shul'gina, O.G.; Kalinichev, P.A., 1927:
Experimental Infection of Locusta migratoria, L., with Bacterial Disease.

Simic, T., 1935:
Experimental Infection of Man and the Dog with E. hartmanni Prowazek 1912

Laveran, A., 1916:
Experimental Infection of Mice with Leishmania tropica; a Case of Infection by the Digestive Tract

Wheeler, C.M., 1938:
Experimental Infection of Ornithodoros turicata (Duges) with a Brazilian Strain of Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas

Wagener, K., 1934:
Experimental Infection of Pigs with Bact. pullorum

Van Dorssen, C.A., 1937:
Experimental Infection of Puppies with S.e. var. dublin

Taylor, R.M.; Jorgensen, J.J., 1936:
Experimental Infection of Sheep with Br. melitensis

Mazzotti, L.; Leon, L.A., 1942:
Experimental Infection of T. carrioni with Trypanosoma cruzi

Lepine, P.; Mathis, M.; Sautter, V., 1941:
Experimental Infection of T. infestans with Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus from Venezuela

D.Souza-Araujo, H.C., 1943:
Experimental Infection of Ticks (A. cayennense) from Rats with Stefansky Leprosy

Sundar Rao, S.; Iyengar, M.O.T., 1932:
Experimental Infection of some Indian Mosquitoes with Wuchereria (Filaria) bancrofti

Simic, T., 1935:
Experimental Infection of the Dog and Cat with E. dispar and E. dysenteriae. Reinfection and Cross-Immunity in the Dog

Van Goidsenhoven, C.; Schoenaers, F., 1939:
Experimental Infection of the Horse with Tryp. equiperdum Maintained in G. Pigs

Biocca, E., 1941:
Experimental Infection of the Mammalian Embryo by T. brucei

Laveran, A., 1915:
Experimental Infection of the Mouse with Leishmania tropica, and a Case of Infection in the Gerbil

Urbain, A.; Guillot, G., 1934:
Experimental Infection of the Rabbit by the Preisz-Nocard Bacillus-Corynebact. pseudotuberculosis

Reyer, W., 1939:
Experimental Infection with Blastocystis

Taylor, R.M., 1941:
Experimental Infection With Influenza A Virus In Mice : The Increase In Intrapulmonary Virus After Inoculation And The Influence Of Various Factors Thereon

Mazzotti, L.; Osorio, M.T., 1940:
Experimental Infection with T. cruzi in Four Species of Triatoma

Browning, C.H.; Cappell, D.F.; Gulbransen, R., 1934:
Experimental Infection with Trypanosoma congolense in Mice : The Effect of Splenectomy

Zschucke, J., 1936:
Experimental Infection with Trypanosomes via the Blood or Cerebrospinal Fluid

Manninger, R., 1938:
Experimental Infection with the Virus of Equine Infectious Anaemia

D.Cunha, A.M., 1938:
Experimental Infections in American Visceral Leishmaniasis

Russell, P.F.; Mohan, B.N., 1939:
Experimental Infections in Anopheles stephensi (type) from contrasting Larva Environments

Laveran, A., 1914:
Experimental Infections of the Mouse, Merion, Eat, and Macacus with Leishmania tropica

Vaidyanathan, S.N., 1941:
Experimental Infestation with Fischoederius elongates in a Calf at Madras

Rau, M.A.N., 1926:
Experimental Injection of the Jackal (Canis aureus) with Pirplasma canis, Prana and Galli-Valerio, 1895. A Preliminary Note

Klarenbeek, A., 1928:
Experimental Inoculations with a Leptospira isolated from a Dog

Treillard, M., 1934:
Experimental Insectarium at the Pasteur Institute, Saigon

Greene, R.R.; Burrill, M.W.; Ivy, A.C., 1938:
Experimental Intersexuality: The Production Of Feminized Male Rats By Antenatal Treatment With Estrogens

Hruska, C., 1926:
Experimental Investigation of Anthrax

Levkovich, E.N.; Gutzevich, A.V., 1941:
Experimental Investigation of Mosquitos (Aedes) as Vectors of the Virus of Spring-Summer (Tick-borne) Encephalitis.

Blanc, G.; Melanidi, C.; Caminopetros, J., 1922:
Experimental Investigation of an Eruptive Disease of the Goat in Greece

Ahlstrom, C.G., 1936:
Experimental Investigation of the Allergic Tissue Reaction of the Kidneys

Granouilletf.; Do-Hun Khoan Nguyen-Tan-Ngoc., 1929:
Experimental Investigation of the Mechanism of Crisis in Trypanosomiases

Nagler, F., 1940:
Experimental Investigation of the Serologioal Properties of Clostridium welchii. III

Mauriac, P.; Boyer, R., 1921:
Experimental Investigation of the Treatment of Fluke Disease by Intravenous Injections of Tartar Emetic

Pavlovskii, E.N.; Stein, A.K.; Buichkov, V.A., 1932:
Experimental Investigation on the Effect of certain digestive Secretions of the House-fly (M. domestica) on the dermal Tissues of Man.

Skruinnik, A.N.; Ruizhov, N.V., 1941:
Experimental Investigation on the Ticks, Dermacentor silvarum Ol, as the Vectors of Spring-Summer Encephalitis.

Pavlovskii, E.N.; Skruixnik, A.N., 1939:
Experimental Investigation on the Transmission of the Tick-borne Relapsing Fever in the Course of the Metamorphosis of Ornithodorns papillipes and under other Conditions.

Waldmann, O.; Trautwein, K., 1926:
Experimental Investigation regarding the Plurality of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus. Preliminary Communication

Ehrenhardt, H., 1939:
Experimental Investigations and Field Observations on the Influence of Cold and Ice on the Woolly Aphis

Hase, A., 1917:
Experimental Investigations concerning the Control of Lice

Rosenbusch, F.; Gonzalez, R., 1923:
Experimental Investigations into Tick Infestation and Tristeza. Second Communication

Naeslund, C., 1931:
Experimental Investigations into the Cause and Pathogenesis of Actinomycosis

Gurwitsch, B.M., 1930:
Experimental Investigations of Vaccination (per os and subcutaneously) against Infectious (paratyphoid) Abortion in Mares

Sergent, E.; Donatien, A.; Parrot, L.; Lestoquard, F.; Plantureux, E.; Rougebief, H., 1924:
Experimental Investigations of the Bovine Piroplasmoses in Algeria

Sergent, E.; Donatien, A Parrot, L.; Lestoquard, F.; Plantureux, E., 1927:
Experimental Investigations of the Bovine Piroplasmoses of Algeria

Kozhanchikov, I.V., 1935:
Experimental Investigations of the Influence of Temperature on the Development of the Sugar Beet Web Worm (Loxostege sticticalis).

Mauriac, P.; Boyer, R., 1921:
Experimental Investigations of the Treatment of Distomatosis by Intravenous Injections of Emetic

Wagner, O., 1941:
Experimental Investigations on African Coast Fever German Cattle

Londborg, G., 1934:
Experimental Investigations on Immunization against Pasteurella Infections in Swine

Rask-Nielsen, H.C., 1936:
Experimental Investigations on Transmissible Leucosis of White Mice

Dinger, J.E., 1929:
Experimental Investigations on Yellow Fever

Pavlovskii Pawlowsky, E.N.; Stein, A.K., 1927:
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Experimental Investigations on the various Races of A. maculipennis and on the Food Preferences oi Anopheles in the Province of Milan

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Experimental Investigations regarding Nagana. Ill Communication. The Alterations in the Central Nervous System in Experimental Nagana (T. brucei).

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Experimental Investigations regarding a Louse-proof Dress

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Experimental Iodine Therapy of Bovine Brucellosis

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Experimental Johne's Diseasein Rabbits

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Experimental Lesions Produced by Cerebrosides

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Experimental Liver Damage Associated with Hematologic Changes in Hogs

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Experimental Liver Goccidiosis in Rabbits

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Experimental Malaria Control in a hyperendemle Tea Garden in Upper Assam by the Use of Pyroeide 20 as an insecticidal Spray

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Experimental Malaria Infections in two Races of A. stephensi

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Experimental Malaria with protracted Incubation

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Experimental Mosquito Control in Rice-fields

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Experimental Necrotizing Arteritis in Dogs: III. Bilateral Nephrectomy as Effective as Heavy Metal Injury in its Production

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Experimental Necrotizing Arteritis in Dogs: IV. Alteration of the Blood Plasma Proteins Not Essential

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Experimental Necrotizing Arterltis. II. Mercuric Chloride as Effective as Uranium Nitrate in its Production

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Experimental Observations on the Habits of Culex fatigans with Special Reference to the Influence of Hydrogenion Concentration upon its Development.

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Experimental Observations on the Serological Behaviour of Clostridium welchii

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Experimental Observations on the Serological Properties of Clostridium welchii

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Experimental Observations on the Serologieal Behaviour of Clostridium wekhii

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Experimental Observations, the Histopathology, and the Etiology of Mal de Caderas Of Bovines in Paraguay

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Experimental Orchard Work-1915

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Experimental Orchitis in Sheep-pox

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Experimental Osseous and Osteo-Articiuar Tuberculosis in the Rabbit

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Experimental P. gallinaceum Infection of Young Fowls

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Experimental Pathological Studies on the Nature and Role of Bacterial Allergy

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Experimental Peranal Infection by T. spiralis

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Experimental Pneumoeoccus Lobar Pneumonia in the Dog. II. Pathology. III. Pathogenesis

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Experimental Production in G. Pigs of Leucocytes Containing Kurloff Bodies

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Experimental Production in Sheep of the Dental Dystrophy of Animals in Phosphate Regions

Peter., 1934:
Experimental Production of Anaphylaxis in Cattle with Extract of Hypoderma Larvae

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Experimental Production of Coccidiosis in Silage-Fed Feeder Lambs, with Observations on Oocyst Discharge

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Experimental Production of Forms of Leucosis in Fowls

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Experimental Prophylaxis of Strongyloidosis in Sheep by Means of Predatory Fungi in the Soil

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Experimental Pulmonary Anthrax in Mice Infected Intestinally

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Experimental Pulmonary Anthrax in the Mouse

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Experimental Rearings of the Amazon Fly (Metagonistylum minense Towns.) on the Yellow-headed Sugar-cane Moth-borer (Diatraea canella Hmpsn.)

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Experimental Reduction of Length of Pregnancy by Heat

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Experimental Renal Infection in G. Pigs with Bovine Type Tubercle Bacilli

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Experimental Research in the Service of the Control of Epidemics

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Experimental Research on Associated Vaccinations

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Experimental Research on Foot and Mouth Disease regarding Variations in its Epidemiologieal Characters

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Experimental Research on Marseilles Endemic Fever

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Experimental Research on Mixed and Secondary Infections. 3. On the Course of an Infection with Trypanosomes and Spirochaetes in Guinea Pigs

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Experimental Research on Swineherds' Disease

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Experimental Research on Typhus Exanthematicus in the Dog

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Experimental Research on the Food-preferences of the Varieties of A. maculipennis

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Experimental Researches on Nagana

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Experimental Researches on the Characters distinguishing A. sacharovi

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Experimental Researches on the Circumstances influencing Malaria Infection in Anopheles and in Man

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Experimental Results in 1916

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Experimental Results in Codling Moth Control with late Summer Oil Applications

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Experimental Results, Fruit Pest and Parasite Laboratory, 1937-1931

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Experimental Ribes eradication Stanislaus National Forest

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Experimental Rickets in G. Pigs

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Experimental Rickets in Puppies

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Experimental Rickets in the Pig

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Experimental Rickets. Blood and Tissue Changes in Puppies Receiving a Diet very low in Phosphorus, with and without Vitamin D

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Experimental Rinderpest in Goats

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Experimental Rinderpest. Atypical Reactions associated with a Low Body Temperature

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Experimental S. enteritidis Infection of Cattle

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Experimental Salmonella enteritidis Infection in Foxes

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Experimental Schistosoma mansoni infection by intraperitoneal injection

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Experimental Secondary Echinococcosis

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Experimental Sheep Pox. Histological Examination of the Omentum

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Experimental Simultaneous Brueella Infection and Tuberculosis in Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

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Experimental Skin Tuberculosis in Cats

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Experimental South African Theileriasis transmitted by Blood

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Experimental Sp.g. Infection in the Pigeon

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Experimental Spirochaetosis, Spirochaeta icterohaemorrhagiae, in the Sheep, Kid and Young Pig

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Experimental Spraying for Control of second-brood Codling Moth

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Experimental Spraying to control European Red Mite (Pamtetranychus pilosus C. & F.) and Rosy Apple Aphid (Anwaphis roseus Baker) in 1939

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Experimental Spraying to kill Virus-infected Potato Plants in Selection Plots and to kill off Potato Plants in entire Fields

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Experimental Station Charlottetown, P. E. I. Report of the Superintendent for the year 1923

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Experimental Station, Kapuskasing, Ontario, Results of experiments 1931-36

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Experimental Station, Kapuskasing, Ontario, results of experiments 1936-1940

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Experimental Station, Morden, Man. Report of the Superintendent for the year 1923

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Experimental Stimulation Therapy of Bovine Sterility

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Experimental Street-Virus Rabies in White Mice. Studies on Passive Immunization. II

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Experimental Streptcoccal Septicaemia and its Treatment with P-Amino-Phenylsulphamide

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Experimental Studies Concerning the Recovery of Pathogenicity of B.C.G. by Passage through White Rats

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Experimental Studies in Insect Parasitism. III. Host Selection

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Experimental Studies in Insect Parasitism. VI.-Host Suitability

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Experimental Studies in Insect Parasitism. VII. The Effects of different Hosts on the Parasite Trichogramma evanescens Westw. (Hym. Chalcidoidea.)

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Experimental Studies of Equine Infectious Anaemia. II. Action of Bile on the Virus

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Experimental Studies of Factors Influencing the Development of the Eggs of Pig Asearid (Ascaris suum Goeze)

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Experimental Studies of Puerperal Infection. IV. The Effect of Pregnancy on the Haemolytic and Agglutinative Activity of the Blood Serum

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Experimental Studies of Street Virus in Cochin China

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Experimental Studies of the Pathogenicity of the Preisz-Nocard Bacillus for British Sheep

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Experimental Studies on Anthelminties for the Stomach Worm (Haemonchus contortus) in Sheep. II. Experiments on the Anthelmintic Action of Carbon Tetraehloride Emulsion, and Critique on the Efficacy of Copper Sulphate.

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Experimental Studies on Avian Diphtheria

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Experimental Studies on Certain Factors influencing the Development and Viability of the Ova of the Human Trichuris as compared with those of the Human Ascaris

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Experimental Studies on Enhanced Resistance to Infection Following some Non-Specific Measures

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Experimental Studies on Infectious Abortion in Mares. VIII. Studies on Haemolytic Streptococci Appearing in the Vaginas of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Mares Inoculated with Salmonella abortus-equi.

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Experimental Studies on Intranasal Immunization

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Experimental Studies on Latrodectus mactans (The Black Widow)

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Experimental Studies on Locomotor Activity in Locusta migratoria migratorioides R. & F

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Experimental Studies on Osteomalacia in the Horse. Third Report

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Experimental Studies on Osteomalaeia in the Horse. First Report. Etiological Significance of Calcium Deficiency in the Diet. Part. I

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Experimental Studies on Production of, and Immunization against Pneumonia in Rabbits.

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Experimental Studies on Strongyloides agoutii in the Guinea Pig and Other Laboratory Animals

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Experimental Studies on Sucking in Anopheles by Means of a compulsory Method

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Experimental Studies on Vitamin E

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Experimental Studies on the Active Principle in the Antagonism of Bact. coli towards Anthrax Bacilli

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Experimental Studies on the Causes of Heat in stored Grains produced by Insect Pests.

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Experimental Studies on the Clonorehicidal Effect of Gentian-Violet. A Supplement : Value of Wakeshima's Egg-Counting Method as a Judgement of Anthelmintic Effect of Drugs against Clonorchis sinensis.

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Experimental Studies on the Cohabitation and Grossing of two Species of Bed-bug, Cimex lectularius, L. and C. hemipterus F. (Preliminary Report)

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Experimental Studies on the Course of Trichina Infection in Guinea Pigs. I. The Minimum Dose of Trichina Larvae Required to Produce Infestation of the Muscles; with an Account of the Potential Productiveness of the Female Trichina

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Experimental Studies on the Course of Trichina Infection in Guinea Pigs. II. Natural Susceptibility of the Guinea Pig to Experimental Trichina Infection

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Experimental Studies on the Course of Trichina Infection in Guinea Pigs. III. Immunity of Guinea Pigs to Re-Infection with Trichinella spiralis

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Experimental Studies on the Curative Treatment of Surra in Native Horses in the Philippines. II

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Experimental Studies on the Development of the Wing in the Embryo of Gallus domesticus

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Experimental Studies on the Distribution of Rabies Virus

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Experimental Studies on the Economical Rinderpest Vaccine

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Experimental Studies on the Infectious Abortion in Mares. IV. Serologieal Observations.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of Low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. Fourth Report. A Comparison of the Cold-hardiness of Chaetodacus cucurbitae Coq. at various Stages of its Life Cycle.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of Low Temperatures upon the Development of the Paddy-borer (Schoenobius incertellus Wlk.). First Report.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of Salicylic Acid on Past. aviseptica and Other Bacteria of the Pasteurella Group in vitro and in vivo

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of environmental Factors on Insects. II. On the Mortality of Insects in Ceylon, and the extent of its Variation, with general Notes on the environmental Influences and the biological Optimum.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Tem-peratures upon the Development of Fruit Flies (12th Report). On the Acclimatisation to low Temperatures of the Pupae of Chaeto-dacus dorsalis Hendel.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Tem-peratures upon the Development of Paddy-borer (Schoenobvus incertellus Wlk.). Second Report. Studies on the Freezing Point of Blood in the Winter Season, as well as on the Water-Content of Body.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit Flies. 10th Report. Effect of varying low Temperatures upon the Emergence of Larvae and Pupae of Chaetodacus ferrugineus var. dorsalis Hendel.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit Flies. 9th Report. On the Acclimatisation to low Temperatures in the Melon Fly Pupae.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit Flies. XI. Can the Eggs, Larvae and Pupae of Formosan Fruit Flies develop at the Temperatures of the Autumn, Winter and Spring of the Mainland of Japan ?

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. Eighth Report. On the fatal Action of low Temperatures upon the Pupae of Chaetodacus ferrugineus var. dorsalis Hendel.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. First Report.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. Second Report.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. Seventh Report. On the fatal Action of low Temperatures upon the Eggs and Larvae of Chaetodacus ferrugineus var. dorsalis Hendel.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the Development of Fruit-flies. Third Report. On the Velocity, favourable Temperature and Threshold of Development of the Pupae, Eggs and Larvae of the Melon Fly (Chaetodacus cucurbitae, Coq.).

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the tropical Bed Bug (Cimex hemipierus Fab.). Third Report. On the Influence of a Temperature of 6 degrees C.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the tropical Bed Bug (Cimex hemiptera Fab.). First Report.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the tropical Bed Bug (Cimex hemiptera Fab.). Second Report. On the Influence of a Temperature of 3 degrees C.

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Experimental Studies on the Influence of low Temperatures upon the tropical Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius Linnaeus). First Report. On the Influence of a Temperature of 0 degrees C.

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Experimental Studies on the Oral and Percutaneous Infection of Ancylostoma caninum. Fourth Report

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Experimental Studies on the Prophylactic Inoculation against Rinderpest

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Experimental Studies on the Reciprocal Effect of BCG and Concomitant Infections by the Preisz-Nocard Bacillus and by the Streptococcus studied by Hormaeche at Montevideo

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Experimental Studies on the Sites of Antibody Formation

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Experimental Studies on the Susceptibility to Infection of Anopheline Mosquitos of Formosa.

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Experimental Studies on the Tuberculin Hypersensitiveness

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Experimental Studies regarding Living Swine Erysipelas Vaccine. I. The Pathogenicity and Antigenic Property of Swine Erysipelas Bacilli treated with Acridin Derivative

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Experimental Studies regarding Living Swine Erysipelas Vaccine. II. The Pathogenicity and Immunizing Property for Swine of A virulent Swine Erysipelas Bacilli obtained by treating with Trypaflavin.

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