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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13390

Chapter 13390 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Price, W.C., 1940:
Generalized defense reactions in plants

Rindfleich-Seyfakth, M., 1943:
Generalized eczema on a goose due to feather lice

Joulia, P.; Le'coui. Ant, P., 1939:
Generalized epidermomycoses of the second period of childhood due to levuri-form fungi

Arceneaux, George, 1945:
Generalized factors for computing varietal yields of sugar from results of field tests with sugarcane

Nino, F.L., 1934:
Generalized human blastomycosis caused by Cryptococcus (n.sp.). (A clinical, parasite-logical, anatomopathological, and experimental study.)

Nlno, F.L., 1931:
Generalized human blastomycosis due to a new species of Cryptococcus

Tulipan, L.; Muskatblit, E., 1942:
Generalized moniliasis with proved patho-genicity. Report of a case

Aberastury, M., 1938:
Generalized onychomycosis

Milian, G.; Photinos, P., 1928:
Generalized pustular cutaneous trichophytosis as a sequel to a kerion of the scalp

Bernhardt, R.; Zalewski, G.; Burawski, J., 1935:
Generalized tomlosis (European blastomycosis)

Gropper, E.M.; Lamanna, C.; Stewart, C.A., 1945:
Generalized vaccinia and probable induced thiamine deficiency in a congenitally hypothyroid child

Blanc, G., 1940:
Generalized visceral leishmaniasis in a squirrel (X. getulus) in Morocco

Moore, M.; Kile, R.L., 1935:
Generalized, subcutaneous, gummatous, ulcerating sporotrichosis : report of a case with a study of the etiologic agent

Urwin, N., A.R.; Horsnell, J.-; Moon, T., 2007:
Generation and characterisation of colchicine-induced autotetraploid Lavandula angustifolia

Eriksson, K., 1945:
Generation length in horses of the Ardennes and North Swedish breeds

Hu, G.; Linning, R.; McCallum, B.; Banks, T.; Cloutier, S.; Butterfield, Y.; Liu, J.; Kirkpatrick, R.; Stott, J.; Yang, G.; Smailus, D.; Jones, S.; Marra, M.; Schein, J.; Bakkeren, G., 2007:
Generation of a wheat leaf rust, Puccinia triticina, EST database from stage-specific cDNA libraries

Brewbaker, H.E.; Bush, H.L., 1942:
Generation studies of sugar-beet varieties

Thomas, K.K., 2002:
Generation, transfer and utilization of information on natural rubber: a functional model

Szori Zieliska, A., 2007:
Generative and vegetative control of vegetable plants with climatic factors

Johnsson, H., 1942:
Generative and vegetative multiplication of P. tremula

Mckenzie, H.L., 1937:
Generic Characteristics of Aonidiella Berlese and Leonardi, and a Description of a new Species from Australia (Homoptera-Diaspididae)

Rumjancev, B.P.; Butarin, N.S.; Denisov, V.F., 1935:
Generic hybridisation of domestic animals with wild forms

Garassini, L.; A., 1938:
Generic position of the fungus producing 'spasm' of Flax

Holmes, F.O., 1937:
Genes Affecting Response Of Nicotiana Tabacum Hybrids To Tobacco-Mosaic Virus

Barigozzi, C., 1937:
Genes and chromosomes

Federley, H., 1939:
Genes and chromosomes

Medvedev, N.N., 1935:
Genes and development of characters. I. The study of the growth of the imaginal discs of eyes in the wild type larvse and three mutants-lobec, glass 2 and eyeless 2 in Drosophila melanogaster

Witschi, E., 1934:
Genes and inductors of sex differentiation in amphibians

Poulson, D.F., 1945:
Genes as physiological agents. Chromosomal control of embryo-genesis in Drosophila

Wright, S., 1945:
Genes as physiological agents. General considerations

Horowitz, N.H.; Bonner, D.; Mitchell, H.K.; Tatum, E.L.; Beadle, G.W., 1945:
Genes as physiological agents. Genie control of biochemical-reactions in Neurospora

Sonneborn, T.M., 1945:
Genes as physiological agents. The dependence of the physiological action of a gene on a primer and the relation of a primer to gene

Geddy, R.; Brown, G.G., 2007:
Genes encoding pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins are not conserved in location in plant genomes and may be subject to diversifying selection

Quinn, J.P., 1936:
Genes for color and plumage pattern in white varieties of chickens unmasked by crossbreeding

Sapehin, L., 1932:
Genes for leaf colour in hard wheats I

Beadle, G.W., 1932:
Genes in Maize for Pollen Sterility

Hadjinov, M.I., 1937:
Genes of rough sheath in maize: rough sheath-1 and rough sheath-2

Hadjinov, M.I., 1937:
Genes of glossy seedlings in maize

Serebrowsky, A.S., 1938:
Genes scute and achaete in Drosophila melanogaster and a hypothesis of gene divergency

Sonneborn, T.M., 1940:
Genes, cytoplasm, and environment in Paramecium

Anonymous, 1944:
Genesis and achievements of the Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association

Weikl., 1938:
Genesis of Calf Tuberculosis

Guenther, D.F., 1938:
Genesis of Gall Stones in Man and Animals

Nicolaus, W., 1938:
Genesis of Toxic Dystrophy of the Liver in Swine Caused by Ingestion of Cod-Liver Oil. I. Feeding Tests of Piglets with Cod-Liver Oil

Nikiforoff, C.C.; Drosdoff, M., 1943:
Genesis of a claypan soil:I

Neganov, A.F., 1938:
Genesis of brown and grey-brown forest soils of the Bashkir A.S.S.R.

Ponomarev, G.M.; Sedletsky, I.D., 1940:
Genesis of chernozem and solonets types of soil in the Chernigov forest steppe

Oze, C.; Bird, D.K.; Fendorf, S., 2007:
Genesis of hexavalent chromium from natural sources in soil and groundwater

Antipov-Karataev, I.N., 1939:
Genesis of illuvial horizons in solonets soils.

Sedletsky, I.D., 1939:
Genesis of montmorillonite and kaolinite and conditions of their joint occurrence in the colloids of soils and clays

Siniagin, I.I., 1939:
Genesis of serozems.

Barulin, K.I., 1939:
Genesis of the oestrus producing hormone in the organism of stallions

Kurapov, I.A., 1940:
Genesis of the soils in the zone of arid and desert steppes of the Kalmuk ASSR.

Morgan, C.G.; Obershain, S.S., 1943:
Genesis of three soils developed from materials residual from limestone

Nachtsheim, H., 1933:
Genetic Correlation between Coat Colour and Eye Colour in Rabbit

Zorn, W.; Schott, A., 1933:
Genetic Evaluation of Boars

Bode, H., 1934:
Genetic Laws and Raccoon Breeding

Shull, A.F., 1918:
Genetic Relations of the Winged and Wingless Forms to each other and to the Sexes in the Aphid, Macrosiphum solanifolii

Lambert, W.V., 1932:
Genetic Selection for Resistance to Fowl Typhoid in the Chicken

Kruger, L., 1933:
Genetic Studies in Bavarian Breeding Herds. Contributions to Theoretical Genetic Analysis and Practical Selection according to Physiological Characters studied with reference to Milking Performance

Punnett, R.C., 1933:
Genetic Studies in Poultry. IX. The Blue Egg

Uman, Ju., 1934:
Genetic Studies of Immunity

Patow, C.V., 1933:
Genetic Studies on Sheep. I.-Twinning

Ferwerda, F.P., 1928:
Genetic Studies on the Flour Beetle

Ogura, S., 1933:
Genetic Studies on the Silkworm. III. Genetic Studies of Moulting. Part 2

Bittner, J.J., 1934:
Genetic Studies on the Transplantation of Tumours. VIII. The Genetic Explanation of Rhythmus of Growth

Herman, W., 1934:
Genetic Studies on the Wool of Various Sheep and their Crosses

Etherington, I.M.H., 1938:
Genetic algebras

Shapurwad, A.B.; Thorat, A.S.; Sharma, K.M.; Chavan, T.B.; Jadhav, A.V.; Manorama, 2007:
Genetic analysis of Lactococci isolates by using random amplified polymorphic DNA molecular marker

Keyvanshokooh, S.; Ghasemi, A.; Shahriari Moghadam, M.; Nazari, R.M.; Rahimpour, M., 2007:
Genetic analysis of Rutilus rutilus caspicus (Jakowlew 1870) populations in Iran by microsatellite markers

Shalygix, I.N., 1939 :
Genetic analysis of albinism mutations induced in barley by X-radiation

Ding WenJing; Wei YiQin; Y.X.ngGuo; D.L.Pu; X.H.iJun, 2007:
Genetic analysis of alien transferring genes in common wheat and their effects on agronomic characters

Mahendra Persaud; Kumar, A.; Sengar, R.B.S.; Abhinav Sao; Dantre, R.K.; Shrivastava, M.N., 2007:
Genetic analysis of blast (Pyricularia grisea Sacc.) resistance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Beljaev, N.K., 1937:
Genetic analysis of colour of the imago of the silkworm

Baltunis, B.; Huber, D.; White, T.; Goldfarb, B.S.elzer, H., 2007:
Genetic analysis of early field growth of loblolly pine clones and seedlings from the same full-sib families

Kashina, B.D.; Mabagala, R.B.; Mpunami, A.A.; Jeske, H.; Jovel, J., 2007:
Genetic analysis of geminiviral DNA from tomato yellow leaf curl diseased tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) plants from Tanzania

Jing JinXue; X.Z.iBin; Wang DianBo; Wang MeiNan; Yao QuiYan; Shang HongSheng; L.Z.enQi, 2007:
Genetic analysis of gene conferring resistance to stripe rust in Xiaoyan6

Thorat, A.S.; Sahapurwad, A.B.; Deokar, A.A.; Bhosle, K.B.; Kotasthane, A.S., 2007:
Genetic analysis of grain protein content in wheat using SSR molecular marker

Liu MingHui; Gao QiuXia, 2007:
Genetic analysis of multiple grain sorghum germplasm and spikelet structure anatomical analysis

Täubert, H.; Agena, D.; Simianer, H., 2007:
Genetic analysis of racing performance in Irish greyhounds

Heston, W.E., 1942:
Genetic analysis of susceptibility to induced pulmonary tumors in mice

Brieger, F.G., 1935:
Genetic analysis of the cross between the self-fertile Nicotiana Langsdorffii and the self-sterile N. Sanderae

Strong, Leonell, C., 1945:
Genetic analysis of the induction of tumors by methylcholanthrene. IX. Induced and spontaneous adenocarcinomas of the stomach in mice

Farhangfar, H.; Rowlinson, P., 2007:
Genetic analysis of wood's lactation curve for Iranian Holstein heifers

Hoesch, F., 1933:
Genetic and Economic Measures for Safeguarding and Developing the Rhineland Draft Horse

Fukuta, Y.; Ebron, L.A.; Kobayashi, N., 2007:
Genetic and breeding analysis of blast resistance in elite indica-type rice (Oryza sativa L.) bred in International Rice Research Institute

Kirschbaum, Arthur, 1944:
Genetic and certain non-genetic factors with reference to leukemia in the F strain of mice

Swenson, S.P., 1940:
Genetic and cytologic studies of a brachytic mutation in barley

Matsumura, S.; Motizuki, A.; Akemine, T., 1942:
Genetic and cytological investigations on Beta species. II. Polyploid plants induced by colchicine and their progeny, in B. vulgaru

Chkesman, E.E., 1932:
Genetic and cytological studies in Musa, II. Hybrids of the Mysore banana

Mangelsdorf, P.C.; Reeves, R.G., 1932:
Genetic and cytological studies in hybrids of Zea and Tripsacum

Watkixs, A.E.; Cory, F.M., 1931:
Genetic and cytological studies in wheat. V

Cheesman, E.E., 1932:
Genetic and cytological studies of Musa, I. Certain hybrids of the Gros Michel banana

Uchikawa, I., 1943:
Genetic and cytological studies of speltoid wheat. IV. Origin of dwarf-compactoid wheat

Uchikawa, I., 1943:
Genetic and cytological studies of speltoid wheat. V. Origin of short-normal wheat

Yarnell, S.H., 1931:
Genetic and Cytological Studies on Fragaria

Tatebe, T., 1936:
Genetic and cytological studies on the F1 hybrid of scarlet or tomato eggplant (Solarium integrifolium Poir.) x (Solarium Melongena L.)

Laumont, P.; Simonet, M., 1935:
Genetic and cytological study of the tendroid forms arising in the progeny of the intergeneric hybrid Ae. triuncialis L. x T. durum Desf

Cheesman, E.E., 1932:
Genetic and cytologieal studies of Musa. (Memoirs of Imperial Coll. Trop. Agr., botanical series 2.)

Strong, L.C.; Hill, R.T.; Pfeiffer, C.A.; Gardner, W.U., 1938:
Genetic and Endocrine Studies on a Transplantable Carcinoma of the Ovary

Hazel, L.N.; Baker, M.L.; Reinmiller, C.F., 1943:
Genetic and environmental correlations between the growth rates of pigs at different ages

Kernkamp, Milton, F., 1939:
Genetic and environmental factors affecting growth types of Ustilago zeae

Mahoney, John Joseph, 1942:
Genetic and hormonal determination of prostate development in the female rat

Green, E.L., 1941:
Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors Which Influence the Type of the Skeleton in an Inbred Strain of Mice

Matsuno, K.; Sakoda, Y.; Kameyama, K-Ichiro.; Tamai, K.; Ito, A.; Kida, H., 2007:
Genetic and pathobiological characterization of bovine viral diarrhea viruses recently isolated from cattle in Japan

Pavlovic, N.; Zecevic, B.; Zdravkovic, J.; Mijatovic, M., 2007:
Genetic and phenotypic correlation of some onion (Allium cepa L.) bulb traits

McClean, P.E.; Lee, R.K., 2007:
Genetic architecture of chalcone isomerase non-coding regions in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

East, E.M., 1936:
Genetic aspects of certain problems of evolution

Demerec, M., 1945:
Genetic aspects of changes in Staphylococcus aureus producing strains resistant to various concentrations of penicillin

Waters, N.F., 1939:
Genetic aspects of egg weight observed during inbreeding experiments

Macdowell, E.C., 1936:
Genetic aspects of mouse leukemia

Harman, M.T.; Case, A.A., 1941:
Genetic Aspects of Pigment Production in the Guinea Pig

Hagedoorn, A.L., 1934:
Genetic aspects of plant and animal breeding

Bruman, A.J., 1938:
Genetic aspects of plant introduction. An approach to the heredity-environment problem in plants

Lush, J.L., 1936:
Genetic aspects of the Danish system of progeny-testing swine

Gowen, John, W., 1945:
Genetic aspects of virulence in bacteria and viruses

Ramiah, K., 1933:
Genetic association between flowering duration and plant height and their relationship to other characters in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Currence, T.M., 1932:
Genetic association between qualitative and quantitative characters in the tomato

Halasz, J.; Hegedus, A.; Pedryc, A., 2005:
Genetic background of self-(in)compatibility of apricot cultivars

Roberts, A.P.; Mullany, P., 2006:
Genetic basis of horizontal gene transfer among oral bacteria

Fahmy, Tewfik, 1934 :
Genetic basis of selection procedure with cotton wilt disease

Brody, Elizabeth Graves, 1942:
Genetic basis of spontaneous activity in the albino rat

Stadler, L.J., 1935:
Genetic behaviour of a haplo-viable internal deficiency in maize

Randolph, L.F., 1941:
Genetic Characteristics of the B Chromosomes in Maize

Laamanen, I.; Jakava-Viljanen, M.; Sihvonen, L., 2007:
Genetic characterization of maedi-visna virus (MVV) detected in Finland

Stevenson, F.J., 1930:
Genetic characters in relation to chromosome numbers in a wheat species cross

Walther, E., 1935:
Genetic constitution of host plant as a factor in pest control

Zelle, Max, R., 1942:
Genetic constitutions of host and pathogen in mouse typhoid

Brieger, F.G., 1936:
Genetic control of aleurone and endosperm colour in maize

Tatum, E.L.; Beadle, G.W., 1942:
Genetic control of biochemical reactions in Neurospora : an amino-benzoicless mutant

Brieger, F.G., 1937:
Genetic control of gametophyte development in maize. I. A gametophyte character in chromosome five

Brieger, F.G.; Tidbury, G.E.; Tseng, H.P., 1938:
Genetic control of gametophyte development in maize. II. The quarter test

Kumar, S.T.; Narasimman, R.; Kumar, C.P.S.; Eswaran, R.; Thangavel, P., 2007:
Genetic control of grain yield and its component characters in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Eler, J.P.; Ferraz, J.B.S.; Balieiro, J.C.C.; Mattos, E.C.; Mourão, G.B., 2006:
Genetic correlation between heifer pregnancy and scrotal circumference measured at 15 and 18 months of age in Nellore cattle

Scott, J.P., 1942:
Genetic differences in the social behavior of inbred strains of mice

Samal, S.; Lenka, P.C.; Rout, G.R.; Das, S.L.; Mohapatra, K.C., 2002:
Genetic differentiation among cashewnut (Anacardium occidentale L.) cultivars through morphological analysis

Jin ZeXin; L.J.nMin, 2007:
Genetic differentiation in endangered Heptacodium miconioides Rehd. based on ISSR polymorphism and implications for its conservation

Barulina, H.I.; Dombrovskaya, H.A., 1937:
Genetic differentiation in geographical races. I. Lentils- Lens esculents Moench

Rodriguez Munoz, R.; Mirol, P.M.; Segelbacher, G.; Fernandez, A.; Tregenza, T., 2007:
Genetic differentiation of an endangered capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) population at the Southern edge of the species range

Oliveira, M. do S.P. de; Ferreira, D.F.; Santos, J.B. dos, 2007:
Genetic divergence among accessions of assai palm based on morphoagronomic descriptors

Mishra, C.N.; Singh, S.K.; Singh, H.C.; Singh, H.L.; Bhardwaj, D.N., 2007:
Genetic divergence in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Ravinder Singh; Mehla, B.S.; Kumar, Y.; Sangwan, O., 2006:
Genetic divergence in non-scented rice under two situations

Ravinder Singh; Mehla, B.S.; Kumar, Y.; Sangwan, O., 2006:
Genetic divergence in rice under normal and late sown conditions

Mustafa, A.E.M.A.; Badr, A.; E.G.laly, M.A.; Mobarak, A.A.; Hassan, M.G., 2006:
Genetic diversity among Ocimum populations in Egypt as reflected by morphological, seed proteins and isozyme polymorphism

Veena Gupta; Anjali Kak, 2007:
Genetic diversity analysis in Mucuna pruriens germplasm using SDS-poly-acrylamide gel eletrophoresis (PAGE)

Zhang Jie; W.D.; Wang ChunLei; Q.H.ngJun; Zou XueZhong; Yang ChuanPing, 2007:
Genetic diversity analysis of Quercus mongolica populations with Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) technique

Takahashi, H.; Nakamura, A., 2007:
Genetic diversity and differentiation of the Nagoya breed inferred from microsatellite DNA polymorphisms

Liu Li; Liu ChuWu, 2007:
Genetic diversity and molecular markers of five snapper species

Zhu GenFa; L.D.ngMei; Guo ZhenFei, 2007:
Genetic diversity and relationship of hybrid Cymbidium based on AFLP marker

Chakauya, E.; Tongoona, P.; Matibiri, E.A.; Grum, M., 2006:
Genetic diversity assessment of sorghum landraces in Zimbabwe using microsatellites and indigenous local names

Brantestam, A.K.; Bothmer, R. von; Dayteg, C.; Rashal, I.; Tuvesson, S.; Weibull, J., 2007:
Genetic diversity changes and relationships in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) germplasm of Nordic and Baltic areas as shown by SSR markers

Chiorato, A.F.; Carbonell, S.A.M.; Benchimol, L.L.; Chiavegato, M.B.; Dias, L.A. dos S.; Colombo, C.A., 2007:
Genetic diversity in common bean accessions evaluated by means of morpho-agronomical and RAPD data

Chang, Long-Sen, 2007:
Genetic diversity in snake venom three-finger proteins and phospholipase A(2) enzymes

Yadav, D.K.; Pawar, I.S.; Sharma, G.R.; Ras Lamba, 2006:
Genetic diversity in some germplasm lines of bread wheat

Heidari, A.; Keshavarz, H.; Assmar, M.; Razavi, M.; Nateghpour, M.; Dittrich, S.; Jelinek, T., 2006:
Genetic diversity in the circumsporozoite protein gene of Plasmodium falciparum from major endemic regions of Iran

Grossi, S.F.; Lui, J.F.; Garcia, J.E.; Meirelles, F.V., 2006:
Genetic diversity in wild (Sus scrofa scrofa) and domestic (Sus scrofa domestica) pigs and their hybrids based on polymorphism of a fragment of the D-loop region in the mitochondrial DNA

Faruque, M.O.; Ahmed Ali; Takahashi, Y.; Nomura, K.; Kono, T.; Hanada, H.; Amano, T., 2006:
Genetic diversity of Bangladeshi water buffalo populations estimated by blood protein and mitochondrial DNA polymorphism

Martins, W.F.S.; Ayres, C.F.J.; Lucena, W.A., 2007:
Genetic diversity of Brazilian natural populations of Anthonomus grandis Boheman (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), the major cotton pest in the New World

Liu Yong; Xiong ZhiYong; H.Y.ngGang; Shewry, P.R.; H.G.angYuan, 2007:
Genetic diversity of HMW glutenin subunit in Chinese common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) landraces from Hubei province

Demeter, Zán.; Lakatos, Béla.; Palade, E.Alina.; Kozma, Tás.; Forgách, P.; Rusvai, Mós., 2007:
Genetic diversity of Hungarian canine distemper virus strains

Guo, H.B.; Li, S.M.; Peng, J.; Ke, W.D., 2007:
Genetic diversity of Nelumbo accessions revealed by RAPD

Bouajila, A.; Abang, M.M.; Haouas, S.; Udupa, S.; Rezgui, S.; Baum, M.; Yahyaoui, A., 2007:
Genetic diversity of Rhynchosporium secalis in Tunisia as revealed by pathotype, AFLP, and microsatellite analyses

Khuchareontaworn, S.; Singhaphan, P.; Viseshakul, N.; Chansiri, K., 2007:
Genetic diversity of Trypanosoma evansi in buffalo based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions

Teravanesjan, D.V., 1944:
Genetic diversity of gametes in the flower of cotton-plant

Jeong, C.; Park, S-Ik.; Park, S-Hee.; Kim, H-Hyun.; Park, S-Jin.; Jeong, J-Ho.; Choy, H.E.; Saif, L.J.; Kim, S-Ki.; Kang, M-Il.; Hyun, B-Hun.; Cho, K-Oh., 2007:
Genetic diversity of porcine sapoviruses

Oliver, C.P., 1935:
Genetic effects induced in the sexes

Stabler, L.J.; Sprague, G.F., 1936:
Genetic effects of ultra-violet radiation in maize

Stadler, L.J.; Sprague, G.F., 1936:
Genetic effects of ultra-violet radiation in maize. I. Unfiltered radiation. II. Filtered radiations. III. Effects of nearly monochromatic lambda 2537, and comparison of effects of X-ray and ultraviolet treatment

Stadler, L.J.; Uber, F.M., 1942:
Genetic Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation in Maize. IV. Comparison of Monochromatic Radiations

Tsegaye, B.-; Berg, T., 2007:
Genetic erosion of Ethiopian tetraploid wheat landraces in Eastern Shewa, Central Ethiopia

Babcock, E.B., 1934:
Genetic Evolutionary Processes

Lindstrom, E.W., 1935:
Genetic experiments on hybrid vigor in maize

Huber, J.A., 1930:
Genetic experiments with culinary potatoes

Velasquez Rodriguez, C.M., 2006:
Genetic expression modulation of fat-soluble vitamins

Brewbaker, H.E.; Hayes, H.K., 1930:
Genetic factor relationships in the B-Lg group in maize

Stakman, E.C.; F.M.; Kernkamp, T.H.K.ng; Martin, W.J., 1943:
Genetic factors for mutability and mutant characters in Ustilago zeae

Rieman, G.H., 1931:
Genetic factors for pigmentation in the Onion and their relation to disease resistance

Baltunis, B., S.; Huber, D., A.; White, T., L.; Goldfarb, B.; Stelzer, H., E., 2007:
Genetic gain from selection for rooting ability and early growth in vegetatively propagated clones of loblolly pine

Lerner, I.M.chael; Asmundson, V.S., 1938:
Genetic growth constants in domestic fowl

Riddle, O.; Dunham, H.H.; Schooley, J.P., 1942:
Genetic hermaphroditism in a strain of pigeons

Balgir, R.S., 2006:
Genetic heterogeneity of population structure in 15 major scheduled tribes in central-eastern India: a study of immuno-hematological disorders

Woolley, G.W., 1937:
Genetic history of cattle in Wisconsin

Dumont, R., 1933:
Genetic improvement and fertilization of rice in Italy, Ceylon and Indo-china : The statistical metbod and comparative trials in the field

Bally, W., 1934:
Genetic improvement and manuring of rice in Malaya and British Guiana

Venta, J.D.La., 1941:
Genetic improvement of maize

Sartoris, G.B., 1934:
Genetic improvement of sugar cane

Yasuno, N.; Yasui, Y.; Takamure, I.; Kato, K., 2007:
Genetic interaction between 2 tillering genes, reduced culm number 1 (rcn1) and tillering dwarf gene d3, in rice

Huxley, Julian, S., 1941:
Genetic interaction in a hybrid pheasant

Dodge, B.O., 1940 :
Genetic interpretations of cultural variations in the fungi

White, O.E., 1932:
Genetic interrelationships of some foliage, pod and cotyledon factors in Pisum

Proytchoff, G.G., 1928:
Genetic investigation of the resistance to rust of Timothy grass - Phleum pratense L

Darlington, C.D.; Crane, M.B.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1932:
Genetic investigations in cultivated fruits

Wellhausen, E.J., 1935:
Genetic investigations of bacterial wilt resistance in Corn as caused by Bacterium stewarti (Smith) Migula

Bremer, A.H.; Gran, A.J., 1935:
Genetic investigations with lettuce. II

Castle, W.E.; Sawin, P.B., 1941:
Genetic Linkage in the Rabbit

Sawin, P.B.; Griffith, M.A.; Stuart, C.A., 1944:
Genetic Linkage of Blood Types in the Rabbit

Levine, S.Glen.; Sunday, S.; Dörig, R.E.; Suter, B.; Lasko, P., 2007:
Genetic maps of the proximal half of chromosome arm 2L of Drosophila melanogaster

Azhar, F.M.; Khan, A.A.; Saleem, N., 2007:
Genetic mechanisms controlling salt tolerance in Gossypium hirsutum L. seedlings

Pirovano, A., 1932:
Genetic mutations produced by electro-magnetic induction and X-rays

Adametz, L., 1940:
Genetic nature and breeding and economic importance of the alleged new lamb pelt types false broad-tail

Dobzhansky, T., 1937:
Genetic nature of species differences

Hoque, M.A.; Suzuki, K.; Kadowaki, H.; Shibata, T.; Oikawa, T., 2007:
Genetic parameters for feed efficiency traits and their relationships with growth and carcass traits in Duroc pigs

Smith, T.; Domingue, J.D.; Paschal, J.C.; Franke, D.E.; Bidner, T.D.; Whipple, G., 2007:
Genetic parameters for growth and carcass traits of Brahman steers

Singh, U.; Risam, K.S.; Kumar, D.; Bhatt, R.S., 2007:
Genetic parameters in Grey Giant rabbits under sub temperate climatic conditions

Adams, J.P.; Rousseau, R.J.; Adams, J.C., 2007:
Genetic performance and maximizing genetic gain through direct and indirect selection in cherrybark oak

Hutchinson, J.B.; Joshi, N.R., 1937:
Genetic principles and the problem of crossbreeding for milk yield in Indian cattle

Wright, S., 1939:
Genetic principles governing the rate of progress of livestock breeding

Heilbronn, A.; Kosswig, C., 1939:
Genetic principles. Fundamental concepts and basic facts of genetics

Pontecoevo, G.; Gemmell, A.R., 1944:
Genetic proof of heterokaxyosis in Penieillium notatum

Pitcher, T.E.; Neff, B.D., 2007:
Genetic quality and offspring performance in Chinook salmon: implications for supportive breeding

East, E.M., 1935:
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Genetical Studies on the Wax Moth Galleria Mellonella Linn

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Genetically conditioned. differences in the tendency to physiological disorders in oats (blindness, grey spot disease, reclamation disease and Blattrote)

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Genetically determined lethality and exchangeability of nuclei in species crosses

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Genetics as a tool for studying gene structure

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Genetics at the service of socialistic agriculture

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Genetics for the future of viticulture in Germany

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Genetics in Animal Breeding

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Genetics in Russia

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Genetics in forestry

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Genetics in relation to the most efficient plants

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Genetics in relation to the problem of the most efficient plants.

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Genetics in the diagnosis of bovine congenital porphyrinuria (pink tooth)

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Genetics of

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Genetics of Coffea. IV. Instability of the pair of alleles Na-na of C. arabica L

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Genetics of Coffea. V-Inheritance of the bronze coloration in the young leaves of Coffea arabica. L

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Genetics of Coffea. VI-Independence of the factors xc xc (xanthocarpa) and Br Br (bronze) in Coffea arabica L

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