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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13396

Chapter 13396 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Simmons, P., 1929:
Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau: a Pioneer Economic Entomologist

Chorine, V., 1933:
Henry's Seroflocculation Reaction in Fowl Spirochaetosis

Voigtlander, W., 1934:
Henry's Serum Flocculation Reaction in Malaria

Moore, J.M.; Pfahler, E.H.; Card, C.G., 1935:
Hens vs. pullets. A comparison of items affecting poultry profits

Best, C.H., 1938:
Heparin And Thrombosis

Veazie, L.; Meyer, K.F., 1935:
Heparin as an Anticoagulant in the Brucella Phagoeytic Index Test

Gillain, J., 1932:
Hepatic Cirrhosis of Cattle at Kivu

Phisalix, Mme., 1923:
Hepatic Coccidiosis of a Lizard belonging to the Family Scincidae

Vincent, H., 1940:
Hepatic Dysphylaxia and Icterus Caused by Bacterium coli

Vincent, H., 1940:
Hepatic Dysphylaxia. Its Physieo-Pathologieal Consequences and its Connexion with Complement Deficiency in the Blood

Crandall, L.A.; Berry Ivy, H.; Ehni, G.J., 1940:
Hepatic acetone body production in the dog during fasting and fat feeding

Rubarth, S., 1942:
Hepatic and Epiphrenie Abscesses, with Rupture into the Caudal Vena Cava in Cattle

Peat, A.; Jobquera, R., 1943:
Hepatic cirrhosis and medical progress

Mcculloch, Ernest, C., 1940:
Hepatic cirrhosis of horses, swine and cattle due to the ingestion of seeds of the tarweed, Amsinckia intermedia

Rhoads, C.P.; Miller, D.K., 1938:
Hepatic Dysfunction in Dogs Fed Diets Causative of Black Tongue

Forsgren, E., 1932:
Hepatic function and susceptibility to insulin

Mackay, E.M.; Wick, A.N.; Barnum, C.P., 1941:
Hepatic glycogen formation by the isomers of alanine

Slatineanu, A.; Nitulescu, J.; Sibi, M.; Cantacuzino, L.; Lupu, E., 1934:
Hepatic insufficiency in pellagra

Drill, V.A.; Gunn, F.D., 1944:
Hepatic lesions and experimental hyperthyroidism

Velu, H.; Zottner, G., 1932:
Hepatic lesions due to fluorosis and intoxication by phosphated waters

Abels, J.C.; Gorham, A.T.; Eberlin, S.L.; Halter, R.; Rhoads, C.P., 1942:
Hepatic Vitamin a in the Rat as Affected by the Administration of Dibenzanthracene

Mcfarlane, A.L.; Bhanday, W.J., 1945:
Hepatic. enlargement with ascites in children

Baylis, H.A., 1931:
Hepaticola hepatica (Bancroft.)

Silva, Pícia.de.Castro.; Vitral, Cáudia.Lamarca.; Barcellos, C.; Kawa, H.; Gracie, R.; Rosa, M.Luiza.Garcia., 2007:
Hepatitis A in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: epidemiological pattern and socio-environmental variables. Cross-analysis of SINAN and population census data

Mcfarlan, A.M.; Chesney, G., 1944:
Hepatitis Following Injection of Mumps Convalescent Plasma, II. Epidemiology of the Hepatitis

Beeson, P.B.; Chesney, G.; Mcfarlan, A.M., 1944:
Hepatitis Following Injection of Mumps Convalescent Plasma. I. Use of Plasma in the Mumps Epidemic

Hawley, W.L.; Mcfarlan, A.M.; Steigman, A.J.; Mcmichael, J.; Bible, J.H., 1944:
Hepatitis Following Injection of Mumps Convalescent Plasma. III. Clinical ana Laboratory Study

Propert, S.A., 1938:
Hepatitis after Prophylactic Serum

Findlay, G.M.; Martin, N.H.; Mitchell, J.B., 1944:
Hepatitis after yellow, fever Inoculation. Relation to infective hepatitis. I. Clinical and pathological findings. II. Immunology and epidemiology

Findlay, G.M.; Maccallum, F.Q., 1938:
Hepatitis and Jaundice Associated with Immunization against Certain Virus Diseases

Bertullo, V.H., 1943:
Hepatitis in Piglets due to Cysticercus tenuicollisa. I

Stare, F.J.; Thompson, L.D., 1935:
Hepatoflavin and pernicious anemia

Motzfeldt, K., 1932:
Hepatogenous diabetes

Gupta, A.K.; Neelam Misra, 2006:
Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous ethanolic extract of Chamomile capitula in paracetamol intoxicated albino rats

Tirtha Ghosh; Maity, T.K.; Dash, G.K.; Anindya Bose; Nayak, S.S.; Dash, D.K., 2007:
Hepatoprotective activity of ethanolic extract of Bacopa monnieri Linn. aerial parts against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Garba, S.H.; Prasad, J.; Sandabe, U.K., 2007:
Hepatoprotective effect of the aqueous root-bark extract of Ficus sycomorus (Linn) on carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Moise, L., 2006:
Hepatoprotective natural products used in veterinary medicine

Korenchevsky, V.; Hall, K.; Burbank, R.C.; Cohen, J., 1941:
Hepatotrophic and Cardiotrophic Properties of Sex Hormones

David, N.A.; Johnstons, H.G., 1933:
Heptylresorcinol in the treatment of hookworm infection

Keen, B.; Armstrong, J., 1941:
Herb gathering

Anon., 1943:
Herb-growing in Croatia

Ramanatha Ayyar, V., 1937:
Herbaceum cottons of India

Wark, D.C., 1943:
Herbage and fodder crops for livestock in the Mallee

Dmitriev, A.M., 1944:
Herbage and other perennial forage areas and crops as an element of fodder supply and a system of ley husbandry

Orensanz, J., 1944:
Herbage and parasites

Mercer, S.P., 1940:
Herbage crop seed production

Rivera Ferre, M.G.; Lantinga, E.A.; Kwakkel, R.P., 2007:
Herbage intake and use of outdoor area by organic broilers: effects of vegetation type and shelter addition

N.O.Hristjuk., 1940:
Herbage mixtures and when to sow them in Kazahstan

Kolosova, A.V., 1941:
Herbage mixtures for the forest zone

Nilsson Leissner, G.; Nils SoFredrik, 1940:
Herbage plant breeding in Sweden

Anonymous, 1938:
Herbage plant improvement in Finland

Ljasenko, E.G., 1939:
Herbage plants and their mixtures on light soils

Vishnevsky., 1933:
Herbage plants for seed should be sown at the appropriate time

Serpukhova, V.I., 1933:
Herbage plants in Central Asia and their breeding

Costa, L.-Batista; Panhoza-Tse, M.-Livio; Miyada, V.-Shigueru, 2007:
Herbal extracts as alternatives to antimicrobial growth promoters for weanling pigs

Rajput, M.T.; Hassney, S.S., 2006:
Herbal remedies and their potential in the expansion of health care coverage in Sindh, Pakistan

Barker, M., 1930:
Herbert. Cholesterol and bile pigment changes incident to diets low in protein

Pavlychenko, T.K., 1943:
Herbicidal action of chemicals on perennial weeds

Hannesson, H.A.; Raynor, R.N.; Crafts, A.S., 1945:
Herbicidal use of carbon disulphide

Marth, P.C.; Davis, F.F.; Mitchell, J.W., 1945:
Herbieidal properties of 3, 4- dieh-lorophenoxyaeetic acid applied in dusts containing hygroscopic agents

Anonymous, 1936:

Hutchins, A.E.; Sando, L., 1936:
Herbs. Their culture and uses. Part 7

Ostermayer, A., 1934:
Herd Book Studies on Inheritance of Fertility and Litter Size in the Pig

Anonymous, 1935:
Herd Immunity

Sanders, D., 1937:
Herd book and unregistered animals at the Reich fat stock show in Hamburg

Anonymous, 1945:
Herd book for Gir and Kankrej breeds

Kastanov, L., 1935:
Herd horse breeding

Walker, A.W., 1941:
Herd improvement by the application of recording results

Anonymous, 1941:
Herd improvement plan

Peters, A.; Wowra Loser, A.; Nieschulz, 1931:
Herd management questions in pig farming

Kudrjasov, G.; Blohina, O., 1944:
Herd mating of mares in the districts where horses are kept in stables

Wikse, S.E.; Rogers, G.M.; Ramachandran, S.; Engelken, T.J.; Epperson, W.B.; Larson, R.L.; Maas, J.; Richey, E.; Bolin, C., 2007:
Herd prevalence and risk factors of Leptospira infection in beef cow/calf operations in the United States: Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo

Sornikov, S., 1938:
Herd rearing of crossbred foals in the Tuva Republic

Armstrong, J.T., 1935:
Herd recording

Hewitt, A.C.T., 1933:
Herd sires and the Mount Hope Index

Donald, H.P.; E.I.riby, A.A., 1945:
Herd size and its genetical significance in pedigree cattle breeding

Stuchbery, H.M., 1937:

Stolberg-Wernigerode, A.G.Zu., 1942:
Herdbuchaufnahme. (Herd book acceptance

Anonymous, 1941:
Here are spray recommendations for orchards of western States

Price, W., 1941:
Here's a new way to merchandise natural cheese

Bose, S.R., 1944:
Hereditary (seed-borne) symbiosis in Casuarina equisetifolia Forst

Nattan-Larrier, L., 1935:
Hereditary Anaphylaxis

Anon., 1937:
Hereditary Animal Diseases Mentioned in the Animal Breeding Law, Germany

Bonnevie, K.E.H., 1932:
Hereditary Anomalies in Miee Descending from Stock Eaised (1921) by Little and Bagg

Thomsen, O., 1934:
Hereditary Blood Group Antigens in the Fowl

Pybus, F.C.; Miller, E.W., 1938:
Hereditary Bone Tumours in Mice

Robb, W., 1936:
Hereditary Diseases

Van Der Plank, G.M., 1939:
Hereditary Disposition to TB. in Cattle.

Kemp, T., 1933:
Hereditary Dwarfism in the Mouse

Wernicke, O., 1935:
Hereditary Eye Carcinoma in Cattle

Dupont, A.F.A., 1943:
Hereditary Factors in Sterility

Rautmann, H., 1935:
Hereditary Factors in Tuberculosis

Remlinger, P., 1919:
Hereditary Immunity against Rabies

Malloy, H.T.; Lowenstein, L., 1940:
Hereditary Jaundice In The Rat

Jeffrey, F.P., 1941:
Hereditary Miorophthalinia in the Domestic Fowl

Fourie, J.J., 1939:
Hereditary Porphyrinuria ( Pink Tooth ) in Cattle and its Significance in Meat Inspection

Ehrlich, C., 1935:
Hereditary Predisposition to Tuberculosis in Cattle

Richet, C., 1933:
Hereditary Stability of Acquired Characters

Sergent, E.; Donatien, A.; Parrot, L.; Lestoquard, F., 1931:
Hereditary Transmission of P. bigeminum in Rhipicephalus bursa. Persistence of the Parasites in Ticks nourished on Horses

Morenas, L.; Ronan, E., 1937:
Hereditary Transmission of Tryp. brucei in Rats

Van Den Branden, F., 1935:
Hereditary Transmission of Trypanosomiasis

Parker, R.R.; Spencer, R.R., 1926:
Hereditary Transmission of Tularaemia Infection by the Wood Tick, Dermacentor andersoni Stiles

Nakayama, K., 1941:
Hereditary abnormal division of leaflets in Trifolium pratense quinquefolium de Vries

Kobozieff, N.; Pomriaskinsky-Kobozieff, N., 1940 :
Hereditary abnormalities of the external ear of mice

Gunn, C.H., 1938:
Hereditary acholuric jaundice in a new mutant strain of rats

Brown, W.H.; Pearce, L., 1945:
Hereditary Achondroplasia In The Rabbit : I. Physical Appearance And General Features

Pearce, L.; Brown, W.H., 1945:
Hereditary Achondroplasia In The Rabbit : Ii. Pathologic Aspects

Pearce, L.; Brown, W.H., 1945:
Hereditary Achondroplasia In The Rabbit : Iii. Genetic Aspects; General Considerations

Nordskog, A.W.; Comstock, R.E.; Winters, L.M., 1944:
Hereditary and environmental factors affecting growth rate in swine

Hays, F.A., 1932:
Hereditary and environmental factors affecting variability in egg production

Dobrovolskaia Zavadskaia, N., 1940:
Hereditary and environmental factors in the origin of different cancers

Hutt, F.B., 1935:
Hereditary blindness in the fowl

Greene, H.S.; Saxton, J.A., 1939:
Hereditary Brachydactylia and Allied Abnormalities in the Rabbit

Smith, S.E.; Barrentine, B.F., 1943:
Hereditary cataract. A new dominant gene in the rat

Weischer, F., 1944:
Hereditary cause and control of cattle leucosis

Snell, G.D.; Ames, F.B., 1939:
Hereditary changes in the descendants of female mice exposed to roentgen rays

Mead, S.W.; Gregory, P.W.; Regan, W.M., 1943:
Hereditary congenital flexed pasterns in Jersey cattle

Gregory, P.W.; Mead, S.W.; Reagan, W.M., 1944:
Hereditary congenital lethal spasms in Jersey cattle

D.Rosa, F.M., 1945:
Hereditary congenital luxation of the hip in rabbits

Cirio, L., 1936:
Hereditary constitution and capacity to react to oncogenous stimuli. Sensitivity to the oncogenous action of tar and coat colour in the mouse

Richter, J.; Gehring, K., 1937:
Hereditary cramp in new-born calves

Keller, K., 1937:
Hereditary curvatures of the limb

Muller, H., 1937:
Hereditary defects and constitutional deficiencies in animal breeding

Anonymous, 1938:
Hereditary defects in the horse

Stein, E., 1934:
Hereditary degeneration produced by irradiation from radium

Nachtsheim, H., 1936:
Hereditary dental defects in the rabbit

Altschuler, W.E.; V.E., 1939:
Hereditary differences in sires and environment responsible for the variability of the average records of daughters

Robb, W., 1936:
Hereditary diseases. The hereditary nature of the disease is regarded as a hypothesis without scientific proof.

Holmes, F.O., 1937:
Hereditary factors affecting tobacco-mosaic disease in solanaceous plants

Haan, H.Be., 1932:
Hereditary factors and relationship

Haan, H.De., 1931:
Hereditary factors for the stem length of the pea

Everett, J.W., 1942:
Hereditary factors which condition the light estrus response in the albino rat

Steiniger, F., 1940:
Hereditary hare lip in dogs

Steiniger, F., 1940:
Hereditary hare-lip in the dog

Bonsma, J.C., 1944:
Hereditary heartwater-resistant characters in cattle

O'farrel, W.R., 1913:
Hereditary infection, with special reference to its occurrence in Hyalomma aegyptium infected with Crithidia hyalommae

Rasmussen, J.K., 1943:
Hereditary lameness in the Red Danish breed

Rapoport, J.A., 1938:
Hereditary lethal tumours in Drosophila

Eriksson, K.; Sandstedt, H., 1938:
Hereditary malformation of the iris and ciliary body with secondary cataract in the horse

Schnelle, W., 1939:
Hereditary malformations in the pig

Jeffrey, Fred, P., 1941:
Hereditary microphthalmia in the domestic fowl

Rytand, D.A., 1943:
Hereditary obesity of yellow mice : a method for the study of obesity

Jacobs, J.L.; Kelley, J.J.; Sommers, S.C., 1941:
Hereditary predisposition to sensitization in guinea pigs

Ljutikov, K.M., 1935:
Hereditary preponderance of

Lindstrom, E.W., 1933:
Hereditary radium-induced variations in the tomato

Manwaring, W.H., 1944:
Hereditary Sperm Groups

Hamori, D., 1939 :
Hereditary sterility in the mare

Regan, W.M.; Gregory, P.W.; Mead, S.W., 1944:
Hereditary strabismus in Jersey cattle

Cuenot, L., 1941:
Hereditary transmission in interspecific crosses

Liese, J., 1936:
Hereditary transmission of blister rust diseases in the bark of pine

Hogreffe, 1944:
Hereditary tumor-like takes in transplantation of leukosis in mice

Phillips, J.M.i.; Felton, T.M., 1939:
Hereditary umbilical hernia in dogs

Frets, G.P., 1936:
Hereditary variability in the F3 seed generation after cross-fertilization of bean races

Harvey, P.H., 1939:
Hereditary Variation in Plant Nutrition

Mcnutt, C.W.; Baldwin Sawin, P., 1943:
Hereditary variations in the vena cava inferior of the rabbit

Shull, A.Franklin, 1938:

Schotterer, A., 1942:

Martin, J.H., 1940:
Heredity and Avian Lymphomatosis

Geissler, O., 1942:
Heredity and TB

Ruppert, F., 1935:
Heredity and Tuberculosis Control

Dunn, L.C.; Gluecksohn Schoen Heimer, S.; Curtis, M.R.; Dunning, W.F., 1942:
Heredity and accident as factors in the production of taillessness in the rat

Lapage, C.P., 1933:
Heredity and allergy

Weischer, F., 1944:
Heredity and control of bovine leucosis

Crew, F.A.E., 1938:
Heredity and disease resistance

Emerson, R.A., 1937:
Heredity and environment

Leffmann, H., 1914:
Heredity and Environment

Bonnier, G., 1940:
Heredity and environment in animal production

Bornebusch, C.H., 1941:
Heredity and environment.

Plhl, M., 1941:
Heredity and evolution in the light of the present day. IV. Experimental research on mutation

Demerec, M., 1936:
Heredity and radiation

Peter-Contesse, J., 1941:
Heredity and selection

Kemp, T., 1938:
Heredity and the Endocrine Function. An Investigation of Hereditary Anterior Pituitary Deficiency in the Mouse

Anonymous, 1945:
Heredity and the nucleus in yeasts

Houdiniere, A., 1943:
Heredity and the secretion of milk

Crew, F.A.E.; Roberts, J.A.F., 1933:
Heredity as a Factor in Animal Disease

Rautmann., 1933:
Heredity in Fowl Paralysis

Ghigi, A., 1932:
Heredity in Guinea Fowls

Letard, E., 1933:
Heredity in Parasitic Diseases. Prenatal Ascaridiasis

Jones, T.C.; Maurer, F.D., 1942:
Heredity in Periodic Ophthalmia

Smith, A.D.B.; Robison, O.J., 1934:
Heredity in Pigs

Sciuchetti, A., 1944:
Heredity in animal breeding

Edwards, J.; Hammond, J.; Walton, A., 1941:
Heredity in farm animals

Webster, Leslie, T., 1939:
Heredity in infectious disease

Chiarugi, A., 1939:
Heredity in pathology

Stamos, H.F., 1940:
Heredity in pernicious anemia

Chiarugi, A., 1939:
Heredity in plant pathology

Herfort, K., 1936:
Heredity in relation to gastric and duodenal ulcer

Gorlatsh, A.A., 1936:
Heredity in resistance to brown rust in hybrids of wheat

Remlinger, P., 1919:
Heredity in the Etiology of Eabies. Explanation of Certain Cases of Spontaneous Rabies in Puppies

Schwirzke., 1939:
Heredity of Cattle Leucosis

Hamori, D., 1940:
Heredity of Equine Cryptorchism

Konradi, Daniel, 1917:
Heredity of Rabies. Fourth Report

Pictet, A.; Ferrero, A., 1936:
Heredity of a new coat character: the silver guinea-pig

Lesage, P., 1934:
Heredity of acquired earliness in 1934

Negrul, A.M.; Kondo, J.N., 1939:
Heredity of cold resistance in buds of hybrid grapes

Hirata, K., 1931:
Heredity of intersexuality in hemp

Koehler, Arthur, 1939:
Heredity versus environment in improving wood in forest trees

Lurie, M.B., 1941:
Heredity, Constitution and Tuberculosis. An Experimental Study. I. Inherited Native Resistance and Natural Respiratory Contagion

Lurie, M.B., 1941:
Heredity, Constitution and Tuberculosis. An Experimental Study. II. Inherited Native Resistance and Artifieial Tubereulous Infection

Lurie, M.B.; Zappasodi, P., 1941:
Heredity, Constitution and Tuberculosis. An Experimental Study. III. Experimental Study of Certain Factors Related to Hereditary Constitutional Resistance to Tuberculosis

Gordienko, M., 1945:
Hereford cattle on state farms in Kazakhstan

Galiakberov, N., 1939 :
Hereford crosses at the State Farm Krasnyi Skotovod

Anderson, A.L.; Bonsma, J.C., 1937:
Hereford hogs

Zamjatin, N.; Molcanov, V., 1934:
Herefords in U.S.S.R.

Montanaro, G., 1937:
Herens cattle in Sicily

Muller, H.J., 1932:
Heribert Nilsson's evidence against the artificial production of mutations

Stonaker, H.H.; Lush, J.L., 1942:
Heritability of conformation in Poland-China swine as evaluated by scoring

Hetzer, H. 0.; Dickerson, G.E.; Zeller, J.H., 1944:
Heritability of type in Poland China swine as evaluated by scoring

Hazel, L.N.; Teeeill, C.E., 1945:
Heritability of weaning weight and staple length in range Rambouillet lambs

Terrill, C.E.; Hazel, L.N., 1943:
Heritability of yearling fleece and body traits of range Rambouillet ewes

Klatt, B., 1939:
Heritable anomalies of the vertebral column of the dog

Jaap, R.G.orge; Thompson, R.B.; Milby, T.T., 1939:
Heritable body shape of the domestic turkey

Bryan, A.A.; Sass, J.E., 1941:
Heritable characters in maize. 51-Knotted leaf.

Brink, R.A.; Senn, P.H., 1931:
Heritable characters in maize. XL. Ragged, a dominant character, linked with al, ts4 and d1

Hayes, H.K., 1932:
Heritable characters in maize. XLIII. Zebra seedlings

Brink, R.A., 1935:
Heritable characters in maize. XLIX. Pale midrib

Eyster, William, H., 1934:
Heritable characters in maize. XLVIII. Dwarf6

Kempton, J.H., 1934:
Heritable characters in maize. XLVIL Branched silkless

Mumm, W.J.; Woodworth, C.M., 1930:
Heritable characters in maize. XXXVI. A factor for soft starch in Dent Com

Fraser, A.C., 1933:
Heritable characters of maize, XLIV. Silky ears

Eyster, W.H., 1931:
Heritable characters of maize. XXXIX Male sterile-3

Singleton, W.R.; Jones, D.F., 1930:
Heritable characters of maize. XXXV. Male sterile

Eyster, W.H., 1931:
Heritable characters of maize. XXXVIII Male sterile-2

Gordon, M., 1937:
Heritable colour variations in the Mexican swordtail-fish

Jaap, R.G.orge; Thompson, R.B., 1940:
Heritable differences in conformation of adult female fowl

D.Garis, Charles, F., 1935:
Heritable effects of conjugation between free individuals and double monsters in diverse races of Paramecium caudatum

Ekstrand, H., 1939:
Heritable malformations of tomato fruits

Kostoff, Dontcho, 1935:
Heritable tumors in plants experimentally produced

Kostoff, D.; Sarana, M., 1939:
Heritable variations in Nicotiana Tabacum L. induced by abnormal temperatures, and their evolutionary significance

Ireland, J.C., 1938:
Heritable Variations In Chlorophyll

Poria, Y.; Gvili, Y., 2006:
Heritage site Websites content: the need for versatility

Timothy, D.J.; Boyd, S.W., 2006:
Heritage tourism in the 21st century: valued traditions and new perspectives

Correa, A.F., 2006:
Heritage, museums and subjectivities

Zimmermann, G., 1944 :
Hermaphrodism as the result of intersexual metamorphosis

Eaton, O.N.; Simmons, V.L., 1939:
Hermaphrodism in Milk Groats

Hooker, C.W.; Strong, L.C., 1944:
Hermaphrodism in rodents, with description of a case in the mouse

Buckingham, J., 1936:
Hermaphrodite horse

Paget, R.F., 1943:

David, R., 1935:
Hermaphroditic testes in certain

Keilin, D.; Nuttall, G.H.F., 1919:
Hermaphroditism and other Abnormalities in Pediculus humanus

Zimmermann, G., 1944:
Hermaphroditism as the result of an intersexual transformation process

Uchida, T.; Horie, H., 1936:
Hermaphroditism in an adult Japanese toad

Sobrinho, A.S.O., 1939:
Hermaphroditism in cattle and goats

Piacco, R., 1934:
Hermaphroditism in maize

Dreyfus, A., 1937:
Hermaphroditismo alternante proterogynico em Rhabdias fulleborni Trav

Bradley, G.H., 1930:
Hermetia illucens L. A Pest of sanitary Privies in Louisiana

Chavance, J., 1944:
Hernia and prolapse of the vagina in eases of rickets

Burnet, F.M.; Williams, S.W., 1939:
Herpes Simplex : A New Point of View

Voglino, P., 1930:
Herpes of the Apple

Lourler, A.; Zwitkis, E., 1928:
Herpes tonsurans, microsporosis, and favus of the eyebrows and eyelashes

Gordon, A., 1940:
Herpes zoster and a method of using vitamin B1

Rattner, H.; Roll, H.C., 1939:
Herpes zoster and vitamin B1

Holmes, F.O., 1924:
Herpetomonad flagellates in the latex of Milkweed in Maryland

Rodhain, J., 1915:
Herpetomonas Parasitie in Larvae of Oestridae

Becker, E.R., 1927:
Herpetomonas arctocorixae sp. nov. entozoic in the Intestine of the Water-boatman Arctocorixa interrupta Say

Shortt, H.E., 1923:
Herpetomonas ctenocephali, Fantham some Observations on its Life History and Reactions to different Environments

Glaser, R.W., 1922:
Herpetomonas muscae-domesticae, its Behaviour and Effect in Laboratory Animals

Bellosillo, G.C., 1937:
Herpetomonas muscarum (Leidy) in Lucilia sericata Meigen

Rodhain, J., 1915:
Herpetomonas parasites of intestinal Oestrid larvae

Bayon, H.P., 1926:
Herpetomonasinthe Cloaca of African Chameleons

D.Ruyter, D.Wildt, J.C., 1933:
Herring meal in pig fattening. 1. Herring meal versus meat meal

D.Ruyter, D.Wildt, J.C., 1933:
Herring meal in pig feeding. 2. Herring meal versus blood meal

Kenwood, H., 1934:
Herrings and national nutrition

Maclennan, K., 1934:
Herrings as food

Watson, J.R., 1944:
Herse cingulatus Fab. as an Armyworm

Anonymous, 1926:
Hessian Fly Conference

Gossard, H.A.; Parks, T.H., 1922:
Hessian Fly Control in 1921 and 1922

Swenk, M.H., 1924:
Hessian Fly Control in Nebraska

Emery, W.T., 1937:
Hessian Fly Eggs and Freezing Temperatures

Gossard, H.A.; Parks, T.H., 1921:
Hessian Fly Prevention

Faxon, R., 1924:
Hessian Fly, Wheat Insect Survey, 1924

Belanovskii, I.D., 1940:
Hessian-fly Parasites in the Ukrainian SSR and their Role in the Control of the Hessian-fly in 1937 and 1938.

Garretsen, A.J., 1922:
Het snoeien om de andere rij ter bestrijding van Helopeltis

Otte, W., 1931:
Heterakis (Ascaridia) perspicillum (inflexa Rud. 1803) or Heterakis (Ascaridia) lineata Schneider 1866

Claussen, L., 1934:
Heterakis Infection in Fowls

Travassos, L., 1945:
Heterakis fartai Travassos, 1913 (Nemaroda-Subuluroidea)

Beaudette, F.R., 1942:
Heterakis isolonche Linstow (1906) in a pheasant with remarks on tuberculosis and gapeworms

Lal, M.B., 1942:
Heterakis tragopanis, a new species of the genus Heterakis from the intestine of a crimson-horned pheasant

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Heterologous Experience (Immunization) as a Factor in Resistance to Disease

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Heterosis in tomatoes

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Heuristic approach for renovating a monitoring network measuring sea water intrusion into the coastal aquifer

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Hibiscus esculentus grown in Argentina

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Hickory Trees Threatened with Destruction

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Hidden Presence of Tubercle Bacilli in Meat, Blood, and Apparently Normal Organs of Tuberculous Slaughter Animals

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High Production through careful Plucking and Insect Control

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High Serum Magnesium Associated with Urinary Calculi in Sheep

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High Voltage Cathode Rays Outside The Generating Tube

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High altitude dairy farming in war-time

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High and low costs in milk production

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High and low lethal Temperatures for the Western Pine Beetle

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High bacterial counts in pasteurized milk-some factors involved

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High calcium content of thistles (Cynara cardunculus L. and Silybum Marianum L.); effect on properties of milk

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High carbon monoxide concentrations during the rainy season in Campo Grande, in central Brazil

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High daily intake of inorganic iodine from Dutch water supplies

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High egg-laying records at the central competitions at Glen

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High feeding value of the right pasture. Important results of research. Uniform food content during whiter months

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High frequency bonding of laminated wood

Graham, P.H., 1944:
High frequency electrostatic heating of wood

Brown, D.W., 1944:
High frequency heating

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High frequency heating applied to aircraft woodwork

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High gonadotropic hormone concentration in pregnant ponies

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High incidence in diabetics of skin infections due to yeasts and similar fungi

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High input sugarcane production systems can mask the adverse effects of poor soil health

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High levels of vitamins A and D fed to dairy calves prove beneficial. (Science for the farmer)

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High lights in nutrition research

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High manure losses on Colorado farms may be reduced, experiment shows

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High milk performance and strong calves only when the dry period is rightly timed

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High milk production through feeding cellulose. (Danish and Swedish experience.)

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High milk yield without concentrates

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High mortality in a herd with signs of jejunal hemorrhage syndrome

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High mountain grazings in Central Africa

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HIGH NITROGEN DIETS AND RENAL INJURY: The Dependence of the Injury upon the Nature of the Nitrogenous Substance

Anonymous, 1936:
High nutritive value of sesame seeds

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High oxygen treatment increases antioxidant capacity and postharvest life of strawberry fruit

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High porphyrin excretion in the newborn: theory of haematogenous nature of icterus neonatorum

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High potassium diet with high fluid intake as treatment in cardiorenal insufficiency

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High pressure in food chemistry

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High pressures in pulverization

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High prevalence of skin sensitization to inhalant allergens in school children from Zagreb, Croatia

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High producing young cows increase production most

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High production and disease

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High production and its relation to disease in dairy cattle

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High production cows of Lower Bavaria

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High proportion of BRCA1/2 founder mutations in Hispanic breast/ovarian cancer families from Colombia

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High protein mashes for broilers

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High protein pasture. The rotational or closegrazing system of pasture management

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High quality composts by means of cocomposting of residues from anaerobic digestion

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High quality of Merino wool

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High records contrasted with unselected records and with average records as a basis for selecting cows

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High resolution modelling of atmosphere-canopy exchange of acidifying and eutrophying components and carbon dioxide for European forests

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High resolution simulations of an intense convective precipitation event

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High school counselors' perceptions of fairness and satisfaction of NCAA Division I freshman eligibility requirements

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High seed yield of indigenous Miusskaja lucerne variety in the Mat-veevo-Kurgan district of Rostov region

Krenickii, P.R., 1941 :
High seed yields of irrigated lucerne

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High solar radiation hinders tree regeneration above the alpine treeline in northern Ecuador

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High suction force in maize plants have cobs of qualitatively high value

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High sugar diets and dental caries in the white rat

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High tapping in rubber

Nieuwpoort, D., 1941:
High tapping of rubber

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High temperature pasteurization

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High temperature stress and spikelet fertility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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High temperature treatments in Triticum and the character and chromosomes of the next generation

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Histogenesis of Pustules on the Oesophageal Mucosa of Fowls with Avitaminosis A

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