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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13404

Chapter 13404 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Weidlich, N., 1934:
Infection of the udder of a Cow by Anthrax Bacilli

Preto, G., 1939:
Infection of the urinary passages in vitamin A deficiency. Cure with large doses of the antixerophthalmia factor

Magath, T.B.; Mathieson, D.R., 1945:
Infection of wild rats on Leyte with Schistosoma japonicum

Crawford, M., 1940:
Infection oi Adult Fowls with Syngamus trachealis

Verge., 1945:
Infection oi man with leptospira from dogs

Simonds, A. 0.; Kreutzer, W.A., 1944:
Infection phenomena in tomato-fruit rot caused by Phytophthora capsici

Raleigh, W.P., 1930:
Infection studies of Diplodia seae (Schw.) Lev. and control of seedling blights of Corn

Brandwein, Paul, F., 1940:
Infection studies on the covered smut of oats

Schmidt, M., 1937:
Infection trials with S. cinerea on sweet and sour cherries

Szathmary, S., 1935:
Infection with Achorion gypseum following an injury

de la Fuente, J.; Torina, A.; Naranjo, V.; Caracappa, S.; Di Marco, V.; Alongi, A.; Russo, M.; Maggio, A.R.; Kocan, K.M., 2005:
Infection with Anaplasma phagocytophilum in a seronegative patient in Sicily, Italy: case report

Felderman, L., 1940:
Infection with Aspergillus niger: report of two Cases

Pegreffi, G., 1931:
Infection with B. pyogenes in the Domesticated Animals in Sardinia

O'callaghan, W.P., 1932:
Infection with Br. abortus in the Irish Free State

Anonymous, 1932:
Infection with Brucella abortus

Diaz de Ramirez, A.; Ramirez Iglesia, L.N.; Morillo Luque, J.G.; Barreto Bastidas, A.J., 2007:
Infection with Cryptosporidium sp. and its association with diarrhoea in dual-purpose calves

Guy, W.H.; Cohen, M.; Jacob, F.M., 1943:
Infection with Loa loa

Travis, E.K.; Junge, R.E.; Terrell, S.P., 2007:
Infection with Mycobacterium simiae complex in four captive Micronesian kingfishers

Piening, C., 1932:
Infection with Novy's Bacillus of Malignant Oedema (Clostridinm oedematiens) in a Swan

Sinton, J.A., 1921:
Infection with Nuttallia ninense among Hedgehogs in the North-West Frontier Province, India

Trim, E.A., 1943:
Infection with Schistosoma mansoni

Perla, D., 1935:
Infection with Trypanosoma equiperdum

Plakidas, A.G., 1941:
Infection with pure cultures of Clitocybe tabescens

Meyer, A., 1931:
Infection, Development and Growth of M. hirudinaceus in the intermediate Host

Boemer, L.C., 1939:
Infection, arthritis, and allergy, with an allergic dietary regimen

Maier, W., 1942:
Infection, cause and prevention of brown rot in apricots

Wieben, Magdalene, 1927:
Infection, mycelial hibernation, and conjugation in tne Exoascaceae

Markoff, A.A., 1936:
Infections Caused by Unpigmented Endocorpuscular Parasites

Seddon, H.R.; Belschner, H.G., 1927:
Infections Labial Dermatitis or Scabby Mouth in Sheep and Goats

Yurukoff, B., 1939:
Infections and poisonings due to eating ice cream

Camele, I.; Altieri, L.; Nigro, C.; Santoro, M.; Rana, G.L., 2007:
Infections by Colletotrichum coccodes on sweet pepper in Basilicata (southern Italy)

Galliard, H., 1933:
Infections by Trypanosoma duttoni Thiroux in Splenectomized Animals

Dimock, W.W.; Edwards, P.R., 1932:
Infections of Fetuses and Foals

Griffith, A.S., 1939:
Infections of Wild Animals with Tubercle Bacilli and other Acid-fast Bacilli

Laveran, A., 1918:
Infections of the Dormouse with L. tropica and with the Causal Organism of Natural Canine Leishmaniasis

Lewis, G.M.; Hopper, M.E., 1938:
Infections of the skin due to Monilia albicans. II. Immunologic, etiologic, and therapeutic considerations

Haughwout, Frank, G., 1918:
Infections with Coccidium and Isospora in Animals in the Philippine Islands and their Possible Clinical Significance

Milan, A., 1932:
Infections with Tilletia obtained by wounding, and the degree of susceptibility of Wheat types

Carini, A.; Maciel, J.J., 1914:
Infections with Toxoplasmosis and Infectious Bulbar Paralysis by Way of Healthy Mucous Membranes

Anonymous, 1944:
Infections with non-sporing anaerobes

Vzoroff, V.I., 1930:
Infectious 'ryaboukha' of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

Kalikin, B., 1933:
Infectious Abortion

Mlinac, F., 1938:
Infectious Abortion among Ewes in Southern Serbia, caused by a Micro-organism closely related to Salmonella typhil

Topacio, T.; Acevedo, R.A., 1938:
Infectious Abortion in Imported Dairy Cows

Momberg-Jorgensen, H.C., 1939:
Infectious Abortion in Mares

Bevan, L.E.W., 1921:
Infectious Abortion of Cattle and its possible relation to Human Health

Marriott, W.H., 1938:
Infectious Abortion of Cattle in Canada

Bevan, L.E.W., 1925:
Infectious Abortion of Cattle. Notes on Agglutination

Roemmele, O., 1938:
Infectious Abortion of Sheep caused toy Salmonella paratyphi B

Bevan, L.E.W., 1924:
Infectious Abortion. The Use and Abuse of the De-vitalised Vaccine

Kikuth, W.; Gonnert, R.; Schweickert, M., 1940:
Infectious Aleucocytosis in Cats

Mitchell, C.A.; Walker, R.V., 1943:
Infectious Anaemia and Encephalomyelitis Vaccination

Wilmes, H., 1937:
Infectious Anaemia in Slaughter-Horses in the Cassel District, Germany

Cilli, V., 1939:
Infectious Anaemia in the Ass and Pernicious Anaemia in Human Beings.

Carre, H.; Verge, J., 1935:
Infectious Anaemia of Domestic Animals

Staudfusz, R.; Schultz, E.; Schnauder, F.; Peters, W.; Frenzel, W., 1924:
Infectious Anaemia of Equines

Sohns, J.C.F.; Raden Soetedjo., 1917:
Infectious Anaemia of Horses

Gerlach, F., 1933:
Infectious Anaemia of Sheep

Zwick, W., 1935:
Infectious Anaemia of Sheep and Horses

Feers, A.G., 1918:
Infectious Anemia of Horses

Stein, C.D., 1935:
Infectious Anemia or Swamp Fever in Horses. A Review of the Bureau of Animal Industry's Investigations

Hart, L., 1940:
Infectious Avian Encephalomyelitis

Plastridge, W.N.; Anderson, E.O.; Weirether, F.J.; Johnson, R.E., 1936:
Infectious Bovine Mastitis. Report of a Control Program based on Segregation of Infected Animals

Waldmann, O.; Kobe, K., 1935:
Infectious Bronchitis of Cattle

Waldmann, O.; Kobe, K., 1934:
Infectious Bronchitis of Horses

Bodin., 1937:
Infectious Broncho-Pneumonia of Cattle

Petersen, G., 1934:
Infectious Broncho-Pneumonia of the Horse in Denmark

Burggraaf, A.; Lourens, L.F.D.E., 1932:
Infectious Bulbar Paralysis, Pseudo-Rabies or Aujeszky's Disease

Nelson, J.B., 1937:
Infectious Catarrh Of Mice : I. A Natural Outbreak Of The Disease

Nelson, J.B., 1937:
Infectious Catarrh of Mice. II. The Detection and Isolation of Coccobacillary Bodies

Nelson, J.B., 1937:
Infectious Catarrh of Mice. III. The Etiological Significance of the Coccobacillary Bodies

Nelson, J.B., 1940:
Infectious Catarrh Of The Albino Rat : I. Experimental Transmission In Relation To The Role Of Actinobacillus Muris

Heelsbergen, T.Van., 1931 :
Infectious Cloacitis of Hens

Jones, F.S., 1933:
Infectious Diarrhea (Winter Scours) of Cattle

Kobe, K., 1935:
Infectious Disease in Piglets caused by Br. abortus

Friedemann, U.; Elkeles, A., 1934:
Infectious Diseases and the Brain

Pirani, A., 1933:
Infectious Diseases of Animals in Eritrea. (Fowl Coccidiosis-Fowl Cholera-Spirilla in a Gazelle-Cerebral Coenurosis-Foot and Mouth Disease)

Delpy, L., 1936:
Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals in Iran from 1930 to 1935

Hilton, G., 1934:
Infectious Diseases of General Interest to the Pacific

Dottl, K., 1941:
Infectious Diseases of Laboratory White Mice and Rats

Cernaianu, C., 1934:
Infectious Diseases of Poultry

Saxer, E., 1935:
Infectious Diseases of the Muscles of Cattle. I

Smythe, A.R., 1934:
Infectious Diseases oi Cats

Schoop, G., 1936 :
Infectious Encephalitis in the Fox

Kjos-Hansen, J., 1936:
Infectious Encephalitis of Foxes

Hauge, K., 1936:
Infectious Encephalitis of Silver Poxes

Della Maria, G., 1935:
Infectious Eneephalomyelitis of Cattle in Sardinia

Schaaf, J., 1933:
Infectious Enteritis in Ducks

Claussen, L., 1935:
Infectious Enteritis of Cats

Schaaf, J., 1934:
Infectious Enteritis of Ducks and its Importance to Public Health

Bisbocci, G., 1938:
Infectious Entero-Hepatitis in Fowls Due to a Cryptococcus

Bennetts, H.M., 1932:
Infectious Entero-toxaemia, Pulpy Kidney, and other Related Diseases of Sheep

Bardelli, F.; Menzani, C., 1938:
Infectious Enterohepatitis (Blackhead).

Fournier., 1937:
Infectious Enterohepatitis of Piglets

Schwarte, L.H., 1934:
Infectious Enterohepatitis of Turkeys

Hlavacek, B., 1937:
Infectious Equine Abortion

Miessner Koser., 1933:
Infectious Equine Abortion (Bact. abortus equi)

Anon., 1936:
Infectious Equine Bronchitis

Records, E., 1938:
Infectious Equine Encephalomyelitis and its Biological Treatment

Vichelssky, R.S.; Naskov, A.; Soukhof, M.; Moutovine, V., 1935:
Infectious Equine Encephalomyelitis in the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics

Anonymous, 1940:
Infectious Equine Encephalomyelitis in the United States in 1939

V.Osteen, O.W., 1939:
Infectious Equine Eneephalomyelitis : Mid-Winter Case

Schokning, H.W.; Giltner, L.T.; Shahan, M.S., 1940:
Infectious Equine Eneephalomyelitis in 1939

Lawrence, J.S.; Syverton, J.T.; Shaw, J.S.; Jr.; Smith, F.P., 1940:
Infectious Feline Agranuloeytosis

Thorshaug, K., 1939:
Infectious Feline Enteritis

Verge, J.; Goret, P., 1935:
Infectious Feline Gastro-Enteritis

Torres, S., 1941:
Infectious Feline Gastroenteritis in Wild Cats

Shope, R.E., 1936:
Infectious Fibroma Of Rabbits : Iv. The Infection With Virus Myxomatosum Of Rabbits Recovered From Fibroma

Bisbocci, G., 1936:
Infectious Gastro-Enteritis in Cats

Urbain, A., 1933:
Infectious Gastro-Enteritis of Cats

Gousseff, W.F., 1935:
Infectious Jaundice oF Cattle

Mitscherlich, E., 1943:
Infectious Karato-Conjunctivitis of Sheep in Germany, and its Relationship to Infectious Kerato-Conjanctivitis of Cattle

Parnes, J., 1938:
Infectious Keratitis in Cattle

Soetisno, M., 1934:
Infectious Keratitis of Cattle

Mitscherlich, E., 1943:
Infectious Kerato-conjunctivitis of Sheep in Germany and its Relation to infectious Kerato-conjunctivitis of Cattle

Seifried, O.; Krembs, J., 1940:
Infectious Laryngo-Enteritis Of Cats. II

Krembs, J., 1939:
Infectious Laryngo-Enteritis of Cats

Dobson, N., 1935:
Infectious Laryngo-Traeheitis in Poultry

Karsten., 1937:
Infectious Laryngotracheitis in Canaries

Kernohan, G., 1931:
Infectious Laryngotracheitis in Pheasants

Ravaglia, F., 1939:
Infectious Laryngotracheitis of Hens in Italian Somaliland

Beaudette, F.R., 1937:
Infectious Laryngotraeheitis

Kernohan, George., 1931:
Infectious Laryngotraeheitis of Fowls

Souckin, M.J., 1934:
Infectious Metritis in Rabbits Corynebacterium Infection

Mckenney, F.D.; Shillinger, J.E., 1935:
Infectious Myxomatosis of Domestic Rabbits

Hyde, R.R., 1939:
Infectious Myxomatosis of Rabbits (Sanarelli) versus the Fibroma Virus (Shope) with Especial Reference to the Time Interval in the Establishment of Concomitant Immunity

Smadel, J.E.; Ward, S.M.; Rivers, T.M., 1940:
Infectious Myxomatosis Of Rabbits : Ii. Demonstration Of A Second Soluble Antigen Associated With The Disease

Belschner, H.G.; Edgar, G., 1931 :
Infectious Nasal Catarrh of Sheep

Wardle, R.N., 1936:
Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis (Black Disease) Control, with Special Reference to Vaccination. With a Note on Vaccination against Entero-Toxaemia and Black Leg

Turner, A.W., 1929:
Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis (Black Disease), caused by B. oedematiens in a Cow

Turner, A.W., 1928:
Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis (Braxy, Black Disease) of the Australian Sheep. Production of the Disease, Vaccination by Anaculture

Curasson, G., 1929:
Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis of the Sheep in the Sudan

Balog, P., 1936:
Infectious Papilloma of the Vulva of the Cow

Shope, R.E.; Hurst, E.W., 1933:
Infectious Papillomatosis Of Rabbits : With A Note On The Histopathology

Frauchiger, E.; Hofmann, W.; Schmid., 1942:
Infectious Paralysis oi Lambs

Mikkelsen, A., 1935:
Infectious Paraplegia in the Horse

Doukaloff, I.A., 1935:
Infectious Pleuro-Pneumonia of Goats

Gilbert, S.J., 1937:
Infectious Pleuro-Pneumonia of Goats in Palestine: Communicability to Sheep

Emoto, O.; Niimi, D., 1924:
Infectious Pneumonia in Sheep

Lamont, H.G.; Kerr, W.R., 1939:
Infectious Pneumonia of Calves or Calf Influenzal Pneumonia, Haemophilusinfluenzae

Dekhterev, N.A., 1939:
Infectious Pneumonia of Goats

Baker, D.D., 1934:
Infectious Pneumonia of Swine

Ponomarenko, F.M., 1940:
Infectious Respiratory Catarrh in Bovines

Traub, E., 1941:
Infectious Respiratory Catarrh in the Horses of a Veterinary Company

Cervinka, V., 1935:
Infectious Respiratory Catarrh of Army Horses

Mitsckerlich., 1941:
Infectious Respiratory Catarrh of the Horse

Cohrs, P., 1941:
Infectious Respiratory Catarrh of the Horse. Review of Recent Research

Hansen, P.L., 1941:
Infectious Sore Throat Outbreaks Originating from Milk Infected with Group A Streptococci Pathogenic for Man

Edwards, J.T., 1933:
Infectious Sterility in the Larger Domesticated Animals

Johnson, P.E., 1917:
Infectious Stomatitis

Doyle, L.P., 1940:
Infectious Types of Swine Enteritis

Mitchell, C.A.; Walker, R.V.L.; Humphreys, F.A., 1934:
Infectious Vaginitis

Mitchell, C.A.; Walker, R.V.L.; Humphreys, F.A., 1933:
Infectious Vaginitis of Cattle

Stenius., 1943:
Infectious abortion in mares in Finland

Swan, L.C., 1939:
Infectious and Toxic Eneechalomyelitis

Weinman, David, 1944:
Infectious anemias due to Bartonella and related red cell parasites

Rolle Roemmele., 1943:
Infectious bronchitis and broncho-pneumonia in cattle

Negrete, J.; Kantor, L., 1918:
Infectious bulbar paralysis (Aujeszky)

Csontos, J., 1943:
Infectious degeneration of heart and skeletal muscle in lambs

Aguirre, A.Alonso.; Keefe, T.J.; Reif, J.S.; Kashinsky, L.; Yochem, P.K.; Saliki, J.T.; Stott, J.L.; Goldstein, T.; Dubey, J.P.; Braun, R.; Antonelis, G., 2007:
Infectious disease monitoring of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal

Ratcliffe, Herbert, L., 1945:
Infectious diseases of laboratory animals

Kearney, W.; Adams, C.B., 1945:
Infectious diseases of poultry

Kiselevr, F.D., 1941:
Infectious diseases of the equine influenza group and the role of turpentine in their prophylaxis and therapy

Pomeroy, B.S., 1945:
Infectious diseases of turkeys

Azzi, A., 1944:
Infectious encephalomyelitis of animals

Manningek, R., 1944:
Infectious gastro-enteritis of swine and allied diseases

Hildebrand, E.M., 1937:
Infectious hairy root on Rose

Oliphant, J.W., 1944:
Infectious hepatitis : experimental study of immunity

Howles, J.K., 1936:
Infectious intertrigo

Robinson, I.; Nikol'skii, S.N.; Desyatov, F.M.; Malakhov, N.V., 1940:
Infectious jaundice (ieterohaemoglobin-uria) in cattle in North Caucasus

Pilz, T., 1944:
Infectious keratitis

Cernaianu, C.; Gluhowschi., 1943:
Infectious kerato-conjunctivitis of cattle in Bessarabia due to R. conjunctivae

Gorrie, C.J.R., 1944:
Infectious laryngo-traeheitis vaccination in relation to the transmission of pullorum disease

Brion., 1945:
Infectious leucopenia of cats

Kiur-Muratov, A.P.; Fomina, A.Y.; Kruglov, A., 1940:
Infectious mastitis of rabbits and pyaemia of the young

Petri, L., 1931:
Infectious mottling of the leaves of Citrus vulgaris Risso

Lentz, W., 1933:
Infectious nasal catarrh or rickets

Theiler, A.; Kehoe, D., 1915:
Infectious or Pernicious Anaemia of Equines in South Africa

Paillot, A., 1929:
Infectious origin of the micro-organisms present in Aphids

Johnson, K.L., 1945:
Infectious pododermatitis in dairy cattle

Castejon, R., 1944:
Infectious polio-myelitis in comparative pathology

Jeannel, D.; Lassel, L.; Dorleans, F.; Gautier, A.; Jauffret Roustide, M., 2007:
Infectious risks perception when traveling abroad, attitudes and practices of the French population, 2006

Kileng, Øyvind.; Brundtland, M.Iren.; Robertsen, Børre., 2007:
Infectious salmon anemia virus is a powerful inducer of key genes of the type I interferon system of Atlantic salmon, but is not inhibited by interferon

Goodwin, W.; Salmon, E.S., 1936:
Infectious sterility in Hop gardens in Czecho-Slovakia

Blattny, C.; Vukolov, V., 1935:
Infectious sterility of the Hop

Mitscherlich, E., 1943:
Infectious. Kerato-Conjunctivitis in Cattle and Sheep

Anon., 1943:
Infective Hepatitis and Serum Jaundice

Van Den Branden, F., 1935:
Infective Power of the Blood of Albino Rats after Massive Subcutaneous Injections of T. congolense and T. brucei

Taylor, P.H.; Hughes, K.E.A., 1944:
Infective dermatoses treated with penicillin

Btesh, S., 1944:
Infective hepatitis in Palestine

Macdonald, D.R., 1943:
Infective Hepatitis Treated with Glucose, Insulin, and Ascorbic Acid

Findlay, G.M.; Willcox, R.R., 1945:
Infective hepatitis; transmission by faeces and urine

Thung, T.H., 1931:
Infective principle and plant cell in some virus diseases of the Tobacco plant

Thung, T.H, 1936:
Infective principle and plant cell in some virus diseases of the Tobacco plant II

Thung, T.H., 1937:
Infective principle and plant cell in some virus diseases of the Tobacco plant III

Thung, T.H., 1938:
Infective principle and plant cell in some virus diseases of the Tobacco plant IV

Thung, T.H., 1939:
Infective principle and plant cell in some virus diseases of the Tobacco plant V

Seddon, H.R.; Hart, L., 1936:
Infectivity Experiments with the Virus of Laryngotracheitis of Fowls

Cleveland, D.E., 1943:
Infectivity of Fluorescent Hairs in Scalp Ringworm

Bruce, D.; Harvey, D.; Hamerton, A.E.; Lady Bruce., 1913:
Infectivity of Glossina morsitans in Nyasaland

Bruce, D.; Hamerton, A.E.; Watson, D.P.; Lady Bruce., 1914:
Infectivity of Glossina morsitans in Nyasaland during 1912 and 1913

Dubois, A.; Kohn, I., 1940:
Infectivity of Trypanosomes during Chemotherapy of the Host

Hermansson, K.A., 1939 :
Infectivity of Tuberculosis of the Uterus in Cows

Michalsky, E.Monteiro.; Rocha, Mília.Fonseca.; da Rocha Lima, A.Cristina.Vianna.Mariano.; França-Silva, Jão.Carlos.; Pires, M.Quinhone.; Oliveira, F.Santos.; Pacheco, R.Silva.; dos Santos, S.Lopes.; Barata, R.Andrade.; Romanha, A.José.; Fortes-Dias, C.Latorre.; Dias, E.Santos., 2007:
Infectivity of seropositive dogs, showing different clinical forms of leishmaniasis, to Lutzomyia longipalpis phlebotomine sand flies

Rucks, W.; Murray, C., 1931:
Infectivity of the Cells of Hog Cholera Blood

Hildebrand, E.M., 1937:
Infectivity of the fire-blight organism

Zuccarini, J.A., 1936:
Infeetibility of Blood in vitro Taken from Cases of Chagas' Disease

Farquharson, J., 1939:
Infeetious Equine Eneephalomyelitis

Pawan, J.L., 1937:
Infeetivity of the Saliva in Paralytic Rabies

Harlan, H.V.; Martini, M.L.; Stevens, H., 1937:
Inferior Yields Obtained From Crosses Of Six-Rowed With Two-Rowed Barleys

Benoit, J., 1937:
Infernal and external factors of sexual activity. II. A study of the mechanism of the stimulation of testicular activity in the domestic drake. The role of the pituitary

Luhrs., 1944:
Infertility and abortion in SOWS

Smythe, R.H., 1942 :
Infertility in Guernsey cattle

Lagerlof, N., 1938:
Infertility in Male Domestic Animals

Rosenberger, G., 1941:
Infertility in Young Goat Bucks and its Prevention

Buff, S.; Chaffotte, C., 2006:
Infertility in a male Mastiff dog

Nikolaev, V.A., 1940:
Infertility in cattle during brucellosis

Timmermanns, I.J., 1940:
Infertility in domestic animals and its control

Almeida, C.R.; M.D., 1943:
Infertility in fruit trees in relation to new plantings

Mckay, J.W., 1941:
Infertility in hybrid walnuts

Rosenberger, G., 1941:
Infertility in young

Sjollema, P., 1941:
Infertility. Enzootic sterility in cattle

Canzanelli, A., 1938:
Infestation Of D. melanophthalmus by P. interpunctella

Romboli, B., 1942:
Infestation Of pheasants with trichostrongyles

Benlloch, M., 1941:
Infestation bv D. oleae and abnormal Variations in it

Pieri, A., 1935:
Infestation by C. molesta in the current Season in Tuscany

Steinegger, P., 1938:
Infestation by Phylloxera in Northwest Switzerland and the Question of ungrafted Hybrids

Werth, E.; Klemm, M., 1932:
Infestation by the Apple Blossom Weevil and the Crop Yield

Kleine, R., 1927:
Infestation by the Frit Fly and the Quality of the Grain

O'connor, N., 1944:
Infestation by two types of tapeworm

Souza, S.A. da S.; Santos, C.M.A. dos; Resende, A.L.S.; Menezes, E.B.; Aguiar Menezes, E. de L., 2007:
Infestation indexes of Spondias lutea L. by fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritdae) and their parasitoids in the municipality of Seropedica, RJ

Boi, F., 1937:
Infestation of Animals in Sardinia by L.r.

German, S.; Papkova, L., 1927:
Infestation of Camels by Tricho-strongylus in Saratovsky Region.

Davin, A.G., 1926:
Infestation of Flax Seed by Mites

Morgenthaler, O., 1938:
Infestation of Honey Bees by Mites, a new Form of Parasitism ?

Wegelin, C., 1930:
Infestation of Man by Hypoderma

Amaral Rogick, F., 1942:
Infestation of Parmesan cheese with Tyroglyphus farinae

Vielwerth, V., 1922:
Infestation of Poppies

Bonelli, G., 1940:
Infestation of Swine in Sidamo by T. penetrans

Curwen, B.S., 1932:
Infestation of Telephone Exchange Wiring by Tineola biselliella

Troisier, J.; Deschiens, R.; Limousin, H.; Delorme, M., 1928:
Infestation of a Chimpanzee by a Nematode of the Genus Hepaticola

Natvig, L.R., 1924:
Infestation of a Cow by the Larvae of Eristalis

Van Marle, G.S., 1944:
Infestation of begonia by tarsonemid mites

Van Marle, G.S., 1943:
Infestation of begonias by mites belonging to the genus Tarsonemus Can. et Fanz

Anonymous, 1931:
Infestation of cocoa. Some practical measures for its prevention

Puntoni, V., 1931 :
Infestation of cultures of fungi by acarids of the genus Tarsonemus. Preservation of such cultures

Jones, E.T., 1938:
Infestation of grasses of genus Aegilops by the Hessian fly

Ross, I.C., 1937:
Infestation of man with Trichostrongylus colubriformis from sheep

Bray, K.S.F., 1944:
Infestation of sheep in Hay Pastures Protection District with worms of the species Nematodirus

Spindler, L.A., 1937:
Infestation of suckling pigs with helminth parasites under conditions of constant exposure to infection

Oxer, D.T., 1933:
Infestation of the Horse with Bot Fly Larvae

Dodd, Sydney, 1919:
Infestation of the Skin, etc., of Sheep by Grass Seeds

Trujillo Peluffo, A., 1924:
Infestation of the Vine by Mites

Francaviglia, C., 1923:
Infestation of the hairy skin by Phthirus pubis

Ronka, E.K.F., 1934:
Infestation with Diphyllobothrium latum. Fish tapeworm

Kukla., 1943:
Infestation with Fly larvae In Hones

Levin, M.B., 1943:
Infestation with Strongyloides stercoralis

Peters, B.G.; Clapham, P.A., 1942:
Infestation with liver fluke among 73,000 cattle slaughtered in Great Britain during June, 1942

Del Canizo, J., 1928:
Infestations by O. baetica in the South of Spain

Horton, R.E., 1945:
Infiltration and run off during the snow melting season, w.ith forest cove.r

Arend, John, L., 1941:
Infiltration as affected by the forest floor

Johnson, W.M., 1940:
Infiltration capacity of forest soil as influenced by litter

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Inflorescence development in two tomato species

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Inflorescence rot of the Date Palm in Eastern Libya

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Influance of the thymus gland on vitamin C deficiency

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Influence of irradiated ergosterol on the healing of fractures

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Influence a* temperature apon the microbiological population and decomposition processes in comporta of stable manare

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Influence in vitro of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Brucella abortus

Hoffmeister, W., 1938:
Influence of

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Influence of Selectors on the Encephalitogenie Potentialities of Vaccine Virus

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Influence of rust on quality and yield of cotton and the relation of potash applications to control

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Influence of Vitakalk on the Development of Ascaris Larvae in Guinea Pigs

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Influence of (A) soil temperature, (B) relative air humidity, on yield and uptake of nutrient elements by sunflower

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Influence of 1: 2, 5: 6 dibenzanthracene on the carbohydrate metabolism of cells

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Influence of Adrenalin on Str. viridans Bacteraemia.

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Influence of Age on Blood Potassium

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Influence Of Age On Susceptibility Of Mice To St. Louis Encephalitis Virus And On The Distribution Of Lesions

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Influence of Air Temperature and Humidity on the Multiplication of the Cotton Red Spider.

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Influence of Allergy on Development of Early Tuberculous Lesions

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Influence of Animal Nutrition and Husbandry in nfectious and Parasitic Diseases in Domestic Animals

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Influence of Anticoagulants on the Estimation of Blood Constituents

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Influence of Atmospheric Temperature on the Body Temperature and Blood Sugar of Cattle

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Influence of B vitamins on the glycogen and glutathione content of rabbit's liver

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Influence of BCG on the Production of Brueella Agglutinins

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Influence of Bacterial Infection on Tissue Respiration

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Influence of Balbo-rye pasture on the odor of milk

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Influence Of Bile Acids On Erosions Of The Chick Gizzard Lining

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Influence of Bordeaux Mixture on the Efficiency of Lubrieating-oil Emulsions in the Control of the San Jose Scale

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Influence of Bordeaux mixture on transpiration

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Influence of Brucella abortus Infection in the Occurrence of Streptococcal Mastitis

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Influence of Brucellosis on Occurrence of Mastitis

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Influence of Carotinoids on the Growth and Acid Resistance of the Timothy Grass Bacillus, Mycobacterium phlei

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Influence of Climate, Management and Feeding on Foot and Mouth Disease

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Influence of Desensitization on the Dispersion of Tubercle Bacilli Causing Super-infection in G. Pigs Rendered Hyperallergic by Dead Bacilli in Paraffin

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Influence of Diet on the Course of F. & M. Disease

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Influence of Different Conditions on the Barrier Function of the Central Nervous System of the Horse in Encephalomyelitis

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Influence of Different Elements oi Inflammation on Skin-Pathogenie Power of Staphyloeoeei

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Influence of Environment on the Occurrence of Fowl Leucosis

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Influence of Environment on the Resistance of the Organism to Malaria

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Influence of Environmental Factors on the Propagation of Tipula aino Alex.

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Influence of External Conditions upon the Behaviour of Mosquitos

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Influence of Fats and Fatty Aliphatic Carbohydrates on Action of Disinfectants

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Influence of Foot and Mouth Disease on the Quality of Milk and on the Health of the Udder

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Influence of Large Doses of Sulphanilmide on the Course of Strangles in Full-Grown Horses

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Influence of Light upon the Volume of Food taken by positively phototropic Scarabaeidae.

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Influence of Lugol solution on the adrenaline effect in Graves' disease and beriberi

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Influence of Maturity of the Ova on Sex Determination

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Influence of Microclimate as affected by Hemp Stalk Distribution and Feeding Habits of Larvae on Survival of Pymusta nubilalis Hb.

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Influence of Mineral Oil added to Dust Insecticides on their Settling Properties.

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Influence of Mitogenetic Radiation on the Speed of Bacterial Multiplication

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Influence of Molasses Feeding on Metabolism and General Condition

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Influence of Morphine on CanineRespiration

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Influence of Moth-trapping Methods on the Proportion of Females in the Catches

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Influence of Muscular Fatigue and Acidogenetic Factor on the Aetiopathogenesis of Pitirosi

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Influence of N, P, K and Ca on tuber and foliage weight of potatoes

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Influence of Nutrition on the Condition of Swine, and Constitution in Relation to the Haemoglobin Ratio.

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Influence of Ophiobolus miyabeanus on the penetration of Piricularia oryzae in the host body.

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Influence of Ovarian Grafts upon Immature Castrate Eats

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Influence of Parasitism on the Quantity of Food consumed by infected or non-infected Larvae.

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Influence of Physiological Properties of Cells on Mutation Induced by X-rays

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Influence of Pituitary Hormone on the Thyroid Gland of Fowls

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Influence of Planting Dates of Sweet Corn on European Corn Borer Infestation

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Influence of Preliminary Feeds on the Development of Tryp. Vivax (cazalboui) in G.p

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Influence of Progesterone on Experimentai Tuberculosis in Male Guinea Pigs

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Influence of Prolan on Lactation : Tests on Cattle and Sheep

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Influence of Reagent Dosage in Diernhofer's Rapid Complement Test ( Balltmgsreaktion ) for Brucellosis

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Influence of Reduced Glutathione on the Curative Action of Salvarsan in Nagana-Infected Mice

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Influence of Regular Dipping on the Merino Sheep and its Fleece

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Influence of Reticulo-Endothelial Blockade on Susceptibility of Fowls to Anthrax

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Influence of Riboflavin-Deficiency in Eggs on Embryonic Development (Gallus Domesticus)

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Influence of Season and Diet on Breeding in Mares

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Influence of Sex Hormones on the Skin and Coat of Bitches

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Influence of Short Waves on Pathogenic Bacteria

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Influence of Sodium Bicarbonate in Preventing Renal Lesions from Massive Doses of Sulfathiazole

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Influence of Soil Moisture upon the Rate of Increase in Sugar-Beet Root-Louse Colonies

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Influence of Sorensen's Buffer Solutions on Haemolysis Caused by Warmth and Saponin

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Influence of Specific Antiserum on the Inflammatory Fixation of Streptococcus hemolyticus

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Influence of Splenectomy in Experimental Infection by Sp. hispanicum

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Influence of Sr salts on the locomotion of Paramxcium caudatum. Role of Ca and H-ion concentration

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Influence of Sterilization and Stassanisation on Vitamins of Milk

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Influence of Sun Radiation on the Distribution of Anopheles hyrcanus Larvae under Conditions of Rice Fields

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Influence of Temperature and Humidity at the developmental Period upon the Oviposition of Bruchus chinensis L.

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Influence of Temperature and Humidity upon the Capacity for Oviposition of Trichogramma japonicum Ash.

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Influence of Temperature and Humidity upon the Growth of the Egg of Dendrolimus spectabilis Butl.

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Influence of Temperature and Humidity upon the Oviposition of Bruchus chinensis L.

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Influence of Temperature and Rainfall on the Performance of Oil Sprays

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Influence of Temperature on Growth and Toxin Production by Clostridium botulinum

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Influence of Temperature on the Agglutination Test for Brucellosis

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Influence of Temperature on the Development of the Larvae and Eggs of the European Corn Borer.

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Influence of Temperature on the Somatic Antigens of Salmonella

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Influence of Temperatures of -1 to, -4 degrees C. on Bovine Cysticerci

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Influence of Temperatures on Fumigation. I.

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Influence of Testicular Grafts on Growth and Wool Characters of the Ile-de-France Breed

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Influence of Testicular Hormone on the Fertility Of Male Animals

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Influence of Testolysate on Conditional Reflexes in Dogs

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Influence of Thallium Salts upon the Molting Mechanism of Fowls

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Influence of Transmitted Leukaemia on Metabolism of Uninfiltrated Lymphoid Tissue

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Influence of Transplantation of Testicular Tissues on CEstrous Cycle of Female Albino Eats

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Influence of Trivaient Iron on Testicular Development of Young Goats

Buchheim, A., 1930:
Influence of Ustilago panici-miliacei on the development and growth of the host

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Influence of Various Control Measures on an Outbreak of Pullorum Disease

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Influence of Vernalization on the comparative infestation of Cereals with Insect Pests.

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Influence of Vitamin C on Haemolysin Production in Rabbits

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Influence of Vitamin C on Immunity

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Influence of Vitamin E Deficiency on Resistance to Brucella Infection

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Influence of Vitamins on Immunity in Animals. II. Water Soluble Vitamins

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Influence of Walker carcinosarcoma on concentration of ascorbic acid in various endocrines and organs

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Influence of Wheat Germ Oil on the Semen Production of Cockerels

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Influence of X-rays on the reproductive system (sexual) and on seed production in peas and vetch

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Influence of a Familial Factor in Inducing Mammary Cancer in the Male Mouse by Folliculin

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Influence of a High Temperature on the Production and Variation of Agglutinins

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Influence of a Polished Rice Diet upon Spontaneous Mammary Cancers in Mice Treated with Yeast Extract

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Influence of a mother cow in a herd

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Influence of a period of growth in the mountains on the productivity of the Potato

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Influence of a rest-period on the yield of Hevea braziliensis

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Influence of a sojourn in the mountains on the blood composition, body development, and egg production of White Leghorn pullets

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Influence of a special cereal mixture on infant development

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Influence Of A Specific Hormone Of The Pituitary On The Basal Metabolism In Man

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Influence of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) on urinary excretion of ascorbic acid

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Influence of acid and alkaline diet on the oxidation and combination of aromatic substances in the body. 1. Oxidation and conjugation of phenol and benzol

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Influence of acid and alkaline diet on the oxidation and combination of aromatic substances in the body. 2. Oxidation of toluol

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Influence of acid and alkaline diet on the oxidation and combination of aromatic substances in the body. 3. Acid-base equilibrium, autonomic nervous system and the oxidation and combination of phenol

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Influence of acid and alkaline diet on the oxidation and combination of aromatic substances in the body. 4. Influence of diuresis on the fate of phenol in the organism

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Influence of acid and phosphate on metastatic calcification

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Influence of acidity on keeping quality of stored butter

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Influence of acidophilin on size and condition of calves

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Influence of active and inactive antianemic principles upon the erythrocytes of the immature opossum (Didelphys virginiana)

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Influence of acute infection and artificial fever on the plasma lipids

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Influence of added rennin upon curd-forming properties and peptic digestion of milk

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Influence of addition of soil on carbon and nitrogen economy during composting

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Influence of adjuvants applied with Atlantis 04 WG on weed control in winter wheat

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Influence of administration of inorganic and organic bromine and iodine on the distribution of these halogens in the organism

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Influence of adrenal and sex hormones on the differentiation of melanophores in the chick

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Influence of adrenal cortical hormone on metabolism

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Influence of adrenal denervation on diabetes mellitus

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Influence of adrenal preparations on basal metabolism and speoific dynamic action

Mackay, Eaton, M., 1937:
Influence of adrenalectomy on liver fat as varied by diet and other factors

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Influence of adrenalectomy upon the rate of glucose absorption from the intestine

Mackay, E.M.; Barnes, R.H., 1938:
Influence of adrenalectomy upon the sex difference in ketosis

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Influence of adrenalin on the lipins of blood and organs

Braier, B., 1931:
Influence of adrenaline on the nitrogenous metabolism and blood sugar of adrenalectomized dogs

Gukova, M.M.; Butkevic, W.S., 1941:
Influence of aeration and soil temperature on the development of inoculated and non-inoculated soya plants

Wilson, J.G.; Hamilton, J.B.; Young, W.C., 1941:
Influence of age and presence of the ovaries on reproductive function in rats injected with androgens

Donald, H.P.; Raventos, J., 1939:
Influence of age and weight of pigs on response to sodium evipan

Holmes, A.D.; Tripp, F.; Woelffer, E.A.; Satterfield, G.H.ward, 1940:
Influence of age of cow on ascorbic acid content of certified milk

Morgan, R.F.; Davis, H.P., 1938:
Influence of age of dairy cattle and season of the year on the sex ratio of calves and services required for conception

Wick, A.N.; Mackay, E.M., 1940:
Influence of age on ketosis

Podhradsky, J., 1940:
Influence of age on milk production, fat yield and energetic efficiency of Hana-Berne cattle in Moravia

Kingery, L.B.; Williams, R.J.; Kidd, H.A., 1939:
Influence of age on ringworm infection of the scalp : an experimental study

Fleischmann, W.; Harris, B.Shumacker; Straus, W.L., 1943:
Influence of age on the effect of thyroidectomy in the rhesus monkey

Nettleship, A., 1945:
Influence of Age on the Growth of Lymphomas

Dungan, G.H., 1940:
Influence of age on the value of seed corn

Capucci, C., 1938:
Influence of age, root pruning and grafting on the growth of a vine in its first year in permanent quarters

Zheng, S.; Yao, J.; Zhao, B.; Yu, Z., 2007:
Influence of agricultural practices on soil microbial activity measured by microcalorimetry

Demidenko, T.T.; Barinova, R.A., 1940:
Influence of air humidity on uptake of nutrient elements by spring wheat

Hopkins, J.W., 1938:
Influence of air temperature and soil moisture subsequent to flowering on the nitrogen content of wheat

Meyer, A., 1933:
Influence of alcohol on the development of avitaminosis B

Lischer, C.E.; Elman, R.; Davey, H.W., 1943:
Influence of alimentation on the regeneration of plasma proteins following a single severe non-fatal hemorrhage

Jullien, A.; Morin, G., 1931:
Influence of alkali and alkaline earth ions on the excised heart of the oyster; specific action of potassium

Davesne, J.; Haber, P., 1931:
Influence of alkalosis and acidosis on the temperature reaction and agglutinin production after bacterial vaccination and on resistance to a bacterial toxin

Hayes, G.Lloyd, 1941:
Influence of altitude and aspect on daily variations in factors of forest-fire danger

Costantin, J., 1930:
Influence of altitude in plant pathology

Allen, R.C., 1943:
Influence of aluminum on the flower color of Hydrangea macrophylla DC

Mackay, E.M.; Barnes, R.H., 1935:
Influence of amino acids and of protein diet upon creatine content of the myocardium

Kisch, B., 1931:
Influence of amino acids on tissue respiration. 1. Glycineand alanine

Bezssonoff, N.; Woloszyn, M., 1937:
Influence of anions on the oxidation of vitamin C

Bischoff, F.; Ingraham, L.P., 1942:
Influence of antagonism phenomenon on mammary gland development

Paschkis, Karl, E., 1942:
Influence of anterior pituitary extract on protein and carbohydrate metabolism

Laszt, L., 1941:
Influence of anterior pituitary hormone on lactation in adrenalectomized rats

Schockaert, J.A.; Foster, G.L., 1932:
Influence of anterior pituitary substances on the total iodine content of the thyroid gland of the young duck

Heilig, R.; Visweswar, 1942:
Influence of anti-anaemic treatment on the gastric function in hookworm disease

Semura, S., 1931:
Influence of antuitrin and thyroxin on the growth of flbroblasts in vitro

Harrington, C.D., 1941:
Influence of aphid resistance in peas upon aphid development, reproduction, and longevity

Cmiljanic, R.; Pavlovski, Z.; Trenkovski, S.; Lukic, M.; Skrbic, Z.; Marinkov, G., 2007:
Influence of application of enzymes in poultry nutrition on production results and quality of product

Arnold, P.T.D.; Neal, W.M.; Becker, R.B., 1932:
Influence of arsenical dipping on yield of milk by dairy cows

Anderson, M.S.; Bengtson, J.W., 1938:
Influence of arsenical treatments upon rapid tests for soil phosphorus

Farmer, C.J.; Abt, A.F.; Aron, H.C.S., 1940:
Influence of arsenicals, bismuth and iron on the plasma ascorbic acid level

Saakian, V.A., 1935:
Influence of artificial drying on the nutritive value of grass

Kochs, J., 1931:
Influence of artificial fertilisers on the flavour and other properties of preserved vegetables and fruit

Waksman, S.A.; Madhok, M.R.; Hollaender, A., 1937:
Influence of artificial irradiation upon the oxidation of ammonia and formation of nitrate in soil

Abderhalden, E., 1936:
Influence of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), cysteine, reduced glutathione and glycocoll on solutions of l-adrenaline and 3: 4-dioxy-phenylalanine

Edlbacher, S.; Leuthardt, F., 1933:
Influence of ascorbic acid on arginase activity

Lwoff, M.; Chorine, V., 1943:
Influence of ascorbic acid on cultivation of S. gallinarum

Murakami, O., 1939:
Influence of ascorbic acid on liver function and mutual relation between vitamins-B1 and -C. 6. Relationship between vitamin-B, and -C regarding action on blood vessels

Ciatti, P.; Auerbach, R., 1936:
Influence of ascorbic acid on some constituents of blood

Ratsimamanga, A.R., 1939:
Influence of ascorbic acid on the behaviour of the organism in work

Lwoff, M.; Chorine, V., 1943:
Influence of ascorbic acid on the culture of Spirochaeta gallinarum

Kligler, I.J.; Guggenheim, K.; Warburg, F.M., 1938:
Influence of ascorbic acid on the growth and toxin production of Cl. tetani and on the detoxication of tetanus toxin

Lutz, W., 1935:
Influence of ascorbic acid, redoxon, on psoriasis

Dunford, E.G.; Niederhof, C.H., 1944:
Influence of aspen, young lodgepole pine, and open grassland types upon factors affecting water yield

D.Benedetti, L.M.E., 1944:
Influence of atmospheric conditions on oocysts of E. tenella

Pereira Machado, D., 1942:
Influence of attack by the caterpillar of Lymantria dispar on the production of 'laminated' bark.

Mucha, J.; Dahm, H.; Werner, A., 2007:
Influence of autoclaved saprotrophic fungal mycelia on proteolytic activity in ectomycorrhizal fungi

German, V.A., 1940:
Influence of autonomic nervous system on peripheral blood composition in horses

Gowda, V.N.; Shyamalamma, S.; Prakash, G.N., 2006:
Influence of auxin and 1, 2, 4 acid on rooting of Roseapple (Syzigium jambos L.) air layers

Gowda, V.N.; Shyamalamma, S.; Prasad, G.C.R., 2006:
Influence of auxins and 1, 2, 4 acid on rooting of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) air layers

Clark, N.A.; Frahm, E.E., 1940:
Influence Of Auxins On Reproduction Of Lemna Major

Lorenz, F.W.; Newlon, W.E., 1944:
Influence of avian pneumoencephalitis on subsequent egg quality

Sure, Barnett, 1938:
Influence of avitaminoses on weights of endocrine glands

Sternberg, T.H.; Pillsbury, D.M., 1937:
Influence of avitaminosis A on experimentally produced cutaneous infections in rats

Szulc, G.; Kolodziejska, S., 1933:
Influence of avitaminosis A on the development of tuberculosis in rats

Suomalainen, P., 1933:
Influence of avitaminosis C on the lipase and catalase content of the animal body

Akselrod, D.M., 1939:
Influence of azotogen on growth and development of hemp and oats on peat soils.

Esselen, William, B., 1939:
Influence of bacteria on oxidation of ascorbic acid

Trout, G.M.; Scheid, M.V.; Peters, I.I.; Mailman, W.L., 1944:
Influence of bacteria, yeast and leucocyte distribution in bottled homogenized milk on sediment formation

Lopatin, M.I., 1939:
Influence of bacterial root canker (crown gall) on the development of the Cherry tree in the OK hard

Brown, N.A.; Quirk, A.J., 1929:
Influence of bacterio-phage on Bacteritun tnmefaoiens, And some potential studies of filtrates

Hoffer, G.N.; Trost, J.F., 1925:
Influence of balanced nutrient supply on susceptibility of Corn plants to Gibberella saubi-netii (Mont.) Sacc

Goodell, K.; Thomson, J.D., 2007:
Influence of bee species (Hymenoptera: Apiformes) with contrasting behaviors on pollen movement in a mustard, Brassica rapa (Brassicaceae) and the muskmelon Cucumis melo (Cucurbitaceae)

Cholodnyj, N.G.; Gorbovsky, A.G., 1939:
Influence of beta -indole-acetic acid upon photosynthesis

Cholodny, N.G.; Gorbovsky, A.G., 1939:
Influence of beta -indolylaeetie acid upon photosynthesis

Okii, I., 1932:
Influence of bile acids on calcium metabolism. 5. Faecal calcium and phosphoric acid during administration of bile acids and adrenaline to normal and splanchnicotomized dogs

Okii, I., 1933:
Influence of bile acids on calcium metabolism. 7. Calcium and phosphorus balance in dogs receiving bile acids

Iwado, M., 1935:
Influence of bile acids on calcium metabolism. 8. Influence of bile acids and spleen extract on urinary calcium excretion

Iwado, M., 1935:
Influence of bile acids on calcium metabolism. 9. Blood composition of normal and splenectomised rabbits under the influence of bile acids and spleen extract

Takata, H., 1932:
Influence of bile acids on glycerophosphatase. 3

Kuramoto, T., 1932:
Influence of bile acids on the digestion of nucleins. 1. Digestion of nucleic acid by intestinal juice

Kuramoto, T., 1934:
Influence of bile acids on the digestion of nucleins. 2. Hydrogenion and phosphate concentrations of intestinal juice

Kuramoto, T., 1934:
Influence of bile acids on the digestion of nucleins. 3. Sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium levels of intestinal juice

Almquist, H.J.; Mecchi, E., 1941:
Influence of bile acids, vitamin K and cincophen on erosions of the chick gizzard lining

Kawada, Y., 1932:
Influence of bile salts on salt excretion in liver-bile. 2. Elimination of phosphoric acid through bile acids after administration of glucose

Beznak, A.V., 1931:
Influence of bile-on calcium absorption

Castagnol Doanba-Phuong., 1937:
Influence of biological processes on the physico-chemical properties of tropical soils.

Mccalla, T.M., 1943:
Influence of biological products on soil structure and infiltration

Copher, G.H.; Key, J.A.; West, E.S., 1932:
Influence of bladder extracts and viosterol on healing of fractures and bone defects

Calonego, F.W.; Severo, E.T.D., 2007:
Influence of boards diametrical position and steaming on the drying defects of Eucalyptus grandis

Biester, R., 1931:
Influence of bodily movement on the passage of food through the alimentary canal in dogs and rats

Deco, M., 1939:
Influence of boiling and re-heating on the vitamin A and carotene contents of milk

Washko, J.B., 1943:
Influence of borax and potash on alfalfa yellows

Dimitriev, K.A., 1939:
Influence of boron on the generative organs and the raising of seed production of red clover.

Huguet, A.; Le-Normand, L.; Fauquant, J.; Kaeffer, B.; Le-Hueou-Luron, I., 2007:
Influence of bovine colostrum on restoration of intestinal mucosa in weaned piglets

Heger, H., 1940:
Influence of breakage by hoar frost and ice upon the management of Spruce at high altitudes in the Erzgebirge.

Beeson, W.M., 1934:
Influence of breed and ration on the carotene and vitamin A content of milk

Famiani, V., 1935:
Influence of bromine on the growth and metamorphosis of the larvae of Bufo vulgaris

Stokes, J.L.; Martin, B.B., 1943:
Influence of buffer and glucose in the Lactobacillus casei assay for pantothenic acid

Jiang JieZeng; Huang KaiFeng; Yang Kai; Bian XiaoDong; Huang DongLin; Cao BeiSheng; Guo ShiRong, 2007:
Influence of cadmium on metabolism and its residual quantity in gall of Zizania latifolia cultured in reed sediment substrate

Holmes, A.D.; Crowley, L.V., 1944:
Influence of calcium and magnesium upon composition of Boston head lettuce

Noble, I.; Halliday, E.G., 1937:
Influence of calcium in cooking water upon mineral content of vegetables

Mclachlan, Thomas, 1936:
Influence of calcium in the decay of wood

Peters, H.C.; Rea, C.E.; Visscher, M.B., 1934:
Influence of calcium ions upon energy metabolism of the mammalian heart

Harada, T., 1935:
Influence of calcium on carbohydrate metabolism

Kuwabara, G., 1932:
Influence of calcium on cartilage-phosphatase

Greaves, J.E.; Maynard, E.J.; Reeder, W., 1934:
Influence of calcium phosphorus intake on bovine blood

Johnson, J.L., 1935:
Influence of calcium salts and calcium salts in combination with parathyroid extract upon blood sugar. 1. Calcium gluconate

Oinoue, Y., 1935:
Influence of carbohydrate and nitrogen contents in the cane of Muscat of Alexandria upon the setting of berries

Ascher, L., 1936:
Influence of carbohydrate rich diets and of thyroxine on urinary excretion

Oinoue, Y., 1936:
Influence of carbohydrates and nitrogen on the growth of root cuttings in D. kaki

Hegner, R.; Eskridge, L., 1935:
Influence of carbohydrates on intestinal protozoa in vitro and in vivo

Janowskaja, B., 1931:
Influence of carbohydrates on the development of polyneuritis in pigeons

Allen, F.W., 1940:
Influence of carbon dioxide in lengthening the life of Bartlett pears

Tiller, L.W., 1932:
Influence of carbon dioxide on internal breakdown in the Sturmer

Ozerov, G.V. , 1936:
Influence of carbon dioxide on plant growth.

Jefferson, R.N., 1943:
Influence of carbon tetrachloride on the toxic efficiency of certain volatile organic compounds

Euler, H.V.; Schmidt, G., 1934:
Influence of carotene (vitamin A) on the purine content of normal and pathological growing tissues

Frisch, C.; Willheim, R., 1934:
Influence of carotene on muscle glycolysis

Rydh-Ehrensvard, I.; Schmidt, G., 1934:
Influence of carotene on the gnanase content of the rat spleen

Kornberg, A.; Endicott, K.M.; Daft, F.S.; Sebrell, W.H., 1945:
Influence of casein and other agents on the production oi resal lesions In rats by sulfadiazine and acetylsulfadiazine

Rathery, F.; Turiaf, J., 1938:
Influence of castration and testosterone injection on the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas of the guinea-pig

Silberberg, M.; Silberberg, R., 1937:
Influence of cattle anterior pituitary extract on endochondral ossification in young ovariectomised guinea-pigs

Winchester, C.F.; Mckenzie, F., 1941:
Influence of cell concentration on respiration rate of sperm

Palacios, G.; Bhat, J.V., 1942:
Influence of cellulose in nitrogen status of soil

Ranganathan, S., 1935:
Influence of cereals on calcium, magnesium and phosphorus assimilation. A preliminary note

Drobkov, A.A., 1941:
Influence of cerium, lanthanum and samarium on development of peas

Landau, S.W.; Gay, L.N., 1944:
Influence of certain amino acids on histamine reactions and anaphylactic reactions in intestinal strips of guinea pigs and in intact guinea pigs

Findlay, W.P.K., 1936:
Influence of certain calcium compounds on the rate of decay of wood by fungi

Cultrera. R., 1934:
Influence of certain chemico-physical agents on the reducing factor of Szent-Gyorgyi and Tillmans

Castle, W.E., 1941:
Influence of Certain Color Mutations on Body Size in Mice, Rats, and Rabbits

Foster, A.C.; Tat Man, E.C., 1938:
Influence of certain environmental conditions on congestion of starch in tomato plant stems

Jespersen, J.; Petersen, F. H.B., 1933:
Influence of certain feedstuffs on quality of pork

Faust, E.C.; Scott, L.C.; Swartz-Welder, J.C., 1934:
Influence of certain food-stuffs on lesions of Endamoeba histolytica infection

Esselen, W.B., Jr., 1937:
Influence of certain fruits on fecal flora and intestinal reaction in diets of rats

Rands, R.D.; Dopp, E., 1938:
Influence of certain harmful soil constituents on severity of Pythium root rot of sugarcane

Lindquist, B., 1942:
Influence of certain land molluscs in the decomposition of forest detritus

Lindquist, B., 1941:
Influence of certain land molluscs in the decomposition of forest detritus.

Afzal, M.; Bashir, M.-Hamid, 2007:
Influence of certain leaf characters of some summer vegetables with incidence of predatory mites of the family cunaxidae

Coffman, F.A.; Stevens, H., 1937:
Influence of certain oat varieties on their F1 progeny

Glasscock, H.H.; Ware, W.M.; Pizer, N.H., 1944:
Influence of certain soil factors on chocolate spot of beans

Aderhalden, Emil., 1931:
Influence of certain types of nutrition on the general condition of the animal organism

Sartory, A.; Sartory, R.; Meyer, J., 1938:
Influence of certain water soluble vitamins on the rate of growth of cocco-bacilli

Zuckerman, S., 1936:
Influence of cestrogens on the prostate gland

Yates, F.; Boyd, D.A.; Pettit, G.H.N., 1942:
Influence of changes in level of feeding on milk production

Alessandrini, A., 1925:
Influence of changes in the reaction of the medium on the activity of the bacteriophage

Crosier, W.; Patrick, S., 1940:
Influence of chemical and thermal treatments on infection of cruciferous seedlings by Alternarua spp. and Rhizopus nigricans

Cuthbert, F.S.; Ivy, A.C., 1935:
Influence of chicken liver feeding on depancreatized dogs

Sartini, E.A.felli, G.F.biani, A.P.va, A., 2007:
Influence of chips, lees and micro-oxygenation during aging on the phenolic composition of a red Sangiovese wine

Adams, W.L.; Myers, V.C., 1933:
Influence of chlorides and phosphates of saliva on its amylolytic activity

Haas, A.R.C., 1945:
Influence of chlorine on plants

Yuuki, H., 1932:
Influence of cholic acid on absorption of sugar from the intestine and on its behaviour in the liver

Burn, C.G.; Orten, A.U.; Smith, A.H., 1941:
Influence of chronic vitamin A deficiency on bacterial flora of rats

Terlikowski, F.; Byczkowski, A., 1936:
Influence of clays occurring in potash fertilizers on plant development

Brodski ., 1945:
Influence of climate on the ascorbic acid content of oranges

Dimitri, M.J., 1941:
Influence of climate on the geographic distribution of mandarin oranges in Argentina

Minett, F.C., 1943:
Influence of climate on the incidence of disease

Teodoreanu, N.I., 1938:
Influence of climate upon constitution, resistance, and productivity of domestic animals. Acclimatisation

D.Villiers, G.B.D., 1943:
Influence of climate upon fruit production

Faes, H., 1928:
Influence of climatic conditions on the development of insects and fungi parasitic on cultivated plants

Sarazin, J., 1937:
Influence of climatic conditions on the evolution of ammoniacal nitrogen in fertilizers during winter

Maymone, B.; Sircana, C.; Cuttano, C., 1935:
Influence of climatic factors during summer on milk production in southern regions

Henin, S., 1939:
Influence of climatic factors on the structural stability of loam soils.

Kato, K.; Iob, V., 1940:
Influence of cobalt on iron transportation and storage : a chemical and histologic study

Waohstein, M., 1945:
Influence of cod liver oil on deposition of carold in the nutritional tat cirr-hosis

Hayashl, S., 1936:
Influence of cod-liver-oil upon bacteria and infected wounds.

Bonsma, J.C.; Pretorius, A.J., 1943:
Influence of colour and coat cover on adaptability of cattle

Roesgen, E., 1945:
Influence of colour on the heating of wood surfaces (plywood).

Eidlinova, M.L., 1934:
Influence of combinations of basal foodstuffs (chiefly proteins and carbohydrates) on gastric and pancreatic secretions

Larson, H.W.E.; Schultz, H.K., 1945:
Influence of commercial fertilizers on Idaho potatoes

Schmorl, K., 1939:
Influence of commercial fertilizers on cereals and their milling products

Foltz, E.E.; Ivy, A.C.; Barborka, C.J., 1942:
Influence of components of the vitamin B complex on recovery from fatigue

Holmes, A.D.; Tripp, F., 1933:
Influence of composition of yellow corn

Murashev, S.I.; Kuznetsova, Z.I., 1939:
Influence of composition, age and density of stands on the snow regime.

Seelsaen, N.; McLaughlan, R.; Moore, S.; Stuetz, R.M., 2007:
Influence of compost characteristics on heavy metal sorption from synthetic stormwater

Monod, J., 1943:
Influence of concentration of the substrate on the rapidity of adaptation of Bacterium coli

Bennett, C.W., 1943:
Influence of contact period on the passage of viruses from cion to stock in Turkish tobacco

Penquite, R.; Thompson, R.B., 1933:
Influence of continuous light on Leghorns

Christensen, F.W.; Latzke, E.; Hopper, T.H., 1932:
Influence of cooking and canning on the vitamin B content of beef and pork

Oser, B.L.; Melnick, D.; Oser, M., 1943:
Influence of cooking procedure upon retention of vitamins and minerals in vegetables

Anderson, T.G.; Nichola, J.E., 1943:
Influence of cooling methods on bacteria in milk

Barer, A.P.; Fowler, W.M., 1937:
Influence of copper and a liver fraction on retention of iron

Mulder, M.E.G., 1938:
Influence of copper on the growth of microorganisms.

Bretschneider, G.; Peralta, M.; Santini, F.J.; Fay, J.P.; Faverin, C., 2007:
Influence of corn silage supplementation before alfalfa grazing on ruminal environment in relation to the occurrence of frothy bloat in cattle

Arnold, L.; Korando, E.; Ryan, V., 1932:
Influence of cornstarch, sucrose and banana powder on the acid-base equilibrium and bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract of the rat

Williams, C.B.; Rankin, W.H.; Clapp, S.C., 1937:
Influence of crop rotation and soil treatment upon the yield of crops on Porter's loam soil

Goss, R.W.; Afanasiev, M.M., 1938:
Influence of crop rotations under irrigation on Potato scab, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium wilt

Neller, J.R., 1944:
Influence of cropping, rainfall, and water table on nitrates in Everglades peat

Dmochowski, L.; Gye, W.E., 1943:
Influence of cross-suckling on the incidence of mammary cancer in high and low-cancer strains of mice

Lopatin, M.I., 1939:
Influence of crown gall on growth of the cherry.

Campbell, C.J.; Brown, R.A.; Emmett, A.D., 1944:
Influence of crystalline vitamin B6 on hematopoiesis in the chick

Kozak, A.; Bernath, J.; Gosztola, B., 2006:
Influence of cultivation trial on growth and yield of the field horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.)

Buchholtz, W.F., 1942:
Influence of cultural factors on alfalfa seedling infection by Pythium debaryanum Hesse

Trevisan, R.; Treptow, R. de O.; Goncalves, E.D.; Antunes, L.E.C.; Herter, F.G., 2006:
Influence of cultural practices on the sensory quality of peaches (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) cv. Maciel

Liu, L.; Peng, J.; Liu, K.; Yang, H.; Li, Y.; Hong, H., 2007:
Influence of cytochrome c on apoptosis induced by Anagrapha (Syngrapha) falcifera multiple nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AfMNPV) in insect Spodoptera litura cells

Potapenko, J. I.; Zaharova, E.I., 1940:
Influence of daily variation of temperature on development of plants

Tanaka, I., 1937:
Influence of darkness and vitamin D on the excretion of iodine in urine

Caridroit, F.; Regnier, V., 1944:
Influence of darkness on the stabilised comb of the capon and its interpretation

Kaleff, B., 1939:
Influence of date of fertilization upon milking and dry periods

Chmelar, F.; Simon, J., 1934:
Influence of date of sowing on the yield and shooting of sugar and fodder beet

Milko, S., 1936:
Influence of date of sowing on yield and quality of clover-grass mixtures

Zakharov, B.S., 1941:
Influence of daylength on susceptibility of sunflower to affection with broom-rape

Rivera, V., 1940:
Influence of deep radiation upon plant growth

Viale, G., 1932:
Influence of denervating the adrenal glands on diabetes

Pratt, R.; Craig, F.N.; Trelease, S.F., 1937:
Influence of Deuterium Oxide on Photochemical and Dark Reactions of Photosynthesis

Pratt, R.; Trelease, S.F., 1938:
Influence of deuterium oxide on photosynthesis in flashing and in continuous light

Roubaud, E., 1945:
Influence of developing plas-modia on the fecundity of the host mosquito

Wishnofsky, M.; Kane, A.P.; Shlevin, E.L.; Byron, C.S., 1935:
Influence of di-nitrophenol on carbohydrate metabolism

Dann, M.; Cowgill, G.R., 1938:
Influence of diarrhea on the vitamin B1 requirement

Hoffman, F., 1936:
Influence of diet and management on swine fever and immunisation

Tsai, A.; Liou, J.; Chang, M.; Chuang, Y., 2007:
Influence of diet and physical activity on aging-associated body fatness and anthropometric changes in older Taiwanese

Chiwaki, J., 1933:
Influence of diet and vitamins on blood-glycolysis. 2. Glycolysis and the distribution of free and combined cholesterol

Chiwaki, J., 1933:
Influence of diet and vitamins on blood-glycolysis. 3. Glycolysis in rabbits fed on polished rice

Fujimoto, K., 1933:
Influence of diet on basal metabolism of the white rat. 1. Meat and carbohydrate feeding

Spottel, W., 1932:
Influence of diet on body form, organs and production in sheep

Mcginnis, J.; Norris, L.C.; Heuser, G.F., 1944:
Influence of diet on chick growth-promoting and antiperotic properties of betaine, methionine and choline

Stoesser, A.V.; Petri, K.A.; Mcquarrie, I., 1935:
Influence of diet on lipid content of the rat's brain

Meyer, A.Rothe, 1939:
Influence of diet on resistance to diphtherial toxin

Uhlmann, E., 1933:
Influence of diet on sensitivity of animal tissues to radiation

Kapnick, I.; Lyons, C.; Stewart, J.D., 1942:
Influence of diet on sulfanilamide toxicity

Abderhalden, R., 1941:
Influence of diet on the action of acetylcholine and the interaction between vitamin B1 and acetylcholine

Moraczewski, W.V.; Grzyoki, S.; Jankowski, H.; Sliwinski, R., 1932:
Influence of diet on the blood and urine uric acid after the ingestion of a purine rich food

Herrmannsdorfer, Adolf., 1931:
Influence of diet on the composition of tissues

Porter, J.R.; Rettger, L.F., 1940:
Influence of diet on the distribution of bacteria in the stomach, small intestine and cecum of the white rat

Moraczewski, V.D.Crzycki, St., 1931:
Influence of diet on the excretion of some urinary constituents and on the composition of the blood

Waugh, L.M., 1937:
Influence of diet on the jaws and face of the American Eskimo

Giroud, P.; Giroud, A., 1936:
Influence of diet on the sensibility of the rabbit to serum anaphylaxis

Anonymous, 1932:
Influence of diet on the tonsils

Hawks, J.E.; Everson, G., 1941:
Influence of diet on the uric acid excretion of young children

Eimer, K.; Bartels, H., 1932:
Influence of diet on the urinary excretion of oxalic acid and protective colloids in man

Ihara, Y., 1931:
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