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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13406

Chapter 13406 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Labate, John, S., 1940:
Influence of uterine and ovarian nerves on lactation

Raffy, A., 1932:
Influence of variations of salinity on the respiration of Libellulidae larvae

Beirnaert, A.; Vanderweyen, R., 1941:
Influence of varietal origin on yield of oil palms

Pardo, M., 1943:
Influence of variety and density of planting on the yield of hemp straw

Maume, L.; Bouat, A., 1937:
Influence of variety and soil on assimilation of sulphur by wheat.

Young, S.M.; Greaves, J.E., 1940:
Influence of variety and treatment on phytin content of wheat

Karikka, K.J.hnson; Dudgeon, L.T.; Hauck, H.M., 1944:
Influence of variety, location, fertilizer, and storage on the ascorbic acid content of potatoes grown in New York State

Greaves, J.E.; Bracken, A.F., 1940:
Influence of variety, season and cultural treatments on the minerals removed from the soil by wheats

Greaves, J.E.; Bracken, A.F.; Hirst, C.T., 1940:
Influence of variety, season, and green manures on composition of wheats

Ku, D.Y.; Simon, M.A., 1934:
Influence of various diets on experimental amyloidosis in mice

Fomin, S.V.; Demin, V., 1935:
Influence of various diets on the amino-acids in muscle

Thompson, Ross, C., 1939:
Influence of various factors on the shape of beet roots

Solun, A.S.; Danilova, A.K.; Chlebnikov, N.J., 1934:
Influence of various feeds upon the acid base metabolism of adult fowls.

Badinand, A., 1937:
Influence of various metals, as ionisable or complex salts, on the activation of liver arginase by vitamin C

Hopkins, E.W.; Fred, E.B., 1933:
Influence Of Various Nitrogenous Compounds And Mannitol On Nodule Formation By Clover

Gorski, M.; Krotowiczowna, J.; Salcewicz, J., 1938:
Influence of various potash fertilizers on Legumin-osae

Parfentjev, A.; Devrient, W.; Suntzeff, V.D.; Sokoloff, B., 1932:
Influence of various preparations of lactic acid on transplanted tumors. 1. Action on sarcoma 39

Tudoranu, G.; Dimitriu, C.C.; Filipesco, M., 1940:
Influence of various substances on gastric motility

Fabian, F.W.; Trout, M.G., 1943:
Influence of various treatments on the bacteria content of frozen cream

Hansen, A.E., 1935:
Influence of viosterol and parathyroid extract on mineral metabolism in osteogenesis imperfecta

Seidmon, E.E.; Arnold, L., 1931:
Influence of vitamin A and B deficiency upon intestinal acid-base equilibrium and bacterial flora

Seidmon, E.; Arnold, L., 1931:
Influence of vitamin A deficiency upon intestinal permeability for bacteria

Golrkin, F.E., 1941:
Influence of vitamin A on appearance of sexual desire and on development of embryo in sows

Jusatz, H.J., 1934:
Influence of vitamin A on level of serum cholesterol

Lasch, F., 1934:
Influence of vitamin A on serum cholesterol in man

Schmidt, W., 1933:
Influence of vitamin A on the epithelium of different mucous membranes

Chevallier, A.; Jullien, R., 1938:
Influence of vitamin A reserves in the liver on the metabolism of the normal guineapig

Herrin, R.C., 1939:
Influence of vitamin A upon urea clearance in the rat

Coccheri, P.; Rossi, G., 1934:
Influence of vitamin A, B and C and Collip's hormone on the development of tadpoles after treatment with irradiated ergosterol

Orimo, R., 1939:
Influence of vitamin B with or without combined use of Yakriton upon glyoxalase content in human milk : 109th report of the peroxidase reaction

Umemura, H., 1940:
Influence of vitamin B1 on Arakawa's reaction and chlorine content of human milk. 139th report of the peroxidase reaction

Shoda, K., 1941:
Influence of vitamin B1 on Arakawa's reaction and lactose content of human milk. 143rd report of the peroxidase reaction

Gisiger, L., 1944:
Influence of vitamin B1 on growth and yield in different crop plants

Gisiger, L., 1944:
Influence of vitamin B1 on growth and yield in different cultivated plants

Clark, D.G., 1942:
Influence Of Vitamin B(1) On The Growth Of Agrostis Tenuis And Brassica Alba

Ko, H., 1940:
Influence of vitamin B1 on the response to pharmacological agents of isolated frog's heart

Yoshino, K., 1938:
Influence of vitamin B1on Arakawa's reaction and inorganic sulphate content of human milk. 99th Report of the peroxidasereaction

Collazo, J.A.; Pi-Suner-Bayo, C., 1932:
Influence of vitamin B2 on carbohydrate metabolism

Bischoff, F.; Ingraham, L.P.; Jerome Rupp, J., 1943:
Influence of vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid on growth of sarcoma 180

Suzuki, S., 1932:
Influence of vitamin C deficiency on the nasal membrane

Chapman, C.W.; Morrell, C.A., 1935:
Influence of vitamin C on development of skin sensitivity to neoarsphenamine in the guinea pig

Polonyi, P., 1935:
Influence of vitamin C on diphtheria toxin

Pakter, J.; Schick, B., 1938:
Influence of vitamin C on diphtheria toxin

Abderhalden, E., 1934:
Influence of vitamin C on the action of tyrosinase

Mosonyi, J.; Rigo, L., 1933:
Influence of vitamin C on the gaseous exchange of normal and scorbutic guineapigs

Schuchard, W., 1937:
Influence of vitamin C on the haemorrhagic diathesis

Otani, T., 1939:
Influence of vitamin C, l-ascorbic acid, on the whooping cough bacillus and its toxin.

Stefl, J., 1937:
Influence of vitamin D administration on tadpoles

Anderson, P.G.; Williams, C.H.M.; Halderson, H.; Stomerfeldt, C.; Agnew, R.G., 1934:
Influence of vitamin D in the prevention of dental caries

Morelle, J., 1933:
Influence of vitamin D on the consolidation of experimental fractures

Boyle, P.E.; Wesson, L.G., 1943:
Influence of vitamin D on the structure of the teeth and of the bones of rats on low calcium diets

Frei, W., 1942:
Influence of vitamin E deficiency on resistance to infection, particularly of Brucella

Maiocco, F., 1936:
Influence of vitamin E on the productiveness of rabbits

Cotti, L., 1937:
Influence of vitamin G administered intra-venously in normal subjects and in cases with haemorrhagic diathesis

Sforza, P.; Marinoni, F., 1942:
Influence of vitamin K on the fibrinolytie power of haamolytic streptococci

Schafer, W., 1937:
Influence of vitamin content of the diet on anaphylactic shock in guineapigs

Nyrop, E., 1932:
Influence of vitamin research on diet for the healthy and sick

Taniguchi, S., 1939:
Influence of vitamin-A and on grow h change produced by feeding of inorganic iron

Orimo, R., 1939:
Influence of vitamin-B with or without yakriton upon the methyl glyoxallike substance in Arakawa-negative mother's urine. 113th Report of the peroxidase reaction

Harde, E.; Kobozieff, N., 1934:
Influence of vitamins A and D on the frequency of tumours in mice

Chevallier, A.; Cornil, L.; Combe, R., 1935:
Influence of vitamins B and A on the metabolism of the rat

Lewis, K.H.; Ham, W.E.; Jensen, W.I., 1943:
Influence of vitamins and coliform bacteria on sulfaguanidine tolerance by young chickens

Tainter, M.L.; Borley, W.E., 1938:
Influence of vitamins and dinitrophenol on the production of experimental cataract

Langenskiold, F., 1939:
Influence of vitamins and hormones on the skeleton

Poelt, H., 1932:
Influence of vitamins on milk secretion in COWS

Jusatz, H.J., 1934:
Influence of vitamins on the catalase content of blood. 2

Ravi Bhat; Sujatha, S.; Khan, H.H.; Sivakumar, K.; Siju Antony, 2002:
Influence of waste recycling on nutrient status of the soil in high density multispecies cropping system

Humar, M.; Pohleven, F.; Zlindra, D., 2006:
Influence of water properties on leaching of copper-based preservatives from treated wood

Stout, G.J., 1935:
Influence of watering treatment on the occurrence of blossom-end rot in greenhouse Tomatoes

Kisch, E.; Reiter, T., 1930:
Influence of wave-length in the irradiation of ergosterol

Cholodny, N.G.; Sankewitsch, E.C., 1937:
Influence Of Weak Electric Currents Upon The Growth Of The Coleoptile

Crowther, F., 1943:
Influence of weeds on cotton in the Sudan Gezira

Blumenthal, H.T., 1942:
Influence of weight (age), diet and dosage on response of thyroid and parathyroid glands of male guinea pig to potassium iodide; effect of this substance on adrenal gland

Titus, H.W.; Burrows, W.H., 1940:
Influence of wheat germ oil on semen production of cockerels

Bahrani, M.J.; Raufat, M.H.; Ghadiri, H., 2007:
Influence of wheat residue management on irrigated corn grain production in a reduced tillage system

Wojtysiak, A., 1936:
Influence of width of rows on development and chemical composition of lupins

Padwick, G.W., 1935:
Influence of wild and cultivated plants on the multiplication, survival and spread of cereal foot-rotting fungi in the soil

Barber, N.; Almanza, B.A., 2006:
Influence of wine packaging on consumers' decision to purchase

Burgos, J.J., 1943:
Influence of winter on deciduous fruit trees

Prskavec, K.; Falta, V.; Kneifl, V.; Knourkova, J.; Kupkova, J., 2007:
Influence of winter temperatures on the predation of codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) caterpillars by tits (Paridae)

Burger, H., 1945:
Influence of woodland on the water regime. IV. The water regime in the Valle di Melera from 1934-35 to 1943-44.

Palladina, L.I.; Khaikina, B.I., 1936:
Influence of work and training on the lactic acid and synthetic ability of muscles of normal and avitaminotic guineapigs.

Kanter, A., 1934:
Influence of yeast administration on hypervitaminosis A in young rats

Swaby, R.J., 1945:
Influence of yeast extract on Lactobacillus bulgaricus incubated at various temperatures

Aida, H., 1932:
Influence of yeast on liver glycogen with varying diet

Hortenstine, J.C.; Chanutin, A.; Ludewig, S., 1938:
Influence of yeast-containing diets on the total fatty adds and cholesterol content of the livers of intact and partially nephreotomized rats

Salvin, S.B., 1944:
Influence of zinc oxide on paint molds

Jonesco, S., 1932:
Influence of zinc upon the respiration of germinated seeds of Lupinus albus

Hansson, N., 1932:
Influence oi time of cutting on the year's yield from hay leys and on the feeding value of the hay

Sartory, A.; Meyer, J.; Schmutz, D., 1938:
Influence on Bacterial Growth of the Addition of Vitamins B1 and B2 to the Culture Media

Witte, J., 1937:
Influence on Bovine Tubercle Bacilli of Reduced Oxygen Tension in the Medium. Effect on Type Differentiation

Althausen, T.L.; Thoenes, E., 1932:
Influence on carbohydrate metabolism of experimentally induced hepatic changes. 2. Phosphorus poisoning

Althausen, T.L.; Thoenes, E., 1932:
Influence on carbohydrate metabolism of experimentally induced hepatic changes. 3. Chloroform poisoning

Althausen, T.L.; Blomquist, B.E.; Whedon, E.F., 1935:
Influence on carbohydrate metabolism of experimentally induced hepatic changes. 4. Block of the reticulo-endothelial system with special reference to the Kupffer cell

Richter, K.; Ferber, K.E.; Moldrickx, P.; Chrzaszcz, K., 1932:
Influence on composition and food-value of washing sugar-beet leaf silage

Walker, N.P.; Wheeler, G.A., 1931:
Influence on epilepsy of a diet low in the pellagra preventive factor

Longley, L.E., 1937:
Influence on grass growth of various proportions of peat in lawn soils

Koger, M.; Reineke, E.P.; Turner, C.W., 1943:
Influence on growth of thyroactive iodocasein

Laszt, L., 1941:
Influence on lactation of anterior pituitary hormone in adrenalectomised rats

Abelin, I., 1933:
Influence on metabolism of thyroid protein which has been further iodized or brominated

Oldenburg, F., 1931:
Influence on milk and butter of feeding potatoes to dairy cows

Marek, J.; Wellmann, O.; Urbanyi, L., 1944:
Influence on rabbit metabolism of diets rich in calcium and phosphorus

Kregzde, J., 1937:
Influence on the Agglutination Reaction of the Method of Dealing with Milk Sample Used

Van Gelder, R.H.; Waal, D.C.D., 1933:
Influence on the animal organism of adding iron to the feed

King, J.L., 1938:
Influence on the duration of gestation on

Amato, G., 1941:
Influence on the onset of Koch's phenomenon of substances which modify tissue permeability

Krzywanek, F.W.; Brundl, A., 1942:
Influence ot Insulin on Blood Sugar of Swine

Krammes, J.G.; Argenta, L.C.; Vieira, M.J., 2006:
Influences of 1-methylcyclopropene on quality of persimmon fruit cv. 'Fuyu' after cold storage

Sonan, J.; Tadasa, Y., 1939:
Influences of Whitewash on the Growth of Tea Bushes.

Waugh, L.M., 1933:
Influences of diet on the development of the jaws and face of the American Eskimo

Godo, J.R.; Graves, B.S.; O.K.oy, J.A.; Hecht, S., 2006:
Influences of dietary supplement use in south Florida adolescent athletes

Souza, L.M. de; Castilhos, D.D.; Morselli, T.B.G.A.; Castilhos, R.M.V., 2006:
Influences of different vermicompost application in soil microbial biomass after lettuce cultivation

Krasovskii, I.R., 1941:
Influences of enforced self-pollination in cotton on fruiting and yield

Heinemann, M., 1941:
Influences Of Erythrocytes And Of Leukocytes On Stability And Transfer Of Ascorbic Acid In Human Blood

Ziegelmayer, W., 1931:
Influences of hard water on the cell during cooking

Hosaka, N., 1934:
Influences of lipoid on the carbohydrate metabolism. 1. Changes in the content of glucose and lactic acid in blood and of the latter in urine of rabbits caused by the injection of cholesterin and lecithin

Lawless, W.W., 1941:
Influences of magnesium upon yield

Raychaudhuri, S.P., 1942:
Influences of mean annual rainfall and altitude above sea-level on the composition of clay fractions of Indian lateritic soils

Blair, D.S., 1937:
Influences of rootstocks on apple tree performance

Frei, W.; Emmerson, M.A., 1931:
Influences of the Sexual Apparatus on the Blood and Vegetative Nervous System

Shiotsu, F.; Liu, J.; Toyota, M.; Kusutani, A., 2007:
Influences of the size of vascular bundle at the neck internode and carbohydrate translocation on varietal difference of ripening ability of various rice cultivars

Anonymous, 1940:
Influences of vegetation and watershed treatment on run-off, silting, and stream flow

Elgueta, G.; M., 1944:
Influences which determine the mineral composition of wheat

Roelofsen, P.A., 1939:
Influencing and conserving the quality of Robusta market coffee

Haden, R.L., 1938:
Influencing factors in nutritional deficiency disease

Koblet, R., 1942:
Influencing plant growth by treatment of the seed. (Review.)

Koster, P., 1942:
Influencing potash utilization by influencing the soil adsorbing complex as a method of soil amelioration

Koch, W., 1939:
Influencing reproduction of the fox by means of hormones. Report on 6 years' research work

Schulz, M., 1939:
Influencing the growth of lactic acid bacteria with kefir powder and Kefermon

Kornberg, A.; Endicott, K.M.; Daft, F.S.; Sebrell, W.H., 1945:
Influenco of of casein and other agents on the production of renal lesions in rate by sulfadiazine and acetylsnlfadiazine

Troitzky, G.V., 1938:
Influenee ot the nerves on the vitamin A content of blood

Todd, A.G.; Soutar, J.J.M., 1939:

Macek, K., 1937:
Influenza (Infectious Bronchitis) in Cattle

Smith, W.; Andrewes, C.H.; Laidlaw, P.P., 1935:
Influenza : Experiments on the Immunization of Ferrets and Mice

Andrewes, C.H., 1937:
Influenza: Four Years' Progress

Laidlaw, P.P.; Smith, W.; Andrewes, C.H.; Dunkin, G.W., 1935:
Influenza : The Preparation of Immune Sera in Horses

Gaitandzhiev, G., 1939:
Influenza Bacteria Carriers in Swine Influenza : Presence in Healthy Slaughtered Pigs.

Smith, W.; Stuart-Harris, C.H., 1936:
Influenza Infection of Man from the Ferret

Stuart-Harris, C.H., 1937:
Influenza Virus Infection of Rats and Guinea-Pigs

Burnet, F.M., 1941:
Influenza Virus Infections of the Chick Embryo by the Amniotic Route. 2. Titrations and Serum Neutralization Tests

Burnet, F.M.; Foley, M., 1941:
Influenza Virus Infections of the Chick Embryo by the Amniotic Route. 3. Changes in the Activity of Influenza Virus on Continued Amniotic Passage

Burnet, F.M., 1940:
Influenza Virus Infections of the Chick Embryo by the Amniotic Route. I. General Character of the Infections

Campbell, J.A., 1940:
Influenza Virus and the Incidence of Primary Lung Tumours in Mice

Burnet, F.M.; Lush, D., 1938:
Influenza Virus on the Developing Egg : VII. The Antibodies of Experimental and Human Sera

Burnet, F.M., 1936:
Influenza Virus on the Developing Egg. I. Changes Associated with the Development of an Egg-Passage Strain of Virus

Kairies, A., 1936:
Influenza due to Pasteurella in Ferrets and Influenza due to Haemophilus in Man

Stuart-Harris, C.H.; Glover, R.E.; Mills, K.C., 1943:
Influenza in Britain, 1942-43

Andrewes, C.H.; Glover, R.E.; Lush, D.; Hudson, N.P.; Stuart-Harris, C.M., 1941:
Influenza in England in 1940-41

D.L.R.viere, R.D.; Clieve, J., 1936:
Influenza in Ferrets

Kairies, A., 1935:
Influenza in Ferrets. Bact. influenzae putoriorum multiforme

Ulc, F., 1939:
Influenza in Foals

Waldmann, O., 1933:
Influenza of Piglets

Fomina, A.Y., 1940:
Influenza of rabbits

Basset, J., 1941:
Influenza of the Horse

Burnet, F.M., 1936:
Influenza on the Developing Egg. 2. Titration of Egg Passage by the Pock-Counting Method. 3. The Neutralization of Egg Virus by Immune Sera

Burnet, F.M., 1942:
Influenza virus B : II. Immunization of human volunteers with living attenuated virus

Andrewes, C.H.; Glover, R.E.; Himmelweit, F.; Smith, W., 1944:
Influenza virus as a laboratory contaminant

Kairies, A., 1938:
Influenza-Like Symptoms in Spontaneous Infections in G. Pigs

Burnet, F.M.; Clark, E., 1942:
Influenza. A Survey of the Last 50 Years in the Light of Modern Work on the Virus of Epidemic Influenza

Andrewes, C.H.; Smith, W., 1937:
Influenza: Further Experiments on the Active Immunization of Mice

Francis, T., 1945:
Influenza: Methods of Study and Control

Zacher, 1920:
Information about Pests of Stored Food-stuffs

Averin, V.G., 1914:
Information as to the appearance and activity of injurious insects during June-September

Magee, A.C.; Bonne, C.A., 1945:
Information basic to adjustments in rice production in Texas

Stenberg, M., 1935:
Information collected during a study tour in Germany

Anonymous, 1920:
Information concerning Rat Surveys and Rat Proofing ; with a Model Ordinance designed to regulate Building with reference to Rat Proofing

Anonymous, 1917:
Information for Orchardists in Arkansas

Anonymous, 1941:
Information from and for the planter

Barrios, S.A., 1945:
Information given by the veterinary department of the Ministry of Agriculture in Guatemala on the cattle situation in1944

Fox, W.K.; Turney, G.J.; Bryan, C.S., 1939:
Information obtained by the microscopic examination of raw milk not shown by the methylene blue test or the standard plate count

Maclean, J.D., 1941:
Information obtained from marine piling experiments on the Gulf coast

Suranyi, J., 1938:
Information on Agropyron cristatum

Fonseca, J.P.; Araujo, R.L., 1939:
Information on Cicadid Pests in Sao Paulo and on the Possibilities of controlling them

Tubeuf, C.V., 1931:
Information on Douglas Fir diseases

D.Stefani, T., 1920:
Information on Icerya purchasi for the Citrus Growers of the Province of Trapani

Pineros, Julio., 1933:
Information on Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum)

Hatfield, I., 1944:
Information on pentachlorophenol as a wood-preserving chemical

Russell, G.T., 1931:
Information on production of Avocado trees at various ages

Pasquier, R.Du., 1934:
Information on the lac-bearing tree of Tonkin

Sibilia, C., 1940:
Information on the physiological specialization of P. triticina Erikss. in Libya

Novelli, N., 1933:
Information on the production of new rice seed. (1932)

Klinkowski, M.; Hackbarth, J., 1941:
Information on the significance for breeding of Iberian wild forms of L. luteus L. and L, angustifolius L

Suranyi, F., 1935:
Information on the soil requirements of lupins

Penasco, F.S., 1942:
Information on the soybean

Muller, K.O., 1936:
Information on the spring-winter type in T. vulgare on the basis of genetical and developmental investigations on Anatolian soft wheats (preliminary note)

Girotti, R., 2007:
Information overload? Tools for tactical decision making

Sylven, N., 1940:
Information received about frost injuries to trees and bushes grown in Sweden during the winter-half of last year

Doeve, W.C.A., 1917:
Information regarding Surra

Cohen Stuart, C.P., 1920:
Information relating to Tea Cultivation in Siam and Burma

Praus, P.; Praks, P., 2007:
Information retrieval in hydrochemical data using the latent semantic indexing approach

Smolak, J., 1926:
Information service

Anonymous, 1922:

Anonymous, 1939:
Informe anual 1938. (Annual Report, 1938)

Wolcott, G.N., 1922 :
Informe anual de la Division de Entomologia para el ano fiscal de 1921 a 1922

Chardon, C.E., 1922:
Informe anual del patologo especial para el ano fiscal de 1921 a 1922

Anonymous, 1932:
Infra-Red Photography

Massopust, L.C., 1937:
Infra-Red Photography of Gross Anatomic Specimens

Babel, A., 1935:
Infra-red photography in plant protection

Anonymous, 1945:
Infra-red reflectance of finishes

Dhib, R., 2007:
Infrared drying: from process modeling to advanced process control

Depaigne-Delay, A.; Lecomte, J., 1943:
Infrared photography and permeability of wood

Remlinger, P.; Bailly, J., 1941:
Infuence of AnacsthesiaonTransmissionof Rabies through the Lungs

Savina, A.V., 1939:
Infuence of thinnings on the wood structure of Aspen.

Gerstner, R., 1938:
Infusion Therapy of Mastitis

Urschel, K., L.; Evans, A., R.; Pencharz, P., B.; Ball, R., O., 2007 :
Infusion of glucagon-like peptide 2 with an arginine deficient diet increases endogenous arginine synthesis from proline in parenterally-fed neonatal piglets

Mangold, E., 1933:
Infusoria of the Rumen and their Significance for the Nutrition of Ruminants

Wilson, C.S.; Mathieson, D.R.; Jachowski, L.A., 1944:
Ingested Thiamin Chloride as a Mosquito Repellent

Sutherland, W.; Williams, M.; De-Jeong, S.; Mccormick, M., 2007:
Ingestion of moderately thermally oxidized polyunsaturated fat decreases serum resistance to oxidation in men with coronary artery disease

Toomey, J.A., 1937:
Ingestion of vitamins A, B, C and D and poliomyelitis

Medlar, E.M.; Sasano, K.T., 1944:
Ingestion tuberculosis in normal and in vaccinated rabbits. Haematogenous pulmonary tuberculosis in man considered

Vieira, B.R.; Zanine, A. de M.; Ferreira, D. de J.; Vieira, A.J.M., 2007:
Ingestive behaviour of girolandas heifers on pastures grazing Brachiaria brizantha and Coast-cross in the extreme-south of Bahia

Klang, C.A., 1943:
Ingrid Marie, a useful new apple

Barach, A.L.; Molomut, N.; Soroka, M., 1942:
Inhalation of Nebulized Promin in Experimental Tuberculosis. Sodium P,P'-Diaminodiphenyl-sulfone-N,N'-Dldextrose Sulfonate

Castex, M.R.; Capdehourat, E.L.; Pedace, E.A., 1941:
Inhalation of Nebulized Solutions

Mutch, N.; Hoskins, H.L., 1944:
Inhalation of chemotherapeutic substances

Badea, R.; Ionascu, I., 2006:
Inhalatory anesthesia with isofluran in ocular surgery cases

Tower, W.L., 1917:
Inheritable Modification of the Water Relation in Hibernation of Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Buenning, E., 1935:
Inheritable daily periodicity in the primary leaves of Phaseolus multiflorus

Oehlkers, F., 1933:

Oehlkers, F., 1936:

Robertson, D.W., 1937:
Inheritance in Barley II

Xiao, Q.; Loy, J.B.ent, 2007:
Inheritance and characterization of a glabrous trait in summer squash

Weetman, L.M., 1936:
Inheritance and correlation of shape, size and color in the watermelon

Weetman, L.M., 1937:
Inheritance and correlation of shape, size and color in the watermelon, Citrullus vulgaris Schrad. Res

Y.J.ongSoo; Seo DongKyu; Kim EunHee; Han JongBeen; Ahn KiSu; Kim GilHah, 2005:
Inheritance and cross resistance of bifenazate resistance in twospotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae

Roberts, E.; Morrill, C.C., 1944:
Inheritance and histology of wattles in swine

Wells, D.G.; Swenson, S.P., 1944:
Inheritance and interaction of genes governing reaction to stem rust, leaf rust and powdery mildew in a spring Wheat cross

Worzella, W.W., 1942:
Inheritance and interrelationship of components of quality, cold resistance, and morphological characters in wheat hybrids

Anderson, E.G.; Emerson, R.A., 1931:
Inheritance and linkage relations of chocolate pericarp in maize

Belskaja, T.N., 1933:
Inheritance and ontogenetic distribution of seeds of changed colour in Phaseolus vulgaris L. v. sphaericus haematocarpus Savi (Mart)

Lowe, H., 1938:
Inheritance and other factors affecting fertility in farm livestock, with special reference to cattle

Weiss, M.G., 1943:
Inheritance and Physiology of Efficiency in Iron Utilization in Soybeans

L.H.nXia; Yin RuoHe; L.Y.Chun; Zhang YuYang; Zhang JunHong, 2007:
Inheritance and resistance to insects in CryIA(c) transgenic cabbage

Koch, W., 1938:
Inheritance and sterility

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Disease Resistance to an Infectious Disease

Lambert, W.V., 1935:
Inheritance as a Factor in Poultry Disease

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. I. The Uniform Reaction of an Inbred Strain of Animals

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. II. Differential Host Reactions and the Effects of Selection within a Population

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. III. The Distribution of Litter Mortalities in the Host Populations

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. IV. Tests for Evidence of an Acquired Immunity in the Resistant Population

Irwin, M.R., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. V. The Correlations between Resistance of the Host and Certain Measured Variables

Irwin, M.R.; Hughes, T.P., 1933:
Inheritance as a Factor in Resistance to an Infectious Disease. VI. The Correlation between Resistance and the Bactericidal Power of the Whole Blood

Brandly, C.A.; Waters, N.F., 1942:
Inheritance as a factor in poultry-disease research

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Inheritance as It Affects Survival of Rats Fed a Diet Deficient in Vitamin D

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Inheritance by labile genes

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Inheritance by the Irlandets pea of characters acquired as a result of growing in situations geographically different

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Inheritance in Cucurbita pollen

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Inheritance in Mice of the Resistance against Infection with Eggs of Taenia taeniaeformls

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Inheritance in Nicotiana Tabacum - XV. Carmine-white variegation

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Inheritance in Nicotiana Tabacum. Xvi. Structural Differences among the Chromosomes of a Selected Group of Varieties

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Inheritance in Nicotiana tabacum. X. Carmine-coral variegation

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Inheritance in Nicotiana tabacum. XI. The fluted assemblage

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Inheritance in Nicotiana tabacum. XII. Transmission features of carmine-coral variegation

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Inheritance in Nicotiana tabacum. XIII. The cytogenetics of `` deformed, '' an X-ray derivative

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Inheritance in Toy Griffons

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Inheritance in Wheat of-resistance black stem rust

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Inheritance in a constant hybrid between Aegilops ovata and Triticum dicoccum

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Inheritance in a wheat cross between Ridit and a segregate of Federation x Sevier (14-85)

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Inheritance in a wheat cross between hybrid 128 x White Odessa and Kanred

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Inheritance in an abnormal specimen of maize

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Inheritance in an oak species hybrid

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Inheritance in barley

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Inheritance in barley

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Inheritance in barley with special reference to the colour of Caryopsis and Lemma

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Inheritance in blackberries

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Inheritance In Guinea Pigs Of The Susceptibility To Skin Sensitization With Simple Chemical Compounds

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Inheritance in Lettuce

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Inheritance in oats, with special reference to striped leaves

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Inheritance in rice of reaction to Helminthosporium oryzae and Cercospora oryzae

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Inheritance in rice, Oryza sativa L. II. Linkage between the gene for purple plant colour and the gene for liguleless

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Inheritance in some sterile strains of swamp rice

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Inheritance in the cucumber

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Inheritance in the descendants of the grafted artichoke (Analogy with the grafted vine)

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Inheritance in the domestic fowl of a lethal condition affecting both mandibles

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Inheritance in the papaya. Progeny studies of selected parents

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Inheritance of roses.

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Inheritance of 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-articulate leaf whorls in Zea Mays L

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Inheritance of Cancer in Mice

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Inheritance of Cryptorchidism in Sheep

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Inheritance of Cryptorchism in Swine

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Inheritance of Disease Resistance with Special Reference to Poultry

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Inheritance of Educability

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Inheritance of Fecundity through the Leghorn Cock

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Inheritance of Flesh Production in the Pig. II. Food Utilisation and Duration of Fattening Period in F1 Crosses

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Inheritance of Flesh Production in the Pig. III. Slaughter Results in F1 Cross

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Inheritance of Fusarium resistance in Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi

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Inheritance of Fusarium resistance in Cabbage

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Inheritance of Fusarium wilt resistance in canning Peas

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Inheritance of Inferior Braehygnathism in the Horse

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Inheritance of Isohoemagglutinogen in the Fowl

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Inheritance of Mental Aptitudes in Dogs

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Inheritance of Milk Yield

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Inheritance of Pathological Changes In Sexual Organs of Cattle.

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Inheritance of Pattern in Black Pied Lowland Cattle

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Inheritance of Pusariunv resistance in Brussels Sprouts and Kohlrabi

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Inheritance of Rate of Growth in Domestic Fowl. III. Comparative Rates of Growth of Leghorns and Rocks

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Inheritance of Resistance to Disease

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Inheritance of Resistance to Disease in Animals

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Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis Gallinarum). 2. On a Significant Difference in the Incidence of Fowl Paralysis in Two Groups of Chicks

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Inheritance of Resistance to Hessian Fly

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Inheritance of Resistance to Infection

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Inheritance of Shade of Grey Wing in Budgerigar. Are there Two, Three, or More Shades ?

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Inheritance of Song in Hybrids of Two Subspecies of Nemobius fasciatus (Orthoptera)

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Inheritance of Thyroid-Size and Thyroid-Structure in Six Crosses of Pure-bred Dogs

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Inheritance of Tuberculosis in Cattle

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Inheritance of Wool Qualities in Moufflon x Chuntuk Cross

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Inheritance of a Disposition for TB. in Animals

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Inheritance of a geotropic response in Capsicum fruits

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Inheritance of a leaf variegation in beans

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Inheritance of a leaf variegation in the common bean

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Inheritance of a malformation of the vertebral column in cattle

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Inheritance of a melaninlike pigment in the glumes and caryopses of barley

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Inheritance of ability to form precipitins in rabbits

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Inheritance of ability to localize tobacco-mosaic virus

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Inheritance of abnormal anatomical condition in the tibial metatarsal joints

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Inheritance of Age at Sexual Maturity in the Domestic Fowl

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Inheritance of albino and white-striped characters in rice

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Inheritance of albino-seedling in Nicotiana alata

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Inheritance of aleurone colour in the maize Piamontes

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Inheritance of alkaloids in yellow lupin

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Inheritance of alternate and opposite arrangement of leaves in Sesamum indicum DC

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Inheritance of an epigenetic change in the mouse: a new role for RNA

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Inheritance of an epileptic type character in Brown Swiss cattle

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Inheritance of an eye anomaly in the albino rat

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Inheritance of annual habit and mode of pollination in an annual white sweet clover

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Inheritance of anophthalmia and ocular abnormalities in the descendants of an interspecific guinea-pig cross. Preliminary communication

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Inheritance of anther colour in Rabi jowars (Andropogon sorghum) as studied from a natural cross

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Inheritance of anthocyan pigmentation in rice

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Inheritance of anthocyanine coloration in apple-tree. (A contribution to the problem of breeding red-fruited and red-fleshed varieties of apples)

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Inheritance of aroma in rice

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Inheritance of attachment types of the flowers and some other characters in oats

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Inheritance of awn colour in wheat

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Inheritance of awn development in Sonora wheat crosses

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Inheritance of awn development in sorghums

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Inheritance of awning in wheats

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Inheritance of awns and hoods in crosses between Hordeum vulgare var. Nudihaxtoni x Hordeum vulgare var. trifurcatum

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Inheritance of awns in wheat

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Inheritance of black coat colour in the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.). C.R. (Dokl)

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Inheritance of black face in the Puglia pig breed

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Inheritance of body conformation and fattening qualities in pigs

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Inheritance of body- and egg weight in the fowl. A contribution to the genetics of quantitative characters

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Inheritance of branching habit in gram. (Cicer arietinum)

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Inheritance of breast width in turkeys

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Inheritance of broodiness in Rhode Island Reds

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Inheritance of bunt and loose smut reaction and of certain other characters in Kota X Red Bobs and Garnet crosses

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Inheritance of bunt reaction and other characters in Hope wheat crosses

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Inheritance of butter fat content

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Inheritance of cancer in a line of mice. The concept of a plasmo-chromosomal factor

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Inheritance of certain characters in the hybrid of Medic alpha go media and Medicago glutinosa

Armstrong, J.M.; Gibson, D.R., 1941:
Inheritance of certain characters in the hybrid of Medicago media and Medicago glutinosa

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Inheritance of certain characters of the hybrid of Medicago sativa and M. falcata

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Inheritance of certain fruit and seed characters in watermelons

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Inheritance of certain seed-coat colors in soy-beans

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Inheritance of characters in Cajanus indicus

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Inheritance of characters in rice

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Inheritance of characters in sorghum-the Great Millet. V. Linkage between sheath-glume and dry anther-grain colours

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Inheritance of characters in sorghum-the great millet. VIII. A brownish purple mutant

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Inheritance of chemical characters in tomatoes

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Inheritance of chemical composition of tubers in interspecific potato crosses

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Inheritance of chlamydospore and sorus characters in species and race hybrids of Tilletia caries and T. foetida

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Inheritance of chlamydospore characteristics in oat smut fungi

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Inheritance of chlorophyll deficiencies

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Inheritance of chlorophyll in F1 crosses made reciprocally between selfed lines of corn

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Inheritance of chlorophyll in Zinya rice

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Inheritance of coat color in swine. IV. Analysis of hybrids of Landrace and Large Black

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Inheritance of coat colour in Thoroughbred racehorses

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Inheritance of coat colour in the horse

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Inheritance of colour and of sex in the fighting fish

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Inheritance of colours and pod characters in Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Inheritance of colours in Phaseolus vulgaris L I

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Inheritance of complementary dwarfing factors in wheat

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Inheritance of corolla colour in some Indian cottons

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Inheritance of crooked breast bone in the fowl

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Inheritance of crooked limbs in cattle

Kab, E., 1934:
Inheritance of cropped ear in the goat

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Inheritance of cryptorchism in sheep

Glembockii, J.; Moiseev, S., 1936:
Inheritance of cryptorchism in the Precoce

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Inheritance of curliness in the horse

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Inheritance of disease resistance in plants

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Inheritance of disease resistance in the common Bean

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Inheritance of disease resistance with special reference to poultry

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Inheritance of doubleness in the flowers of the nasturtium

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Inheritance of duration of vegetation period in tobacco

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Inheritance of dwarf branching habit in a new variety of sweet clover and its potential economic value in breeding

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Inheritance of dwarf in Capsicum

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Inheritance of dwarfing in wheat

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Inheritance of earliness and length of kernel in rice

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Inheritance of earliness and other characters in spring wheat

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Inheritance of earliness in United Provinces rices, I

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Inheritance of earliness in United Provinces rices, II

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Inheritance of egg production in the domestic fowl. II. Increases in production, their extent and characteristics with a discussion of causal factors

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Inheritance of egg production in the domestic fowl. IV. Reliability of progeny tests of sires

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Inheritance of eggshell thickness in White Leghorn pullets

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Inheritance of enzyme characters. Catatase of barley

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Inheritance of eye colour in the domestic pigeon

Weinmiller, L., 1939:
Inheritance of eye colour in the fowl

Culbertson, J. 0., 1942:
Inheritance of factors influencing sucrose percentage in Beta vulgaris

Dinkhauser ., 1936:
Inheritance of fat content

Gerken, J., 1937:
Inheritance of fattening capacity in the Hannover Improved Landschwein

Hamori, D., 1941:
Inheritance of flat foot and upright foot

Kaleff, B., 1935:
Inheritance of flat-hoof in the horse

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Inheritance of flower color in alfalfa

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Inheritance of flower colour in Arachis hypogea L. (groundnut)

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Inheritance of flower colour in a cross between white blossom and yellow blossom sweet clover (Melilotas albus Desr. x M. officinalis (L. Desr.)

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Inheritance of flowering duration in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Inheritance of freedom from alkaloid content in Lupinus luteus and Lupinus angustifolius

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Inheritance of fruit position in a chillie cross

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Inheritance of genus hybrids of rye (Aegilops x rye and Aegilops x rye x wheat hybrids)

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Inheritance of glucose tolerance

Rangaswami Ayyangar, G.N.; Achytutha Wariar, U., 1936:
Inheritance of glume length in ragi, Eleusine coracana (Gaertn.), the finger millet

Colby, A.S., 1935:
Inheritance of gooseberry leaf infection

Nieves, R., 1939:
Inheritance of grain colour in wheat

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Inheritance of grain length in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ramiah, K.; Hanumantha Rao, K., 1936:
Inheritance of grain shattering in rice Oryza sativa

Vazenko, A.A., 1936:
Inheritance of grey-smoky colour in the ear of Triticum vulgare Vill

Ebiko, K., 1938:
Inheritance of growth curve

Letard, E., 1937:
Inheritance of hairlessness in the cat

Lebedeff, G.A., 1945:
Inheritance of hard-shell in beans

Lewis, M.T., 1930:
Inheritance of heading characteristics in lettuce varieties

Sieglinger, J.B., 1932:
Inheritance of height in broomcorn

Ramiah, K., 1933:
Inheritance of height of plants in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Rangaswami Ayyangar, G.N.; Hariharan, P.V., 1937:
Inheritance of height of plants in the Italian millet- Setaria italica (Beauv.)

Ibsen, H.L.; Cox, R.F., 1940:
Inheritance of horns and scurs in sheep

Warwick, B.L.; Dunkle, P.B., 1939:
Inheritance of horns in sheep. Triple alieles in a Dorset-Rambouillet cross

Henry, A.W., 1930:
Inheritance of immunity from flax rust

Stevenson, F.J.; Schultz, E.S.; Clark, C.F., 1939:
Inheritance of immunity from virus X (latent mosaic) in the Potato

Chase, Elizabeth Brown, 1944:
Inheritance of imperforate vagina in the mouse

Tuff, P., 1945:
Inheritance of inguinal hernia in domestic animals

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Inheritance of inner glume colour in rice

Strandskov, H.H., 1939:
Inheritance of Internal Organ Differences in Guinea Pigs

Yu, T.F., 1942:
Inheritance of kernel smut resistance in Millet crosses

Boortzev, G.A., 1939:
Inheritance of leaf colour in tobacco

Elladi, K.V., 1939:
Inheritance of length of vegetative period in flax hybrids

Horn, A., 1941:
Inheritance of life performance of bulls

Horovitz, S.; Marchioni, A.H., 1940:
Inheritance of locust resistance in Amargo maize

Patel, N.M., 1943:
Inheritance of loose smut reaction in crosses with Victoria and Smut Resistant (Cornell)-6 under field conditions of growth and infection

Mercier, L., 1937:
Inheritance of lymphosarcoma in the mouse in matings heterozygous for the cancer : non-cancer pair of factors

Plum, M., 1938:
Inheritance of mammae in swine, a character involving partly symmetrical organs

Quinby, J.R.; Karper, R.E., 1942:
Inheritance of mature plant characters in sorghum induced by radiation

Patow, C.Von., 1944:
Inheritance of milk and fat from prize bulls of the Reichsnahrstand Shows

Lammerts, W.E., 1932:
Inheritance of Monosomics in NICOTIANA RUSTICA

V.I.Kokuev., 1936:
Inheritance of morphological characters. (Resume of results and objects of the research work of the Central Breeding Station, SOJUZNIKhI.)

Tebnovsky, M.F., 1938:
Inheritance of mosaic localization in Nicotiana glutinosa L. x N. tabacum L. hybrids

Ternovsky. M.F., 1938:
Inheritance of mosaic localization in Nicotians glutinoso L. x N. Tabacum hybrids

Hays, F.A., 1943:
Inheritance of mottled earlobes and stubs in Rhode Island Reds

Kostoff, D., 1936:
Inheritance of natural immunity in plants and the production of immune varieties by interspecific hybridization

Kostoff, Dontcho, 1934:
Inheritance of natural immunity in plants with special reference to breeding of immune varieties

Kostoff, D., 1935:
Inheritance of natural immunity in plants with special reference to production of immune varieties by interspecific hybridization

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Inheritance of nicotine

Ternovskij, M.F.; Khmura, M.I.; Zukov, N.I., 1937:
Inheritance of nicotine and anabasin in interspecific hybrids with Nicotiana glauca Gr

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Inheritance of nicotine and anabasine content by Nicotiana tabacum x N. glauca hybrids and interaction of stock and scion when these species are grafted

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Inheritance of nicotine and anabasine in interspecific hybrids Nicotiana rustica L. x N. glauca Grah

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Inherited Macrocytic Anemias in the House Mouse

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Inherited stumpy tail in the dog

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Inhibiting Action of p-Amino-phenylsulphamide and p-Diaminodiphenylsulphone on the Growth of Avian Tubercle Bacilli in vivo

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Inhibiting factors in soy beans

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Inhibition by gullapyridine of the coritm action of nicotinic acid in dogs

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Inhibition in Tripanosomiasis

Van Saceghem, R., 1923:
Inhibition in Trypanosomiasis

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Inhibition of Carboxylase by Thiazole Pyrophosphate

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Inhibition of developmental processes in vernalized plants that have suffered partial anaerobiosis

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Inhibition of drug precipitation in the urinary tract by the use of sulfonamide mixtures. I. Sulfathiazole-sulfadiazine mixture

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Inhibition of Enzymatic Action as a Possible Factor in the Resistance of Plants to Disease