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Investigations on the physiology of fungi. I. The house fungi Coniophora cerebella and Merulius lacrymans

Tchastoukhin, V.J.

Acta Inst. bot. Acad. Sci. U.R.S.S. 1938. 3: 453-534


Accession: 013411665

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The author describes at some length an apparatus specially constructed by him for culturing fungi in synthetic solutions under strictly aseptic conditions and in controlled atmospheres. He gives an account of the results of his studies on the growth and metabolism of Merulius lacrymans and Coniophora cerebella in nutrient solutions. It was found that in-media with 1 per cent. peptone and 2 per cent. glucose M. lacrymans developed much more slowly than C. puteana.

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