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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 13419

Chapter 13419 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1939:
Lime and organic fertilizers.

Nakaidze, I.A., 1940:
Lime and phosphates on red soils

Sherwood, R.M., 1932:
Lime and phosphoric acid requirements for chicks. (Texas Agric. Exp. Stat., Bull. No. 462)

Spafford, W.J., 1941:
Lime and superphosphate for southern districts

Bitancoukt, A.A., 1939:
Lime anthrac-nose

Christopher, E.P.; Pieniazek, S.A.; Jennings, C., 1944:
Lime as a safener in lime sulphur and lead arsenate sprays

Metcalf, Z.P., 1917:
Lime as an Insecticide

Hofler, K., 1942:
Lime chlorosis and calciosis in 1941 and W. S. Iljin's biochemical investigations

Hofler, K., 1944:
Lime chlorosis and calciosis in 1941, and W. S. Iljin's biochemical investigations.

Parsche, F., 1940:
Lime chlorosis of Lupines.

Parsche, F., 1940:
Lime chlorosis of lupins. II.

Iljin, W.S., 1942:
Lime chlorosis of plants and its biochemistry

Hengl, F., 1928:
Lime content of the spraying mixture and scorching of the Vines

Deslandes, R.; Chalot, C., 1913:
Lime cultivation in Dominica

Van Schreven, D.A., 1934:
Lime deficiency as the cause of medullary necrosis of Potato tubers

Van Der Walt, J., 1914:
Lime for Green Aphis

Robinson, G.W., 1940:
Lime for the land

Helmke, G., 1940:
Lime from defecation slime

Cariss, H.G.; Burvill, G.H., 1943:
Lime in agriculture. Not a substitute for superphosphate

Varadaraja Iyengar, A.V., 1938:
Lime in relation to spike disease of Sandal

Demitrieff, M., 1937:
Lime in the agriculture and in the development of races in the Congo

Daines, Robert H., 1944:
Lime in the post-arsenical sprays as a means of reducing arsenical injury to peaches

Woodhouse, W.W.; Jr., 1945:
Lime is impartent to permanent pastures-and permanent pastures are important to livestock

Tuorila, P.; Tainio, A.; Terasvuori, A., 1939:
Lime requirements of Finnish soils. Part I

Hull, H.H., 1934:
Lime requirements of alfalfa on Wisconsin soils

Auerochs, G., 1940:
Lime requirements of forest soils in red marl regions of central Franconia

Brune, F., 1938:
Lime requirements of high-moor soils.

Morani, V., 1939:
Lime requirements of soils

Elliott, A.G.; Lynch, P.B., 1942:
Lime responses on grassland

Boutaric, M., 1943:
Lime seed oil.

Visser, W.C., 1938:
Lime status and crop yield.

Visser, W.C., 1942:
Lime status and soil structure

Visser, W.C., 1943:
Lime status and yield at harvest. III. Oats.

Visser, W.C., 1943:
Lime status and yield at harvest. IV. Potatoes.

Visser, W.C., 1939:
Lime status and yield. II. Kenia barley.

Dotti, F., 1935:
Lime sulphur versus bordeaux for scab control

Jaentsch, W., 1938:
Lime, humus and commercial fertilizers are the basis of a well-balanced manuring in our kitchen gardens

W.H.Pierre G.G.Pohlman., 1936:
Lime, its need and use in West Virginia

Lopez-Diaz, M.L.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.; Rigueiro-Rodriguez, A., 2007:
Lime, sewage sludge and mineral fertilization in a silvopastoral system developed in very acid soils

Aston, B.C., 1931:
Lime-Deficiency in the King-Country

Smith, R.H., 1933:
Lime-Sulfur Injury accentuated by Casein Spreader

Fulmek, L., 1913:
Lime-Sulphur Mixture

Savastano, L., 1916:
Lime-Sulphur Mixture for Winter Use

Anonymous, 1919:
Lime-Sulphur Spray following Bordeaux

Ramsay, A.A., 1915:
Lime-Sulphur Sprays: Their Manufacture Composition, and Use

Anonymous, 1923:
Lime-Sulphur and Iron-Sulphide Sprays

Aston, B.C., 1931:
Lime-deficiency in the Kingcountry. Mairoa dopiness or sheep sickness

Haas, A.R., 1942:
Lime-Induced Chlorosis Of Citrus In Relation To Soil Factors

Kemp, H.K.; Beare, J.A., 1945:
Lime-induced chlorosis of fruit trees

Kemp, H.K.; Beare, J.A., 1945:
Lime-induced chlorosis of fruit trees. A progress report on experimental work

Parsche, F., 1935:
Lime-induced chlorosis of lupins

Dunn, L.E., 1943:
Lime-requirement determinations of soils by means of titration curves

Thompson, W.L., 1935:
Lime-sulfur Sprays for the combined Control of Purple Scale and Rust Mites

Siegler, E.H.; Daniels, A.M., 1922:
Lime-sulphur Concentrate. Preparation, Uses and Designs for Plants

Yetter, Jr., W.P., 1923:
Lime-sulphur Tests

Stevenson, A.W., 1926:
Lime-sulphur affects canned Cherries

Scott, E.W.; Siegler, E.H., 1913:
Lime-sulphur as a Stomach Poison for Insects

Hugounenq, L., 1914:
Lime-sulphur mixture

Savastano, L., 1914:
Lime-sulphur mixture and the citrus scale-insects. Resume

Beckerich, A., 1924:
Lime-sulphur mixtures in the defence of vineyards and orchards in 1923

Butler, O.R., 1938:
Lime-sulphur spray injury

Loewel, E.L., 1932:
Lime-sulphur-lead arsenate or copper preparations for Fusicladium control ?

Williams, R.O., 1929:
Limes and wither-tip. lntroduction and breeding work in Trinidad

Turchin, F.V., 1938:
Limestone ammonia fertilizers

Albrecht, W.A.; Klemme, A.W., 1939:
Limestone mobilizes phosphates into Korean lespedeza

Koperzinskii, V.V., 1938:
Liming and high seed yield of perennial grasses

Ogg, W.G., 1935:
Liming and manuring

Ogg, W.G.; Stew-Art, A.B., 1941:
Liming and manuring

Vlnogradov, A.S., 1939:
Liming and the phosphorite treatments of the podzol soils of the flax-producing zone

Yarusov, S.S., 1939:
Liming as a method for improving newly cultivated soils in the podzol zone

Romasev, P.I.; Mihailov, M.M., 1934:
Liming grassland

Vincent, V., 1938:
Liming of acid soils with natural limestone and agricultural lime. Magnesia and soils.

Vincent, V.; Herviaux, J.; Coic, Y., 1938:
Liming of acid soils with natural limestones and agricultural lime.

Vincent, V.; Herviaux, J.; Coic, Y., 1939:
Liming of acid soils with natural limestones and agricultural lime. Magnesium and soils.

Saloheimo, L., 1933:
Liming of fen soil plots

Javillier, M., 1939:
Liming of soils with marls and natural forms of chalk. Magnesia and soils.

Shcherba, S.V., 1919:
Liming off soils

Hanley, J.A.; Bond, J.R.; Ling, A.W., 1942:
Liming old grassland

Yarusov, S., 1939:
Liming problems of soils

Samtsevich, A.S., 1939:
Liming soils and absorption of bacteria.

Kurtesov, A.P., 1940:
Liming soils and the destruction of wheat grains by fusaria.

Peive, Ya. V., 1939:
Liming soils for flax.

Olofsson, S., 1944:
Liming trials with peat soil. A pot experiment with forest moor soil performed at Jonkoping from 1914 to 1938.

Stephenson, R.E.; Powers, W.L., 1939:
Liming western Oregon soils

Kirsanov, A.T., 1940:
Liming. II. The role of aluminium, manganese and iron in the fertility of podzolized soils and its evaluation in liming.

Cox, H.E.; Voelcker, E., 1943:
Limit for fluorine in certain foods

Miller, D., 1918:
Limitation of Injurious Insects by Beneficial Species

Anonymous, 1940:
Limitation of breeds of pigs

Breneman, W.R., 1940:
Limitation of food consumption as a factor influencing endocrine reactions in the chick

Fisken, A.C., 1941:
Limitation of meat classes for export. Statement by the Chairman of the Australian Meat Board

Jores, A., 1933:
Limitation of secretion of urine during the night

Anonymous, 1930:
Limitation on special permit plant material entered for propagation purposes under Regulation 14 of quarantine No. 37, nursery stock, plant and seed quarantine

Schlosser, L.A., 1937:
Limitations and possibilities of the utilization of polyploidy in plant breeding

O'kane, W.C., 1919:
Limitations in Insect Suppression

L. . . . . H.M., 1941:
Limitations in plant breeding

Herms, W.B., 1928:
Limitations in the Use of Top Minnows in Anopheles Mosquito control in California and Observations on Anopheline Flight Activities

Piza, M.D.S., 1944:
Limitations in the selection of animals for speed. Interpretation of the work of Bruce Lowe

Diemair, W.; Feesenius, W.; Arnold, F., 1942:
Limitations of Tillmans' method for estimating vitamin C, and the behaviour of vitamin C in the presence of protective substances

Richards, L.A.; Loomis, W.E., 1942:
Limitations Of Auto-Irrigators For Controlling Soil Moisture Under Growing Plants

Thoms, C.A.; Karna, B.K.; Karmacharya, M.B., 2006:
Limitations of leasehold forestry for poverty alleviation in Nepal

Anonymous, 1945:
Limitations of penicillin for mastitis of cattle

Muzx, J.W., 1945:
Limitations of the correlation between the red cell volume and hemoglobin of blood during pregnancy

Scott, J.A.len; Barlow, C.H., 1938:
Limitations to the control of helminth parasites in Egypt by means of treatment and sanitation

Jull, M.A., 1934:
Limited Value of Ancestors' Egg Production in Poultry Breeding

Smithcors, J.F.; Leonard, S.L., 1943:
Limited effects of certain steroid hormones on mammary glands of hypophysectomized rats

Karayannidou, A.; Makri, E.; Papalamprou, E.; Doxastakis, G.; Vaintraub, I.; Lapteva, N.; Articov, G., 2007:
Limited proteolysis as a tool for the improvement of the functionality of sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) protein isolates produced by seeds or industrial by-products (solvent cake)

Milby, T.T.; Thompson, R.B., 1942:
Limited range for growing turkeys

Freeman, V.A., 1935:
Limited rations for pigs

Aguilar, C.; Thornsbury, S., 2005:
Limited resources - growing needs: lessons learned in a process to facilitate program evaluation

Guthrie, J.E.; Harwood, P.D., 1944:
Limited tests of mixtures of tin oleate with ammonium compounds for the removal of experimental tapeworm infections of chickens

Anonymous, 1941:
Limited versus unlimited pasture for dairy cows, B.; Baker, A.L., 1943:
Limited vs. full-feeding in record of performance tests for beef cattle

Anonymous, 1942:
Limited vs. unlimited pasture for dairy cows

Barron, L.E., 1932:
Limited water intake, hyperthyroidism

Frogner, I.L.; Haakenstad, H.; Iversen, T., 2006:
Limited-area ensemble predictions at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Mukherjee, J.N.; Chatterjee, B.; Goswami, P.C., 1942:
Limiting exchange of aluminium ions from hydrogen-clays on the addition of neutral salts

Colby, A.S., 1922:
Limiting factors in Illinois Raspberry culture

Honert, T.H.V.D., 1936:
Limiting factors in phosphate absorption.

Smith, E.L., 1938:
Limiting Factors In Photosynthesis: Light And Carbon Dioxide

Van Dee Plank, G.M., 1933:
Limiting milk production. Reduction of herds ?

Trowbridge, E.A.; Chittenden, D.W., 1931:
Limiting the grain ration in growing draft colts

Kristensen, R., 1943:
Limiting the number of varieties and strains of vegetables

Beller, K., 1940:
Limits and Technique of Serodiagnosis of TB

Kenda, I., 1938:
Limits and Value of Vaccination against Foot and Mouth Disease (in Yugoslavia)

Mouriquand, G.; Arloing, F.; Morel, A.; Josseraxd, A.; Armand, S., 1937:
Limits of antiscorbutic potency-in complex salts derived from vitamin C, sodium ferroscorbone and ferriscorbone

Voet, R., 1942:
Limits of digestive dissociation and utilisation of fats

Chirita, C.D., 1942:
Limits of habitat of Sessile Oak determined by the soil.

Resuehr, B., 1939:
Limits of physiological methods of determining germination

Gigante, D., 1934:
Limits of resistance of the pigeon to insulin

Clausen, S.W., 1933:
Limits of the anti-infective value of provitamin A (carotene)

Weill-Halle, B., 1938:
Limits oi Human Premunition against TB. by means of BCG

Simmonds, H.W., 1933:
Limits to practical Biological Control

Crescini, F., 1936:
Limits to the germination and development of some plant species

Wertheim, P., 1941:
Limnaea truncatula in the Zagreb Area

Okland, F., 1935:
Limnaea truncatula regulating the occurrence of Fasciola hepatica in Norway

Bacigalupo, J.; Pou, M.C.; Calzada, S.V.; Berninzoni, J., 1941:
Limnaea viatrix, intermediary host of Fasciola hepatica in Uruguay

Surendra, P.R., 2006:
Limno-biology of fresh-water resources of Santhal Pargana (Jharkhand) India

Caballero Y C.; E., 1934 :
Limnobdella cajali n.sp. (Hirudinea)

Lestage, J.A., 1933:
Limnobiological notes. V. Industrial application of artificial parthenogenesis in P. lacustris

Berzin, J.M., 1943:
Limnocalcite (lake chalk) and bitch ash as an additional mineral ration for pigs and young cattle

Anon., 1937:
Limonite for Stock-Lick Purposes

Yin, S.; Wang, X-Ning.; Fan, C-Qi.; Lin, L-Ping.; Ding, J.; Yue, J-Min., 2007:
Limonoids from the seeds of the marine mangrove Xylocarpus granatum

Anonymous, 1940:
Linaloe and its utilization

Queiroga, C.Lucia.; Duarte, M.Cristina.Teixeira.; Ribeiro, B.Baesa.; de Magalhães, P.Melillo., 2007:
Linalool production from the leaves of Bursera aloexylon and its antimicrobial activity

Anonymous, 1940:
Lincoln Red's 117,804 1b. Histon's Kitebrook Rosemary reaches this milk yield with her ninth calf

Novikov, E.A., 1938:
Line breeding

Frolich, G., 1936:
Line breeding in pigs

Bautista, B.R., 1937:
Line selection of Khao Bai Sri

Park, M., 1937:
Line sites and Hevea nurseries-a warning

Liu, C.C., 1935:
Linea masculina, a new secondary sex character in Salientia

Liu LiangQun; Murphy, R., 2006:
Lineage networks, land conflicts and rural migration in late socialist China

Schlick Steiner, B.C.; Steiner, F.M.; Sanetra, M.; Seifert, B.; Christian, E.; Stauffer, C., 2007:
Lineage specific evolution of an alternative social strategy in Tetramorium ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Elliott, C.L.; Joyce, E.B.; Bishop, I.; Ramasamy, S.; Kumanan, C.J., 2005:
Lineaments of Southeastern India and their relationship to drainage pattern and groundwater flow

Lindstrom, E.W., 1931:
Linear order of four genes on the first chromosome of the tomato

Lush, J.L., 1933:

Elliott, A.G.; Lynch, P.B., 1941:
Linen flax

Stafford, W., 1944:
Linen flax growing

Wilkie, D.R., 1941:
Linen flax is a payable crop in Marlborough

Compton, C.C., 1937:
Lineodes integra Zell., a potential Pest of Greenhouse-Tomatoes

Anonymous, 1944:
Lines Red Dairy Section

Lambers, M.Hille Ris., 1937:
Lines of development for coffee selection

Elofson, A., 1931:
Lines of development for our ley cultivation

Sylven, N., 1943:
Lines of work and objectives in Swedish forest tree breeding

Sylven, N., 1943:
Lines of work and objectives in forest tree breeding.

Miege, E., 1931:
Lines with polycarpic flowers in a hybrid of Triticum vulgare H

Aries, R.S., 1944:
Lingocellulosic residues - a saga of waste

Fillers, A.W.N., 1925:
Linguatula serraia, Frolich 1789, in the Nasal Cavity of a Bull Bitch

Iwanoff, X., 1937:
Linguatula serrata in Dogs in Bulgaria

Fillers, A.W.N., 1925:
Linguatula serrata, Frolich, in Bovine Mesenteric Lymphatic Glands. A Lesion of Interest to the Meat Inspector

Roy, D.N.; Ganguly, S.K., 1940:
Linguatulid Infection in Man

Faust, E.C., 1927:
Linguatulids (Order Acarina) from Man and other Hosts in China

Iwanoff, X., 1939:
Linguatulosis in Goats in Bulgaria.

Ivanov, K.; Emanuelov, I., 1936:
Linguatulosis of Mesenterie Lymph Nodes of Sheep in Bulgaria.

Castle, W.E.; Nachtsheim, H., 1933:
Linkage Interrelations of Three Genes for Rex (Short) Coat in the Rabbit

Clark, F.H., 1934:
Linkage Studies of Brachyury (Short Tail) in the House Mouse

Landauer, W., 1933:
Linkage Tests in Poultry. II. Linkage of the Rumpless Gene

Ludwig, W., 1938:
Linkage and recombination in normal and aberrant chromosome complex

Rangaswami Ayyangar, G.N.; Sankara Ayyar. M.A., 1938:
Linkage between a panicle factor and the pearly-chalky mesocarp factor Zz) in sorghum

Rangaswami Ayyangar, G.N.; Sankara Ayyar, M.A.; Panduranga Rao, V., 1937:
Linkage between purple leaf-sheath colour and juiciness of stalk in sorghum

Stone, Wilson, 1934:
Linkage between the X and IV chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster

Rangaswami Ayyangar, G.N., 1936:
Linkage between the blackish purple of sheath and glume, and nucellar brown in sorghum

Crew, F.A.E.; Auerbach, C., 1940:
Linkage data on the Rex character in the house mouse

Crew, F.A.E.; Lamy, R., 1935:
Linkage groups in D. pseudo-obscura. With notes on homology of the nature of genie action

Macarthur, J.W., 1933:
Linkage groups in the tomato

Delmas, R., 1935:
Linkage in B. mori

Winge, O., 1936:
Linkage in Pisum

Ryker, T.C., 1941:
Linkage in rice of two resistant factors to Cercospora oryzae

Tai, S.E., 1934:
Linkage inheritance of certain characters in wheat

Yang, X.; Yu, Y.-Jun; Zhang, F.-Lan; Zoul, Z.-Rong; Zha, X.-Yun; Zhang, D.-Shuang; Xu, J.-Bing, 2007:
Linkage map construction and quantitative trait loci analysis for bolting based on a double haploid population of Brassica rapa

Savitzky, V.F., 1934:
Linkage observed in Beta vulgaris L. between the colour of root and leaves and the weight of root and sugar percentage

Sawin, P.B., 1934 :
Linkage of wideband and agouti genes

Wexelsen, H., 1933:
Linkage of a quantitative and a qualitative character in barley

Briggs, F.N.; Stanford, E.H., 1939:
Linkage of factors for resistance to mildew in Barley

Bhiggs, F.N.; Stanford, E.H., 1938:
Linkage of factors for resistance to mildew in barley

Karpechenko, G.D.; Ivanova, K.V., 1932:
Linkage of genes I and G in barley

Stephens, J.C., 1944:
Linkage of green-striped-2 in sorghum

Snell, G.D., 1945:
Linkage of jittery and waltzing in the mouse

Clark, Frank H., 1936:
Linkage of pink-eye and albinism in the deer-mouse

Stephens, J.C.; Quinby, J.R., 1938:
Linkage of the Q B Gs group in sorghum

Roberts, E.; Quisenberry, J.H., 1935:
Linkage of the genes for non-yellow (y) and pink-eye (p2) in the house mouse (Mus musculus)

Castle, W.E., 1944:
Linkage of Waltzing in the Rat

Takahashi, Noboru, 1934 :
Linkage relation between the genes for the form of leaves and the number of seeds per pod of soybeans

Hayes, H.K., 1933:
Linkage relations between dominant white endosperm and glossy seedling, gl1 in maize

Burnham, C.R.; Cartledge, J.L., 1939:
Linkage relations between smut resistance and semisterility in maize

Prakken, R., 1937:
Linkage relations in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Daane, A., 1931:
Linkage relations in barley

Brink, R.A., 1935:
Linkage relations in the A-Rg group in maize

Clark, F.H., 1935:
Linkage Relations of Zavadskaia Shaker in the House Mouse (Mus musculus)

Burnham, C.R.; Brink, R.A., 1932:
Linkage relations of a second midrib gene (bm2) in maize

Burnham, C.R., 1934:
Linkage relations of certain factors and their serial order in chromosome 5 in maize

Warren, D.C.; Hutt, F.B., 1936:
Linkage relations of crest, dominant white and frizzling in the fowl

Briggs, F.N., 1945:
Linkage Relations of Factors for Resistance to Mildew in Barley

Currence, T.M., 1932:
Linkage relations of growth habit in tomato plants

Clark, F.H., 1936:
Linkage relations of hydrocephalus.(hy1) in the house mouse, Mus musculus

Jenkins, Merle T., 1934:
Linkage relations of the A2a2 factor pair in maize

Briggs, F.N.; Stanford, E.H., 1943:
Linkage relations of the Goldfoil factor for resistance to mildew in barley

Govande, G.K., 1944:
Linkage relations of the lid gene for lintlessness in Asiatic cottons

Govande, G.K., 1940:
Linkage relations of the white-pollen factor in Asiatic cottons

Sasaki, S., 1937:
Linkage studies between the dominant white cocoon and the translucent of a silk-worm. (A preliminary note.)

Wellensiek, S.J., 1930:
Linkage studies in Pisum III

Rosen, G.Von., 1942:
Linkage studies in Pisum sativum x P. abyssinicum

Hua, H.N., 1944:
Linkage studies in Vicia faba I

Matsumura, S.; Motizuki Mochizuki, A., 1943:
Linkage studies in common wheat.

Roberts, E.; Quisenberry, J.H., 1936:
Linkage studies in the rat

Miller, J.C.; Mikell, J.J., 1939:
Linkage studies of certain characters in tomatoes

Chao, L.F., 1934:
Linkage studies of rice

King, H.D.; Castle, W.E., 1935:
Linkage studies of the rat

Castle, W.E.; King, H.D.; Daniels, A.L., 1941:
Linkage Studies of the Rat (Rattus Norvegicus): IV

Castle, W.E.; King, H.D., 1941:
Linkage Studies of the Rat (Rattus Norvegicus): V

King, H.D.; Castle, W.E., 1937:
Linkage Studies of the Rat (Rattus Norvegicus): II

Castle, W.E.; King, H.D., 1940:
Linkage Studies Of The Rat (Rattus Norvegicus): Iii

Castle, W.E.; King, H.D., 1944:
Linkage Studies of the Rat (Rattus Norvegicus): VI

Burhoe, S.O., 1936:
Linkage studies of waved coat in the house mouse

Matsumura, S.; Motizuki, A., 1943:
Linkage studies on wheat. I. S-group

Brewbaker, H.E., 1930:
Linkage studies with slashed and glossy of the BN linkage group in maize

Moeinaga, T.; Nagamatu Nagamatsu, T., 1942:
Linkage studies with rice (preliminary note).

Macacthur, J.W., 1931:
Linkage studies with the tomato III

Rhoades, M.M., 1931:
Linkage Values in an Interchange Complex in Zea

Bjcerk, R., G.; Klemedtsson, L.-; Molau, U.-; Harndorf, J.-; Cdman, A.-; Giesler, R., 2007:
Linkages between N turnover and plant community structure in a tundra landscape

Ramiah, K., 1934:
Linkages in anthocyan pigment factors in the rice plant

Bushnell, R.J., 1943:
Linked color factors in Hampshire swine. Linkage of black and the basic white of the belt pattern

Murdock,, W., K., 2007:
Linking benthic algal biomass to stream substratum topography

Owen, K.E.; Tenhunen, J.; Reichstein, M.; Wang Quan; Falge, E.; Geyer, R.; Xiao, X.M.; Stoy, P.; Ammann, C.; Arain, A.; Aubinet, M.; Aurela, M.; Bernhofer, C.; Chojnicki, B.H.; Granier, A.; Gruenwald, T.; Hadley, J.; Heinesch, B.; Hollinger, D.; Knohl, A.; Kutsch, W.; Lohila, A.; Meyers, T.; Moors, E.; Moureaux, C.; Pilegaard, K. et al., 2007:
Linking flux network measurements to continental scale simulations: ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange capacity under non-water-stressed conditions

Feng, Z.S.adt, K.; Lieffers, V., 2006 :
Linking juvenile white spruce density, dispersion, stocking, and mortality to future yield

Callaghan, A.R., 1940:
Linking research with extension

Klitsch, C., 1935:
Links with the vernalization problem in practical crop production

Ramsbottom, J., 1938:
Linnaeus and the species concept. Presidential address delivered on the 24th May, 1938, during the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Linnean Society of London

Fraenkel, G.; Blewett, M., 1945:
Linoleic acid, a-tocopherol and other fat-soluble substances as additional factors for insects

Nicolas, E.; Tapernoux, A.; Vuillaume, R., 1935:
Linseed Cake Poisoning

Ramella, R., 1939:
Linseed P.330 M.A. Its origin, history and agricultural value

D.Gier, C.J., 1936:
Linseed Poisoning of Horses and Cattle

Boerger, A., 1923:
Linseed and Flax on the La Plata

Anonymous, 1939:
Linseed as a home-grown crop

Schilling., 1941:
Linseed breeding in Germany

Anon., 1941:
Linseed growing with special reference to the tropics

Keith, T.B.; Henning, W.L., 1935:
Linseed meal a supplement for alfalfa hay and corn for growing and fattening lambs

Keith, T.B.; Henning, W.L., 1934:
Linseed meal for growing and fattening lambs. (Pennsylvania State Coll. Sch. Agric. and Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 307)

N Ara. Simhan, M.J., 1930:
Linseed oil as an adhesive for Bordeaux mixture

Slinger, S.J.; Small, J.C.; Motzok, I.; Marcellus, F.N., 1943:
Linseed oil meal replacing meat meal in rations for growing chicks

Turley, R.B.; Vaughn, K.C.; Scheffler, J.A., 2007:
Lint development and properties of fifteen fuzzless seed lines of Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Ok, S.S.; Cmen, F., 2006:
Linuron adsorption by soils amended with agricultural organic wastes

Kizeritzkii, V., 1927:
Liogryllus bimaculatus, DeG., as a Pest in the Transcaucasian Region.

Del Guercio, G., 1931:
Liothrips oleae and its Relations with the Scolytid Olive Borers

Schopp, R.; Doucette, C.F., 1932:
Liothrips vaneeckei Priesner, a recently discovered Pest of Lily Bulbs

Oppermann, T.; Stumpke, G., 1937:
Lip Scab of Sheep (Contagious Pustular Dermatitis) and Its Transference to Man

Sorterup, E., 1941:
Lip Wounds in Fox Pups

Brandenberg, T.O., 1932:
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Liponyssus bacoti Hirst

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Liptropic Festers

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Liquefying power of diastase

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Liquid Hydrocyanic Acid. Its Use in Citrus Fumigation

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Liquid and condensed milk for chicks

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Liquid and farmyard manure on meadows and pastures

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Liquid and jelly gelatine glues

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Liquid crystals of the virus of the Tobacco mosaic (Nicotiana virus 1 Allard)

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Liquid feeding yeast

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Liquid manure on gumland

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Liquid sprays vs. dusts

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Liquidating the results of erosion caused by war.

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Liquoring Terms

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Liriomyza acerina Rond. and its Importance to Cultivation of Cicer arietinum.

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List of Animals parasitic upon the Larvae of Bombyx mori.

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List of British Ustilaginales

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List of Drugs for Veterinary Use as Revised at the Meeting on 5th November, 1940

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List of Insect Pests in Japan, Chosen (Korea) and Taiwan (Formosa) (which have or may receive Quarantine Importance in U.S.S.R.).

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List of Insect Pests of Cotton in Chosen and other Countries.

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List of Insect Pests of the Tea Plant in Japan.

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List of Insect Pests, Fungus and other Diseases prohibited Entrance into Egypt

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List of Insects injurious to Mulberry and Bombyx mori in Japan.

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List of Intercepted Plant Pests

Anonymous, 1937:
List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1936

Anonymous, 1939:
List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1938

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List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1940

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List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1942

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List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1943

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List of Intercepted Plant Pests, 1944

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List of Lice of Domestic Mammals. Critical Lists of Mallophaga. II

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List of New Species and New Genera

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List of Pests of Medicinal Plants from Observations made in the Environs of Kiev during 1919-1922

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List of Pests of economic Plants in the Region of Bokhara and of their Parasites and Insect Predators.

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List of Pests, Diseases and Weeds of agricultural Crops subject to external Quarantine instituted for the U.S.S.R. for the Year 1940.

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List of Potato diseases and pests of which the existence has been established in the country

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List of Potato varieties which were ascertained to be immune from Potato wart disease in the three years' tests made at Sluknov from 1921 to 1932

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List of Zoophagous Itonididae

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List of advisory councils and consultative committees

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List of agricultural Pests of the Region of Eastern Foothills in the northern Caucasus.

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List of authorized packers and registered distributors in the national mark schemes for fresh fruit and vegetables

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List of authorized packers and registered distributors of national mark fresh fruit and vegetables

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List of birds of the Australian Capital Territory

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List of bulletins of the agricultural experiment stations for the calendar years 1933 and 1934

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List of bulletins of the agricultural experiment stations for the calendar years 1939 and 1940

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List of bulletins of the agricultural experiment stations for the calendar years 1941 and 1942

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List of causes of fungous and bacterial plant diseases in Maine to 1936 inclusive

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List of characters and gene symbols reported for the species Beta vulgaris L

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List of common British plant diseases (compiled by the Plant Pathology Com mittee of the British Mycological Society)

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List of common names of British plant diseases

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List of current quarantine and other restrictive orders and miscellaneous regulations

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List of determinations of diseases of parasitic origin made during the year 1945 by the Phytopathology Section of the Department of Plant Health, which have not been reported previously for our country

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List of diseases of orchard and vegetable crops in the district of the Mleeff Experiment Station

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List of disinfectant preparations of the German Plant Protection Service, 1927

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List of disinfectants of the German Plant Protection Service. Preparations for the disinfection of cereal seed-grain

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List of edible Mushrooms in Japan.

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List of experiments at present in progress at the Government experiment plantation, Serdang

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List of food crop varieties available for distribution

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List of fungi infecting man in Manitoba

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List of fungi occurring on new cultivated textile plants

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List of fungi recorded in the Belgian Congo

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List of fungicides and insecticides recommended by the German Plant Protection Service

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List of fungous diseases received by the Pathological Department of the Department of Agriculture for Scotland

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List of genetic factors and chromsome map of the R chromosome in Beta vulgaris

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List of hosts of the spotted wilt virus

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List of hybrid banana plants and immunity to Panama disease

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List of injurious Insects of Fruit Trees in Korea.

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List of insect pests and diseases prohibited by external quarantine legislation from importation into the U.S.S.R

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List of insecticides and fungicides

Anonymous, 1933:
List of intercepted Plant Pests

Anonymous, 1935:
List of intercepted Plant Pests, 1934

Anonymous, 1936:
List of intercepted Plant Pests, 1935. (S.R.A., B.E.P.Q. 1935)

Anonymous, 1940:
List of intercepted Plant Pests, 1939

Anonymous, 1943:
List of man-made and natural fibers

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List of new species, varieties, forms, names, and the most important synonyms of the fungi 1922-1928

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List of noxious insects (in German E. Africa)

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List of ornamental flowering plants experimentally infected with curly top

Severin, H.H.P.; Freitag, J.H., 1933:
List of ornamental flowering plants naturally infected with curly top or yellows diseases in California

Anonymous, 1940:
List of pests, diseases, and weeds of economic plants objects of external quarantine, approved for the U.S.S.R. for the year 1940

Anonymous, 1935:
List of plant protectives of the German Plant Protection Service 1935-36. Preparations for seed-grain disinfection

Anonymous, 1935:
List of plant protectives of the German Plant Protection Service 1935. Preparations for the control of plant diseases, peste, and weeds

Venkoba Rao, B., 1940:
List of promising sugarcane varieties evolved under the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research scheme which are being issued for trial to the raiyats

Anonymous, 1945:
List of publications on glue and plywood

Anonymous, 1944:
List of publications on logging, manufacture and utilization of timber, lumber and other wood products

Anonymous, 1945:
List of publications on mechanical properties and structural uses of wood and wood products

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List of publications on the botany of Indian crops, Part II for the period 1928-1932 (compiled in the botanical section, Pusa.)

Anonymous, 1943:
List of publications on wood preservation

Anonymous, 1943:
List of sires proved in dairy herd improvement associations, 1943. Compiled by the Division of Dairy Herd Improvement Investigations, Bureau of Dairy Industry, Agricultural Research Administration

Anonymous, 1944:
List of sires proved in dairy herd improvement associations, 1944

Anonymous, 1945:
List of sires proved in dairy herd improvement associations, 1945

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List of some Hemiptera collected in Morocco

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List of the Anophelines of the Malay Archipelago with Special Reference to Adults and Larvae of new or incompletely described Species or Varieties

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List of the Coccidae in the Collection of the New York State Museum. (New York State Museum Bull. no. 180)

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List of the Heteroptera of Formosa

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List of the Insect and Mite Pests of Sugar Cane in Porto Rico

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List of the Pests of Fibre-yielding Plants in Burma

Anonymous, 1927:
List of the Potato varieties recognized as immune from wart disease

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List of the diseases and parasitic fungi attacking cultivated plants in Pernambuco

Puttemans, A., 1937:
List of the fungi and bacteria recorded on the Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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List of the important Insects injurious to Cultivated Crops in South India

Minkiewicz, S., 1926:
List of the most important injurious Animals attacking cultivated Plants in Poland

Mendes, L.O.T., 1938:
List of the natural Enemies of Dysdercus spp. observed in the State of Sao Paulo

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List of the parasitic fungi collected in the Wimo-Nowe Troki district

Cardenas, M., 1944:
List of the wild potatoes of Bolivia. Description of two new species from Cochabamba

Anon., 1941 :
List of varieties of pears and apples recommended for growing as standard trees in Belgium

Anonymous, 1938:
List of wart-immune Potato varieties in the sense of the Order for Potato wart control of 8th October, 1937

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Liste des animauxinvertebres nuisibles aux plantes agricoles dans la Transeaucasie.

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Listerella Encephalitis (Circling Disease) of Sheep, Cattle, and Goats

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Listerella Encephalitis or Encephalomyelitis in Domestic Animals

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Listerella Infection in Fowls In Germany

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Listerella Infection in Fowls. Preliminary Note on its Occurrence in East Anglia

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Listerella From A Premature Bovine Fetus

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Listerellosis In Domestic Animals. A Technical Discussion of Field and Laboratory investigations

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Listerellosis in a Hare

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Listerellosis occurring in Wisconsin

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Listerellosis of sheep

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Listeria (Erysipelothrix) and streptococcal infection of the placenta and foetus, in cattle and sheep

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Listeria (Listerella) Infection in the Fowl

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Listeria (Listerella) Infections in Domestic Animals

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Listeria Infection in animals. A In piglets

Lesbouyries, G., 1943:
Listeria Infection in the Rabbit

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Listeria monocytogenes as the cause of septicaemia in foats

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Listeria monocytogenes in carcases of Holstein cattle in a slaughterhouse of the Sabana de Bogota (Colombia)

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Listeria monocytogenes infection in a guinea pig

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Listeria: Change of Name for a Genus of Bacteria

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Listeriasis in capercailzie

D.B.ieck, L.; Jansen, J., 1942:
Listeriasis in piglets

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Listerta infection in sheep in France

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Lists of Insect Pests in Burma

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Lists of plants attacked by miscellaneous plant-infesting nematodes

Scott, J.W., 1943:
Lite History of Sareosporidia, with Particular Reference to Sarcoeystis tenella

Kuntze, H.A., 1938:
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Anonymous, 1940:
Livestock in Germany

Howe, J.W., 1939:
Livestock in Jamaica

Anonymous, 1935:
Livestock in Luxembourg, February 1934

Anonymous., 1934:
Livestock in New Zealand, 1934

Anonymous, 1942:
Livestock in Romania

Anonymous, 1942:
Livestock in Slovakia

Anonymous, 1943:
Livestock in Spanish Morocco

Anonymous, 1939:
Livestock in Switzerland

Anonymous, 1944:
Livestock in Tanganyika. Improvement in rinderpest situation

Anonymous, 1939:
Livestock in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1939:
Livestock in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1936:
Livestock in the United States

Anonymous, 1940:
Livestock in the United States

Howe, J.W., 1937:
Livestock in the West Indies

Preston, John F., 1944:
Livestock in the farm woodland

Phillips, Ralph W., 1945:
Livestock in the lives of the Chinese

Agez, J.C., 1944:
Livestock in the provinces of Aysen and Magallanes

Colbjornsen, J.M.S., 1944:
Livestock in wartime Norway

Anonymous, 1940:
Livestock industry in the Belgian Congo, 1938

Segalj, N.M., 1940:
Livestock industry of the Baltic Republics : Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Holmern, T.; Nyahongo, J.; Roskaft, E., 2007:
Livestock loss caused by predators outside the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Anonymous, 1939:
Livestock notes

Dore, V., 1944:
Livestock numbers in Europe on the eve of the war

Broadbent, D.A., 1944:
Livestock numbers in Utah

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