Lime as a safener in lime sulphur and lead arsenate sprays

Christopher, E.P.; Pieniazek, S.A.; Jennings, C.

Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science 44: 101-104


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-4065
Accession: 013418005

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Leaf injury of the types usually associated with spray damage was observed on marked leaves on mature Baldwin and McIntosh trees sprayed with lime sulfur, 1:50, Pb arsenate, 3 lb.:100 gal., hydrated lime, 6 lb.: 100 gal., and combinations of Pb arsenate with either lime sulfur or hydrated lime or both, in comparison with unsprayed checks. Lime was not found to reduce leaf injury caused by Pb arsenate and lime sulfur, either alone or combined. Measurements of CO2 assimilation by Mclntosh and Bildwin leaves before and after spraying with hydrated lime in combination with Pb arsenate and lime sulfur failed to show any reduction through the addition of hydrated lime in the depressing effect of these 2 materials in combination on CO2 assimilation.