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Chapter 13,423

Material for the Characteristics of A nopheles maculipennis messeae, Fall, found in the Environs of Kharkov.

Yatzenko, F.I.; L'vovich, M.Y.

Med. Parasitol. Moscow 5(4): 630-631


Accession: 013422559

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The morphological characters of the adults of Anopheles maculipennis, Mg., race messeae, Flni., in the Ukraine are briefly discussed. This was the predominant race in the environs of Kharkov in 1935; maculipennis (typicus) was observed in small numbers in spring and summer, but not in autumn. The females abandoned their hibernation quarters in numbers in the last ten days of April and oviposited early in May. The first adults of the new generation emerged on 31st May.

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