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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13428

Chapter 13428 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Petrin, S., 1941:
Milkers' Nodales

Becker, F.T., 1940:
Milkers' Nodules

Panisset, M., 1932:
Milking Machines and the Hygiene of Milking

Dahlberg, A.C., 1941:
Milking Machines-Their Operation and Effect upon Milk Production and Mastitis

Zdanovski, N., 1937:
Milking capacity of the coastal Pramenka sheep

Maule, J.P., 1937:
Milking experiments with sheep in Cyprus

Griffiths, M.J., 1939:
Milking into an atmosphere of carbon dioxide

Garrison, E.R., 1945:
Milking machine sanitation

Cullity, M., 1945:
Milking machines

Mckenzie, R.T.; Henry, H., 1941:
Milking machines and dairy buildings. Requirements of Dairy Supervision Act

Brodell, A.P.; Cooper, M.R., 1944:
Milking machines are war tools

Park, W.J., 1940:
Milking methods-a comparison

Combes, A., 1935:
Milking milch sheep

Anonymous, 1939:
Milking shed equipment. Care necessary in keeping appliances clean

Millen, T.W., 1945:
Milking stock Allahabad Agricultural Institute

Millen, T.W., 1944:
Milking stock. Allahabad Agricultural Institute

Moir, G.M., 1943:
Milking-machine rubberware

Lanson, H.J.; Habib, D.; Spoerri, P.E., 1945:
Milkweed seed oil. Potential value in protective coatings

Feulgen, R.; Behrens, M., 1935:
Mill for fine grinding of difficult, especially plant, material

Machioni, I., 1939:
Millary Strongyle Larval Infestation in the Liver of Sheep

Van Endt, P.J., 1935:
Millary Tuberculosis of the Kidney as a Criterion in Meat Inspection

Pape, H., 1942:
Millepede Damage to Swedes

Blunck, H., 1933:
Millepede Injury to Potato Tubers

Fishwick, V.C., 1936:
Miller's offals as a pig food

Arnold, B.M., 1931:

Lysov, V.N.; Veselov, V.A., 1938:

Dreiman, A.I., 1945:
Millet breeding

Kublan, A., 1944:
Millets in the production plan

Lenkeit, W.; Schleinitz, M.V.; Lagneau, E., 1940:
Milling Offal ( (low grade) oat bran, oat husks, wheat and rye germ) for sheep, pigs and poultry and their effect on acid base equilibrium

Fifield, C.C.; Clark, J.A., 1936:
Milling and baking experiments with hard red spring wheats, 1929-1935

Kazaryan, S., 1933:
Milling and baking properties of the varieties of rye

Pal, B.P., 1938:
Milling and baking qualities of two new Pusa wheats

Coleman, D.A., 1930:
Milling and baking qualities of world wheats

Gedbes, W.F., 1944:
Milling and baking research in relation to wheat breeding. 1. Objectives in the quality testing of wheat samples

Harris, R.H., 1944:
Milling and baking research in relation to wheat breeding. 2. Studies and methods used in attaining objectives

Roberts, T.C., 1944:
Milling and baking research in relation to wheat breeding. 3. Trends in commercial milling and baking practices and their probable effects upon wheat quality requirements

Sullivan, B., 1944:
Milling and baking research in relation to wheat breeding. 4. Quality characteristics of an ideal hard red spring wheat

Anonymous, 1941:
Milling of Rimu in New Zealand

Marotta, D.; Calo, A., 1938:
Milling of beans and use of bean meal in breadmaking

Marotta, D.; Calo, A., 1938:
Milling of maize and its use in breadmaking

Ritzema Bos, J., 1924:
Millipedes, B. guttatus, injurious to Sugar-beet

Goldschmidt, Richard, B., 1945:
Mimetic polymorphism, a controversial chapter of Darwinism

Joannis, J.De, 1913:
Mimicry among Lepidoptera

Albert, J.; Paulino, P., 1934:
Mimicry-in ascariasis

Kuyper, J.; Jochems, S.C.J., 1929:
Mimosa invisa, its role in Deli Tobacco cultivation and its biology

Tehon, L.R., 1943:
Mimosa wilt is major tree disease problem

Hepting, G.H.; Toole, E.R., 1942:
Mimosa wilt-a major problem

Moesz, G.V., 1941:
Mine and cave fungi in Hungary.

Brown, Mrs. M., 1937:
Mine timber preservation.-Mine fungi

Anonymous, 1945:
Mine timbers

Hering, M., 1925:
Minenstudien VI

Hering, M., 1926:
Minenstudien vii

Pelisek, J., 1942:
Minera-logical analysis and value of the Saar mountain (N.W. Moravia) soil on serpentine

Salgues, R., 1938:
Mineral Content of Feathers of Ducks with Osteomalacia

Bisschop, J.H.R., 1934:
Mineral Deficiency Diseases of Livestock in South Africa

Hungerford, T.G., 1937:
Mineral Deficiency and Bone Chewing in Dairy Cattle. Supply Licks and Improve the Pastures

Duthie, D.W., 1939:
Mineral Deficiency and Cattle Raising in British Guiana

Vladesco, R., 1932:
Mineral Deficiency in Lactating Cows

Henry, M.; Benjamin, M.S., 1933:
Mineral Deficiency in the Southern Coastal Belt of New South Wales. A Preliminary Survey

Henry, M.; Benjamin, M.S., 1938:
Mineral Deficiency in the Southern Coastal Belt of New South Wales. II.Nowra-Moruya

D.T.it, P.J.; Malan, A.I., 1936:
Mineral Licks for Stock. I. Influence of Phosphorus-Deficiency on Pasture and Cattle

Bang, O.; Dahm, C.R., 1934:
Mineral Metabolism Experiments on Horses and Cows.

Anon., 1936:
Mineral Metabolism and the Suprarenal Gland

Malan, A.I., 1934:
Mineral Metabolism in Relationship to Production in Livestock

Sheehy, E.J.; Senior, B.J., 1936:
Mineral Metabolism in the Calf and the Addition of Inorganic Minerals to the Calfs Diet

Mitchell, H.H.; Mcclure, F.J., 1937:
Mineral Nutrition of Farm Animals

Timokhina, N.I., 1937:
Mineral Oil Emulsions emulsified with amorphous Arsenates and Arsenites.

Sazonov, P.V., 1939:
Mineral Oils as Improvers of Dust Insecticides.

Murray, D.R.P., 1936:
Mineral Oils as Mosquito Larvicides

Fischer, W., 1935:
Mineral Oils in Plant Protection, I

Tscherniak, A., 1935:
Mineral acid silage as poultry feed

Oden, S.; Wijkstrom, T., 1935:
Mineral analyses of Swedish feedingstuffs

Griggs, M.A.; Johnstin, R.; Elledge, B.E., 1941:
Mineral analysis of biological materials. Use of the Lundegardh spectrographic method

Henrici, Marguerite., 1930:
Mineral and feeding stuff analyses of grasses of the Eastern Transvaal highveld

Wacker, L.; Fahrig, C., 1932:
Mineral and lipoid components of blood serum in primary hypertension compared with physiological conditions

Weathers, E.K., 1938:
Mineral and nitrogen content of Lespedezas and other hay crops in Tennessee. (Univ. Tennessee Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 166)

Menon, A.S., 1939:
Mineral and nitrogen content of some south Indian pasture grasses

Schmidt, W., 1932:
Mineral and nitrogen metabolism of the domestic hen on different diets

Watson, S.J., 1944:
Mineral and trace element metabolism in animals and its relation to deficiency diseases

Kennard, D.C.; Bethke, B.M., 1936:
Mineral and vegetable protein supplements for chickens

Scheunert, A., 1931:
Mineral and vitamin requirements of dairy cows

Richter, C.P.; Eckert, J.F., 1939:
Mineral appetite of parathyroidectomized rats

Iyer, A.V.swanatha; Ayyar, N.K.ishna, 1934:
Mineral assimilation from two typical fodders

Joos, G.; Mecke, W., 1934:
Mineral balance in calcium chloride acidosis

Joos, G.; Mecke, W., 1934:
Mineral balance in sodium bicarbonate alkalosis

Urbeano, A., 1933:
Mineral balance of normal blood serum in man

Emerique, L., 1933:
Mineral balance of the diet and its effect on chemical composition of the rat

Common, R.H., 1932:
Mineral balance studies on poultry

Decoux, L.; Vanderwaeren, J.; Simon, M., 1940:
Mineral bases and sugar beet

Bialaszewicz, K., 1933:
Mineral composition of circulating fluids in marine animals

Garrett, 0. F.; Overman, O.R., 1940:
Mineral composition of colostral milk

Cleveland, M.M.; Fellers, C.R., 1932:
Mineral composition of dates

Beauchamp, C.E., 1940:
Mineral composition of entire sugar cane leaves and their alcohol extract as indicators of soil fertility

Sjollema, B., 1932:
Mineral composition of grass samples

Bialaszcwicz, K.; Kupfer, C.H., 1935:
Mineral composition of muscles of marine animals.

Chaminade, R., 1942:
Mineral composition of potato tubers

Weight, L.E.; Woodward, J.C.; Robinson, C.H., 1939:
Mineral composition of soils and forage crops in Eastern Canada. 1. Timothy hay and straw

Wright, L.E.; Woodward, J.C.; Robinson, C.H., 1939:
Mineral composition of soils and forage crops in Eastern Canada. L Timothy hay and oat straw

Beauchamp, C.E.; Alvarino, J.E., 1940:
Mineral composition of sugar cane varieties and possible relationship with their mineral nutrition

Swanson, W.W.; Iob, L.V., 1937:
Mineral composition of the bone and cartilage of the human fetus

Aiyer, A.R.Padmanabha Kayasth, R.N., 1931:
Mineral composition of the fodders of Central Provinces and Berar and its bearing on animal nutrition

Bernard, A., 1933:
Mineral composition of the haemolymph of the crayfish

Bialaszewicz, K.; Kupfer, C., 1936:
Mineral composition of the muscles of marine animate

Morgulis, S.; Osher Off, W., 1938:
Mineral composition of the muscles of rabbits on a diet producing muscle dystrophy

Terenteva, K.F., 1932:
Mineral composition of the skeletons of some recent Echinodermata

Rigueiro-Rodrcguez, A.M.squera-Losada, M.; Lcdpez-Dcaz, M., 2007:
Mineral concentrations in herbage and soil in a Pinus radiata silvopastoral system in north-west Spain after sewage sludge and lime application

Straub, J.; Donck, C.M., 1934:
Mineral constituents and the freezing point of white and yolk of hens' eggs

Quagliariello, G., 1939:
Mineral constituents and vitamins of wheat

Katzenelbogen, S.; Snydkb, R., 1943:
Mineral constituents in bloodserum and cells of schizophrenic patients. Distribution of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus and chloride

Hermano, A.J.; Claravall, S., 1935:
Mineral constituents in fresh and canned milk

Parbery, N.H., 1935:
Mineral constituents in relation to chlorosis of orange leaves

Sarudi, I., 1937:
Mineral constituents of Hungarian paprika for seasoning

Schuette, H.A.; Huenink, D.J., 1937:
Mineral constituents of honey. 2. Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium

Schuette, H.A.; Triller, R.E., 1938:
Mineral constituents of honey. 3. Sulphur and chlorine

Bagchi, K.N.; Ganguly, H.D., 1941:
Mineral constituents of human hair

Salit, P.W., 1943:
Mineral constituents of sclerosed human lenses

Radsma, W.; Soekendar., 1941 :
Mineral constituents of the blood in different population groups in Batavia with special reference to nutritional oedema in the district of Moga

Hood, S.L.; Parks, R.Q.; Hurwitz, C., 1944:
Mineral contamination resulting from grinding plant samples

Wassmann, F., 1936:
Mineral content of German feeding stuffs and the effect of manuring and place of origin. (Results for the straw of various cereals and of sweet lupins.)

Wassmann, F., 1936:
Mineral content of German feeding stuffs and the effect of manuring and place of origin. Cereal straws and sweet lupin straw

Wolff, H., 1936:
Mineral content of German feeding stuffs and the effect on it of manuring and place of origin. Results for white clover, Swedish clover, red clover, kidney vetch, yellow clover, senadella and sainfoin

Theel, E., 1934:
Mineral content of German feeding stuffs. Results for meadow hay

Werner, A., 1934:
Mineral content of German feedingstnffs and the effect of manuring and place of origin. Results on lupins, maize, sugar and fodder beet leaves and marrowstem kale

Pflugmacher, B., 1933:
Mineral content of German feedstuffs and the effect on it of species and place of origin. Analytical methods and results for barley and oats

Schrader, D., 1933:
Mineral content of German feedstuffs, and the effect on it of species and place of origin. (Results on potatoes, beetroot, rape and turnip)

Ellis, J.H.; Caldwell, O.G., 1936:
Mineral content of Manitoba hays

Kapp, H.; Schetty, A., 1937:
Mineral content of blood and bone in experimental guineapig scurvy

Kotikoff, J.A., 1933:
Mineral content of blood of children in the first year of life

Crasemann, E., 1937:
Mineral content of bulky fodder. Importance in the feeding of stock with special reference to Swiss conditions

Horner, G., 1935:
Mineral content of canned vegetables

Schrumpf-Pierron, P., 1932:
Mineral content of diet of fellah

Follett-Smith, R.R., 1934:
Mineral content of fodder crops

Heischkel, E., 1934:
Mineral content of ligaments

Herzig, J.; Zak, J., 1935:
Mineral content of lucerne at different stages of growth.

Reinemer, P., 1933:
Mineral content of lymphatic glands

Schrumpf-Pierron, P., 1932:
Mineral content of maize

Kaplanski, S.; Boldirewa, N., 1933:
Mineral content of muscle of fresh water fish with increased concentration of mineral salts in the water

Anonymous, 1944:
Mineral content of pastures

Rigg, T., 1939:
Mineral content of pastures. Cobalt investigations at the Cawthron Institute, period 1938-39

B.C.Aston, R.E.R.Grimmett, F.J.A.Brogan, P.H.Sykes, 1931:
Mineral content of pastures. The Wairarapa District

Jung, A.; Fawns, H.T., 1933:
Mineral content of the skin of rats in vitamin Bl deficiency. Synthesis of vitamin B by moulds

Holmes, A.D.; Pigott, M.G.; Moore, W.B., 1933:
Mineral content of tibiae from chicks with slipped tendon

Chang, Chang Ying, 1939:
Mineral contents of Chinese foods

Moore, R.H., 1945:
Mineral deficiencies in Derris Elliptica

Hill, H., 1938:
Mineral deficiencies in Quebec orchards

Roach, W.A., 1945:
Mineral deficiencies in agricultural and horticultural crops

Bain, F.M., 1941:
Mineral deficiencies in citrus

Brierley, W.B., 1945:
Mineral deficiencies in plants and their diagnosis

Wallace, T., 1943:
Mineral deficiencies in vegetable and fruit crops and visual methods of diagnosis

Dorman, C., 1940:
Mineral deficiencies of dairy cows

Roach, W.A., 1945:
Mineral deficienciesast in agricultural and horticultural crops

Schecker, H., 1943:
Mineral deficiency disease in horses

Wester, J., 1932:
Mineral deficiency diseases in domestic animals

Dryerre, H., 1936:
Mineral deficiency diseases in farm animals

Riceman, D.S., 1945:
Mineral deficiency in plants on the soils of the ninety-mile desert in South Australia. 1. Preliminary investigations on the Laffer sand, near Keith

Maume, L.; Monteil, L., 1938:
Mineral deficiency of fodder in Bourbonnais Gombraille

Maume, L.; Monteil, L., 1938:
Mineral deficiency of the forage in the Bourbon Combraille

Hampp, E., 1940:
Mineral distribution in the developing tooth

Anonymous, 1936:
Mineral elements in nutrition

Bassett, S.H.; Killip, T.; Mccann, W.S., 1931:
Mineral exchanges in man. 3. Mineral metabolism during treatment of a case of polycythaemia vera

Bassett, S.H., 1935:
Mineral exchanges of man. 5. Balances of electrolytes in a case of hyperparathyroidism

Bassett, S.H.; Van Alstine, H.E., 1935:
Mineral exchanges of man. 6. The effect of extirpation of a parathyroid tumour on the balances of electrolytes

Bentz, W., 1937:
Mineral excretion in health and disease with special reference to calcium

Braconnier-Fayemendy, Mme., 1933:
Mineral excretion in the leech

Simpson, B.W., 1931:
Mineral feeding experiments. Iodine, lime and salt-lick questions

Levitan, D.G., 1944:
Mineral feeding of rekord-breaking cows

Haag, J.R., 1933:
Mineral feeds

Kurchatov, P.A.; Olendsky, V.I., 1939:
Mineral fertilizers and their effect on the chemical composition and quality of tobacco.

Volkov, I.A., 1939:
Mineral fertilizers as a method of control for lodging of cereals.

Miroljubov, K.S., 1938:
Mineral fertilizers as means for increasing resistance of plants to drought

Weinhardt, N.G., 1940:
Mineral fertilizers for cultivated mushroom.

Sprague, H.B., 1937:
Mineral fertilizers for pasture improvement

Iob, V.; Swanson, W.W., 1938:
Mineral growth

Iob, V.; Swanson, W.W., 1934:
Mineral growth of the human fetus

D.T.it, P.J.; Malan, A.I., 1936:
Mineral licks for stock. 2. Methods of feeding phosphorus to stock

Borchhardt, A.I., 1927:
Mineral malachite as an antismut fungicide

Schmalfuss, K., 1940:
Mineral manuring and carbon economy of the soil.

Schulz, K.G., 1933:
Mineral matter, a constituent of rations containing (distillery) spent wash

Lintzel, W., 1931:
Mineral metabolism

Shohl, Alfred, T., 1939:
Mineral metabolism

Sendroy, J., Jr., 1945:
Mineral metabolism

Engel, R.; Mcquarrie, I.; Ziegler, M., 1933:
Mineral metabolism after administration of posterior pituitary substance

Ulrich, A., 1941:
Mineral metabolism and halovis, the mineral tonic

Kletzien, S.W.; Buchwald, K.W.; Hudson, L., 1933:
Mineral metabolism copper and iron

Baumann, E.J.; Kurland, S.; Metzger, N., 1931:
Mineral metabolism during involution of simple goitre

Aoki, T., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in Bursitis calcarea

Reuss, L.; Roller, D., 1940:
Mineral metabolism in Von Recklinghausen's disease, osteitis fibrosa cystica generalisata, before and after operation for parathyroid tumour and its relation to the clinical condition

Kaunitz, H., 1937:
Mineral metabolism in a case of Addison's disease

Popoviciu, G., 1934:
Mineral metabolism in early tuberculosis in infants

Rominger, E.; Meyer, H., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in infants

Mittermaier, R., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in inflammatory conditions of the ear, nose and throat. 1. Content of fluids and total mineral content

Glatzel, H., 1932:
Mineral metabolism in kidney disease. 1. Capacity to excrete sodium and potassium

Stearns, Genevieve Oelke, Martha Jones Boyd, Julian, D., 1931:
Mineral metabolism in late rickets

Swanson, W.W.; Iob, V., 1935:
Mineral metabolism in osteogenesis imperfecta. A summary with report of a case

Ranganathan, S., 1932:
Mineral metabolism in rabbits fed on a cabbage diet

Glatzel, H., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in renal disease. 2. Excretion of minerals in the urine on K and Na rich diet

Glatzel, H., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in renal disease. 3. Regulative excretion of minerals by the kidney on acid and basic diet

Glatzel, H.; Mecke, W., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in renal disease. 4. Mineral excretion in normal subjects during prolonged administration of equivalent amounts of KCl and NaCl

Glatzel, H.; Mecke, W., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in renal disease. 5. Mineral excretion in renal disease during prolonged administration of equivalent amounts of KCl and NaCl

Sluiter, E., 1933:
Mineral metabolism in the animal organism. 3. Manganese

Bialaszewicz, K.; Glogwska, H., 1938:
Mineral metabolism in the development of the chick embryo and the functions of the allantois

Sheehy, E.J.; Senior, B.J., 1931:
Mineral metabolism in the pig and the addition of inorganic mineral supplements to the pig's diet

Kovalskii, V.V.; Glezina, O.M.; Baranskii, V.; Kogan, G.; Rutberg, R.; Chichkina, N., 1936:
Mineral metabolism in the solid tissue of teeth. 1. Topographic asymmetry of the mineral composition of solid tissues of guineapig teeth.

Toenniessen, E., 1936:
Mineral metabolism in tuberculosis. Combined treatment of tuberculosis with titro salt and tebeprotin

Engel, R.; Mcquarrie, I.; Ziegler, M., 1934:
Mineral metabolism in young epileptics

Kaegi, F., 1935:
Mineral metabolism oF the pig with special reference to the mineral composition of blood and bone

Richter, C.P.; Eckert, J.F., 1938:
Mineral metabolism of adrenalectomized rats studied by the appetite method

McCance, R.A.; Widdowson, E.M., 1942:
Mineral metabolism of healthy adults on white and brown bread dietaries

Eichholtz, F., 1931:
Mineral metabolism of multiple transplanted sarcomata in the rat

Hart, E.B.; Humphrey, G.C.; Keenan, J.A., 1931:
Mineral metabolism of the lactating cow

McCance, R.A.; Widdowson, E.M., 1942:
Mineral metabolism on dephytinized bread

Cooley, T.B.; Penberthy, G.C.; Armstrong, L.; Hunscher, H.A.; Cope, F.; Macy, I.G., 1935:
Mineral metabolism. A case of osteopsathyrosis and one of ununited fracture

Brull, L., 1936:
Mineral metabolism. Maintenance requirements for calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Brull, L., 1936:
Mineral metabolism. The magnitude of the maintenance requirements of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Quintaes, K.D.; Amaya Farfan, J.; Tomazini, F.M.; Morgano, M.A.; Hajisa, N.M. de A.; Trezza Neto, J., 2007:
Mineral migration and influence of meal preparation in iron cookware on the iron nutritional status of vegetarian students

Herzig, J., 1935:
Mineral nutrients in home produced forage

Burkhart, L.; Collins, E.R., 1941:
Mineral nutrients in peanut plant growth

Loehwing, W.F., 1940:
Mineral Nutrients In Relation To Flower Development

Dikusar, I.G., 1939:
Mineral nutrition and the metabolism of cultivated plants

Sabinin, D.A., 1937:
Mineral nutrition as a formative factor

Read, F.M.; Cole, C.E., 1935:
Mineral nutrition in Victorian fruit trees

Costa, C.A. da; Alves, D.S.; Fernandes, L.A.; Martins, E.R.; Souza, I.G.B.; Sampaio, R.A.; Lopes, P.S. do N., 2007:
Mineral nutrition of Dimorphandra mollis

Zaykowsky, J.; Tscehulkow, W., 1931:
Mineral nutrition of farm animals. 6. Milk salts

Bottini, E., 1932:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Sommer, Anna, L., 1941:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Petrie, A.H.K., 1942:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Arnon, D.I., 1943:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Richards, F.J., 1944:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Chapman, H.D., 1945:
Mineral nutrition of plants

Schowengerdt, G.C., 1945:
Mineral nutrition of strawberries

Burkhart, L., 1938:
Mineral nutrition of the rose

Lagasse, F.S.; Angelo, E.; Bahrt, G.M.; Painter, J.H.; Crane, H.L.; Potter, G.F., 1944:
Mineral nutrition problems of American tung orchards

Alten, F.; Goeze, G.; Fischer, H., 1938:
Mineral nutrition, carbon dioxide assimilation and nitrogen metabolism of young wheat plants.

Alten, F.; Goeze, G.; Fischer, H., 1938:
Mineral nutrition, carbonic acid assimilation and nitrogen relations of young wheat

Anonymous, 1943:
Mineral oil (liquid petrolatum) in foods

Muma, M.H.; Langford, G.S.; Cory, E.N., 1944:
Mineral oils as diluents of the geraniol-eugenol Japanese beetle bait

Rothe, G., 1937:
Mineral oils in plant protection. II

Schatble, P.J.; Bandemer, S.L.; Moore, J.M., 1935:
Mineral partition daring intestinal digestion

Javillier, M., 1940:
Mineral requirements

Lintzel, W., 1935:
Mineral requirements of cattle

Rhian, M., 1941:
Mineral requirements of growing poults

Edin, H.; Andersson, A., 1936:
Mineral requirements of poultry. Finely ground limestone as mineral supplement for laying hens

Pelisek, J., 1940:
Mineral resources of the soil on the andesite of south-east Moravia

Ferreira, Elvino Alves, 1941:
Mineral salts in animal nutrition

Leenheer, L.De., 1940:
Mineral soil investigations.-II. Sedimentary petrology.

Lebarron, R.K., 1945:
Mineral soil is favorable seedbed for Spruce and Fir

Morton, G.E.; Leinbach, F.H.; Tom, R.C., 1934:
Mineral supplement for lamb fattening rations. (Colorado Stat. Press Bull. No. 83.)

Knox, J.H.; Neale, P.E., 1937:
Mineral supplements for cattle on phosphorusdeficient range. (New Mexico Agric. Exp. Stat. Butt. No. 249)

Morton, G.E.; Osland, H.B.; Tom, R.C., 1934:
Mineral supplements for fattening steers. (Colorado Stat. Press Butt. No. 82.)

Morton, G.E.; Oslastd, H.B.; Tom, R.O., 1936:
Mineral supplements for fattening steers. Report of 1935 test and summary of 1934 and 1835 results. (Colorado Exp. Stat. Press Bull. No. 88)

Miller, M.W.; Bearse, G.E., 1935:
Mineral supplements for laying hens. (Washington Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 320)

Queneau, P.; Hubert, J., 2006:
Mineral water as part of the daily diet

Oehme, C., 1932:
Mineral water cures in the convalescence of diseases of the alimentary tract

Schrumpf-Pierron, P., 1932:
Mineral, content of Egyptian cereals

Prasad, S., 1943:
Mineral-deficiency effects on Datura alba Nees

Tommasi, G., 1940:
Mineralizable nitrogen in soil.

Fukunaga, E.T.; Dean, L.A., 1938:
Mineralizable nitrogen in some Hawaiian soils

Ridiger, V., 1945:
Mineralization of excreta in mole drains.

Hansen, F., 1941:
Mineralization of nitrogen compounds in urine and excreta.

Thornton, S.N.; Omouessi, S.T.; Falconetti, C., 2007:
Mineralocorticoid modulation of central angiotensin-induced neuronal activity, water intake and sodium appetite

Baren, F.A.Van., 1939:
Mineralog-ical and chemical investigations on the crystalline components of clay.

Pelisek, J., 1943:
Mineralogical composition and structure of podzols on the gneiss of the Saar mountains in Western Moravia.

Sedletsky, I.D.; Yusupova, S., 1940:
Mineralogical composition of clays and their physical and chemical properties

Carroll, D., 1944:
Mineralogical examination of some, soils from south-western Australia

Correns, C.W., 1940:
Mineralogical investigations of soils

Russell, M.B.; Bower, C.A.; Pierre, W.H., 1944:
Mineralogical nature of clays and its influence on soil properties

Jeffries, C.D.; White, J.W., 1940:
Mineralogical soil analysis as an aid in soil classification

Leenheer, L.De., 1940:
Mineralogical soil investigations.

Leenheer, L.De., 1940:
Mineralogical soil investigations.-III. Sedimentary-petro-logical methods and soil research.

Leenheer, L.De., 1941:
Mineralogical soil investigations.-IV. The clay fractions of soils and the mineral-oxide contents.

Leenheer, L.De., 1941:
Mineralogical soil investigations.-V. Water content, dehydration and water uptake as distinguishing properties of clay minerals.

Leenheer, L.De., 1941:
Mineralogical soil investigations.-VI. Mineralogical investigations of clay fractions of soils by colloid-chemical, X-ray and electron-microscopic methods.

Bolarinwa, A.T., 2006:
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the weathering profiles above basement rocks in Ibadan Southwestern, Nigeria

Carroll, Dorothy, 1945:
Mineralogy of some soils from Denmark, Western Australia

Carroll, D., 1944:
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Minerals in the ration and rational watering

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Mines of Lard Beetle Larvae in Bottle Corks

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Minhybrid corn varieties for Minnesota

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Miniature Culture Methods for the Study of the Macroscopic and Microscopic Growth of Pathogenic Fungi

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Miniaturized flow-injection-analysis ( micro FIA) system with on-line chemiluminescence detection based on the luminol-hypochlorite reaction for the determination of ammonium in river water

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Minimal doses of irradiated substances in the prophylaxis of rickets

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Minimal nitrogen requirements of children with the nephrotic syndrome. Effect of the administration of a growthpromoting anterior pituitary extract

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Minimal processing of tender coconut

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Minimal requirements of nicotinic acid. White v. wholemeal bread

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Minimal water capacity (according to Vageler) of our main soil types. II. The C min in relation to the hygroscopicity, and its relationship with the absolute water capacity and the suction power of the soil, and its practical significance.

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Minimal-impact education can reduce actual impacts of park visitors

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Minimizing glaze damage in Pine

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Minimum Incubation Periods of Causative Agent of Curly Leaf in Beet Leafhopper and Sugar Beet

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Minimum Size of Openings through which Clothes Moth Larvae can pass

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Minimum adequate size of sample of F2 required in experiments on hybrid vigour and inheritance of quantitative characters

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Minimum amount of alpha -tocopheryl acetate to prevent sterility in the male white rat

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Minimum area required for local populations of Japanese macaques estimated from the relationship between habitat area and population extinction

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Minimum cost dietaries for diabetic patients

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Minimum dietary standards for East African natives

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Minimum endogenous sulphur metabolism: magnitude, origin, character

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Minimum heat treatment required for the destruction of trichinae in pork scraps in garbage

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Minimum intervals of darkness and light to induce flowering in short day plants

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Minimum lethal dose of selenium, as sodium selenite, for horses, mules, cattle, and swine

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Minimum levels of animal protein for reproduction

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Minimum maintenanos requirament of In ensymic casein hydrolycate

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Minimum molecular weight (Mmin) of beta -lactoglobulin

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Minimum nutrition needs of children

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Minimum nutritional requirement for China

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Minimum performance at bull licensing

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Minimum performance in the selection of boars and the sale of young sows at sales

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Minimum protein diet in general practice

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Minimum protein metabolism in hypophyseal insufficiency

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Minimum requirements for seed in Finland

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Minimum soil temperatures at a depth of 3 cm. during the autumn-winter period

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Minimum technical standards for laminated, compressed wood impregnated with synthetic resins.

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Minimum time required by Trichinella spiralis to produce infective larvae

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Minimum vitamin A and carotene requirements of mammalian species

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Minimum vitamin A requirements with particular reference to cattle

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Mining timber.

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Minister on need to increase stock

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Minister's statement on tung oil production

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Ministerial Order No. 58. Pertaining to the importation into Canada of the semen of animals for artificial insemination

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Ministry of Agriculture. Campaign of agricultural production

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Ministry of Agriculture. Live stock improvement scheme. Report for the year 1934-35. II

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Ministry of Agriculture. The Destruction of Warble Fly Maggots in Cattle

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Ministry of Agriculture. The Warble Fly (Dressing ol Cattle) Order of 1936

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Ministry of Food National flour (80 per cent, extraction) and bread in Britain

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Ministry of Health. Sale of Milk under Special Designations

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Ministry of Health. Seventeenth Annual Report, 1935-36 (1936)

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Ministry of Health. Sixteenth Annual Report, 1934-35 (1935)

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Ministry of Health. The Phosphatase Test for Heat Treated Milk. Laboratory Technique

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Ministry of the Interior. Annual Report on the work of the Department of Public Health for 1934 (1936)

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Mink breeding

American Fur Breeder., 1943:
Mink of the future exhibit

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Mink raising

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Mink. Care, Handling and Common Diseases

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Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station 1885-4935

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Minnesota Bill-Bugs

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Minnesota Nursery and Orchard Inspection Law. An Act Providing for the Inspection of Nurseries and Orchards

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Minnesota Phalaenidae (Noctuidae). The seasonal History and economic Importance of the more common and destructive Species

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Minnesota fruit breeding farm. Report for 1941

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Minnesota's Experience with Human Encephalitis Caused by the Equine Type of Virus in 1938

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Minor Contributions to the Knowledge of the Eggs of Tenthredinids

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Minor Contributions to the Knowledge of the Forest Chalcids and Proctotrupids of Sweden

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Minor Pests of Cacao

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Minor Sugarcane diseases in Egypt

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Minor degrees of calcium deficiency in pregnancy in India

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Minor element manuring for cucumbers

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Minor elements affecting agricultural crops

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Minor elements affecting horticultural crops

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Minor elements and crop failures

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Minor elements and major soil problems

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Minor elements and plant growth

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Minor elements and the pine

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Minor elements and vitamin content of plants

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Minor elements as yield factors

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Minor elements for plants.

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Minor elements in fruit trees

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Minor elements in plants and some accumulator plants

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Minor elements stimulate pasture plants. A preliminary report

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Minor forest products

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Minor forests, village forests and firewood. (Extract from a note on a tour in Bombay Province.)

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Minor records, division of mycology

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Mint Growing in Northern Indiana

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Mint anthracnose

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Mint rust

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Minute Soil-inhabiting Animals injuring Sugar Cane in Louisiana

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Minute Amounts Of Chemical Elements In Relation To Plant Growth

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Minute amounts of cobalt in human urine

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Minute body-forming protein of vegetable origin and its relation to viruses

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Minute-Body-Forming Protein of Animal Origin and Its Relation to Viruses

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Minutes by the Government Mycologist and Agricultural Chemist to the Director of Agriculture, dated 2nd January, 1925

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Minutes of a Meeting for the Discussion of the Importance and Use of Arsenic and Lead Poisons against Fruit and Vine Pests

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Minutes of meeting of the Scientific Section 18 October 1941 (Dutch Veterinary Society)

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Minutes of the 449th Regular Meeting of the Entomological Society of Washington, Oct.5, 1933

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Minutes of the 553d regular Meeting of the Entomological Society of Washington March 1, 1945

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Minutes of the Proceedings of the First Meeting of the Committee of the Don Bureau for the Control of Pests on 22nd November 1916

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Minutes of the meeting held on 4th July 1924: Notices

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Miomark oats

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Mire systems in Finland - special view to aapa mires and their water-flow pattern

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Mirid predaceous on European Red Mite

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Miride du cottonier, Creontiades pallidus Ramb. Capsidae (Miridae)

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Mirror carp and vitamin B1.

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Miscallansa. 324. Orobus Lacaita

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Miscellanea Sinensia

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Miscellaneous Aphid Notes, chiefly from Oregon

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Miscellaneous Circulars on Vegetable and Fruit Pests

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Miscellaneous Coffee Pests

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Miscellaneous Entomological Notes

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Miscellaneous Experiments with Anthelminthics, Chiefly Alkyl-Chlorides, in the Treatment of Nematode Infestations of Sheep

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Miscellaneous Experiments with Phlebotomus argentipes in Relation to Transmission of Kala-azar

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Miscellaneous Insect Notes

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Miscellaneous Insect Notes

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Miscellaneous Insect Notes

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Miscellaneous Insect Notes

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Miscellaneous Insect Notes and Descriptions

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Miscellaneous Insects

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Miscellaneous Notes

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Miscellaneous Notes on Lubricating Oil Sprays with Special Reference to their Use for Fear Psylla Control

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Miscellaneous Notes on some Insects studied for Interest. I. An Apricot Pest and its Parasite. (An Eucleid and a Tachinid.)

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Miscellaneous Notes on the Apple Maggot (Rhagoletis pomonella, Walsh)

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Miscellaneous Notes on the Pear Psylla Problem

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Miscellaneous Nursery Insects

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Miscellaneous Observations on Apple Sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea Klug) in 1933

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Miscellaneous Observations on a Cranberry Scale Targionja dearnessi (Ckll.) (Homop.: Coccidae)

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Miscellaneous Observations on the Biology of Apanteles glomeratus L. (Braconidae)

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Miscellaneous Pests and their Control. (Washington Agric. Expt. Sta. Bull. 187)

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Miscellaneous Pests in 1923-24

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Miscellaneous Pests in 1925-26

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Miscellaneous Pests in Bahia

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Miscellaneous Pests in Mexico

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Miscellaneous Pests in Missouri in 1927-28

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Miscellaneous Pests in Missouri in 1928-29

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Miscellaneous Studies in the Family Aphididae (Hem., Horn.)

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Miscellaneous Tests of Carbon Tetrachloride as an Anthelmintic

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Miscellaneous field tests 1940. Fertilizers for vegetables

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Miscellaneous forage and cover crop legumes

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Miscellaneous genetic data from wheat crosses

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Miscellaneous information. Septoriose of Celery

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Miscellaneous insecticide investigations

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Miscellaneous leguminous crops. (QUEENSLAND Department of Agriculture and Stock Pamph. No. 88.)

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Miscellaneous notes

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Miscellaneous notes on bulb diseases

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Miscellaneous notes on cestodes

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Miscellaneous notes on nematode diseases

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Miscellaneous notes on nomenclature of United States trees

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Miscellaneous notes on parasitic worms

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Miscellaneous notes on some nematode diseases of plants in British Columbia

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Miscellaneous notes on the Ustilaginales

Record, Samuel, J., 1944:
Miscellaneous notes on tropical American woods

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Miscellaneous notes. Sainfoin

Anonymous, 1926:
Miscellaneous notes. Trials of Potatoes for immunity from wart disease, 1925

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Miscellaneous observations on European and American biology. I.

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Miscellaneous observations on ten species of parasitic nematodes

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Miscellaneous observations on the A.O.A.C. vitamin D assay

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Miscellaneous observations. Plants

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Miscellaneous records of beetles in British Columbia

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Miscellaneous soil studies. Salinity studies

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Miscellaneous studies on poultry grit. (Maryland Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 377)

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Miscellaneous Studies on the Iodine and Goitre Problem in New Zealand

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Miscible Carbon Bisulfide

Back, E.A.; Ceossman, S.S., 1917:
Miscible Oil versus Fish Oil Soap Sprays for the Control of Florida Aleurodids

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Miscible Oils and Oil Emulsions

Thomas, W.; Mack, W.B., 1944:
Misconceptions relative to the method of foliar diagnosis

Darlington, C.D., 1939:
Misdivision and the genetics of the centromere

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Misecznik dwuguzek (Lecanium bituberculatum Targ.)

Wilder, R.M., 1945:
Misinterpretation and Misuse of the Recommended Dietary Allowances

Anonymous, 1942:
Misissippi Agricultural Experiment Station. 55th Annual Report for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1942

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Mission entomologique a Madagascar en 1936

Bouet Roubaud, E., 1912:
Mission for the Study of the Prophylaxis of Yellow Fever in Senegal. Instructions for operations against Mosquito larvae

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Mission of the Institute of Malariology Italian East Africa. Report

Anonymous, 1941:
Mississippi Agricultural Expetiment Station. Fifty-fourth Annual Report for the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1941

Blackman, M.W., 1922:
Mississippi Bark Beetles

Anonymous, 1915:
Mississippi Nursery and Orchard Inspection Law

Anonymous, 1925:
Mississippi Plant Act of 1918 (as amended in 1920)

Anonymous, 1936:
Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. Report of the Director for the year ending June 30, 1935

Anonymous, 1943:
Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. Work of the Agricultural Experiment Station during the two years ending June 30, 1943

Talbert, T.J., E.Al., 1936:
Missouri apple spraying : recommendations for 1936

Talbert, T.J., 1937:
Missouri peach culture

Anonymous, 1945:
Missouri program of land improvement

Schubert, J., 1942:
Mist and amount of precipitation in Spruce stands and in the open.

Hensen., 1933:
Mistakes in the treatment of lucerne in summer

Lanternier, M., 1944:
Mistletoe on Silver Fir in the department of Savoy.

Woolley, George, W., 1945:
Misty dilution in the mouse

Jamalainen, E.A., 1942 :
Mit-rala selerotiormn Rost. on clover

Lesyuk, E.A., 1938:
Mitchurin apple varieties.

Tarasenko, G.G., 1938:
Mitchurin's Bellefleur Kitaika as initial material for selection.

Petersen, A., 1941:
Mitchurin's hardy hybrids

Mitchurin, I.V., 1939:
Mitchurin's selected works.

Cherian, M.C., 1938:
Mite (Acarina) Pests of Crops in South India and Methods for their Control

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Mite Diseases in Man. A new Focus of Trombidiasis in the Eifel District

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Mite Injury

Anonymous, 1921:
Mite Injury (Red Spider)

Sloan, W.J.S., 1938:
Mite Injury of Tomatoes

Bernakd, C.; Kerbosch, M., 1918:
Mite Injury to Cinchona, Tea, etc

Kempski, 1923:
Mite Injury to Tea and Cinchona and the latest Means for successful Control

Andreev, A., 1935:
Mite control with naphthalene

Gurney, W.B., 1924:
Mite of Genus Eriophyes associated with Mal formation of Leaves of Eucalyptus stricta

Smolak, J., 1933:
Mite-infestation of Lilac

Anonymous, 1919:
Mite-infested Fodder as Cause of Disease in Domestic Animals

Von Lengerken, H., 1929:
Mite-infested Maize as a Cause of Death in Horses

Rutherford, A., 1913:

Daud, R.D.; Feres, R.J.F.; Buosi, R., 2007:
Mites (Acari: Arachnida) associated with Bauhinia variegata L. (Leguminosae) in northeast of State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Mites and Lice on Poultry

Bishopp, F.C.; Wood, H.P., 1924:
Mites and Lice on Poultry

Bishopp, F.C.; Wood, H.P., 1931:
Mites and Lice on Poultry

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Mites and Spiders. A Summary of the distinguishing Characters and Control Methods of the Clover Mite, Red Spider and European Red Mite

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Mites and lice in Fowls

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Mites on Potatoes

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Mitotic activity and wound healing in the corneal epithelium of vitamin A deficient rats

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Mitotic periodicity in leaves

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Mixed Infections with Trypanosomes

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Mixed grain growing in Wurttemberg and Hohenzollern

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Mixed inheritance and somatic segregation in hybrid plants

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Mixed inheritance and vegetative segregation in the potato

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Mixed or multiple cropping in Native agricultural practice

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Mixed planting as a measure for disease control

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Mixed seed of fodder peas and oats

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Mixed sowing of herbage plants for seed

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Mixed sowings of silage plants

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Mixed sporotrichosis of the Schencki-Beurmanni type (first observation recorded in mycological casuistics)

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Mixed virus infections in the etiology of enteric diseases in turkeys

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Mixing Emulsified Mineral Lubricating Oils with Deep-well Waters and Lime-sulphur Solutions

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Mixing grass seeds

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Mixing of basic slag with fertilizers containing ammonia.

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Mixing phosphatic fertilizers with cyanamide.

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Mixing tolerances of varieties of hard red spring wheat

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Mixoploidie bei Hyppophae rhamnoides L. (Mixoploidy in H. rhamnoidesL.)

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Mixture of age classes in a fourth quality Scots Pine district.

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Mixtures and powders

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Mixtures for fattening pigs with whey or skimmed milk

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Mixtures of meadow grasses differing in the duration of their vegetation period for a reclaimed low-marsh meadow

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Mixtures of oats and spring vetch

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Mixtures of pure amino acids as substitute for dietary protein

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Mixtures of vitamin C and bergamot oil in protection against detrimental effects of light

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Moarphology and Bionomics of Immature Stages of Japanese Chafer Beetles. I. Anomala cuprea (Hope) (Resume)

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Mobile flame thrower

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Mobile gas producer units

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Mobile makeover

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Mobile organic matter of the soil.

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Mobile producer gas units and charcoal fuel. Some problems of development in Australia

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Mobile power generator for electric saws.

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Mobilisation of calcium during development

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Mobilisation of fats and their accumulation in the liver during fasting in various species of warm-blooded animals

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Mobility assessment of fluopicolide and its metabolites

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Mobility of aluminium and the effect of liming flax soils.

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Mobility of phosphoric acid in the soil: technique for the application of superphosphate in the cultivation of sugar beets

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Mobility of phosphoric acid of different phosphates in the soil

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Mobility of the P2O5 of soils and phosphate fertilizers, as influenced by the sol of humic acid, sodium humate and of colloidal silicic acid.

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Mobilization of soil nutrients by partial sterilization

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Mobilization of the nutritive substances of the soil by agricultural methods.

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Mobilization of Vitamin a from its Stores in the Tissues by Ethyl Alcohol

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Mobilization or Erythroeytes in the Horse

Anonymous, 1941:
Mobilizing seed power

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"Mock Dominance"

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Mock-Dominance and Hybrid Vigor

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Modalities and methods usually used to diagnose canine flea bite hypersensitivity

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Modalities and the genetic conception of acclimatisation

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Mode and point of action of isolated posterior pituitary hormone on carbohydrate metabolism

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Mode of Action in Chemotherapy of Protozoan Infections

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Mode of Action of Anthelmlnties

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Mode of Action of Prontosil and Similar Substances

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Mode of Action of Prontosil in Experimental Streptococcal Infection

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Mode of Action of Some Antibacterial Mould Products

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Mode of Infection with Actinomycetes

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Mode of action of /ascorbic acid in metabolism and mesenchyme. A contribution to the problem of increase of natural resistance

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Mode of action of Euler's Z-Factor

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Mode of action of Provendeine fed to calves and dairy cows

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Mode of action of S.H.G. diet

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Mode of action of apple and banana diet

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Mode of action of apple diet

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Mode of action of calcium. 1. Effect of intravenous injection of calcium on the heart of cattle with disturbed mineral metabolism. The relationship of the effect of calcium on the heart to the mineral composition of the blood serum

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Mode of action of calcium. 2. Antagonistic action on the heart of calcium and magnesium in normal calves

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Mode of action of calcium. Antagonistic action of calcium and magnesium on the heart of cattle with disturbed mineral metabolism

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Mode of action of calcium. Autonomic regulation in cattle in relation to composition of the blood serum in experimental, and pathological hypocalcaemia. Toxic effect of intravenous oxalates and citrates

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Mode of action of calcium. Ca Mg antagonism in Mg narcosis in experiments on young calves

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Mode of action of co-carboxylase

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Mode of action of diastases

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Mode of action of diuretic liver hormone

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Mode of Action of Estrogens on the Mammary Gland

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Mode of action of insulin

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Mode of action of l-ascorbic acid in metabolism and mesenchyme. A contribution to the problem of increasing natural resistance

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Mode of action of mucin in the stomach

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Mode of action of penicillin. I. Bacterial growth and penicillin activity-Staphyloeoecus aureus FDA

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Mode of action of the S.H.G. diet. Reply to publication of Korwin

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Mode of action of the apple diet in diarrhoea

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 1. Anterior pituitary, thyroid and carbohydrate metabolism

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 2. Anterior pituitary, adrenal insufficiency and carbohydrate metabolism

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 3. Anterior pituitary, adrenal denervation and carbohydrate metabolism

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 4. Effect of hormone when active extracts are introduced into cerebrospinal fluid

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 5. Effect of sympathetic poisons and narcosis on the blood sugar reaction following administration of the contra-insular hormone

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Mode of action of the contra-insular hormone of the anterior pituitary. 6. Possibility of biological demonstration of the contrainsular hormone in cerebrospinal fluid

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Mode of action of thiourea on the thyroid gland of rabbits

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Mode of action of thyrotropic hormone of anterior pituitary and the Reid Hunt reaction

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Mode of action of thyroxin

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Mode of action of unsalted diet. Distribution of calcium in blood

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Mode of action of vitamin B

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Mode of action of vitamin B1

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Mode of action of vitamin D. Renal effect of overdosage with vitamin D

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Mode of action of vitamin E

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Mode of action of vitamin E. Influence of menfonnon

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Mode of action of vitamin P. A new property of adrenaline in its effect on capillary resistance

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Mode of action of vitamins K1 and K2

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Mode of action of. insulin. 2. Ammonia content and production in the liver and the action of insulin

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Mode of combating the principal pests and diseases affecting Bean cultivation

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Mode of determining the sites infected by the pineapple disease of Sugar-cane

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Mode of dispersion of trypaflavine after intravenous injection

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Mode of fertilization in the flowers of certain self-pollinated horticultural plants

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Mode of general conditions of decrease in fertility

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Mode of inheritance of brownish-yellow glume colour in barley

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Mode of inheritance of the resistance to the locust in the maize Amargo

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Mode of introduction of the infusoria of rumen and reticulum in ruminants

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Mode of occurrence of acidosis

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Mode of preparation of spawn of the hot-bed Mushroom (Psalliota campestris)

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Model Experiments on the Adsrption of Suiphanilamide and Cibazol

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Model based prognosis of contaminant leaching for reuse of demolition waste in construction projects

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Model experiments on the biological action of sodium and calcium

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Model milk

Wysk, F., 1935:
Model moorland plots

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Model of electrolytic activation of media producing fodder yeasts

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Model of planting decision-making against weather accidents on cross bedding of farming and animal husbandary in the east of Inner Mongolia

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Model of the orchard foundation and payback period of investment

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Model of the water natural subsystem for sustainable development of the Raszynka catchment area

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Model organisation and successful carrying out of services of ewes

Ozin, F.V., 1940 :
Model organisation of artificial insemination of cattle

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Model performances in sheep breeding in Saxony

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Model predicted effect of process variables on kiln drying of Pinus radiata boards

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Model projections of an imminent transition to a more arid climate in southwestern North America

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Model regulation for the control of milk production

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Model tests of flow into drains

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Model-based decision support system for greenhouse heating temperature set point optimization

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Modeles nouveaux de boites d'elevage et d'exposition entomologique

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Modeling a nonlinear water transfer between two reservoirs in a midterm hydroelectric scheduling tool

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Modeling and on-line measurement of drying stress of Pinus massoniana board

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Modeling aspects of dual frequency sonochemical reactors

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Modeling banded vegetation patterns in semiarid regions: interdependence between biomass growth rate and relevant hydrological processes

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Modeling cold tolerance in the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae

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Modeling crown structural responses to competing vegetation control, thinning, fertilization, and Swiss needle cast in coastal Douglas-fir of the Pacific Northwest, USA

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Modeling equilibrium moisture content of gamma -ray irradiated rough rice

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Modeling global annual N2O and NO emissions from fertilized fields

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Modeling heat transfer in substrates heated by electric cable depending on heating cable spacing

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Modeling of moisture diffusion in microwave drying of hardwood

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Modeling pesticide fate and nonideal transport from seeds treated with a slow-release pesticide in a laboratory soil column

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Modeling phosphorus in runoff: basic approaches

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Modeling phosphorus in the environment

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Modeling phosphorus movement from agriculture to surface waters

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Modeling phosphorus with hydrologic simulation Program-Fortran

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Modeling pre- and post-dam removal sediment dynamics: the Kalamazoo River, Michigan

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Modeling product recovery in relation to selected tree characteristics in black spruce using an optimized random sawing simulator

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Modeling runoff and erosion in phosphorus models

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Modeling shallow water table evaporation in irrigated regions

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Modeling sprout-origin oak regeneration in the central Appalachians

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Modeling the drying of grass seeds (Brachiaria brizantha) in fluidized beds

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Modeling the effects of deep chiseling with DRAINMOD for alluvial soils

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Modeling the irradiation followed by heat inactivation of Salmonella inoculated in liquid whole egg

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Modeling the migration of soluble methanol in unsaturated soil zone

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Modeling the nitrogen and phosphorus inputs and outputs of financially optimal Irish beef production systems

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Modelling and evaluation of cooling capacity of earth-air-pipe systems

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Modelling and forecasting Finnish pine sawlog stumpage prices using alternative time-series methods

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Modelling and fuzzy steering of the milking apparatus

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Modelling farm-level economic potential for conversion to organic farming

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Modelling genotype-phenotype relationships and human disease with genetic interaction networks

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Modelling of coconut processing complex through integrated system

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Modelling of latent heat partitioning at a bog peatland

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Modelling of monsoon rainfall for a mesoscale catchment in North-West India II: stochastic rainfall simulations

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Modelling of planted legume fallows in Western Kenya using WaNuLCAS. (I) Model calibration and validation

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Modelling of soil respiration in Hungary

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Modelling of the individual and combined effects of water activity and temperature on the radial growth of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus on corn

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Modelling of trona based spray dry scrubbing of SO2

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Modelling of water-energy systems. The case of desalination

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Modelling phosphorus with the generalized watershed loading functions (GWLF) model

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Modelling regional impacts of radioactive pollution on permanent grassland

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Modelling the adsorption of Cd(II), Cu(II), Ni(II), Pb(II), and Zn(II) onto Fithian illite

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Modelling the days which are agronomically suitable for sowing maize

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Modelling the effects of changing retention time on abundance and composition of phytoplankton species in a small lake

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Modelling the impact of land cover changes in the Czech Republic on sediment delivery

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Modelling the local dynamics of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha)

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Models for sorption isotherms for foods: a review

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