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Chapter 13,444

Observations on starvation diets and hunger ketosis

Dick, G.F.; Goldner, M.G.; Singer, T.P.

American Journal of Digest Disease 10(4): 124-129


DOI: 10.1007/bf03004155
Accession: 013443211

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The body weight, B. M. R., R/Q, acetone bodies in blood and urine, serum CO2 and pH, blood proteins, N balance, and glucose tolerance of 3 obese, non-diabetic patients, on subcaloric diets for periods of 133, 25, and 32 days were detd. at frequent intervals. In 1 patient the effect of insulin on the hunger ketosis was detd. and fat metabolism in starvation is discussed. Stadie's theory of a utilization limit for fat and a threshold for ketosis is compatible with the observations made. Differences between starvation and diabetic ketosis are emphasized.

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