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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13446

Chapter 13446 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nemec, B.; Babicka, J.; Oborsky, A., 1937:
Occurrence of gold in Equisetum palustre and in E. arvense

Visweswara Rao, K.; Vasudeva Sarma, R., 1945:
Occurrence of gossypol

Hartelius, V., 1933:
Occurrence of growth factor B in urine

Hartelius, V.; Hjorth-Hansen, S., 1936:
Occurrence of growth substance B in animal organs

Wilson, F.D.; Fitzgerald, S.D.; Kiupel, M.; Walker, R.L.; Williams, C.B.; Todd, D.J., 2007:
Occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in an adult male Nile lechwe (Kobus megaceros)

Foldes, F., 1936:
Occurrence of histidine in human urine

Allen, T.C.; Rieman, G.H., 1939:
Occurrence of hopperburn resistance and susceptibility in the potato

Zimmermannova Pastircakova, K., 2003:
Occurrence of horsechestnut leaf blotch and cultural characteristics of its causal agent - fungus Phyllosticta sphearopsoidea, an anamorph of Guignardia aesculi

Oefelein, F., 1935:
Occurrence of imidazol bodies in gastric juice

Hirayama, S.; Yuasa, K., 1937:
Occurrence of inclusion bodies in the guard cells of the stomata of mosaic-tobacco plants

Calvo, S.P.; Salces, F., 1944:
Occurrence of infectious vulvo-vaginitis in cattle

Askew, H.O.; Thomson, R.H.K., 1937:
Occurrence of internal cork of Apples in Central Otago, New Zealand

Schultz, A., 1934:
Occurrence of iron in the mammary glands of rats and mice

Holthausen, L., 1936:
Occurrence of keratomalacia

Kernot, J.C.; Speer, N.E., 1933:
Occurrence of labile phosphorus compounds in fish muscle

Sjostrom, G., 1942:
Occurrence of lactate- and lactose-splitting butyric acid bacteria in certain types of A.I.V. silage

Whittleston, W.G., 1937:
Occurrence of lactoflavin in by-products from lactose manufacture

Schultzer, P., 1936:
Occurrence of latent and manifest scurvy and methods for studying these conditions

Atkey, O.F.H., 1934:
Occurrence of leprosy in the Sudan in relation to climate and diet

Kirk, R.J.; Collins, H.C., 1945:
Occurrence of leucopenia preceding visual clinical symptoms in ferret distemper

Markwardt., 1943:
Occurrence of live and dead bovine cysticerci in the masticatory muscles, tongue and musculature with special reference to the heart

Koschara, W., 1937:
Occurrence of lyochromes in human milk

Sreenivabaya, M., 1930:
Occurrence of mannitol in spike disease of Santalum album L

Kapeller-Adler, R.; Vering, F., 1931:
Occurrence of methylated nitrogen compounds in seaweed (II) and feeding experiments with trimethylamine on cold-blooded animals

Gopp, K.; Christ, R.; Reich, R., 1937:
Occurrence of micro-organisms in Hops of various qualities

Nemeth, K.; Hegyi, T., 2006:
Occurrence of mite species in vineyards in Ferto-Hansagi National Park

Kapeller-Adleb, R.; Toda, K., 1932:
Occurrence of mono-methylamine in urine

Ivanovic, M.; Mijatovic, M.; Zecevic, B.; Niepold, F.; Ivanovic, M., 2007:
Occurrence of new populations and mating types of Phytophthora infestans (Mont) de Bary in Serbia

Emanuel, W., 1931:
Occurrence of nicotine in milk after cigarette smoking

Ackermann, D.; Fuchs, H.G., 1938:
Occurrence of nicotinic acid in the liver of oxen

Nylund, C.E., 1945:
Occurrence of night blindness and vitamin A deficiency in certain diseases

Joachimoglu, G.; Logaras, G., 1933:
Occurrence of night blindness in males and females

Cook, H.T., 1935:
Occurrence of oospores of Peronospora effusa with commercial Spinach seed

Friedgood, H.B.; Uotila, U.U., 1941:
Occurrence of ovarian tumors in spontaneous virilism of the hen

Mohr, D., 1942:
Occurrence of oxycholeaterol in the adrenal

Lichtenstern, H., 1942:
Occurrence of pasteurella in eats

Schrrmer, S., 1932:
Occurrence of pathogenic streptococci in cow's milk

Slotopolsky, B., 1932:
Occurrence of pellagra among alcoholics and the insane

Holst, J.E., 1935:
Occurrence of pellagra in Denmark

Artschwager, E., 1922:
Occurrence of phloem necrosis in leaf roll tubers

Earle, F.R.; Milner, R.T., 1938:
Occurrence of phosphorus in soya beans

Han HyeRim; Lee JaeKook; Choi DongRo; Han ManJong; Park ByeongYong, 2006:
Occurrence of plant parasitic nematodes in chrysanthemum and ITS and D3-28S rDNA characterization of Pratylenchus spp

Cho MyoungRae; Lee YoungGyu; Kim JumSoon; Yoo DongLim, 2006:
Occurrence of plant parasitic nematodes in major potato production areas and PCR identification of root-knot nematodes

Gifford, W., 1934:
Occurrence of polythelia in dairy cattle

Fraps, R.M.; Dury, A., 1943:
Occurrence of premature ovulation in the domestic fowl following administration of progesterone

Witschi, E.; Mahoney, J.J.; Riley, G.M., 1938:
Occurrence of prostatic lobes in the female rat

Boas, I., 1933:
Occurrence of protoporphyrin in urine

Lux, H., 1938:
Occurrence of rare earths in bones

Street, H.R.; Reeves, R.E., 1940:
Occurrence of riboflavin in tubercle bacillus

Choi DongRo; Lee JaeKook; Park ByeongYong; Chung MiNam, 2006:
Occurrence of root-knot nematodes in sweet potato fields and resistance screening of sweet potato cultivars

Biecheler, B., 1935:
Occurrence of rotation of the chromatic mass in Peridinese

Kauffmann, F., 1941:
Occurrence of salmonella antigens in cultures of coliform organisms.

Knight, S.H.; Beath, O.A., 1937:
Occurrence of selenium and seleniferous vegetation in Wyoming

Laskowski, M., 1936:
Occurrence of serum vitellin in blood in vertebrates

Mayrhofer, A., 1938:
Occurrence of small amounts of iodine and fluorine in the organism. Bio chemical studies. 3

Olson, O.E.; Whitehead, E.I.; Moxon, A.L., 1942:
Occurrence of soluble selenium in soils and its availability to plants

Isikawa, K., 1934:
Occurrence of speltoid mutants in some Japanese varieties of wheat, and their genetic traits, I, II

Isikawa, K., 1934:
Occurrence of speltoid mutants in some Japanese varieties of wheat. I-II

Greb, Raymond, J., 1944:
Occurrence of spotted pheasants

Berkeley, G.H., 1935:
Occurrence of spotted wilt' of Tomato in Canada

Ramanatha Ayyar, V.; Balasubrahmanyan, R., 1933:
Occurrence of sterile plants in Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum)

Wolf-Heidegger, G., 1942 :
Occurrence of strongly reducing substances in Kupffer's stellate cells of the liver in adrenalectomised rats

Gerlach, W.; Muller, R., 1934:
Occurrence of strontium and barium in human organs and excreta

Solarino, G., 1936:
Occurrence of symptoms of vitamin deficiency during inanition

Rominger, E.; Meyer, H.; Bomskov, C., 1931:
Occurrence of tetany in infancy

Newell, W., 1914:
Occurrence of the Argentine Ant in Texas

Lee MinHo; Kang SeokYoung; Lee SunYoung; Lee HeungSu; Choi JuneYeol; Lee GwanSeok; Kim WhangYong; Lee SiWoo; Kim SeonGon; Uhm KiBaik, 2005:
Occurrence of the B and Q biotypes of Bemisia tabaci in Korea

Schnelle, G.B.; Jones, T.C., 1944:
Occurrence of the Cereal faite in War Dogs

Christensen, J.F., 1938:
Occurrence of the Coccidian Eimeria bukidnonensis in American Cattle

Anonymous, 1913:
Occurrence of the Colorado Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) in Germany

Burns, A.N., 1928:
Occurrence of the Common Cane Skipper (Telicota augiaskreffti Macleay)

Zappe, M.P., 1919:
Occurrence of the European House Cricket in Connecticut (Gryllus domeslicus, L.). (Bull. no. 211)

Reichenow, E., 1920:
Occurrence of the Malaria Parasites of Man in African Anthropoid Apes

Ewing, H.E.; Fox, I., 1938:
Occurrence of the Oriental Rat Flea in the Interior of the United States

Tempel, W., 1927:
Occurrence of the Pear Blossom Weevil, A. cinctus, in Saxon

Ross, W.A., 1919:
Occurrence of the Pear Thrips in Ontario

Bramble, W.C., 1934:
Occurrence of the Strumella disease in the mid-west

Brisley, H.R., 1930:
Occurrence of the Weevil Phyrdemis muriceus (Germ.) in Arizona

Keitt, G.W.; Duain Moore, J.; Calavan, E.C.; Shay, J.R., 1943:
Occurrence of the imperfect stage of Sclerotinia laxa on Prunus cerasus in Wisconsin

Ballard, S.S., 1938:
Occurrence of the minor elements in commercial fertilizers as determined spectrographically

Butaye, R., 1945:
Occurrence of three human strains of streptococci in animals

Pinckard, J.A.; Godkin, J.; Henderson, R.G., 1937:
Occurrence of tobacco diseases in Virginia in 1936

Mackenzie, C.G.; Mackenzie, J.B.; Mccollum, E.V., 1940 :
Occurrence of tremors and incoordination in vitamin E-deficient adult rats

Schwartz, B., 1940:
Occurrence of trichinae (Trichinella spiralis) in swine in the United States

Hirvonen, M., 1934:
Occurrence of trypsin in the stomach

Hulphers, G., 1939:
Occurrence of tubercle bacilli in hen. eggs

Bamann, E.; Riedel, E., 1934:
Occurrence of two phosphoesterases with different pH optima in animal organs. Phosphatases

Green, C.V., 1934:
Occurrence of Uniovular Twins in Multiple Births

Burns, E.L.; Schenken, J.R., 1939:
Occurrence of urinary calculi in inbred strain (C3H) of mice treated with estrogen

Bertrand, D., 1942:
Occurrence of vanadium in plants

Huttel, R.; Behringer, H., 1937:
Occurrence of vegetable sterols in toads

Rand, C., 1935:
Occurrence of vitamin A and carotenoids in the frog

Moruzzi, G., 1938:
Occurrence of vitamin A in African millet, Eleusine coracana

Kuhl, H., 1938:
Occurrence of vitamin B in cereals and its significance in nutrition

Schormuller, J., 1939:
Occurrence of vitamin B2 lactoflavin. 1. Vitamin B2 in muscle

Martin, H., 1941:
Occurrence of vitamin C in human faeces

Neuweiler, W., 1943:
Occurrence of vitamin C in the intestines of the foetus and newborn infant

Moller Thorup., 1940:
Occurrence of vitamin C in the placenta, umbilical cord blood, venous blood and colostrum

Suzuki, U.; Nakahara, W.; Sahashi, Y., 1934:
Occurrence of vitamin E in soya-bean oil

Jugendfein, K., 1936:
Occurrence of vitamins in fruit juices and wines

Carpenter, C.C.; Friedlander, E.W., 1942:
Occurrence of Vitamins in Fungi

Patel, Z.H., 1939:
Occurrence of xenia in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoideum) Stapf and Hubbard

Ledingham, G.A., 1935:
Occurrence of zoosporangia in Spongospora subter ranea, Wallroth (Lagerheim)

Nichols, M.S., 1939:
Occurrence, Pathological Aspects, and Treatment of Fluoride Waters

Hampp, H., 1936:
Occurrence, development and economic importance of German hop cultivation

Tapke, V.F., 1943:
Occurrence, identification, and species validity of the Barley loose smuts, Ustilago nuda, U. nigra and U. medians

Krocko, M.; Canigova, M.; Duckova, V., 2007:
Occurrence, isolation and antibiotic resistance of Enterococcus species isolated from raw pork, beef and poultry

Schmidt, C.L.A.; Green Berg, D.M., 1935:
Occurrence, transport and regulation of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the animal organism

Hayashi, K.; Kondou, M.; Ando, S.; Masuda, T.; Tokumaru, S., 2005:
Occurrences and overwintering of Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in Miyagi Prefecture

Tschermak, L., 1944:
Oceanic climate and the forest cover in mountain areas.

Camus, Aimee., 1935:
Ochlandra Perrieri A. Camus, a new bamboo from Madagascar

Battilani, P.; Silva, A., 2006:
Ochratoxin A in grapes could be a problem

Merrill, E.D., 1945:
Ochrocarpus odoratus (Rafinseque) Merrill, a new name for a much named species, with a new species from Samoa

Little, E.L., 1944:
Ochroma lagopus Swartz, the name of the balsa of Ecuador

Kapper, O., 1915:
Ocneria monacha

Felt, E.P., 1922:
Ocnerostoma piniariella, Zeller, another introduced Insect

Anonymous, 1943:
Ocotea rodiaei. Abies nobilis

Shchavinskaya, S.A., 1937:
Octoploid cabbage experimentally obtained

Pou, M.C., 1933:
Ocular Cancer of Cattle in Uruguay

Fulleborn, F., 1919:
Ocular Myiasis and Notes on a Case from Northern France

Silva, R., 1932:
Ocular Onchocercosis

Amman, K., 1934:
Ocular Tuberculosis of Cattle

Pelouro, J.T., 1943:
Ocular actinomycosis in a Cow

Velu, H., 1918:
Ocular and Locomotory Disturbances in Equine Trypanosomiasis in Morocco

Blackberg, S.N.; Knapp, A.A., 1934:
Ocular changes accompanying disturbances of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. A preliminary study

Spies, T.D.; Perry, D.J.; Cogswell, R.C.; Frommeyer, W.B., 1945:
Ocular disturbances in riboflavin deficiency

Yudkin, Arthur, M., 1933:
Ocular disturbances produced in experimental animals by dietary changes. Clinical implications

Boase, A.J., 1935:
Ocular filariasis

Rao, K.S., 1944:
Ocular filariasis

Mcmullen, W.H., 1939:
Ocular filariasis, with a report of a case in which Microfilariac bancrofti were seen in the anterior chamber

Fernando, S.E., 1935:
Ocular filariasis. Adult Wuchereria bancrofti in the anterior chamber of human eye

Sen, K.; Ghose, N., 1945:
Ocular Gnathostomiasis

Wagener, H.P.; Weir, J.F., 1937:
Ocular lesions associated with postoperative and gestational nutritional deficiencies

Ridley, Harold, 1945:
Ocular lesions in trypanosomiasis

Biswas, R.B., 1941:
Ocular manifestations due to lack of vitamin A in the system

Kruse, H.D.; Sydenstricker, V.P.; Sebrell, W.H.; Cleckley, H.M., 1940:
Ocular manifestations of ariboflavinosis

Suurkula, J., 1942:
Ocular myiasis caused by dipteran larvae.

Ridley, H., 1945:
OCULAR ONCHOCERCIASIS Including an Investigation in the Gold Coast

Wise, G., 1943:
Ocular rosacea

Fish, W.M., 1944:
Ocular rosacea and ariboflavinosis

Anon., 1945:
Ocular signs of ariboflavinosls

Weekers, R., 1942:
Ocular signs of hunger oedema. Plasma proteins and ocular tension

Ferguson, W.J.W., 1944:
Ocular signs of riboflavin deficiency

Wiwanitkit, V., 2015:
Ocular sparganosis

Petrov, A.M.; Gaibov, A.D.; Gagarin, V.G., 1940:
Ocular thelaziasis in cattle

Zacher, F., 1938:
Odd Feeding Habits and remarkable Feeding Patterns

Dolgusin, D.A., 1941:
Odessa 13

Mcintosh, A., 1935:
Odhneriotrema incommodum (Leidy, 1856), a trematode from the mouth of Alligator mississipiensis (Daudin)

Mensa, A., 1938:
Odontogenous Tumours of the Jaws : Mandibular Lymphocystoma in a Horse

Schonberg, F., 1944:
Odorous sausages

Crumb, S.E., 1924:
Odors attractive to Ovipositing Mosquitoes (Dipt. : Culicidae)

Browne, A.C., 1931:
Oecanthus niveus (De Geer) in some California Fruits

Schreiner, J.F., 1915:
Oecanthus pellucens, Scop

Sacharov, N., 1913:
Oecanthus pellucens, Scop., as a temporary parasite of vine-branches

Bertoni, A.D.W., 1924:
Oeceticus kirbyi in Paraguay

Gillain, J., 1936:
Oecular Form of Contagious Ecthyma and Infeetivity of the Blood

Mansjoer, M., 1941:
Oedema Associated with Kidney Disease in a Buffalo

Bhandari, B.N., 1944:
Oedema and Scabies in a Famine Hospital

Kurten, H., 1933:
Oedema and the serum lipoid ratio

Beaussart, P.; Feuillet, C.; Secques, J., 1943:
Oedema due to dietary deficiency

Streef, G.M.; Streef-Spaan, A.M.; Ismangil., 1940:
Oedema due to underfeeding

Landabure, P.B.; Lopez, R.D.; Guaita, H., 1944:
Oedema following diabetic acidosis

Pouhin, E., 1939:
Oedema from diet deficiency in Zagora, Morocco

Rennie, J.Basil, 1933:
Oedema in nephritis

Nixon, W.C.W., 1937:
Oedema in pregnancy

Hantschmann, L., 1938:
Oedema in protein deficiency

Stammer's, A.D., 1924:
Oedema of South African Cattle

Hudson, R., 1938:
Oedema of the Digestive Organs in Young Pigs

Chalmers, A.J., 1919:
Oedema of the Eyelids caused by Ants

Dienst, 1937:
Oedema, transmineralisation and acid base metabolism

Spaar, E.C., 1934:
Oedematous nephritis in the child

Schafer, W., 1939:
Oeeurrence of Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis rodentium in Chicks

Voukassovitch, P., 1924:
Oenophthira pilleriana, Schiff.)

Veglia, F., 1928:
Oesophagostomiasis in Sheep. (Preliminary Note.)

Monnig, H.O., 1935:
Oesophagostomiasis in Sheep.-

Maplestone, P.A., 1931:
Oesophagostomum conicum

Goodey, T., 1925:
Oesophagostomum longicaudum n. sp. from the Pig in New Guinea

Daubney, R.; Hudson, J.R., 1932:
Oesophagostomum multifoliatum n. sp. An undescribed nematode from sheep and goats

Cave, N.J.; Backus, R.C.; Marks, S.L.; Klasing, K.C., 2007:
Oestradiol and genistein reduce food intake in male and female overweight cats after gonadectomy

Rene, C., 1917:
Oestrid Larvae in Animais

Anonymous, 1922:

Lariscii, P., 1925:
Oestrids infesting Horses

Rodhain, J.; Bequaert, J., 1920:
Oestrids of Antelopes and Zebras collected in Oriental Africa, with a Review of the Genus Gastrophilus

Burrows, H., 1935:
Oestrin and the Prostate

Hammond, J.J.; Day, F.T., 1944:
Oestrogea treatment of cattle : induced lactation and other effects

'espinasse, P.G., 1939:
Oestrogen depot formation

Lawson, W.; Stroud, S.W.; Williams, P.C., 1944:
Oestrogen excretion in milk from oestrogenized cattle

Hammond, J.; , Jr.; Day, F.T., 1944:
Oestrogen treatment of cattle . induced lactation and other effects

Nakatani, M.; Ohara, Y., 1939:
Oestrogenic Action of Extract from the Skin of Dried Fishes.

Anonymous, 1933:
Oestrogenic Hormones

Dodds, E.C.; Goldberg, L.; Lawson, W.; Robinson, R., 1938:
Oestrogenic activity of certain synthetic compounds

Walpole, A.L., 1941:
Oestrogenic compounds

Zondek, B., 1937:
Oestrogenic substances in the Dead Sea

Muhlbock, O., 1937:
Oestrogens and Cholesterin Content of Pregnant Mares' Serum

Mirskaja, L.; M., 1944:
Oestrogens and their application for restoring fertility in cows

Meek, B.E.; Murby, W.H., 1944:
OEstrogens for the Prevention of Post-Partum Breast Engorgement: (A Comparative Study)

Liche, H., 1939:
Oestrous cycle in the cat

Vlcek, J., 1938:
Oestrous cycle in vitamin deficiency

Robson, J.M.; Schonberg, A., 1937:
Oestrous reactions, including mating, produced by triphenyl ethylene

Lin, K.H.o; Tsai, C.; Wan, S., 1932:
Oestrous rhythm of vegetarian and omnivorous rats

August, H.M., 1941:
Oestrus Production in Sheep by Sex Hormones

Topp, H., 1937:
Oestrus and Ovulation in Mares

Kraetge, E., 1937:
Oestrus and mating in the female nutria

Johansson, Ivar, 1941:
Oestrus and mating in the silver fox

Berliner, V.R.; Sheets, E.W.; Means, R.H.; Cowart, F.E., 1938:
Oestrus cycle of jennets and sperm production of jacks

Hornby, H.E., 1928:
Oestrus ovis Infection

Van Saceghem, R., 1923:
Oestrus ovis in Ruanda-West Africa

Dodds, E.C., 1934:
Oestrus-Producing Hormones

Curzi, M., 1932:
Of African fungi and diseases. I. Concerning certain parasitic Hyphomycetes from Italian Somaliland

Curzi, M., 1934:
Of African fungi and diseases. II. Concerning Pseudomonas parasitic on plants in Italian Somaliland

Havnevik, K.; Negash, T.; Beyene, A., 2006:
Of global concern - rural livelihood dynamics and natural resource governance

Osterwalder, A., 1944:
Of rolling leaves and of Apple mildew

Faes, H.; Staehelin, M., 1940:
Of the acceleratory action of copper mixtures on the evaporation of rain, mist, or dew moistening Vine leaves

Martin, C.S, 1941:
Of what should proposed federal regulation of private forest management consist?

Schabtum-Hansen, H., 1936:
Of what use are the many indices and haematological data for the description of an anaemia and should they not, as far as possible, be abandoned ?

Williams, L.F., 1945:
Off-colored seeds in the Lincoln soybean

Anderson, J.A., 1936:
Off-flavored milk: A problem of animal nutrition

Anonymous, 1945:
Office for Scientific Research in the French Colonies

Anonymous, 1945:
Officers of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the Queensland State Committee and the United Graziers' Association of Queensland met in Dec., 1944

Armstrong, J.T., 1935:
Official Australian pure-bred dairy cattle production recording scheme conducted by the Dairy Division, Department of Agriculture, Tasmania. Records of production for year 1934-35

Singleton, W.M., 1933:
Official Herd-Testing of Purebred Dairy Cows. Summary of the 1932-33 Season's Work

Lorenzen, P., 1940:
Official Milk Inspection in the Veterinary Investigation Office (Kassel)

Anonymous, 1941:
Official Opening of the Institute of Animal Biology of the Live-stock Department, Uruguay

Merkel, L., 1932:
Official Plant Inspection in 1932 in the Free Harbour, Hamburg

Merkel, L., 1933:
Official Plant Inspection in 1933 and 1934 in the Free Harbour, Hamburg

Anonymous, 1917:
Official Quarantine Notice. The White Pine Blister Disease

Anonymous, 1924:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1927:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1928:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1929:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1930:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1932:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1933:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1935:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1936:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1937:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1938:
Official Regulations on Plant Protection

Anonymous, 1937:
Official Seed Testing Station

Rasch, K., 1938:
Official Veterinary Milk Control (Germany)

Anonymous, 1939:
Official Yearbook 1938-9

Anonymous, 1935:
Official address book of German horticulture

Sebrell, W.H., 1939:
Official control and regulation sale of vitamin office internat

Kugler, W.F., 1945:
Official control in the liberation of new varieties of cereals and oil seeds

Trout, G.M.; White, W.; Downs, P.A.; Mack, M.J.; Fouts, E.L., 1940:
Official flavor criticisms of dairy products judged in the national contest

Anonymous, 1945:
Official herd testing in South Australia. Results of the 1944-45 tests

Anonymous, 1936:
Official information

Anonymous, 1940:
Official live stock policy. Ministries announce classes of animals to be retained-priority for milk production

Slater, G., 1940:
Official milk records

Anonymous, 1940:
Official milk records. Herd averages for registered cows during 1938-1939

Anonymous, 1930:
Official plant protec-tection regulations

Anonymous, 1926:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1929:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1930:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1931:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1932:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1933:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1934:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1935:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1936:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1937:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1938:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1939:
Official plant protection regulations

Anonymous, 1932:
Official plant protection regulations. Portugal

Moore, R.P.; Rigney, J.A.; Middleton, G.K.; Bennett, L.S., 1944:
Official variety tests-1943. Corn-soybeans-cotton-wheat-oats-barley

Anonymous, 1944:
Officially approved, insecticides and fungicides

Russell, W.L.; Douglass, P.M., 1945:
Offspring from Unborn Mothers

Schaffner, J.H., 1938:
Offspring of a self-pollinated reversed carpellate plant of Moras alba

Schaffner, John, H., 1936:
Offspring of a self-pollinated reversed carpellate plant of Morus alba

Yamashita, K., 1943:
Offspring of triploid wheat hybrids

Finch, N.A.; Baxter, G.S., 2007:
Oh deer, what can the matter be? Landholder attitudes to deer management in Queensland

Vasser, R.E., 1939:
Oh the Biology of Pulvinaria aurantii Ckll. in Abkhasia.

D.B.aurepaire Aragao, H.; D.C.sta Lima, A., 1929:
Oh the Infec-679 tion of M. rhesus by Contact of the uninjured Skin and Conjunctiva with the Excreta of infected Mosquitoes. About the Time required by the infected Stegomyia to expel virulent Excreta.

Anonymous, 1933:
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station Bull. Fifty-first Annual Report, 1931-32

Anonymous, 1935:
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Fifty-third Annual Report, 1933-34

Anonymous, 1936:
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Fifty-Fourth Annual Report, 1934-35

Anonymous, 1932:
Ohio Agricultural Experimental Station. Fiftieth Annual Report, 1930-31

Magruder, R., 1932:
Ohio Canner The new Ohio Canner table beet

Tili-Ord, P.E., 1940:
Ohio Potato diseases

G.S.Ray, L.H.Wiland, P.P.Wallrabenstein., 1938:
Ohio agricultural statistics 1936

Ray, G.S.; Wiland, L.H.; Wallrabensiein, P.P., 1936:
Ohio agricultural statistics, 1936

Ray, G.S.; Frost, O.M.; Wallrabenstein, P.P., 1941:
Ohio agricultural statistics, 1939

G.H.String Field, R.D.Lewis, H.L.Pfaff., 1943:
Ohio corn performance tests and recommendations. 1942

Anonymous, 1942:
Ohio forest survey: Manual of procedure

Tilford, P.E., 1929:
Ohio potato diseases

Hoffmann, W.E., 1932:
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Oidium leaf disease

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Oil emulsion for the treatment of cheese

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Oil milk

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Oil of Chenopodium as an Anthelmintic for Horses

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Oil of Favela (Jatropha spp.), a new source of wealth in dry regions.

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Oil of the rose geranium.

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Oil of tomato seeds

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Oil palm breeding (E. guineensis Jacquin)

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Oil palms for the sugar belt. A potentially valuable crop

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Oil production the basis of fat supply in France

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Oil seed production in Sweden

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Oil sprays

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Oil-tar creosote for wood preservation

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Oil.milk diet for infants

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Oilcakes and their uses

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Oiled paper and other oiled materials in the control of scald on barrel Apples

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Oiled wrappers, oils and waxes in the control of Apple scald

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Oiled wraps for Apples

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Oiling by Capillarity and by Oil-soaked Sawdust in Mosquito-Control Work

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Oils and Larvicides used in Mosquito Control Work, their Efficiency and their Practicability

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Oils and blubber of whales. Analytical constants of the fats of some marine animals

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Oils and fats in the national economy of native, tropical Africa

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Oils and oil emulsions for protection of fruit trees from winter injury.

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Oils as substitutes for butter fat in infant feeding

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Oils suitable as Vehicles for Sheep Blowfly Dressings. Trials at Nyngan Experiment Farm

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Oils tested to trap Trypetidae.and Ortalidae

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Oils, Fats and Soaps in the Protection of Stored Products

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Oils. Markets to fluidify

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Oiseaux insectivores et sylviculture a Madagascar

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Oiseaux utiles

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Oiticica nuts (Licania rigida) and their cultivation

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Oiticlea (Licania rigida)

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Oitras fruit-rots in Trinidad

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Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station. Report of the Director from 1st June, 1934 to 30th June, 1936

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Oklahoma Experiment Station holds Feeders' Day

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Oland plant breeding

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Old Laboratory Strains of the Polymorphic Trypano- somes

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Old Americans of the south: anthropometry of college women of southern birth and ancestry

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Old Cultures of Flagellates

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Old Hungarian apple genotypes as gene sources of breeding and varieties of the ecological extensive landscape farming

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Old Ideas of Insect Control in a New Setting

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Old Record of the Outbreak of the Soy Bean Ceeidomyiid.

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Old Spray Problems from new Angles

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Old age and basal metabolism

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Old and new Information on Lygaeonematus abietinus, Christ

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Old and new Knowledge on the Nun Moth

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Old and new Methods against May Beetles in economic Forests

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Old and new about ergot

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Old and new facts about the constitution of our domestic animals

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Old and new facts concerning Apple and Pear Fusidadiwm and its control

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Old and new information concerning minerals

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Old and new methods of irrigation for the agricultural utilization of sewage

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Old and new methods of treatment of toxicosis

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Old and new problems in the carriage of food overseas

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Old and new problems of nutrition

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Old and new standpoints on senile degeneration

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Old and new virus diseases of trees and shrubs

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Old ewes in the flock

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Old facts in the light of recent experience

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Old field forests of southeastern New England

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Old, indigenous clovers of the Smolensk Province

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Old-age vulnerability, ill-health and care support in urban areas of Indonesia

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Old-man saltbush

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Oldremedies. Rosehips

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Oleander bacteriosis in California

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Olfactometric determination of the most potent odor-active compounds in salmon muscle (Salmo salar) smoked by using four smoke generation techniques

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Olfactory Attraetants for Male Fruit-flies

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Olfactory Response of the Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica, Newm,)

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Olfactory response of three parasitoid species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to volatiles of guavas infested or not with fruit fly larvae (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Olfactory stimuli and dietary deficiency

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Oligocene and bottled water as a source of sodium in everyday diet of adults

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Oligomeric procyanidins in apple polyphenol are main active components for inhibition of pancreatic lipase and triglyceride absorption

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Oligophagy in Leaf Miners and the Possibility of using it to solve Problems of Plant Relationship

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Olive Moths

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Olive Oil and Digestion

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Olive Pests in Spain

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Olive anthracnose in the United States

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Olive cultivation in the Benevento province with particular reference to the main varieties of olive cultivated

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Olive culture

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Olive culture

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Olive culture in South Africa

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Olive culture in the Trapani district

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Olive fertilization

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Olive growing and the olive industry in Algeria in decline

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Olive growing in Libya

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Olive growing in the Province of Benevento, S. Italy

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Olive growing in the southwestern United States

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Olive knot induced on species of the Oleaceae by artificial inoculations

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Olive knot on Olea chrysophylla

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Olive oil for lubricating internal combustion engines

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Olive products

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Olive products

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Olive pulp in the feeding of young cattle

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Olive-Growing in Apulia, Italy

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Olive-growing in the New World

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Olives and olive oil

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Olives and olive products

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Olpidium uredinis parasitic within the urediospores of Hemileia eanthii Berk. & Broome

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Olympia winter wheat

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Olympic tourism? The tourism potential of London 2012

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Olympic-size ethical dilemmas: issues and challenges for sport psychology consultants on the road and at the olympic games

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Om innehaltet av lipoider i Bothriocephalus latus

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Om lonnvecklaren (Tortrix forskaleana, L.)

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Om sukkerbestemmelse iblodseram oppbevart pi ampuller. Estimation of sugar in blood serum kept in ampoules

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Omalkan, a new antidiabetic preparation, active per os

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Omaseus vulgaris

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Omithodoros moubata and other Ticks transmitting Relapsing Fever

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Omnivorous Leaf Tier, Cnephasia longana Haw. A relatively new Pest of Strawberries, Iris and other Crops in Oregon

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OmpL1 DNA vaccine cross-protects against heterologous Leptospira spp. challenge

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Omphalia root rot disease of the Date Palm

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Omphalia root rot of the date palm

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On Reversion of the Flagellate Form of Leishmania donovani and Leishmania tropica to the resistant non-flagellate Torpedo and 0 Body, in Culture Tubes and its Bearing on the Attempts at the Search for the Transmitter.

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