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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13450

Chapter 13450 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

On the Importance of the House-fly in the Spread of Typhoid Fever. Note I
, Boll. Soc. ital. Biol. sper, Naples 7(2): 150-154 (1932)

On the Importation of Plant Diseases, injurious Insects and prohibited Plants.
, Kontyu, Tokyo 11(4): 305-309 (1937)

On the Improvement of Oiling Fluids for Anti-mosquito Work
, Jl. Trop. Med. & Hyg, London, February 15th 24(4): 37-40 (1921)

On the Incidence of Insect Pests and Fungus Diseases on Tea at Tocklai
, Quart. J. Ind. Tea Ass, Calcutta, pt. 3, 173-177 (1928)

On the Increase and Decrease in a Year of the Enemies of Rice Leafhoppers near Oita, Kyushu. Preliminary Report.
, Oyo-Dobuts. Zasshi, Tokyo 4(3): 124-127 (1932)

On the Increase of the Bed-bug C. lectularius in different Temperatures. (Observations during Experiments in breeding Bed-bugs, ii.)
, Z. Parasitenk, Berlin, 21st 7(4): 408-439 (1935)

On the Index of Aridity.
, Bull. Agric. Congo Belge. 35: 166-182 (1944)

On the Indian Anophelines of the funestus Group and the Description of a New Species (Diptera, Culicidae)
, Ind. Jl. Med. Res, Calcutta 12(1): 23-29 (1924)

On the Indian Meal-moth, Plodia interpunctella
, Konchu-Sekai Insect World, Gifu 23(12): 445-449 (1919)

On the Indirect Detection of Br. abortus in Milk. Review
, Zeitschr, Fleisch- u. Milchhyg 41: 501-505 (1931)

On the Individual Resistance of Animals to the Effects of Poisonous Food Plants
, J. trop. Med. (Hyg.), 43: 276-279 (1940)

On the Indo-Malayan Species of the Genus Microgaster (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
, Bull. Ent. Res, London, 18: pt. 2, 171-178 (1927)

On the Inefficacy of a single Application of Soap as Control Measure against Thrips flavus, Schr., on Cotton.
, Khlopkovoe Delo Cotton Indust., Moscow 7(5-6): 371-373 (1928)

On the Infection of Fowl-Pest Virus Strain Chiba in Mice.
, J. Jap. Soc. vet. Sci 17: 256-290 (1938)

On the Infection of Human Beings with Br. abortus between October 1st, 1929, and September 30th, 1930
, Reichsgesdhbl 6: 440-443 (1931)

On the Infection of Pyrausta nubilalis Hb. by Aspergillus flavus and Spicaria farinosa
, Internal. Corn Borer Invest. Sci. Rep. 28. Chicago, Ill., 74-76 (1928)

On the Infection of Pyrausta nubilalis Hb. by Metarrhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sor.-II
, Internat. Corn Borer Invest. Sci. Rep, Chicago, Ill 3: 64-73 (1930)

On the Infection of Pyrausta nubilalis Hb., by Metarrhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sor
, Internat. Corn Borer Invest. Sci. Rep, Chicago, Ill., 2: 131-145 (1929)

On the Infection of the Gypsy Moth and certain other Insects with Bacterium thuringiensis. A preliminary Report
, Internat. Corn Borer Invest. Sci. Rep, Chicago, Ill., 2: 60-61 (1929)

On the Infectious Abortion of Mares in Kamikita District, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
, Jl. Jap. Soc. Vet. Sci, Mar 2(2): 57-59 (1923)

On the Infectiousness of Patients infected with Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum
, Amer. J. trap. Med, Baltimore, Md. 17(2): 253-262 (1937)

On the Infectivity of Tuberculosis in Swine, Especially Pulmonary Tuberculosis
, Maanedsskr. Dyrlaeg 50: 473-478 (1938)

On the Infestation of Cattle by Hypodertna. With special Notice of the severe Losses caused and of the combative Measures necessary in Italy
, Allevamenti. Palermo 5(10): 146-150 (1924)

On the Infestation of Elm Bark-beetles (Scolytidae) by a Nematode, Parasitylenchus scolyti n. sp
, J. Helminthology, London 8(4): 239-248 (1930)

On the Infestation of Ixodes persulcatus by Hunter ettus hookeri How. (Hymenoptera).
, Zool. Zh, Moscow 22(4): 211-213 (1943)

On the Influence of Air Humidity on the Development of young Silkworms
, Arb. biol. Reichsanst. Land-u. Forstw, Berlin 20(3): 245-257 (1933)

On the Influence of Animal Parasites on the Insect Organism
, Z. Parasitenk, Berlin, March 4th 8(3): 243-284 (1936)

On the Influence of Climatic Factors on Insects
, Sartryck ur Skogshogskolans Festsskrift Stockholm, 428-447 (1917)

On the Influence of Close Inbreeding upon the Biological and Economic Properties of the Pig.
, Bull. Int. Acad. Polon. Sci. Lett, B. II: 347-361 (1933)

On the Influence of Decreased Sodium Chloride Content on the Complement-Fixation Reaction
, Zschr. Immun. Forsch 72: 136-154 (1931)

On the Influence of Diluting Ram Sperm on the Percentage of Fecundation of Artificially Inseminated Ewes
, Ovtzevodstvo 3, 45-49 (1933)

On the Influence of Electrolytes on the Suspension Stability of the Red Corpuscles
, Acta Med. Scand 75: 360-401 (1931)

On the Influence of Foods on Insects
, Versl 16e Vergad. Ver. Proefst. Person. Djember, Oct. Surabaya, 153-170 (1937)

On the Influence of Glands of internal Secretion upon the Ripening of the Gonads and the imaginai Diapause in Anopheles maculipennis.
, Zool. Zh, Moscow, 5, 291-298 (1945)

On the Influence of Heat on the exogenous Biology of Plasmodia
, Arch. Schiffs-u. Tropenhyg, Leipzig 37(3): 141-147 (1933)

On the Influence of Humidity on the Egg Stage of the May Beetle, M. melolontha
, Arb. physiol. angew. Ent. Berl, Berlin, October 10th 5(3): 220-225 (1938)

On the Influence of India-rubber and Ebonite on the Vitality of Horse Spermatozoa
, Konevodstvo 6, 28-29 (1933)

On the Influence of Inorganic Reducing Substances on Experimental Tuberculosis
, Jap. J. exp. Med 14: 395-452 (1936)

On the Influence of Insecticide Sprays on N. rustica and Cigar Tobacco Plants.
, Shorn. Rab. ent. Otd. VIMPa Coll. Works ent. Sect. All-Un. Inst. Makhorka Industry, Kiev, 31-69 (1935 )

On the Influence of Light on the larval Development of Anopheles maculipennis.
, Bull. Inst. Rech. biol. Perm. Perm 8(2): 57-64 (1932)

On The Influence Of Meteorological Conditions On The Development Of Trypanosoma Rhodesiense In Glossina Morsitans
, British Medical Journal 2(2701): 835-837 (1912)

On the Influence of Night Frost, on 6th-7th June 1925, on the Development of certain Aphidae.
, Rept. Inst. Plant Prot, Latvian Agric. Soc., Riga, 33-34 (1926)

On the Influence of Potash Manure on the Sus-ceptiblity of Apple Trees to Attack by the Woolly Aphis, Leaf Aphis and Mildew. Communication II on the Control of Pests by the internal Treatment of Plants
, Arb. biol. Reichsanst. Land-u. Forstw, Berlin 20(3): 291-302 (1933)

On the Influence of Rainfall on the Increase and Attack of the Nun Moth
, Wein. allg. Forst.- u. Jagdztg. Vienna 41: 98-99 (1923)

On the Influence of Reclamation Work on the Endemicity of Malaria in the Ferrara District
, Riv. Malariologia. Rome, March- 6(2): 268-343 (1927)

On the Influence of Temperature on Insects. II. The Dependence of Activity in the Harvester Ant, M. semirufus, on Temperature and other Factors
, Z. vergleich. Physiol, Berlin 11(3): 345-385 (1930)

On the Influence of Udder Infection on the Cell Picture of the Milk
, Zschr. Infektkr. Haust 42: 225-296 (1932)

On the Influence of Winter Cold on the Larva of the May Beetle
, Z. PflKrankh, Stuttgart, 49: pt. 2, 95-106 (1939)

On the Influence of the Amount of Space on Melolonthid Beetles
, Z. PflKrankh, Stuttgart, 47: pt. 12, 603-612 (1937)

On the Influence of the Ethereal Oils upon the Culture of Tubercle Bacilli and upon the Development of Experimental Tuberculosis in Animals. (First Report)
, J. Shanghai Sci. Inst 1: 127-155 (1934)

On the Influence of the Ethereal Oils upon the Culture of Tubercle Bacilli and upon the Development of Experimental Tuberculosis in Animals. (Second Report)
, J. Shanghai Sci.Inst, 1: Sect. IV, 235-270 (1935)

On the Influence of the Hormone of the Anterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland upon the Milk Secretion of Cows
, Mikhwtsch. Forsch 13: 448-456 (1932)

On the Influence of the Intensity of Sexual Activity of a Ram on the Quantity of Spermatozoa and the Percentage of Settled Ewes
, Ovtzevodstvo 4, 13-18 (1933)

On the Influence of the Plant Community on the Larval Life of A. maculipennis.
, Med. Parasit. parasit. Dis, Moscow 2(6): 341-363 (1933)

On the Influencing of the Blood Bactericidal Power by Mineral Salts
, Klin. Wschr, 10: 2000 (1931)

On the Inhibitory Influence of Raw and Pasteurized Milk on Typhoid and Enteriditis Bacteria
, Zschr. Infektkr. Haust 42: 191-208 (1932)

On the Injuries caused by M. saltatrix.
, Rep. Appl. Ent, Leningrad 4(2): 335-343 (1930)

On the Injuries to cultivated Grasses by Thysanoptera
, Z. PflKrankh, Stuttgart 42(6): 274-297 (1932)

On the Injuriousness of Phyllotreta vittula Redt. to Spring Wheat and Barley.
, Plant Prot, Leningrad, 2, 57-64 (1935)

On the Injuriousness of Red Spider on Vine.
, Plant Prot, Leningrad, 142-143 (1936)

On the Injuriousness of the Apple Blossom Weevil
, Anz. Schad-lingsk, Berlin, November 15th; December 15th. 7: 11-12, 121-128, 139-143. f (1931)

On the Injuriousness of the Wheat Thrips (Haplothrips tritici, Kurd.).
, Social. Grain Fmg. Saratov, 4, 179-186 (1938)

On the Injury by C. nusslini in Stands of Silver Fir in Baden
, Zeitschr. Pflanzenkrankh, Stuttgart 37: 7-8, 01 (1927)

On the Injury caused by Bruchus pisorum, L., to different Varieties of Peas.
, Prot. Planis in Ukraine, Kharkov 2: 53-62 (1926)

On the Injury caused by Dendrolimus spectabilis, Butl., in Korea.
, Sci. Rep. Alumni Soc. Morioka Agric. For. Coll, Morioka, 6, 87-102 (1930)

On the Injury caused by Trigonotylus ruficornis, Geoffr. to Spring Wheat.
, Social. Grain Fmg. Saratov 5(2): 125-128 (1935)

On the Injury caused by the Pine Sawyer (Monochamus sutor, L.) and its Prevention
, Medd. Skogsforsoksanst, Stockholm, 25, 171-228 (1929)

On the Injury caused to the growing Point and on the Shedding of Buds and Ovaries in Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus).
, Plant Prtection. Leningrad 8(1): 43-66 (1931)

On the Injury of Oligotoma saundersi Westw. on Citrus Fruits, which may be a Cause of the Disease by Diplodia natalensis Evan. (Prelim. Rep.).
, Shokubutsukensa Shiryo, Taihoku 8: 4-6, 17 (1939)

On the Injury to the Seed Crop by the Horse Bean Beetle, B. rufimanus
, Z. PflKrankh, Stuttgart 46(8): 353-358 (1936)

On the Insect Enemies of Popillia japonica.
, Kontyu, Tokyo 2(1): 44-47 (1927)

On the Insect Enemies of Root-cutting White Grubs
, Ringyo Shiken Hokoku Report of Forest Experiments, Imperial Bureau of Forestry, Tokyo 17, 59-66 (1918)

On the Insect Fauna of Cellars and other Places where Mosquitos hibernate.
, Profilaktich. Med, Kharkov, 10-11, 2 (1925)

On the Insect Galls in Formosa.
, Kagaku no Taiwan, Taihoku 3(5): 3-8 (1935)

On the Insect Parasites of some Indian Crop Pests
, Rept. Proc. 3rd Ent. Meeting, Pusa, February, Calcutta 3: 931-936 (1920)

On the Insect Pests of Flax in Formosa.
, Formosan agric. Rev, Taihoku 36(6): 577-586 (1940)

On the Insect Pests of Juncus effusus L. var. decipiens, 1 & 2.
, J. Plant Prot, Tokyo, June- 25: 6-7, 450-455; 543-547 (1938)

On the Insect Pests of Ramie.
, Insect World. Gifu, Japan. 40(10): 351-355 (1936)

On the Insect Pests of Silk Threads.
, J. Plant Prot, Tokyo 21(1): 22-28 (1934)

On the Insect Pests of Woollen Goods.
, Bochu Kagaku. Kyoto, 1, 9-14 (1937)

On the Insecticidal Principle of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, Bocc. (Insect Powder). Part I
, Berichte Ohara Inst. landwirtschftl. Forschungen, Kuraschiki 1(3): 389-398 (1918)

On the Insects and Fungi detected at the Nagasaki Plant Quarantine Station during 1927.
, Insect Wld, Gifu 32(4): 125-128 (1928)

On the Insects injurious to Hemp, especially Rhinoncus pericarpius, L.
, Insect Wld, Gifu 34: 118-123 (1930)

On the Intermediate Metabolism occurring in Guinea Pigs infected by Trypanosomes
, Biochem. Zschr 248: 168-180 (1932)

On the Intestinal Amoebae of the Pig.
, Tijdschr. v. Diergeneesk 50(21): 736-740 (1923)

On the Intestinal Protozoa of Phlebotomus.
, Meditz. Muisl' Uzbekistana. Tashkent, ii (vii): 1, 83-57 (1927)

On the Intracorneal Inoculation of BCG in the young Rabbit
, C.R. Soc. Biol, Paris 107: 1060-1061 (1931)

On the Introduction of Quarantine Measures against Phylloxera in the Ukraine.
, Vestn. Vinodel. Ukrainui. Odessa 30(1): 21-25 (1929)

On the Invasion of Otiorrhynchus in Saint-Pirrre-d'Oleron
, Bull. Soc. Etude Vulg. Zool. Agric, Bordeaux, September- 15: 9-10, 102-105 (1916)

On the Isolation and Growth of a Bacteria-Free Strain of Trichomonas Fetus in Minnesota
, J. Amer. vet. med. Ass 101: 245-247 (1942)

On the Italian epidemics of blight in Citrus, Apricot, Fig, Walnut, and Mulberry plantations. A study in tree pathology
, Ann. R. Staz. Sperim. di Agrumic. e Fruttic. Acireale 7: 89-176 (1923)

On the Ixodoidea of Formosa.
, Kagaku no Taiwan, Taihoku 3(6): 1-7 (1935)

On the Japanese Buprestidae
, Byochugai Zasshi Journal of Plant Protection. Tokyo, April 5th 6(4): 272-277 (1919)

On the Japanese Species and the Biology of Trichogramma. (Preliminary Report.).
, Oyo-Dobuts. Zasshi. Tokyo 10(3-4): 139-141 (1938)

On the Javanese Beetle introduced into Formosa for the Control of the Banana Weevil.
, Formosan agric. Rev, Taihoku, Formosa 34: 557-565 (1938)

On the Knowledge of the Life-histories of the Giant Cockroach, B. fusca, and of the Greenhouse Cockroach, P. surinamensis
, Z. angew. Ent, Berlin 14(3): 461-500 (1929)

On the Knowledge of the Structure and Function of the Proboscis and the Foregut of P. humanus, L
, Zool. Jahrbucher, Jena. 42: pt. 2, 229-258 (1921)

On the Kulunda fur sheep
, Socialist, seljsk. Hoz, 10, 57-58 (1944)

On The Lack Of Evidence Of Transmission By Human Beings Of Tuberculosis Due To The Bovine Type Of Bacillus
, British Medical Journal 1(3817): 371-373 (1934)

On the Lady-bird Parasite, Perilitus coccinellae Sehr. (Braconidae).
, Trans. nat. Hist. Soc. Formosa. Taihoku 29: 225-229 (1939)

On the Ladybird, C. citricola
, Rev. brasil. Biol, Rio de Janeiro 1(4): 409-414 (1941)

On the Lantana Bag (Teleonemia scrupulosa Stal)
, Indian J. Ent, New Delhi, 6: pt. 1-2, 149-161 (1945)

On the Larch bark beetles of Sakhalin, Hokkaido and Honshu.
, Insecta matsum 14: 95-107 (1940)

On the Larva and Food-plant of Callipogon relictus Semenov.
, Kontyu. Tokyo 10(6): 280-290 (1936)

On the Larva and Pupa of Sternoplistes temmincki, Guer.
, Oyo-Dobuts. Zasshi, Tokyo 5(2): 72-75 (1933)

On the Larva and Pupa of Tenebrio obscurus F.
, Insect World, Gifu 44(1): 4-7 (1940)

On the Larva and Pupa of a Parasitic Phorid Fly-Hypocera incrassata Mg
, Parasitology, Cambridge 14(1): 70 (1922)

On the Larva of Arctornis xanthocampa Dyar and the poisonous Hairs on the Moth.
, Ent. World. Tokyo 2(9): 270-279 (1934)

On the Larva of Chrysochroa fulgidissima.
, Insect World. Gifu 38(3): 80-82 (1934)

On the Larva of the Buprestid, Poecilonota masudai, Kano.
, Kontyu. Tokyo 7(4): 170-172 (1933)

On the Larva of the Codling Moth
, Z. PflKrankh, Stuttgart 44(3): 119-122 (1934)

On the Larvae and Pupae of six Species of Moths.
, Kontyu, Tokyo 2(1): 35-41 (1927)

On the Larvae of Acrididae.
, Bull, N. Caucasian Plant Prot. Sta, Rostov-on-Don, 2, 153-172 (1926)

On the Larvae of Cephenomyia trompe, Modeer, parasitic in the Pharyngeal Cavity of the Reindeer in Sakhalin.
, Dobuts. Zasshi Zool. Mag., Tokyo 38(460): 82-87 (1927)

On the Larvae of some Indian Anopheles
, Ind. Jl. Med. Res, Calcutta 12(3): 561-563 (1925)

On the Larval Anatomy of the Gout-fly of Barley (Chlorops taeniopus Meig.) and two related Acalyptrate Muscids, with Notes on their Winter Host-plants
, Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. London, pt. 4, 783-821 (1923)

On the Larval Development of Dacnusa areolaris Nees (Braeonidae), a Parasite of Phytomyzinae (Diptera), with a Note on certain Chalcid Parasites of Phytomyzids
, Parasiiology, Cambridge. 14(2): 167-173 (1922)

On the Larval Migration of Syngamus trachea and Its Causal Relationship to Pneumonia in Young Birds
, J. Helminth 17: 159-162 (1939)

On the Larval Stages of T. rubidus and T. striatus
, Z. Parasitenk, Berlin., September 11th 7(6): 639-656 (1935)

On the Larval and Pupal Stages of Bibio johannis L
, Ann. App. Biol. London 4(3): 91-109 (1917)

On the Larval and Pupal Stages of Myzorhynchus bancrofti, Giles, 1902
, Proc. R. Soc. Queensland, Brisbane 33: 166-173 (1922)

On the Leaf Pest of the Sweet Potato
, Byochugai Zasshi Journal of Plant Protection, Tokyo, February 5th 7(2): 74-79 (1920)

On the Leaf-curl of Cotton
, Atti primo Cong. Studi colon., Firenze. Florence, 8-12 (1931)

On the Leafhoppers (1).
, J. Plant Prot, Tokyo 16: 518-528 (1929)

On the Length of Life of Tabanids
, Centralbl. Bakt. Paras, u. Infekt, Jena 103: 6-8, 421-423 (1927)

On the Lethal Effect of Light and Dyes on Vaccine Virus
, Zschr. Immun.-forsch 80: 507-520 (1933)

On the Life Cycle of the Fowl Cestode, Davainea cesticillus (Molin)
, Jl. Parasitology, Sept 5(1): 41-43 (1918)

On the Life History and Bionomics of Chrysomyia rufifacies Macq. (Order Diptera, Family Calliphoridae)
, Parasitology. London 31(4): 442-447 (1939)

On the Life History and Habits of Arge similis Vollenh., a Pest of Rhododendron.
, Oyo-Dobuts. Zasshi. Tokyo 6(5-6): 273-289 (1934)

On the Life History and Habits of Glyphodes pryeri Butl.
, Trans. Kansai ent. Soc, Kyoto, 9: pt. 2, 43-65 (1939)

On the Life History and the Biology of the Rat-flea, Nosopsyllus fasciatus (Bosc)
, Parasitology. Cambridge, April 30th 29(2): 225-238 (1937)

On the Life History of Wireworms'' of the Genus Agriotes, Esch., with some Notes on that of Athous haemorrhoidalis, F. Part I
, Ann. App. Biol, Cambridge 6(2-3): 116-135 (1919)

On the Life History of Ascaris lumbricoides, L. Part IV
, Parasitology, Oct 2(4): 385-387 (1919)

On the Life History of Bucentes (Siphona) (geniculata (Diptera : Tachinidae), Parasite of Tipula paludosa (Diptera) and other Species
, Parasitoloqy. Cambridge 12(3): 11 (1920)

On the Life History of Davainea tetragon. (Molin), A Fowl Tapeworm
, Jl. Parasitology, Sept 6(1): 28-34 (1919)

On the Life History of Herpetomonas muscae-domesticae. A Preliminary Note
, Indian Med. Gaz, Calcutta, 12, 614-615 (1924)

On the Life History of Ischnodemus saccharivorus Okajima injurious to Sugar Cane in Formosa (Lygaeidae, Hemi-ptera), II.
, Trans. nat. Hist. Soc. Formosa, Taihoku 26(154): 291-303 (1936)

On the Life History of Liponyssus nagayoi Yamada.
, Tokyo Iji Shinshi, Tokyo, 2960, 3250-3257 (1935)

On the Life History of Moniezia expansa and Cittotaenia sp. (Cestoda : Anoplocephalidae)
, Proc. helminth. Soc. Wash, Washington, D.C. 6(1): 10-11 (1939)

On the Life History of Neottiophilum praeustum (Meigen 1826) (Diptera-Acalypterae) parasitic on Birds, with some general Considerations on the Problem of Myiasis in Plants, Animals and Man
, Parasitology. Cambridge 16(1): 113-126 (1924)

On the Life History of the Apple Fruit Miner, Argyresthia conjugella, Zell
, Trans. Sapporo Nat. Hist. Soc, sineloco Japan 6(3): 213-217 (1917)

On the Life History of the Chicken Cestode, Hymenolepis carioca (Magalhaes)
, Jl. Parasitology, Sept 6(1): 35-38 (1919)

On the Life History, Morphology and Systematic Position of Apelma Kieff. and Thyridomyia n.g. (Diptera, Nemat. Ceratopogoninae)
, Parasitology. Cambridge 17(3): 252-277 (1925)

On the Life-History and Bionomics of Myzus ribis, Linn. (Red-Currant Aphis)
, Proc. R. Soc. Edinburgh. 39(1): 78-112 (1918)

On the Life-History and Habits of a Peach Leaf-Miner, Ornix sp
, Berichte Ohara Inst. landwirtschftl. Forschungen, Kuraschiki 1(3): 325-333 (1918)

On the Life-History and Structure of Telephorus lituratus, Fallen
, Jl. Zool. Research. London 1(1): 4-32 (1916)

On the Life-History of Ascaris lumbricoides L
, Parasitology, Jan 10(2): 197-205 (1918)

On the Life-History of Melittobia acasta, Walker; a Chalcid Parasite of Bees and Wasps
, Parasitologv, Cambridge 14(3-4): 349-369 (1922)

On the Life-History of the Codling Moth
, Twenty-ninth Report of the State Entomologist of the State of Illinois. Urbana, 1-21 (1916)

On the Life-History of the Lungworm, Dictyo-caulus filaria, in Sheep. (Preliminary Report.)
, Jl. American Vet. Med. Assoc, Sept 55(6): 621-627 (1919)

On the Life-cycle of Hymenolepis fraterna (H. nana var. fraterna Stiles) of the White Mouse
, Parasitology. Cambridge 16(1): 69-83 (1924)

On the Life-cycle of some Cestodes
, Bull. Soc. Path. Exot, Paris, October 11th 9(8): 578-583 (1916)

On the Life-histories of Athalia spp
, Oyo-Dobuts. Zasshi. Tokyo, 3: (1931)

On the Life-history and Bionomics of the Flax Flea-beetle (Longitarstis parvulus, Payk.), with Descriptions of the hitherto unknown Larval and Pupal Stages
, Sci. Proc. R. Dublin Soc, Dublin 16(39): 497-541 (1922)

On the Life-history and Bionomics of the Wheat Bulb Fly (Leptohylemyia coarctata, Fall.)
, Proc. R. Phys. Soc. Edinb, Edinburgh, 21: pt. 3, 133-158 (1927)

On the Life-history and Distribution of E. hirta Germany
, Ent. Blatter. Berlin, June 30th 20(2): 113-125 (1924)

On the Life-history and Epidemiology of the Grain Moth, S. cerealella
, Anz. Schadlingsk, Berlin, September 15 6(9): 97-101 (1930)

On the Life-history and Methods for the Control of Acrocercops astaurota Meyrick.
, Agric. & Hortic. Tokyo 7(8): 1407-1420 (1932)

On the Life-history and Methods of Control of Rhaphidopalpa femoralis Motsch.
, J. Plant Prof, Tokyo 17: 291-293; 378-383 (1930)

On the Life-history and Morphology of Urocystis Cepulae
, Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc 7: 65-71 (1921)

On the Life-history and Structure of the Early Stages of Simuliidae (Diptera, Nematocera). Parts II
, Parasitology. Cambridge 17(4): 295-369 (1925)

On the Life-history and the Anatomy of the early Stages of Forcipomyia (Diptera, Nemat., Ceratopogoninae)
, Parasitology. Cambridge 16(2): 164-213 (1924)

On the Life-history of Wireworms of the Genos Agrietes Esch. Part iv
, Ann. Appl. Biol, London 15(1): 90-94 (1928)

On the Life-history of Wireworms of the Genus Agriotes, Esch., with some Notes on that of Athous haemorrhoidalis, F., Part iii
, Ann. App. Biol, Cambridge 9(3-4): 306-324 (1922)

On the Life-history of Acanthocoris sordidus Thun.
, OyoDobuts. Zasshi. Tokyo 12(2): 57-68 (1940)

On the Life-history of Agrotis tokionis.
, Insect Wld, Gifu, April- 36: 4-5, 120-124; 163-166 (1932)

On the Life-history of Aleochara bilineata, Gyll., a Staphylinid parasite of Chortophila brassicae, Bouche
, Jl. Econ. Biol, London 10(1): 2, 1-26 (1915)

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