Section 14
Chapter 13,477

Radioactive sulfur studies. 1. Synthesis of methionine. 2. Conversion of methionine sulfur to taurine sulfur in dogs and rats. 3. Distribution of sulfur in the proteins of animals fed sulfur or methionine. 4. Experiments in vitro with sulfur and hydrogen sulfide

Tarver, H.; Schmidt, C.L.A.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 146: 69-84


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9258
Accession: 013476584

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Methionine containing traces of radio-active sulphur, S35, was prepared by a modification of the Hill Robson technique and fed to dogs. The taurine isolated from the bile contained traces of S35 By feeding S35 to rats it was found that less than 0.035 per cent. of this isotope was contained in the proteins of the internal organs indicating that it is improbable that elementary S can be used in the synthesis of S-containing amino-acids. When methionine containing S35 in traces was given to fasting dogs or rats with bile fistulae, a large part of the S35, as methionine and cystine, was found in the body proteins. Evidence in dicated that serum albumin was apparently not a system of components that are common to other proteins.

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