Response of the Eggs of Aphis avenae, Fab., and Aphis pomi, De G., to Concentrated Liquid Lime-sulphur, Substitutes for Lime-sulphur and other Sprays, 1918-1919

Peterson, A.

Rept. New Jersey Agric. Expt. Sta., New Brunswick, N. J., 420-427


Accession: 013488663

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During 1918-19 the eggs of Siphonaphis padi (Aphis avenae) and A. pomi were exceedingly abundant. Experiments were carried out with concentrated liquid lime-sulphur, dry lime-sulphur, barium-sulphur, sodium-sulphur, hydrated lime, miscible oil, nicotine, fish-oil soap (paste), crude carbolic acid, and linseed and cotton-seed oil, and the results are tabulated.