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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13502

Chapter 13502 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lucchese, E., 1942:
Some Contributions to the Knowledge of the Lepidopterous Pests of Apple. IV. Swammerdamia pyrella Vill

Bodenheimer, F.S., 1924:
Some Control Measures against Insect Pests in Field and Garden

Dubois, C., 1939:
Some Controversial Points Regarding Anti-Bruceila Vaccines in Non-Adsorbable Exeinients

D.Costa Lima, A., 1928:
Some Cryphaline Beetles observed in Cacao and Coffee Beans

Fejgin, B., 1931:
Some Cultures derived from the Filtrable Elements of the Tubercle Bacillus

Bondar, G., 1924:
Some Curculionids injurious to the Grape Vine

Jorstad, I., 1942:
Some Cyprian Uredinales

Lind, J., 1928:
Some Danish Micromycetes

Beuizgalova, V.A., 1940:
Some Data about a Type of Virus Disease (Zakooklivanije) of Oats in the Conditions of the Baikal-Lake Region.

Czarkowska-Gladney, J.; Hurst, E.W.ston., 1931:
Some Data concerning the Infectivity, Survival and Powers of Diffusion of the Virus of Louping-ill.

Isachenko, V.B.; Goritzkaya, O.V., 1931:
Some Data of toxicological Analysis of the Pyrethrum.

Gillette, C.P.; List, G.M., 1919:
Some Data on Codling Moth Control in the Grand Junction District in Colorado

Moshkovskii, S. D.; Nosina, V.D.; Latuishev, N.I., 1936:
Some Data on Phlebotomus papatasii.

Rodolfo, A.; Timofeeva, T., 1932:
Some Data on Physiology of Reproduction in the Boar

Van Steenis, P.B., 1923:
Some Data on Xenopsylla cheopis and P. ahalae in connection with the Epidemiology of Plague

Munoz Rivas, G., 1942:
Some Data on the Coya Spider in the Department of Tolima

Anonymous, 1940:
Some Data on the Acclimatization of Horses of the Heavy Draft Type in South Russia

D.Buen, E., 1932:
Some Data on the Biology of A. maculipennis in its adult Stage

D.Buen, E., 1930:
Some Data on the Biology of A. maculipennis in its aquatic Phase

Zorina, L.M., 1939 :
Some Data on the Biology of the Convolvulus Flea-beetles.

Gandrup, J., 1924:
Some Data on the Disinfection of Coffee Seed

Kozhanchikov, I.V., 1937:
Some Data on the Effect of Temperature and Humidity on the Development of Phytometra gamma L.

Cheissin, E., 1937:
Some Data on the Influence of Diet on the Infection of Rabbits with Intestinal Coeeidia and on their Mortality from Coccidiosis.

Nenyukov, D.V., 1933:
Some Data on the Nutrition of the Larva of the Gad-fly (Hypoderma bovis ).

Fransen, J.J., 1931:
Some Data on the Spread by the Cambium Beetles, Scolytus scolytus and S. multistriatus, of the Elm Disease due to G. ulmi in Connection with the Control of the Disease

Emchuk, E.M., 1937:
Some Data on the injurious Entomofauna of the Truck Farms and Orchards of the Desna River Region.

Val'kh, S.B., 1938:
Some Data regarding Anopheles bifurcatus in the Donetz Region of the Ukrainian SSR and its epidemiologic Significance.

Hughes, J.S., 1936:
Some Deficiency Disorders resulting from Emergency Rations

Wilson, G.F., 1941:
Some Delphinium Pests

Gonzalez Fragoso, R., 1921:
Some Dematieae of the Spanish Hora

Webster, F.M., 1915:
Some Developments in Grasshopper Control

Ebeling, W., 1933:
Some Difference in Habits and Structure between Citrus Thrips and Flower Thrips

Ottosen, H.E., 1943:
Some Differential Diagnostic Problems Concerningthe Pathological Diagnosis of TB. II

Ferris, G.F., 1924:
Some Diptera Pupipara from the Philippine Islands

Collin, J.E.; Wainwright, C.J., 1934:
Some Diptera collected in the South of England in 1930-33

Gear, H.S.; Pedersen, H., 1935:
Some Diseases Common to Man and Animals in China

Bernard, C., 1917:
Some Diseases and Pests of Tea on the East Coast of Sumatra

Gilbert, E.M.; Kuntz, W.A., 1925:
Some Diseases of Aphis spiraecola, Patch

Baird, P.R., 1931:
Some Diseases of Cattle transmitted to Man through Milk

Smith, K.M., 1935:
Some Diseases of Ornamental Plants caused by the virus of Tomato Spotted Wilt

Marshall, D., 1934:
Some Diseases of Pigs

Rajagopalan, V.R., 1936:
Some Diseases of Poultry in India with Notes on Prevention and Treatment

Watkins, C.V., 1938:
Some Diseases of Silver Foxes

Love, W.G., 1940:
Some Diseases of the Eye of Animals. III. Periodic Ophthalmia

Morrill, C.C., 1943:
Some Disorders of Mineral Metabolism in Swine

Horn, W., 1930:
Some Doubts regarding modern Views on Mass Increases of Insects

Campion, H., 1921:
Some Dragonflies and their Prey-ii. With Remarks on the Identity of the Species of Orthetrum involved

Reeves, G.I., 1925:
Some Early History of Alfalfa Weevil Quarantine

Worsley, R.R.L.G., 1934:
Some East African essential oils

Burtt, B.D, 1942:
Some East African vegetation communities

Hamlyn-Harris, R., 1933:
Some Ecological Factors involved in the Dispersal of Mosquitos in Queensland

Davis, D.H.S., 1939:
Some Ecological Methods in Research on Bubonic Plague.-5

Hafez, M., 1939:
Some Ecological Observations on the Insect Fauna of Dung

Bentley, C.A., 1922:
Some Economic Aspects of Bengal Malaria

Fraser, A.H.H., 1933:
Some Economic Aspects of the Scottish Sheep Industry

Hunter, S.J., 1915:
Some Economic Results of the Year

Ferris, G.F., 1916:
Some Ectoparasites of Bats (Dipt.)

Headlee, T.J.; Jobbins, D.M., 1939:
Some Effects of Acid Arsenate of Lead used against the Termite, Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar)

Yeager, J.F.; Heishman, R.C., 1945:
Some Effects of Antisera on Larvae of the Southern Army worm, Prodenia eridania (Cram.)

Sands, W.N., 1918:
Some Effects of Cotton Stainer Control in St. Vincent

Nicholson, L.G.; Mcculloch, E.C., 1942:
Some Effects of Feeding Phenothiazine to Chickens in Various Amounts

Martin, A.J.; Moore, T., 1939:
Some effects of prolonged vitamin E deficiency in the rat

Carter, W.; Ito, K., 1932 :
Some Effects of Pseudococcus brevipes (Ckl.) on Pineapple Fruit

Dutton, W.C., 1927:
Some Effects of Spraying Materials on Fruit and Fruit Trees

Harries, F.H., 1937:
Some Effects of Temperature on the Development and Oviposition of Microbracon hebetor (Say)

Becker, E.R.; Crouch, H.B., 1931:
Some Effects of Temperature upon Development of the Oocysts of Coccidia

Payne, N.M., 1925:
Some Effects of Tribolium on Flour

Blakemore, F.; Nicholson, J.A.; Stewart, J., 1937:
Some Effects of a High Manganese Content in the Diet of Animals, with special reference to Lactation Tetany

Dutcher, E.A., 1916:
Some Effects of freezing Arsenate of Lead Pastes

Smith, M.C.; Spector, H., 1940:
Some Effects on Animal Nutrition of the Ingestion of Mineral Oil

Wolfenbarger, D.O., 1934:
Some Effects on Potato Flea-beetle (Epitrix cucumeris, Harris) Injuries and Yields by Spraying

Udine, E.J.; Pinckney, J.S., 1940:
Some Egg Parasites of Oecanthus quadripunctatiis Beut, and of a Species of Orchelimum

Tubangui, M., 1933:
Some Elementary Problems in Veterinary Parasitology in the Philippines

Bray, G.T., 1945:
Some Empire vegetable drying oils

Caballero Y C.E., 1939:
Some Endoparasites of Laboratory Rats in Mexico

Johnston, J.R., 1917:
Some Entomogenous Fungi of Cuba

Greenwood, M., 1927:
Some Epidemiological Observations on Foot-and-Mouth Disease, with Special Reference to the Recent Experience of Holland

Dale, H., 1935:
Some Epochs in Medical Research

Hardenbergh, J.G., 1934:
Some Essentials in Quality Milk Production

Marcusson, E., 1937:
Some Examples of the Contagiousness of uterine TB

Macleod, G.F., 1933:
Some Examples of varietal Resistance of Plants to Insect Attacks

Marshall, R.S.; Lester, H.M.O.; Jones, A.G.F., 1935:
Some Experiences With Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate in the Treatment of Bovine Trypanosomiasis in Nigeria

Weyer, F., 1936:
Some Experiences in breeding Mosquito Larvae

Ascoli, E.W., 1936:
Some Experiences of Parasitic Traeheo-Bronchitis in the Dog, due to Oslerus osleri

Doorenbos, W.B., 1931:
Some Experiences relating to Malaria

Farley, A.J., 1933:
Some Experiences with Spraying and Spray Residue Removal in New Jersey

Headlee, T.J., 1920:
Some Experiences with the Codling Moth

Row, E., 1912:
Some Experimental Facts re Kala-Azar (Indian)

Row, R., 1913:
Some Experimental Facts re Kala-azar (Indian) Second Memoir

Fantham, H.B.; Porter, A., 1915:
Some Experimental Researches on Induced Herpetomoniasis in Birds

Seddon, H.R., 1933:
Some Experiments Concerning the Effects of Mineral Licks on Sheep. I. The Effect on Body Weight and Wool

Panisset, L.; Grasset, E., 1931:
Some Experiments With an Acridine Compound Gonacrine Chloromethylate of diamino-acridine. Fixation by the Tissues. Excretion by the Mammary Gland

Listo, J., 1935:
Some Experiments for the Control of Black Currant Gall Mite (Eriophyes ribis, Nal.)

Nieschulz, O., 1928:
Some Experiments in Anthrax Transmission with Tabanids, Muscids and Mosquitos

Stirling, R.F., 1932:
Some Experiments in Rinderpest Vaccination: Active Immunisation of Indian Plains Cattle by Inoculation with Goat. Adapted Virus Alone in Field Conditions. (First and Second Reports)

D.Souza, Moacyr Alves, 1922:
Some Experiments in connection with Rinderpest in S. Paulo in 1921

Nieschulz, O.; Bos, A., 1931:
Some Experiments in the Transmission of Avian Plague by C. pipiens

Dieben, C.P.A., 1928:
Some Experiments in the Transmission of Surra with S. calcitrans and C. canis

Fulton, B.B., 1923:
Some Experiments on Poison Baits for the European Earwig

Whitehead, T., 1925:
Some Experiments on Potato Leaf-roll Transmission in Wales

Seamans, H.L.; Salt, R.W., 1934:
Some Experiments on Temperature and Moisture and their Effect on Disease of Red-backed Cutworm (Euxoa ochrogaster Gn.)

Peterson, A., 1918:
Some Experiments on the Adults and Eggs of the Peach Tree Borer, Sanninoidea exitiosa, Say, and other Notes

Tejler, T., 1937:
Some Experiments on the Bactericidal Effect of Normal Serum on Staphyloeoeeus pyogenes aureus

Camebon, A.E., 1916:
Some Experiments on the Breeding of the Mangold Fly (Pegomyia hyoscyami, Panz,) and the Dock Fly (Pegomyia bicolor, Wied.)

Allman, S.L., 1929 :
Some Experiments on the Control of the Codling Moth in Australia

Andrews, W.H., 1913:
Some Experiments on the Drug Treatment of Trypanosomiasis

Fenwick, D.W., 1939:
Some Experiments on the Extra. Corporeal Hatehinf Of the Eggs Of Ascaris suum

Green, H.H.; Dijkman, C.D., 1918:
Some Experiments on the Fate of Arsenic in the Animal Body

Holmes, J.D.E., 1914:
Some Experiments on the Immunising Effect of the Simultaneous Injection of an Anthrax Attenuated Virus and an Anthrax Anti-serum

Wilson, F., 1938:
Some Experiments on the Influence of Environment upon the Forms of Aphis Moris Koch. (Aphididae)

Jettmar, H.M., 1940:
Some Experiments on the Resistance of the Larvae 375. of Latrine Fly, Chrysomyia megacephala, against Chemicals

Mundinger, F.G., 1927:
Some Experiments relative to Insect Control

Simmonds, H.W., 1929:
Some Experiments to ascertain the Part played by Flight in the Dispersal of the Banana Borer Cosmopolites sordidus in Fiji

Corfield, W.F., 1919:
Some Experiments upon the Control of Fly-breeding Areas in Camps

Gray, E., 1940:
Some Experiments upon the Therapeutic Treatment of Fowl Paralysis (Lymphomatosis) of Poultry, and the Value of Iodine in Relieving the Symptoms of such Cases

Kaupp, B.F., 1916:
Some Experiments with Agents Calculated to Kill the Trombidium Holosericeum

Blanc, G.; Caminopetros, J., 1926:
Some Experiments with Anthrax Infection

Kalandadze, L., 1927:
Some Experiments with Arsenic Insecticides against the Apple Web Moth

Duke, H.L., 1912:
Some Experiments with Arsenphenylglycin and Trypanosoma gambiense in Glossina palpalis

Vrijburg, A., 1913:
Some Experiments with Babesia bigemina

Reyne, A., 1924:
Some Experiments with Fish and Chemicals against Mosquito Larvae

Van Der Veen, R., 1940:
Some Experiments with L. serricorne in Connection with the Storing of Tobacco

Feng, L.C., 1934:
Some Experiments with Mosquitoes and Microfilaria malayi in Huehow (Chekiang, China)

D.Jong, J.K., 1931:
Some Experiments with Paradichlorobenzene against the Albizzia Borer, X. festiva

Patsouri, E., 1938:
Some Experiments with Rabbits Affected with Coccidiosis

Morgan, A.C.; Runner, G.A., 1913:
Some Experiments with Roentgen Says upon the Cigarette Beetle, Lasioderma serricorne, Fabr

Maeais, I.P., 1928:
Some Experiments with Vuilbek (Ecthyma Contagiosum)

Senior White, R.; Lal, R.B.; Adhikari, A.K.; Swaroop, S., 1936:
Some Experiments with an automatic Mosquito Catching Machine : The Entoray

Keler, S., 1921:
Some Explanation concerning the Bark-beetle, X. signatus, F

Herrick, G.W., 1913:
Some External Insect Parasites of Domestic Fowls

Mote, D.C., 1917:
Some External Parasites of Poultry

Rumball, P., 1927:
Some External Parasites of Poultry

Eastland, C.J.; Evers, N.; Thompson, J.H., 1932:
Some extracts of parathyroid glands containing an anti-growth factor. I

Thorp, W.T.S.; Shicley, J.F.; Farrel, M.A., 1942:
Some Factors Affecting the Incidence of Calf Scours

Burkey, L.A.; Meigs, E.B.; Sanders, G.P.; Rocosa, M., 1938:
Some Factors Affecting the Resistance of Animals to Mastitis

Leslie, A., 1934:
Some Factors Associated with Milk Fever of Ewes in Canterbury, New Zealand

Davies, T.I., 1938:
Some Factors Governing the Incidence of Helminth Parasites in the Domestic Duck

Maxson, A.C., 1918:
Some Factors Influencing the Distribution of Pemphigus betae, Doane, in Beet Fields

Markov, G., 1939:
Some Factors Influencing the Distribution of Syngamus trachea in Starlings.

Wilson, W.K., 1943:
Some Factors Influencing the Drinking Water Requirements of the Rabbit

Gerlough, T.D.; White, W., 1934:
Some Factors Influencing the Rate of Thermal Destruction of the Tetanus Antitoxin of Antitetanic Horse Plasma at 60 degrees C. to 66 degrees C

Borthwick, G.R., 1934:
Some Factors Predisposing to Infection by Vibrion

Davidson, J., 1932:
Some Factors affecting Oviposition of Sminthurus viridis L. (Collembola)

Goodwin, W.H., 1914:
Some Factors affecting Results in the Use of High Temperature for the Control of Insects injuring Cereal Products

Anonymous, 1945:
Some Factors affecting the Attachment of Simuliid Larvae

Wilcoxon, F.; Hartzell, A., 1931:
Some Factors affecting the Efficiency of Contact Insecticides, i. Surface Forces as related to Wetting and tracheal Penetration

Hartzell, A.; Wilcoxon, F., 1932:
Some Factors affecting the Efficiency of Contact Insecticides, ii. Chemical and toxieological Studies of Pyrethrum

Wilcoxon, F.; Haktzell, A., 1933:
Some Factors affecting the Efficiency of Contact Insecticides. III. Further chemical and toxico-logical Studies of Pyrethrum

Frost, S.W., 1931:
Some Factors affecting the Infestation of Oriental Fruit Moth

Bradley, G.H., 1932:
Some Factors associated with the Breeding of Anopheles Mosquitoes

Fish, F.F., 1932:
Some Factors in the Control of Coccidiosis of Poultry

Mcleod, J.H., 1937:
Some Factors in the Control of the common Green-house Aphid, Myzus persicae Sulzer, by the Parasite Aphidius phorodontis Ashm

Burrows, H., 1932:
Some Factors in the Localisation of Disease in the Body

Skaife, S.H., 1921:
Some Factors in the Natural Control of the Wattle Bagworm

Middleton, W., 1928:
Some Factors influencing Outbreaks of, and Control of, Shade-tree Insects

Overley, F.L.; Overholser, E.L., 1932:
Some Factors influencing Spray Injury on Apples

Ford, A.L.; Larrimer, W.H., 1921:
Some Factors influencing the Efficiency of Grasshopper Baits

Magerstein, C., 1932:
Some Factors injurious to Basket Willow in the Year 1931

Zwicky, H., 1941:
Some Factors which Upset the Health of Cattle

Barnes, H.F., 1924:
Some Facts about Pollenia rudis, Fabr

Kharin, S.A., 1931:
Some Facts about the Use of poisoned Baits and portable Screens in combating Schistocerca gregaria Forsk.

Harris, R.H.T.P., 1932:
Some Facts and Figures regarding the attempted Control of Glossina pallidipes in Zululand

Stark, V.N., 1925:
Some Facts in the Biology of H. abietis, L

Parker, R.R., 1916:
Some Facts of Importance concerning the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Tick (Dermacentor venustus, Banks) in Eastern Montana

Johnston, T.H., 1922:
Some Facts of Importance relating to Sheep Maggot Flies

Woodford, R.C., 1929:
Some Facts regarding a Flock of South Indian Sheep

Headlee, T.J.; Ilg, C., 1926:
Some Facts relative to the Raspberry Crown Borer (Bembecia marginata)

Headlee, T.J., 1937:
Some Facts underlying the Attraction of Mosquitoes to Sources of Radiant Energy

Taylor, E.L., 1935:
Some Fallacies in the Diagnosis of Helminthic Disease

Walton, G.L., 1917:
Some Farm Insects observed In the Aberystwyth Area, 1913-1916

Bryan, C.S.; Devereux, E.D.; Mallmann, W.L.; Turney, G.J.; Begeman, L.H.; Gilbert, B.L., 1942:
Some Farm Procedures that Affect the Bacteria Count of Milk

Lamborn, W.A., 1938:
Some Features in the Life History of Tabanidae in Nyasaland

Swaine, J.M., 1917:
Some Features of Interest in Connection with our Studies of Forest and Shade Tree Insects

Balfour, M.C., 1936:
Some Features of Malaria in Greece and Experience in its Control

Zorin, P.V., 1931:
Some Features of Reproduction and Fertility of Pteromalus puparum L.

Isely, D.; Ackerman, A.J., 1920:
Some Features of the Codling Moth Problem in the Ozarks

Smith, T., 1917:
Some Field Experiments Bearing On The Transmission Of Blackhead In Turkeys

Gordon, H.Mcl., 1936:
Some Field Observations on Various Diseases of Sheep

James, H.G., 1939:
Some Field Observations on the Biology of Chelonus annulipes Wesm., an Introduced Braeonid Parasite of the European Corn Borer

Johnston, W.C.; Gross, F.C.C., 1935:
Some Field Observations on the Grasshopper Pest, with Details of Trapping Experiments eon-ducted at Snowtown

Daubney, R., 1929:
Some Filtrable Virus Diseases, with particular Reference to certain Diseases of Animals in Kenya

Harrison, C.C.; Ramsay, G.C., 1933:
Some Findings and Observations In a Malaria Survey of a Group of Tea Estates in the Eastern Duars District of Northern Bengal and some Recommendations for the Reduction, Control and Eradication of Malaria in the Area investigated

Ramsay, G.C., 1930:
Some Findings and Observations in an Anopheline Malaria Infectivity Survey carried out in the Cachar District of Assam

Hanson, D.; Ramsay, G.C., 1932:
Some Findings in a Malaria Survey carried out on a Group of Tea Estates in the Sibsagar District of Assam from August 1, 1930 to July 31, 1931

Tattersfield, F.; Martin, J.T.; Howes, F.N., 1940:
Some Fish-poison Plants and their Inseeticidal Properties

Fantham, H.B., 1926:
Some Flagellates in Plants

Barber, H.S., 1941:
Some Fleabeetles injurious to Beans in tropical America (Genus Diphaulaca, Family Chrysomelidae)

Wilson, C.E., 1917:
Some Florida Scale-Insects

Jackson, A.C.; Lefroy, H.M., 1917:
Some Fly Poisons for Outdoor and Hospital Use

Ramakrishna Ayyar, T.V., 1919:
Some Foreign Insect Pests which we do not want in India

Ritchie, W., 1916:
Some Forest Insects in Aberdeenshire

Brooks, C.C., 1930:
Some Forest Pests in Bilberry Areas

Jores, A., 1934:
Some Fundamental Comments on the Study of Pituitary Hormones

Kitselman, C.H., 1941:
Some Fundamental Factors Involving the Control of Bang's Disease

Yothers, W.W., 1921:
Some Fundamentals of Grove Pest Control

Camkkon, A.E., 1924:
Some Further Notes on Buffalo

Pemberton, C.E., 1934:
Some Future Work for the Entomologist in Hawaii

Barnes, H.F., 1939:
Some Gall Midge Species and their Host Plant Range

Copley, G.H., 1918:
Some Garden Pests

Joltran, E., 1936:
Some General Impressions of Medicine in the U.S.S.R. including the Institutes of Tropical Medicine

Joyeux, C.; Baer, J.G., 1938:
Some Gestodes of Gallinaceous Birds

Greenwood, M., 1938:
Some Gold Coast soils

Cockekell, T.D.A., 1916:
Some Grass-Feeding Mealy-Bugs (COCCIDAE)

Gillette, C.P., 1918:
Some Grass-Root Aphids (Hem., Horn.)

Fulton, B.B., 1924:
Some Habits of Earwigs

Frost, S.W., 1931:
Some Habits of the Adults of the Oriental Fruit Moth with Reference to Baits

Ringenbach, J., 1914:
Some Haematozoa from the Congo

Schwetz, J., 1931:
Some Haematozoa of Birds at Stanleyville (Belgian Congo)

Carini, A.; Rudolph, M., 1912:
Some Haematozoa of Lizards in Brazil

Eodeain, J., 1915:
Some Haematozoa of Small Mammals at Uele, Belgian Congo

Gordon, H.Mcl., 1932:
Some Helminth Parasites Reported from Australia fer the First Time, with a Description of Cooperia McMasteri, sp. nov., from a Calf

Beittain, W.H., 1915:
Some Hemiptera Attacking the Apple

Pickard, J.N., 1933:
Some Hereditable Defects in the Rabbit

Christophers, S.R., 1924:
Some Himalayan and Peninsular Varieties of Indian Species of Anopheles

Simmons, S.W., 1937:
Some Histopathological Changes Caused by Hypoderma Larvae in the Esophagus of Cattle

Simmons, S.W., 1939:
Some Histopathological Changes in the Skin of Cattle infected with Larvae of Hypoderma lineatum

Jenkins, C.F.H., 1945:
Some Household Pests-dried Fruit and Meal Insects

Brues, C.T., 1922:
Some Hymenopterous Parasites of Lignicolous Itonididae

Swezey, O.H., 1914:
Some Hyperparasites of White Grubs

Sorenson, C.J., 1934:
Some Hyperparasites of the Alfalfa Weevil Parasite, Bathyplectes curculionis (Thoms.) occurring in the Uintah Basin of Utah

Drechsler, C., 1937:
Some Hyphomycetes that prey on free-living terri-colous nematodes

Sknior-White, K., 1926:
Some Ideas engendered by Recent Work on Malaria

Hodson, W.E.H., 1926:
Some Iisect Pests and their Control

Mote, D.C., 1914:
Some Important Animal Parasites affecting Ohio Livestock

Armfield, J.M., 1915:
Some Important Cattle Diseases in North-West Rhodesia not mentioned in Text-Books

Dean, G.A., 1922:
Some Important Garden Insects

Ross, W.A., 1925:
Some Important Grape and Stone Fruit Insects

Dahlgren, E., 1926:
Some Important Greenhouse Pests

Miles, H.W., 1921:
Some Important Insect Pests of Strawberries

Whitmarsh, R.D., 1915:
Some Important Insect Pests of the Greenhouse

Caesar, L., 1918:
Some Important Insects of the Season

Mckinna, W.R., 1938:
Some Important Provisions of the Disease of Animals Acts

Rockwood, L.P., 1926:
Some Important Wheat Insects of the North Pacific Region

Nevskii, V.P.; Shaposhnikova, E.M.; Blyashke, M.F.; Lebedev, M.V., 1936:
Some Improvements in the System of Control Measures against Codling Moth.

Malloch, J.R, 1927:
Some Indian Chloropidae (Diptera) of Economic Importance

Champion, G.C., 1919:
Some Indian Coleoptera

Misra, C.S., 1920:
Some Indian Economic Aleyrodidae

Malloch, J.R., 1925:
Some Indian Species of the Dipterous Genus Atherigona, Rondani

Anonymous, 1943:
Some Indian insects and war materials

Cornacchia, G., 1938:
Some Infectious Diseases of Animals in Italian East Africa

Mills, R.H., 1931:
Some Infectious Diseases of Sheep

Junkovski, E., 1927:
Some Information on Persian Relapsing Fever ( Miana, the Disease of Miane).

Olenev, N.O., 1927:
Some Information on the Control of the Tick, Argas persicus persicus, F. W.-Parasite and Transmitter of Spirochaetosis of Birds.

Baunacke, 1928:
Some Injuries to our Garden Strawberry that have been the Subject of Complaint

Dunstan, A.G., 1917:
Some Injurious Biting Insects in Nova Scotia

Jack, R.W., 1915:
Some Injurious Caterpillars

Marshall, Guy, A.K., 1915:
Some Injurious Indian Weevils (Cureulionidae)

Bryce, P.I., 1918:
Some Injurious Insects of Ste. Anne de Bellevue, 1917

Marshall, G.A.K., 1922:
Some Injurious Neotropical Weevils (Curcu-iionidae)

Marshall, G.A.K., 1920:
Some Injurious South African Weevils

Dean, G.A., 1924:
Some Insect Enemies of House Plants and of the Flower Garden

Fantham, H.B.; Porter, A., 1915:
Some Insect Flagellates introduced into Vertebrates

Knowlton, G.F., 1944 :
Some Insect Food of the Two-spotted Collops

Swaine, J.M., 1919:
Some Insect Injuries in Woodlots

Hutson, J.C., 1918:
Some Insect Pests in Cuba

Bodkin, G.E., 1921:
Some Insect Pests of British Guiana

Jenkins, C.F.H., 1942:
Some Insect Pests of Military Camps

Britton, W.E.; Zappe, M.P., 1927:
Some Insect Pests of Nursery Stock in Connecticut

Yusope, M., 1920:
Some Insect Pests of Padi

Hargreaves, E., 1927:
Some Insect Pests of Sierra Leone

Ward, K.M., 1932:
Some Insect Pests of Stone Fruits. Control Measures Recommended

Hutson, J.C., 1932:
Some Insect Pests of Tea in Ceylon. The Lobster Caterpillar (Stauropus alternus Wlk.)

Hutson, J.C., 1932:
Some Insect Pests of Tea in Ceylon. The Red Borer (Zeuzera coffeae Nietn.)

Hutson, J.C., 1932:
Some Insect Pests of Tea in Ceylon. The Red Slug (Heterusia cingala Moore)

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Some Insect Pests of Tea in Ceylon. The Tea Tortrix (Homona coffearia Nietn.)

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Some Insect Pests of local Economic Plants

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Some Insect Pests of the Coconut Palm

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Some Insect Pests of the Lower Fraser Valley

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Some Insect Prey of Birds in the Central Provinces

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Some Insect Problems confronting the Avocado Grower

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Some Insect and other Animal Pests in Hawaii not under satisfactory Biological Control

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Some Insecticidal Properties of the Fatty Acid Series

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Some Insects Noxious to the Bamboo.

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Some Insects and Entomologists

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Some Insects associated with Lac and a symbolic Representation of their Interrelationship

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Some Insects found associated with the Bitter-gourd, Momordica charantia Linn. (Cucurbitaceae), in Calcutta

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Some Insects from the Chilibrillo Bat Caves of Panama

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Some Insects infesting Carob Pods

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Some Insects infesting Potatoes in Cundinamarca

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Some Insects infesting Shade Trees in California and the Problem involved in their Control

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Some Insects injurious to Cacao Plants in the Belgian Congo

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Some Insects injurious to Nursery Stock in the Nursery Bow

Dean, G.A., 1922:
Some Insects injurious to Ornamentals

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Some Insects injurious to Pear-trees

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Some Insects injurious to Trees generally grown in the Gardens of Jamaica

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Some Insects noted as Pests of Fruit Trees in South India

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Some Insects of Solatium carolinense, L., and their economic relations

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Some Insects of the Year

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Some Insects recently noted as injurious in South India

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Some Instances of Interspecific Copulation among Equine Strongylidae (Nemaioda) and their Probable Significance

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Some Interesting Mink Problems

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Some Interrelations between Water and Fat Metabolism in Relation to Disturbed Liver Function

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Some Investigations Concerning the Resorption of Bacteria from the Digestive Canal

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Some Investigations into the Incidence of Malaria in the Teita District

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Some Investigations on A. maculipennis

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Some Investigations on the Hibernation and Winter Control of the Pine Caterpillar in Kwangsi.

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Some Investigations on the Virulence and Growth of the B.C.G. Bacillus and Other Tubercle Bacilli

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Some Investigations respecting the Comparative Values of the Blood Test and Tuberculin Test in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Hens

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Some Investigations upon the Nature of the Resistance of an Inbred Line of Fowls to the Development of the Rous No. 1 Sarcoma

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Some Ixodidae of Guadeloupe

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Some Japanese Aphididae

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Some Laboratory Reactions of young Codling Moth Larvae

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Some Ladybird Beetles destructive to Plant Lice

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Some Lamellicorn Beetles injurious to Agriculture in the Far East.

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Some Lamellicorn Beetles injurious to cultivated Plants

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Some Laws governing the Utilisation of Kok-saghyz by Insects.

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Some Leaf-curl Diseases in South Africa. I. Leaf-curl Disease of Tobacco

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Some Legal Aspects of Food Sanitation

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Some Leguminosae of West Africa

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Some Lepidoptera injuring Tobacco in Sumatra

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Some Lepidoptera likely to be confused with the Pink Bollworm

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Some Lepidopterous Larvae resembling the European Corn Borer

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Some Life Habits of Aphis rubiphila Patch

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Some LittleKnown Diseases of Sheep

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Some Local Practices prevalent in South India in the Control of Insect Pests

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Some Local Sheep Disease Problems

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Some Lonchocarpus species, rotenone yielding plants of South America

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Some Malayan Aphididae

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Some Malayan Culicines

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Some Meat Inspection Findings (in the General Gouvernement Poland An Area of German-Occupied Poland)

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Some Mediterranean forests. I. The Forest of Bugeaud

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Some Melastomaceae of Colombia

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Some Members of the Family Dicrocoelidae affecting Domestic Animals

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Some Meteorological Observations in Relation to the Spruce Budworm

Anonymous, 1918:
Some Methods for combating Ants

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Some Methods in the Study of Physical Conditions affecting Forest Insects

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Some Methods of Controlling the Spreading of Internal Parasites of the Horse

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Some Methods of Handling Minute Hymenop-terous Parasites

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Some Methods of colonizing imported Parasites and determining their Increase and Spread

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Some Methods of controlling the Spreading of Internal Parasites of the Horse

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Some Methods of feeding Ticks

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Some Methods of trapping Plant Lice

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Some Mexican Aphids

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Some Minor Insect Pests in Ceylon in 1919

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Some Minor Pests of Tea Recently Reported

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Some Miscellaneous Observations on the Anthelmintic Value of Carbon Tetrachloride in Sheep

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Some Miscellaneous Observations on the Origin and Present Use of some Insecticides and Fungicides

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Some Miscellaneous Results in 1917

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Some Mites Injurious to Domestic Animals and Man Encountered Recently by New York State Veterinarians. I. Chorioptic Mange of the Horse. II. Psoroptic Mange (Scabies) of the Cow. III. Acariasis (Liponyssus spp.) of the Fowl, Dog and Man

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Some Mites infesting Fruit Trees

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Some Modem Developments in Animal Parasitology

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Some Modern Statistical Methods: their Application to the Solution of Herring Race Problems. (With a Foreword by R. A. Fisher.)

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Some Morphological Changes in Bacillus anthracis

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Some Mosquitoes from Venezuela (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Some Mosquitos from Ovamboland, S. W. Africa, and from the Cape Province

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Some Mosquitos from the Region of the new Akmolinsk-Kartaly Railway.

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Some Natural Enemies of Mango Leaf-hoppers (Idiocerus spp.) in India

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Some Natural Enemies of Spiders and Mites

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Some Necessary Steps In Any Attempt To Prove Insect Transmission Or Causation Of Disease

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Some Nematode Parasites of the African Elephant

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Some Nematode Worms from Lagos

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Some Nemic Parasites and Associates of the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus monticolae)

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Some New American Mosquitos

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Some New Cases of Duck Pest

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Some New Ceylon Coecidae

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Some New Chalcidoid Hymenoptera from North and South America

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Some New Chalcidoidea

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Some New Coccidae

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Some New Culicine Mosquitos found in India, and a Note on Finlaya assamensis (Theo.)

Anon., 1940:
Some New Data on the Distribution of Poliomyelitis Virus

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Some New Facts on Rabies Control in Europe

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Some New Ichneumonids and Cynipids

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Some New Injurious Phytophaga from Africa

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Some New Injurious Weevils

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Some New Methods in the Study of Glossina morsitans

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Some New Mosquitoes from Colombia (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Some New Neotropical Simuliidae

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Some New North American Muscoid Forms

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Some New Observations Bearing on the Nature of the Pleuropneumonia-like Organism Known as L1 Associated with Strepto-bacillus moniliformis

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Some New Observations on the Life-History of Warble Flies

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Some New Phases of the Entomology of Disease, Hygiene and Sanitation brought about by the Great War

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Some New Scale Insects of Japan

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Some New South African Sarcophaga. (Dipt.)

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Some New Species of Athysanus and related Genera (Homoptera)

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Some New Species of Hymenoptera from India

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Some New Species of Macrosiphum from British Columbia (Homoptera, Aphididae)

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Some New Species of Sarcophaga

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Some New Species of Tachinidae from India

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Some New Ventures in Economic Entomology

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Some New West Indian Species of the Melolonthid Genus Lachnosterna

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Some New and Practical Methods for the Control of European Foulbrood

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Some New and Unrecorded Notes on the Life History of Entomophthora sphaerosperma

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Some New and Unusual Insect Attacks on Fruit Trees and Bushes in 1912

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Some Nigerian cacao soils

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Some Nondiaspine Coccidae from the Malay Peninsula, with Descriptions of apparently New Species

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Some Notes about the Virulence of a Strain of Trypanosoma congolense

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Some Notes and Experiments on Sarcocystis tenella, Railliet

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Some Notes concerning Overwintering of the Housefly, Musca domestica, at Dallas, Texas

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Some Notes on American Tabanidae, with the Description of a New Species from Africa

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Some Notes on Ants and Means for combating them

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Some Notes on Apanteles hyphantria, Riley

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Some Notes on Attempts to produce Immunity from Insect Attack on Tea

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Some Notes on Bovine Faseioliasis

Evans, S.A., 1936:
Some Notes on Brucella Infection in Tanganyika Territory

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Some Notes on Canine Rabies

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Some Notes on Cherries

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Some Notes on Combating the Spruce Bark Beetle, I. typographus

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Some Notes on Contagious Ophthalmia in Cattle

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Some Notes on Cutaneous Myiasis in Animals in the Madras Presidency

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Some Notes on Cutworms in Cotton

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Some Notes on Dengue

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Some Notes on Dermestes lardarius and similar Pests

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Some Notes on E. ruficeps

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Some Notes on Early Attempts at Prophylaxis against Coast Fevers on the West Africa Station

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Some Notes on Fifteen Years' Experience of Malaria in the Upper Congo

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Some Notes on Forest Insect Pests in Burma

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Some Notes on Fumigation of Citrus Trees

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Some Notes on Grass Disease in Horses

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Some Notes on Green Manures in connection with Diseases and Pests

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Some Notes on Hawaiian and other Bethylidae (Hymenoptera) with Descriptions of New Species

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Some Notes on Hawaiian and other Bethylidae (Hymenoptera) with the Description of a New Genus and Species. 2nd Paper

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Some Notes on Helopeltis

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Some Notes on Indian Calliphorinae. Part I. Chrysomyia bezziana, Villeneuve, the common Indian Calliphorine whose Larvae cause Cutaneous Myiasis in Man and Animals

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Some Notes on Indian Calliphorinae. Parts II.-V

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Some Notes on Lac Cultivation

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Some Notes on Lead Poisoning in a Group of Ayrshire Heifers

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Some Notes on Liver fluke Investigations

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Some Notes on Lymphomatosis gallinarum

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Some Notes on Malaria Conditions in Anatolia

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Some Notes on Malaria in Baluchistan

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Some Notes on Medical Conditions in Transcaucasia

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Some Notes on Mice and Bubonic Plague in Australia

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Some Notes on Nematode Parasites found by Dr. Wassink in Rats and Mice

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Some Notes on Olene vagans, B. & McD., in Nova Scotia

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Some Notes on Pests of Cacao in Ecuador

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Some Notes on Phorbia fusciceps as a Bean Pest

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Some Notes on Piroplasmosis in Western Australia

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Some Notes on Protostrongylus Species from the Lungs of Sheep

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Some Notes on Stegomyia fasciata in the Coast Towns of British Somaliland

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Some Notes on Surra in the Camel, its Prevention and Treatment

Leckie, V.C., 1925:
Some Notes on Surra in the Camel, its Treatment and Prevention

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Some Notes on Swine Practice

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Some Notes on Syringopais temperatella, Led., in Cyprus

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Some Notes on Tea Cultivation in Japan

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Some Notes on Tea Tortrix (Homona coffearia Nietn.)

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Some Notes on Western Queensland Fruit Insects

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Some Notes on Xyleborus fornicatus, Eichh., (Shot-Hole Borer)

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Some Notes on Z. pyrina

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Some Notes on a Gecidomyiid of Soy Bean.

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Some Notes on a Hew and Promising Insecticide

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Some Notes on a Malaria Investigation on a Sugar Estate in Kamrup, Assam

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Some Notes on a suspected Variant of Solanum Virus 2 (Potato Virus Y)

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Some Notes on an Inquiry on the Spread of Filaria bancrofti among the native Inhabitants of Weltevreden

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Some Notes on an isolated Invasion by Sckistocerca gregaria in the Province of Almeria

A., 1927:
Some Notes on clutella

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Some Notes on injurious Insects and other Animals in 1928

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Some Notes on some Anophelines from the Island of Ceram

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Some Notes on the American Races of A. maculipennis

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Some Notes on the Army-worm Invasion of the Nairobi District in March, 1940

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Some Notes on the Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance in Mesopotamia and on their Relation to Disease. Part 1. The Gad Flies of Mesopotamia

Patton, W.S., 1920:
Some Notes on the Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance in Mesopotamia, and on their Relation to Disease. Fart IL, Mesopotamian House Mies and their Allies

Patton, W.S., 1920:
Some Notes on the Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance in Mesopotamia, and on their Relation to Disease. Part III. The Bot Flies of Mesopotamia

Patton, W.S., 1920:
Some Notes on the Arthropods oi Medical and 450 Veterinary Importance in Mesopotamia, and on their Relation to Disease. Part iv. Some Mesopotamian Nematocera of Economic Importance. Fart v. Some Miscellaneous Arthropods

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Some Notes on the Beetles infesting dead wood in the Pine Forest of the Isle of Ste. Marguerite in the South of France

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Some Notes on the Biology and Life-history of Psocids

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Some Notes on the Biology and Physiology of the Sheep Blowfly, Lucilia sericata, Meig

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Some Notes on the Biology of Euxoa segetum Schiff.

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Some Notes on the Biology of Queensland Sheep Blowflies

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Some Notes on the Biology of the Click Beetles Agriotes obscurus L. stud A. sputator L

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Some Notes on the Biology of the Pea Weevil Bruchus pisorum L. (Coleoptera, Bruchidae) at Moscow, Idaho

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Some Notes on the Biology of two Buprestids infesting Blackberry and Hazel

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Some Notes on the Bionomics of Ornithodorus savignyi in British Somaliland

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Some Notes on the Bionomics of the Buffalo-Fly (Lyperosia exigua, Meij.)

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Some Notes on the Boll Weevil

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Some Notes on the Breeding Grounds of the Plague Grasshoppers in South Australia

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Some Notes on the Cabbage White Butterfly

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Some Notes on the Care, Trans-226 portation, and Use of Gambusia affinis under Indian Conditions

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Some Notes on the Catalina Cherry Moth

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Some Notes on the Cherry Sawfly

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Some Notes on the Clinical Examination of the Cow's Udder

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Some Notes on the Cyclamen Mite (Tarsonemus pallidus Banks), a Pest of Strawberry Plants

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Some Notes on the Epidemiology of Yellow Fever in Brasil

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Some Notes on the Eradication of Sugar-cane Mosaic

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Some Notes on the Eriophyidae (Acarina) in British Columbia

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Some Notes on the Genus Trachykele with a Description of a New Species (Buprestidae, Coleoptera)

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Some Notes on the Geographical Distribution of Anophelines and Malaria in Sumatra

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Some Notes on the Habits and Life History of the Stem Weevil attacking Cambodia Cotton (Pempheres affinis, Faust)

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Some Notes on the Habits of Campoplex pilosulus, a Primary Parasite of the Fall Web-worm

Blair, K.G., 1925:
Some Notes on the Insect Intermediate Hosts of Gongylonema

Lovaszy, P., 1939:
Some Notes on the Insect Parasites of Diprion poly-tomum Htg. (Hymen., Tenthredinidae)

Tucker, R.P., 1934:
Some Notes on the Lead Arsenates

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Some Notes on the Life History of Diaxenes phalaenopsidis Fish. (Col., Cerambycidae)

Van Der Vecht, J., 1936:
Some Notes on the Life-history of Apoderus clavatus Pasc. (Col., Curculionidae)

Senior-White, R., 1945:
Some Notes on the Life-history of Musca planiceps Wied

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Some Notes on the Life-history of our Common June Beetles

Hudson, H.F.; Wood, A.A., 1928:
Some Notes on the Life-history of the Mexican Bean Beetle in Ontario

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Some Notes on the Limitations of Screens in the Prevention of Malaria

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Some Notes on the Mealy Plum Aphid, Hydop-terus pruni, F

Menzel, R., 1925:
Some Notes on the Mermithids parasitising Helopeltis

Viggiani, G., 1925:
Some Notes on the Morphology and Biology of Epicometis hirta with Special Reference to the Injuries to cultivated Grasses and Trees

Tothill, J., 1922:
Some Notes on the Natural Control of the Cecropia Moth

Baird, A.B., 1918:
Some Notes on the Natural Control of the Cherry-tree Ugly Nest Tortricid, Archips cerasivorana, Fitch

Baird, A.B., 1923:
Some Notes on the Natural Control of the Larch Sawfly and Larch Case Bearer in New Brunswick in 1922

Tothill, J.D., 1919:
Some Notes on the Natural Control of the Oyster-shell Scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi, L.)

Macandrews, A.H. , 1923:
Some Notes on the Natural Control of the Pine Bark Aphid (Chermes pinicorticis, Fitch) in New Brunswick, 1922

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Some Notes on the Natural Enemy, Sexuality, and other Characteristics of the Paddy Skipper (Parnara guttata Bremer) observed during the Autumn of 1936, Nanking.

Von Breindl, W.; Jirovec, O., 1932:
Some Notes on the Nucleal Reaction in Laverania malariae and Proteosoma praecox

Tragardh, L, 1920:
Some Notes on the Occurrence of Ckermes, on our Cultivated Conifers

Corkins, C.L., 1922:
Some Notes on the Outbreak of the Long-winged Locust of the Plains in El Paso, Lincoln, Crowley and Pueblo Counties, Colorado, and its Control

Hutson, J.C., 1930:
Some Notes on the Paddy Fly in Ceylon

Tjoa Tjien Mo., 1938:
Some Notes on the Parasites of S. nitens

Richmond, H.A., 1938:
Some Notes on the Periodicities of certain Insects in Relation to the Sun Spot Cycle

D.Buen, S., 1931:
Some Notes on the Preservation of the malarial Parasite in the inter-epidemic Period

Anonymous, 1929:
Some Notes on the Pseudo-Scorpion, Chelifer sculpturatus in Relation to the Honey Bee

King, C.B.R., 1926:
Some Notes on the Red (Sudan) Bollworm (Diparopsis castanea, Hampson) in Nyasaland

Chorley, J.K., 1924:
Some Notes on the Regulations affecting the Importation and Exportation of Cotton

Barber, M.A.; Hayne, T.B., 1924:
Some Notes on the Relation of Domestic Animals to Anopheles

Tucker, R.P., 1930:
Some Notes on the Soluble Sulphurs

Peterson, A., 1920:
Some Notes on the Spreading Quality of various Contact Sprays

Edmonds, C.R.; Bevan, L.E.W., 1914:
Some Notes on the Systematic Dipping of Stock

Ewing, H.E.; Nesbitt, H.H.S., 1942:
Some Notes on the Taxonomy of Grain Mites (Acarina : Acaridae, formerly Tyroglyphidae)

Baird, A.B., 1920:
Some Notes on the Tent-Caterpillar

Hall, M.C.; Wilson, R.H.; Wigdor, M., 1918:
Some Notes on the Treatment of Equine Ascariasis and Oxyuriasis

Hornby, H.E., 1919:
Some Notes on the Use of Tartar Emetic in the Treatment of Domestic Animals affected with Trypanosomiasis

Benlloch, M., 1926:
Some Notes on the Use of mineral and some other Oils as Insecticides

Sell, R.A., 1915:
Some Notes on the Western Twelve-spotted and the Western Striped Cucumber Beetles

Sison, P.L., 1929:
Some Notes on the White Pyralid Moth Borer (Scirpophaga innotata Walker) and Suggestions ior its Control

Greenslade, R.M.; Massee, A.M., 1934:
Some Notes on the Woolly Aphis Parasite (Aphelinus mali Hald.)

Seiff, W., 1930:
Some Notes on the banded Pine Moth, E. prosapiaria

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Some Notes on the big grey Weevil, C. glaucus)

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Some Observations on the Importance of F. rufa and F. fusca in Outbreaks of the Pine Noctuid

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Some Observations on the Importance of Nutrition in Relation to Diseases of Livestock

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Some Observations on the Incidence and Inheritance of Imperforate Anus in Ganjam Calves

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Some Observations on the Infection with Bacillus abortus equi in Horses

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Some Observations on the Injury caused by the Wheat Midge (Contarinia tritici, Kirby) on Autumn Wheat in the Summer of 1916

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Some Observations on the Insect Pests of agricultural Plants in the mountainous Regions in Formosa.

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Some Observations on the Insect Pests of agricultural Plants in the mountainous Regions in Formosa. 2.

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Some Observations on the Intradermal Tuberculin Test Applied to Pigs

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Some Observations on the Life History of the Cattle Tick (Boophilus australis)

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Some Observations on the Life History of the Citrus Aphid (Aphis spiraecola Patch)

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Some Observations on the Life after the Fall Migration to the Peach Tree in Myzus persicae Sulz. in Manchuria.

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Some Observations on the Life of Longicorns.

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Some Observations on the Life-history of Arthro-cnodax wissmani Kieffer (Cecidomyidae : Diptera)

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Some Observations on the Life-history of Syntomaspis pubescens, Mayr

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Some Observations on the Life-history of an Erotylid breeding in Italian Millet

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Some Observations on the Life-history of the Dog Tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille) at Mukteswar

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Some observations on the liver of the pig: the hepatic lobule and liver cell during post-natal growth

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Some Observations on the Maize Moth, T. granella, in stored Maize Cobs

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Some Observations on the Malaria Problem

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Some Observations on the Meadow Moth in 1929.

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Some Observations on the Melon Fly (Carpomyia caucasica, Zaitz.) in the Northern Caucasus.

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Some Observations on the Migration of the Larvae of the Gipsy Moth from Forests to Fields and Orchards in the Kursk Government in 1927.

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Some Observations on the Mosquitoes and Sandflies of Rajputana

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Some Observations on the Mulberry Gall-midge, Diplosis mori Yokoyama, in Korea. I.

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Some Observations on the Mulberry Gall-midge, Diplosis mori Yokoyama, in Korea. II. Effect of low Temperatures on the Outbreaks.

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Some Observations on the Nature and Transmission of Enzootic Bronehopneumonia (Pneumoenteritls) of Dairy Calves

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Some Observations on the Number of larval Instars of the Oriental Peach Moth, Laspeyresia molesta, Busck

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Some Observations on the Nyssorhynchus Group of the Anopheles (Culicidae) of Panama

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Some Observations on the Occurrence and Parasitisation of the Larch Case Bearer

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Some Observations on the Occurrence of Filarial Infection in Mosquito and Man in the Colony of Hong Kong

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Some Observations on the Origin of Leprosy

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Some Observations on the Overwintering of Certain Helminth Parasites of Sheep in Canada

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Some Observations on the Pajaroello Tick (Ornithodorus coriaccus)