Stereochemical configuration and provitamin A activity. 3. All trans- alpha -carotene and neo- alpha -carotene U

Deuel, H.J., J.; Sttmneb, E.; Johnston, C.; Polgab, A.; Zechmeister, L.

Archives of Biochemistry 6: 157-161


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-9621
Accession: 013509561

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Neo-a-carotene U, which is probably 9-nionoor 3-mono-cis-a-carotene, was prepared as described by Zechmeister and Polgar (J. Awtr. Chem. Soc., 1944, 66, 137) and found to have for rats only 13 per cent, of the activity of beta -carotene. All-trans- alpha -carotene had 53 per cent, of the biological activity of beta -carotene.