Section 14
Chapter 13,513

Studies of calcification in vitro. 1. Calcification of the cartilage of rachitic rats in a solution of inorganic salts

Meyer, Z.H.rste.; Georg.

Jahrb.f. Kinderheilk 131: 203-215


Accession: 013512576

A thin slice of cartilage (0.5-1 mm. thick) from a rachitic rat was immersed for 9-12 hours in a solution containing NaCl 0.58 per cent., NaHCO3 0.03 per cent., MgSO40.019 per cent, , Ca 0.010 per cent., P 0.004-0.005 per cent. The composition of the solution was accurately determined before and after immersion of the cartilage.

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