Studies on Fly-strike in Merino Sheep. No. 3. - The Influence oif Fly-strike and Conformation on Body-weight and Fleece-weight of Merino Sheep at Dungalear, New South Wales

Gill, D.A.; Graham, N.P.H.

J. Coun. sci. industr. Res. Aust, Melbourne 12(4): 319-329


Accession: 013513866

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The following is the authors' summary: Advantage has been taken of the presence at Dungalear Station, Walgett, of a flock comprising A, B and C class sheep, half of which had been protected from breech strike by the Mules' operation, to study the effects of breech strike on body weight and wool production and the relative merits of A, B and C class sheep as wool producers, under conditions which permitted the masking effect of difference in susceptibility to breech strike to be allowed for.