Section 14
Chapter 13,515

Studies on animal lipids. 14. The determination of lecithin, cephalin and sphingomyelin in body fluids and tissues; with analyses of n sera

Thannhauser, S.J.; Benotti, J.; Reinstein, H.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 129: 709-716


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9258
Accession: 013514645

The phosphatides are extracted from the fluid or tissue with chloroform and methanol and are hydrolysed with a solution of gaseous HC1 in absolute methanol. The amount of choline thus liberated is determined and, from the choline content, the lecithin +or- sphingomyelin content is obtained by calculation. Subtraction of the lecithin +or- sphingomyelin content from the total phospholipin content gives the eephalin content. Sphingomyelin is determined by the procedure of Thannhauser and Setz (Abst. 4583, Vol. 6), the acetone soluble material in the reineckate being discarded, and hence the lecithin content is obtained by subtraction. The serum of normal fasting individuals contains the following proportions of sphingomyelin, cephalin and lecithin, respectively: 15 to 35, 50 to 130 and 50 to 200 mg. per 100 ml W. HcCartney.

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