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Chapter 13,517

Studies on the Toxieity of Tartar Emetic to the Mexican Fruit Fly (Anastrepha ludens Loew) and the Effects of Applications of Tartar Emetic on Citrus Trees

Plummer, C.C.

Abstr. doct. Diss. Ohio Univ, Columbus, Ohio, 35, 117-122


Accession: 013516587

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The adults of Anastrepha ludens, Lw., used in these experiments, the technique of which is described, were fed for 1-2 weeks on pieces of orange, cube sugar and water at room temperature and were then transferred with food to cages kept at 25 degrees C. and about 30 per cent, relative humidity. After 24 hours, a glass plate on which a solution of tartar emetic and sugar had dried was substituted for the sugar and orange.

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