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The Antigenic Structure of Hemolytic Streptococci of Lancefield Group A. IV. Nucleoprotein Components: Some Chemical and Sero-logical Properties, and Changes in Both Caused by Certain Enzymes

Zittle, C.A.

J. Immunol 37: 1-16


Accession: 013526568

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IV. 1. Type-specific M substance has been extracted from undried, whole streptococci at 37 degrees , 56 degrees and 100 degrees C. The M substance has also been extracted from the residues remaining after sonic disintegration of the organisms and extraction with saline. 2. M. is a nucleoprotein which gives colour tests for ribose but not for desoxyribose nucleic acid. Millon and Hopkins-Cole reactions are negative or very weakly positive.

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