The application of rapid chemical tests to plant tissues in the diagnosis of deficiencies of mineral nutrients. Progress report 1

Nicholas, D.J.D.; Jones, J.O.

A.R. Long Ashton agric. hort. Res. Stat. for, 1945. 84-97


Accession: 013549076

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During 1944 chemical tissue tests were carried out on fresh leaf materials of a number of fruit and vegetable species from known manurial plots and known nutrient treatments. Results indicate the value of the method for diagnostic purposes, though further work is necessary to fix standards for various plants. Sampling methods and preparations of test samples are described. Details are given of the extraction of kations and anions from plant petioles by Morgan's Reagent or HC1. Tables are given of tissue test results which indicate correlation with manurial treatment, visual data and full chemical analysis.