The bacterial wilt of the Abaca (Manila Hemp) plant in Davao. I. Nature of the disease and pathogenicity tests

Palo, M.A.; Calinisan, M.R.

Philipp. J. Agric 10(4): 373-395


Accession: 013549593

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The most serious disease of abaca in the Davao and Cotabato Provinces of the Philippines is stated to be the one previously reported as vascular disease or wilt. A survey in Davao (covering only about one-fourth of the total abaca-growing area) during May, 1937, to December, 1938, showed a total of 1, 301.5 hect. affected by the disease; of these, 1, 059 hect. have now been eradicated and partly replanted with the resistant Tangongon variety.