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Chapter 13,560

The effect of pasteurization upon the vitamin C content of milk

King, C.G.; Waugh, W.A.

Jour Dairy Sci 17(7): 489-496


DOI: 10.3168/jds.s0022-0302(34)93263-x
Accession: 013559973

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There is no significant destruction of vitamin C during pasteurization by the Electropure or StamVik processes, with all-aluminum equipment. The factors responsible for protection of the vitamin were: (a) very short heating time, (b) methods of heating, (c) protection from atmospheric oxidation while hot, and (d) min. exposure to metals which catalyse oxidation. Vat pasteurization resulted in a destruction of over 1/2 the natural vitamin content, all milk for pasteurization being taken from the same tank. Vitamin content was determined by 2 series of animal assays and by direct titration.

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