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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 13586

Chapter 13586 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Lott, Richard, V., 1945:
The terminology of fruit maturation and ripening

Whetzel, H.H., 1929:
The terminology of phytopathology

Benham, Rhoda, W., 1935:
The terminology of the Cryptococci with a note on Cryptococcus mollis

Gustafsson, A., 1944:
The terminology of the apomictic phenomena

Anonymous, 1941:
The termites of France.

Path, J., 1936:
The terracing of slopes for citrus plantations

Duguay, J., 1944:
The terrestrial fauna of Gaspe.

Smith, H.F., 1937:
The test of significance for Mendelian ratios when classification is uncertain

Arnold, E.L., 1941:
The test of terracing practices

Berkner, F., 1940 :
The testa-free gourd, a source of fat and protein

Aire, T.A.; Ozegbe, P.C., 2007:
The testicular capsule and peritubular tissue of birds: morphometry, histology, ultrastructure and immunohistochemistry

Levi, G., 1936:
The testicular cycle of Passerines with seasonal dimorphism of the plumage

Limaye, V.D.; Sultan Mohamme. D., 1942:
The testing and suitability of Indian timbers for plywood tea and chests

Bratton, A.W., 1940:
The testing of Char-Wood Heaters in Connecticut. Progress report

Layme, V.D., 1945:
The testing of Indian plywood tea chests

Limaye, V.D., 1943:
The testing of Indian plywood tea chests and suggestions for establishing a standard type

Spieckermann, A.; Kotthoff, P., 1924:
The testing of Potatoes for immunity from wart disease

Heft, V.M.J, 1943:
The testing of Soviet chenopodium oil against ascariasis.

Shulman, E.S.; Heft, V.M., 1943:
The testing of Soviet hexylresorcinol.

Nibmeyer., 1938:
The testing of a hot-water steeping apparatus

Latysev, M., 1940:
The testing of a threshing machine, MK-1100 with a clover-hulling adaptation

Limaye, V.D., 1942:
The testing of ammunition boxes

Maplestone, P.A., 1932:
The testing of anthelminthics

Bertleff, V., 1939:
The testing of arsenic-containing wood preservatives

Hamilton, W.F.; Briggs, A.P.; Butler, R.E., 1944:
The testing of color vision in relation to vitamin A administration

Andren, F., 1938:
The testing of disinfectants against parasitic fungi

Ferrie, C.E.; Rand, G., 1937:
The testing of fitness for night flying: The light sense

Hillegas, A.B.; Camp, E., 1945:
The testing of fungicides insoluble in water

Jha, J.B., 1939:
The testing of ghee by means of fluorescence analysis in ultraviolet light

Korolkov, D.M., 1915:
The testing of methods of control of Psytta m ali

Tydeman, H.M., 1934:
The testing of new varieties of apple rootstock. A progress report

Riehm, E., 1925:
The testing of plant disinfectants in the year 1923

Riehm, E., 1923:
The testing of plant disinfectants in the years 1921-22

Jamalainen, E.A., 1938:
The testing of plant protectives in Denmark and Germany

Osterwalder, A., 1939:
The testing of preparations for Peronospora control in the summer of 1938

Korff, G.; Zattler, F., 1929:
The testing of preparations for the control of Hop diseases in the year 1928

Gessner, A., 1931:
The testing of preparations for the control of Vine pests in the year 1930

Snell, K., 1938:
The testing of resistance of cereal and Beet varieties

Petrov, S.G., 1934:
The testing of selection results

Luhrs, E., 1941:
The testing of so called appetite stimulants

Schwarz, G.; Finzenhagen, H., 1937:
The testing of the seed of Vicia sativa for the presence of injurious matter

Liese, J.; Seifert, L., 1942:
The testing of the termite-proofness of impregnated wood and other organic materials

Anonymous, 1939:
The testing of timber for moisture content

Swaay, H.Van, 1944:
The testing of wood preservatives.

Schwarze, E., 1939:
The testis and epididymis

Gutzschebauch, A., 1936:
The testis and its membranes of domesticated mammals, with reference to their biology and species diagnosis : horse, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, dog, cat, rabbit, guinea-pig

Pappenheimer, A.M.; Schogoleff, C., 1944:
The Testis in Vitamin E-Deficient Guinea-Pigs

Fagerlind, F., 1944:
The tetrasporic angiosperm embryo-sac and its significance for the understanding of the mechanism of development and the phylogeny of the embryo-sac

Alien, F.W., 1929:
The texture and ripening of Bartlett pears as influenced by the rootstock

Mckean, H.B., 1940:
The texture, grain, and figure of wood

Rose, J.E., 1942:
The thalamus of the sheep : cellular and fibrous structure and comparison with pig, rabbit and cat

Lines, K.W., 1939:
The the relationship between fat content of been milk and its apparent acidity

Mossman, H.W., 1937:
The thecal gland and its relation to the reproductive cycle. A study of the cyclic changes in the ovary of the pocket gopher Geomys bursarius (Shaw)

Rubtzov, I.A., 1937:
The theoretical Basis of the Distribution of harmful Insects and of Predictions as to their Mass Multiplication.

Rubtzov, I.A., 1938:
The theoretical Basis of the Distribution of harmful Insects and of Predictions as to their Mass Multiplication. II. Integral climatic Indices for Purposes of Zonation and Prognosis of Mass Propagation of Pests.

Rubtzov, I.A., 1938:
The theoretical Basis of the Distribution of harmful Insects and of Predictions as to their Mass Multiplication. IV. The Effect of constant and variable Temperatures on the Development of the Eggs of the Gipsy Moth (Porthetria dispar L.).

Zambin, I.M., 1939:
The theoretical Basis of the Distribution of harmful insects and of Predictions as to their Mass Multiplication.

Meier, N.F., 1940:
The theoretical Basis of the biological Control Method against injurious Insects.

Kruger, L., 1937:
The theoretical and practical possibilities of scientific evaluation of milk recording

Milovanov, V.K., 1936:
The theoretical basis of repeated insemination of sheep

Kuznecov, M.P., 1934:
The theoretical basis of the methods of introducing sperm in artificial insemination of sheep

Dice, L.R., 1940 :
The theoretical effectiveness of adverse selection

Neumann, H.O., 1934:
The theoretical genetical foundation of intersexuality

Sludskii, N., 1936:
The theoretical importance of the works of I. V. Michurin in breeding and genetics

Kovalevskii, G.V., 1939:
The theory and methods of studying vertical agro-ecological zones

Poppleton, W.J., 1938:
The theory and practice of box-ridging

Schumacher, P.H., 1934:
The theory and practice of sex control

Antipov-Karataev, I.N., 1940:
The theory and practice of the amelioration of solonets soils under irrigation conditions.

Barton-Wright, E.C., 1945:
The theory and practice of the microbiological assay of the vitamin-B complex; together with the assay of selected amino acids and potassium

Plank, R., 1941:
The theory of cold storage troubles of fruits

Bordakov, P.P., 1933:
The theory of correlation as applied to the breeding of the soybean

Sukacev, V.M., 1942:
The theory of development in phytocoenology

Widmark, E.M.P., 1945:
The theory of evolution from a biochemical point of view

Hubendick, E., 1945:
The theory of gas generators, IV. Wood gas.

Matsuura, H., 1935:
The theory of genotypic parallelism as a basis of group-variability

Soding, H., 1938:
The theory of growth substances in applied botany

Bartlett, M.S.; Haldane, J.B.S., 1934:
The theory of inbreeding in autotetraploids

Bartlett, M.S.; Haldane, J.B.S., 1935:
The theory of inbreeding with forced heterozygosis

Weinstein, A., 1936:
The theory of multiple-strand crossing-over

Kreler, G.K., 1941:
The theory of phasic development in plant systematics

Gaumann, E., 1945:
The theory of plant infection

Haldane, J.B.S., 1939:
The theory of the evolution of dominance

Macwood, G.E., 1938:
The theory of the measurement of viscosity and slip of fluids by the oscillating disc method. I and II

Vavilov, N.I., 1940:
The theory of the origin of cultivated plants according to Darwin

Remezov, N.P., 1937:
The theory of the podzolizing process.

Guinchard, P., 1942:
The therapeutic action of combinations of phosphorus and vitamins

Fulton, J.D., 1944:
The therapeutic action of some newer aromatic diamidines on Leishmania donovoni infections of golden hamsters ( Cricetus aura tus)

Rettger, L.F.; Weinstein, L.; Bogin, M.; Weiss, J.E., 1938:
The therapeutic application of acidophilus milk in constipation of children

Roff, F.S.; Glazebrook, A.J., 1939:
The therapeutic application of vitamin C in peridental disease

Charlton, C.F., 1932:
The therapeutic effect of hemolysis, especially in the anemias

Yeomans, J.C.; Snyder, E.; Murray, S.; Zarafonetis, C.J.D.; Ecke, R.S., 1944:
The therapeutic effect of para-aminobenzoic acid in louse borne typhus fever

Faget, G.H.; Pogge, R.C., 1945:
The therapeutic effect of promin in leprosy

Reid, J.T.; Huffman, C.F.; Duncan, C.W., 1945:
The therapeutic effect of yeast and pyridoxine on poikilocytosis in dairy cattle

Reid, J.T.; Huffman, C.F.; Duncan, C.W., 1945:
The therapeutic effect of yeast and pyridoxine on poiklloeytosls in dairy cattle

Eagle, H.; Magnuson, H.J., 1944:
The therapeutic efficacy of penicillin in relapsing fever infections in mice and rats

Eagle, H.; Hogan, R.B.; Doak, G.O.; Steinman, H.G., 1944:
The therapeutic efficacy of phenyl arsenoxides in mouse and rabbit trypanosomiasls (Tryp. equiperdum)

Henkel, H., 1943:
The therapeutic efficacy of sulphones and sulphoxides

Dimitry, T.J., 1944:
The therapeutic use of choline in ophthalmology

Gainsborough, H., 1934:
The therapeutic use of the ketogenic diet

Strauss, M.B., 1938:
The therapeutic use of vitamin B1 in polyneuritis and cardio-vascular conditions. Clinical indications

Dalldorf, G., 1939:
The Therapeutic Use of Vitamin C

Atkins, W.R.G.; Fisher, R.A., 1944:
The therapeutic use of vitamin C

Roff, F.S.; Glazebrook, A.J., 1940:
The therapeutic use of vitamin C in gingivitis of adolescents

Pottenger, F.M., 1944 :
The therapeutic value of a thermolabile factor found in fats, particularly the lecithins, in dermatoses

Basil, H., 1939:
The therapeutic value of apples

Fisher, A.M., 1945:
The therapeutic value of penicillin applied locally, based on experience with the crude material in a variety of infections

Augustine, D.L., 1944:
The therapeutic value of two new sulfonamide compounds, succinylsulfathiazole and phthalylsulfathiazole, in experimental trichinosis

Mackay, H.M.; Linford, H.M.; Mitman, M.; Wild, M.H., 1936:
The therapeutic value of vitamins A and D in measles

Schiff, E., 1934:
The therapy of intoxication and diarrhea in infants. Some new points of view

Kikuth, W.; Schmidt, H., 1943:
The therapy of leishmaniasis in the Mediterranean area

Oppenheimer, H.R., 1926:
The therapy of nursery diseases of trees

Fantus, B.; Traut, E.F.; Greene Baum, R.S., 1940:
The therapy of subvita minosis B1

Narayanamurti, D., 1943:
The thermal conductivity and other properties of some indigenous materials

Narayanamurthi, D.; Ranganathan, V., 1942:
The thermal conductivity of Indian timbers. Part 1. Variation of conductivity with density in the air-dry condition at ordinary temperature

Smith, W.O., 1942:
The thermal conductivity of dry soil

Smith, W.O.; Byers, H.G., 1939:
The thermal conductivity of dry soils of certain of the great soil groups

Allen, R.W., 1945:
The thermal death point of Cysticercus boms

Mcrostie, G.P., 1939:
The thermal death point of corn from low temperatures

Booth, R.G., 1943:
The thermal decomposition of aneurin and co-carboxylase at varying hydrogen ion concentrations

Farrer, K.T., 1945:
The thermal destruction of vitamin B(1): 2. The influence of buffer salts on the rate of destruction of co-carboxylase at 100 degrees C

Farrer, K.T.H., 1945:
The thermal destruction of vitamin Bt. 1. The influence of buffer salts on the rate of destruction of aneurin at 100 degrees

Schafer, G.M.; Russell, M.B., 1942:
The thermal method as a quantitative measure of clay mineral content

Babbitt, J.D., 1945:
The thermal properties of wheat in bulk

Bezruk, V.M., 1940:
The thermal treatment of earths

Malov, N.N., 1935:
The thermic effect of short and ultra-short electric waves and their specific effect

Anonymous, 1943:
The thermo-compressor installation in Lucens for the concentration of milk

Herter, K., 1935:
The thermotactic optimum considered as a specific and racial character of rodents

Slater, E.C.; Rial, E.J., 1941:
The thiamin (vitamin B1) content of Australian wheat products

Slater, E.C.; Rial, E.J., 1942:
The thiamin (vitamin B1) content of human milk

Slater, E.C.; Rial, J., 1942:
The thiamin (vitamin B1) content of some Australian biscuits and breakfast foods

Whiteside, A.G. 0.; Jackson, S.H., 1943:
The thiamin content of Canadian hard red spring wheat varieties

Nordgren, R.; Andrews, J.S., 1941:
The thiamin content of cereal grains

Goodhart, R.; Nitzberg, T., 1941:
The Thiamin Content Of Human Blood And Urine As Determined By The Fermentation Method

Schultz, A.S.; Atkin, L.; Frey, C.N., 1942:
The thiamin content of wheat flour milled by the stone milling process

Nelson, J.W.; Palmer, L.S., 1942:
The thiamin, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, and pantothenic acid contents of wild rice (Zizania aquatica)

Bailey, M.I.ene; Thomas, A.W., 1942:
The thiamine and riboflavin contents of citrus fruits

Pence, J.W.; Miller, R.C.; Dutcher, R.A.; Thorp, W.T.S., 1945:
The thiamine content of pig Wood

Pulkki, L.H.; Puutula, K., 1941:
The thiamine content of wheat

Lowry, P.T.; Hegsted, D.M., 1945:
The thiamine requirement in alloran diabetes

Holt, L.E., Jr., 1944:
The thiamine requirement of man

Ellis, N.R.; Madsen, L.L., 1944:
The thiamine requirement of pigs as related to the fat content of the diet

Wainio, Walter, W., 1942:
The thiamine requirement of the albino rat as influenced by the substitution of protein for carbohydrate in the diet

Kubiena, W., 1942:
The thin-layer technique in soil investigations

Biffen, R.H., 1935:
The thing we call wheat. Wheat breeding

Weimer, J.L., 1943:
The thinning of Crotalaria stands in Southeastern United States

Anonymous, 1945:
The thinning of plantation

Booth, R.G., 1940:
The thiochrome method for the estimation of aneurin, with a survey of the aneurin content of wheats

Hills, G.M., 1939:
The thiochrome test for aneurin (vitamin B(1)) in urine as an index of nutritional level

Mulder, H., 1940:
The thiocyanogen number of Dutch creamery butter

Mulder, H., 1940:
The thiocyanogen number of Netherland factory butter

Marelli, C.A., 1930:
The third Generation of the Hymenopterous Parasite beneficial to Eucalyptus obtained in November 1930 in the Park at La Plata

Beguet, M.; Musso, L.; Sergent, E., 1915:
The third campaign against Schistocerca peregrina in Algeria by means of Coccobacillus acridiorum

Simons, L.H., 1939:
The third international goitre conference and ideas arising there from regarding endemic goitre and its control in the Dutch East Indies

Dyer, R.A., 1943:
The third species of Atalaya in South Africa - Atalaya natalensis sp. nov

Lothigius, W., 1942:
The thirtieth annivesary of the (Swedish) Forestry Society.

Bailey, E.M., 1935:
The thirty-ninth report on food products and the twenty-seventh report on drug products, 1934. (Connecticut Agric. Exp. Stat., New Haven, Bull. No. 373)

Kolvein, Graf-. Von., 1939:
The thoroughbred stud at Graditz

Wolf, F.A.; Bach, W.J., 1927:
The thread blight disease caused by Corticium koleroga (Cooke) Hohn., on Citrus and poma-ceous plants

Anonymous, 1936:
The threat of grasshoppers

Stebbing, E.P., 1937:
The threat of the Sahara

Torochti, J., 1914:
The threatening danger grows

Calinisan, M.R., 1938:
The three destructive diseases of Abaca in Davao (bunchy-top, mosaic, and the vascular disease) and their control

Bush, H.L., 1940:
The three dimensional quasi-factorial experiment with three groups of sets for testing sugar beet breeding strains

Rodrigues, A., 1945:
The three dimensional space in phyllometry. The recording and transformation of phyllometrical observations in Vitis vinifera L

D.Geus, J.G., 1940:
The three essentials for plant growth and yield

Brown, W.L., 1942 :
The threonine, serine, cystine, and methionine content of peanut proteins

Watson, Rodger, H., 1933:
The threshold for the renal excretion of inorganic phosphates in the sheep

Welsh, J.H.; Hyde, J.E., 1945:
The thymns and acetylcholine synthesis

Karras, W., 1941:
The thymus gland and its relations with the sex glands. A contribution to experimental research on the thymus gland

Plagge, James, C., 1941:
The thymus gland in relation to sex hormones and reproductive processes in the albino rat

Bomskov, C.; Siadovic, L., 1940:
The thymus hormone and its biological estimation

Taibel, A.M., 1941:
The thymus in bursectomised fowls

Ross, M.A.; Korenchevsky, V., 1941:
The thymus of the rat and sex hormones

Foster, Nellis, B., 1931:
The thyroid

May, M.M., 1937:
The thyroid and adrenal glands in experimental scurvy and under the influence of vitamin C, redoxon

Baumann, E.J.; Sprinson, D.; Metzger, N., 1933:
The thyroid and cyanide metabolism

Reforzo Membrives, J., 1938:
The thyroid and the gonadotropic potency of rat pituitary

Reforzo Membrives, J., 1937:
The thyroid and the gonadotropic potency of the pituitary in the rat

Popper, L.; Hirschhorn., 1931:
The thyroid gland and carbohydrate metabolism

Wilson, T.E., 1944:
The thyroid gland and haemopoiesis

Sharpe, J.C.; Bisgard, J.D., 1937:
The thyroid gland and hematopoiesis. 2. The effect of thyroid extract, liver extract, and iron on the anemia of myxedema

Grau, H., 1944:
The thyroid gland and syncope in pigs (preliminary article)

Schneider, E., 1938:
The thyroid gland and vitamin B1

Remington, R.E.; Remington, J.W.; Welch, S.S., 1937:
The thyroid gland of the normal rat: size, dry matter and iodine content

Baglioni, T., 1940:
The thyroid gland, vitamin B1 and glutathione

Selzer, A., 1935:
The thyroid in infectious diseases

Adams, A.E.izabeth; Mothes, A.M., 1945:
The thyrotrophic potency of the pituitaries of albino mice with respect to age and sex

Ballif, L.; Gherscovici, I., 1936:
The thyrotropic effect of non-pituitary tissues

Turner, C.W.; Cupps, P.T., 1939:
The thyrotropic hormone in the pituitary of the albino rat during growth, pregnancy and lactation

Stimmel, B.F.; Mccullagh, D.R.; Picha, V., 1936:
The thyrotropic hormone of the pituitary gland and iodine metabolism

Adams, A.E.; Allen, B.C., 1942:
The thyrotropic potency of chick anterior pituitaries

Loeser, A., 1934:
The thyrotropic substance of the prepituitary. II. Correlation with other endocrine organs

Cavett, J.W.; Rice, C.O.; Mcclendon, J.E., 1935:
The thyroxine and iodine content of normal and pathological thyroglobulin

Paveglio, S.A.; Allard, J.; Mayette, J.; Whittaker, L.A.; Juncadella, I.; Anguita, J.; Poynter, M.E., 2007:
The tick salivary protein, Salp15, inhibits the development of experimental asthma

Vanholme, B.; Grunewald, W.; Bateman, A.; Kohchi, T.; Gheysen, G., 2007:
The tify family previously known as ZIM

Antonius, O., 1935:
The tigering pattern in the horse, especially the Noric

Groll, E., 1935:
The tigering pattern of the Noric horse

Anonymous, 1943:
The tile test of pure ghee

D'espeissis, J.L., 1940:
The timber industry in the Territory of New Guinea

Djurberg, G., 1944:
The timber measuring societies and their work.

Thomas, A.V., 1939:
The timber of Yemane

Hopkins, H., 1944:
The timber production war project

Lehtinen, E., 1939:
The timber spraying method

Svensson, R., 1943:
The timber wedge and sledge hammer.

Hustich, I., 1944:
The timber-line problem.

Mcelhanney, T.A., 1940:
The timbers of Canada: their properties and uses.

Van-Mulders., 1939:
The timbers of the Belgian Congo.

Anonymous, 1939:
The timbers of the French Colonial Empire.

Barner, J., 1942:
The timbers of the world.

Day, F.T.; Rowlands, I.W., 1940:
The time and rate of appearance of gonadotrophin in the serum of pregnant mares

Dawson, A.B.; Friedgood, H.B., 1940:
The time and sequence of preovulatory changes in the cat ovary after mating or mechanical stimulation of the cervix uteri

Cutler, O.I.; Lewis, J.H., 1933:
The time at which casein begins to be formed in the breast during pregnancy

Blinks, L.R.; Skow, R.K., 1938:
The Time Course of Photosynthesis as Shown by a Rapid Electrode Method for Oxygen

Hrubetz, M.Caroline, 1934:
The time curve after insulin

Mazer, C.; Israel, S.L.; Alpers, B.J., 1936:
The time element in the pituitary-ovarian response to large doses of the estrogenic hormone

Warren, D.C.; Scott, H.M., 1934:
The time factor in egg formation

Heywang, Burt, W., 1938:
The time factor in egg production

Ovechkin, S., 1940:
The time factor in phosphate nutrition of spring wheats

Pope, Merritt, N., 1937 :
The time factor in pollen-tube growth and fertilization in barley

Plagge, E., 1937:
The time factor in the action of the A -hormone of Ephestia on the coloration of testes and imaginal eyes, and the length of time required for secretion of an effective quantity

Winkler, A.; Westphal, O., 1944:
The time factor in the antigen-antibody union

Lyubochko, O., 1938:
The time for pollinating apple flowers in relation to different methods of emasculation.

Sandoiu, D.C.; Zana, E., 1941:
The time for summer cultivation of wheat.

Seppanen, V., 1942:
The time needed for cutting saw timber

Chevais, S., 1938:
The time of appearance of pigment in normal and grafted eyes of Drosophila

Watson, S.J.; Ferguson, W.S.; Horton, E.A., 1937:
The time of cutting hay, and the losses entailed during haymaking

Sen, P.K.; Mallik, P.C., 1941:
The time of differentiation of the flower bud of the mango

Blaauw, A.H.; Kronenberg, H.G., 1937:
The time of flower formation in hyacinths and Darwin tulips in Holland and in the South of France

Christiansen, M.P., 1941:
The time of flowering of Taraxacum in relation to the height above sea-level of the habitat

Novoderzhkina, N., 1932:
The time of harvesting timothy for hay

Ludolf, A.M., 1934:
The time of opening of rice flowers

Brewster, J.E.; May, R.; Cole, C.L., 1940:
The time of ovulation and rate of spermatozoa travel in cattle

Kovalevskii, L.I., 1938:
The time of production of the variety Ukrainka

Zavadovskii, M.; M.; Litvinova, N., 1944:
The time of slaughtering Karakul lambs for skins

Kalaceva, Z.P.; Cemnolonskii, K.K., 1940:
The time of sowing millet

Lenkeit, W., 1931:
The time required for food to pass through the digestive tract in pigs

Darlington, C.D., 1935:
The time, place and action of crossing-over

Liddiard, P.D., 1944:
The time, temperature and concentration ratio in bottle washing operations

Goldschmidt, R., 1938:
The time-law of intersexuality

Vladimirov, A.V., 1938:
The times of application of fertilizers for sugar beet.

Van, D.Pol, P.H., 1941:
The timing of spray applications against apple and pear scab in spring

Adam, W.B.; Horner, G., 1937:
The tin content of English canned fruits and vegetables

Ivanov, N.Z., 1940:
The tin, lead and arsenic content of animal and vegetable foods

Gross, J., 1933:
The tip die-back of our fruit trees

Turnbull, John, A., 1943:
The tired, weak, exhausted, depressed patient

Del Villar, Emile, H., 1944:
The tirs of Morocco

Seifried, O., 1940:
The tissue changes in fowls, rats and guineapigs after overdosage with vitamin A. Mode of action of this vitamin

Davson, J., 1936:
The tissue response to subcutaneous injection of cod-liver oil

Tschech, K., 1939:
The tissue structure of green sepals

Musulin, R.R.; Silverblatt, E.; King, C.G.; Woodward, G.E., 1936:
The titration and biological assay of vitamin C in tumor tissue

Birch, T.W.; Harris, L.J., 1933:
The titration curve and dissociation constants of vitamin C

Stewart, S.E., 1945:
The titration of Clostridium perfringens (welchii) antitoxin by its antihemolytic activity

Morel, M., 1944:
The titration of eoenzymes I and II by the H. parainfluenzae test

Ling, E.R., 1936:
The titration of milk and whey as a means of estimating the colloidal calcium phosphate of milk

Bennett, A.H., 1934:
The titration of vitamin C in citrus juices

Horwitt, M.K., 1934:
The titrimetric microestimation of iron in biological materials

Wang, X.; Replogle, A.; Davis, E.L.; Mitchum, M.G., 2007:
The tobacco Cel7 gene promoter is auxin-responsive and locally induced in nematode feeding sites of heterologous plants

Akghiresco, V., 1938:
The tobacco Molovata

Mandelson, L.F., 1936:
The tobacco growing industry in the United States of America

Anonymous, 1935:
The tobacco hybrid 344. Promising results at the Besoeki Experiment Station

Gage, Charles, E., 1939:
The tobacco industry in Puerto Rico

Mothes, K.; Kieke, K., 1943:
The tobacco root as the region of nicotine formation

Gornik, R., 1939:
The tobacco varieties of Jugoslavia

Chirtoiu, S.; Vladescu, I., 1943:
The tobacco variety Samsun

Bencomo, C., 1915:
The tobacco wireworm

Emmerie, A.; Engel, C., 1943:
The tocopherol (vitamin E) content of foods and its chemical determination

Engel, C., 1942:
The tocopherol (vitamin E) content of milling products from wheat, rye and barley and the influence of bleaching

Abderhalden, R., 1945:
The tocopherol content of human organs

Abderhalden, R., 1945:
The tocopherol content of the organs of the human foetus and newborn infant

Wechsler, I.S.; Mayer, G.G.rnsheim; Sobotka, H., 1943:
The tocopherol level in human serum during oral tocopherol therapy

Steinberg, C.L., 1942:
The tocopherols (vitamin E) in the treatment of primary fibrositis

Evans, R.J.hn; Carver, J.S., 1944:
The toe ash as a measure of calcification in chicks

Jacobsen, E.; Plum, C.M., 1945:
The tola of tyrosine in pernicious anemia

Henderson, E.W.; Irwin, W.E., 1940:
The tolarance of growing chicks for soybean oil in their ration

Meszaros, G., 1938:
The tole of blood in nutrition

Penew, L., 1944:
The tolerance for new and stale bread with reference to its biology

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The tolerance of Nitraria schobeni L. for salts in the wild

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The tolerance of medulliadrenalectomized and adrenalectomized rabbits to intravenous injections of glucose

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The tolerance of normal rabbits to intravenous injection of glucose

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The toll of wheat stem rust

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The tomato and the cigarette

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The tomato leaf miner and its control

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The tooth germ in acute scurvy

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The top diameter of round timber for the production of squared timber.

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The topical problem of the degeneration of potatoes

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The topographic selenium method, a new process for determining germination capacity of cereals without a germination test

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The topography of abdominal organs in the pig

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The topography of the hypophysis in the Xenarthra

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The total Composition of Derris Extract

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The total N content and the degree of humifica-tion of the organic matter of forest podzol.

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The total and available iron in vegetable foods

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The total base-binding capacity (T value) of the mineral complex of soil and of its fractions in various soil types

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The total carbohydrate content of isolated frog muscle

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The total carbohydrate content of the liver tissue in the fasting rabbit: a method of estimation

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The total electrolyte content of animals and its probable relation to the distribution of body water

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The total extraction of free auxin and auxin precursor from plant tissue

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The total nitrogen and carbohydrates, and the relative rates of respiration, in virus-infected plants

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The total nitrogen content of egg albumin and other proteins

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The tourist unravelled

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The toxemias of pregnancy. 8. The nitrogen metabolism

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The toxic Action of Species of Chara on Culicid Larvae

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The toxic Effects produced by Derivatives of Calcium Cyanamide on the Olive Fly and on Gambusia

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The toxic Life of Pyrethrum-in-oil Films

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The toxic action of coal gas upon plants. IX. The effect of coal gas upon cork and lenticel formation

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The toxic action of high molecular ketones on the developing rat embryo

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The toxic action of hydrogen sulfide on certain molds and tree pathogenic fungi

Sokoloff, D.V., 1938:
The toxic action of hydrogen sulphide on certain moulds and tree pathogenic fungi

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The toxic action of magnesia on Cane

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The toxic action of oxygen and the oxidation reduction system

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The toxic action of sodium arsenite on the spores of Gloeosporium, olivarum Aim

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The toxic action of traces of coal gas upon plants

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The toxic content of haiari or cube root

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The toxic dose of mealy-bug wilt of pineapple

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The toxic effect of glycine on guinea-pigs

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The toxic effect of high doses of liver oils and the activity of yeast in prevention of the toxicity

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The toxic efficiency of solbar as insecticide and fungicide.

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The toxic principle and local resistance in the ordinary Tobacco mosaic virus

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The toxic principle of ragwort (Senecio Jacobaea). Part 1

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The toxic property of sulphur

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The toxicity and pathology of selenium

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The toxicity of Drymaria pachyphylla for cattle, sheep and goats

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The toxicity of Kallstroemia hirsntissima (carpet weed) for cattle, sheep, and goats

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The toxicity of a spurge (Phyllanthus abnormis) for cattle, sheep, and goats

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The toxicity of bee stings in the horse

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The toxicity of benzine used against lice

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The toxicity of calcium cyanamide to Blepharospora combivora and Pythiacystis citrophthora

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The toxicity of carbon tetrachloride in sheep

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The toxicity of copper and its mode of action on plant parasites

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The toxicity of fluorine in dicalcium phosphate

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The Toxicity Of Influenza Viruses

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The Toxicity Of Orally Administered Tannic Acid

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The toxicity of phenothiazine

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The toxicity of preservatives against wood-destroying fungi

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The toxicity of some commercial dusts to conidia of Bremia lactucae

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The toxicity of sorghums

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The toxicity of thallium sulfate for cattle

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The toxicity of the ' strangulation ' fungus frequently parasitizing grasses

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The toxicity of the phenolic ingredients of Pine heartwood to some rot fungi

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The toxicity of the ripe fruit of blackbrush or tarbush (Flourensia cernua) for sheep and goats

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The toxicity of the ripe fruit of blackbrush or tarbush (Flourensia cernua) for sheep and goats. (Texas Agric. Exp. Stat. Butt. No. 664)

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The toxicity of the spores of Tilletia tritici to animals

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The toxicity of vitamins D. and D3

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The toxicity of vitamins D2 and D3

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The toxicity of yellow-wood (Terminalia Bursarina)

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The toxicity of yellow-wood (Terrainalia oblongatato cattle

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The toxicity to wood-destroying fungi of coal-tar creosote-petroleum and coal-tar creosote-coal-tar mixtures

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The toxicity, in experiments, of Wheat smut (Ustilago nuda f. tritici) spores to the Mouse

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The toxicology of plants in South Africa

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The toxicology of seed disinfectants

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The toximetric testing of coal tar impregnation oil by the wood-block method

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The toximetric testing of wood preservatives

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The trace element content of some important soils-a comparison

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The trace element content of the newborn rat (as determined spectrographically)

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The trace elements in plant seeds

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The tractor on the small farm

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The trade in canned fruits in the united Kingdom

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The trade in seed and seed grain is regulated by means of new trade decisions

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The trade volume of timber.

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The trailing raspberry- Rubus parvifolius L. Characteristics and breeding

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The trailing wild bean in southern Illinois

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The training of alluvial rivers

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The training of foresters for post-war afforestation on private estates

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The training of shepherds

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The trait-body of Pachyma hoelen Rumph.

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The transcription factor HIG1/MYB51 regulates indolic glucosinolate biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

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The transfer of inorganic phosphorus across the red blood cell membrane

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The transfer of radioactive sodium across the placenta of the rabbit

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The transfer of radioactive sodium across the placenta of the sow

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The transference of Ca and P compounds from milk to whey.

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The transference of durum and dicoccum characters to 21-chromosome wheat lines by crossing

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The transference of ingested fluorine from parent to offspring

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The transference of non-Mendelian factors for variegation through rye pollen

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The transformation of Aspen from a dioecious into a monoecious plant.

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The transformation of carotene into vitamin A in liver autolysates

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The Transformation Of Carotene To Vitamin A In Vitro

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The transformation of percentages for use in the analysis of variance

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The transformation of phosphorus during the decomposition of plant materials

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The transformation of wasteland into grassland in the Duchy of Oldenburg

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The transformations of phosphatic fertilizers in podzolized soils of the Kola peninsula.

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The transformations of sulphur in soils. Part I.

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The transient feeding of root-knot nematode larvae

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The transition from woodland and moorland to grassland in the Spey Valley and elsewhere

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The translocation of potassium among peach roots

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The transmissibility by the seed of aucuba mosaic and leaf roll (phloem necrosis) of the Potato

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The transmissibility of infectious myxomatosis

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The transmissible bacterial lysin and its action on dead bacteria

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The transmissible lytic principle (Bacteriophage) in relation to pathogenes

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The transmission and treatment of cereal rusts in Tunis

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The transmission in China of helminths by vegetables

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The transmission of Bacterium bifidum to new born infants

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The transmission of Dermatobia cyaniventris by a mosquito

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The transmission of Potato diseases through the tuber

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The transmission of Sandal spike

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The transmission of Spirochaeta gallinarum by Mites

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The transmission of Sugar-cane Mosaic by Aphis maidis under field conditions in Porto Rico

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The transmission of Sugar-cane mosaic

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The transmission of Tomato canker with the seed

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The transmission of Trypanosoma gambiense by Mansonioides uniformis

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The transmission of Trypanosoma rhodesiense by Glossina palpalis

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The transmission of Tulip breaking

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The transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti in Sierra Leone

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The transmission of carotenoid pigments from silage rations into the milk of the cow

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The transmission of characters in the hybrids of firs

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The transmission of diphtheria antitoxin from hen to egg

Anonymous, 1914:
The transmission of disease by ants

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The transmission of diseases by means of milk

Schuberg Boing., 1915:
The transmission of diseases by native biting insects

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The transmission of exanthematous typhus to man and monkey by means of lice from a recurrent fever patient, and by the progeny of the same lice

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The transmission of foot and mouth disease

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The transmission of glanders from horse to man

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The transmission of plant diseases by biological means

Dufrenoy, J., 1921:
The transmission of plant diseases through biological channels

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The transmission of streak and mosaic diseases of Tomato through seed. No. II

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The transmission of the Vine leaf roll virus through the tissues of a resistant variety

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The transmission of the cancer tendency by the males of a tumour strain of mice

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The transmission of the ordinary Tobacco mosaic virus to Orobanche, a parasitic plant devoid of chlorophyll

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The transmission of the virus of the woodiness disease of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) by single leaf grafts

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The transmission of trypansomes by Glossina longipennis

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The transmission of viras diseases in Daffodils

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The transmission of virus diseases with the seed, especially in the Potato

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The transmission of vitamin A from parents to young in mammals

Dann, W.J., 1936:
The transmission of vitamin A from parents to young in mammals 5. The vitamin A and earotenoid eontents of human oolostram and milk

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The transmission of vitamin A from parents to young in mammals. 2. The carotene and vitamin A content of cow's colostrum

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The transmission of vitamin A from parents to young in mammals. 3. The effect of the fat content of diet during pregnancy on the transmission of vitamin A to the foetal rat

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The transmission of xanthophylls in feeds to the yolk of the hen's egg

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The transmutation of stem into root and vice versa in the Japanese pear Tyozyuro

Bachem, A., 1930:
The transparency of the human skin

Coster, C., 1937:
The transpiration of different forms of vegetation in Java

Adriani, M.J., 1937:
The transpiration of some halophytes cultivated in different media in comparison with that of some non-halophytes

S'jacob, J.C., 1938:
The transpiration of young robusta coffee

Krasovskaja, O.V., 1936:
The transplantation of rabbit ovum into the uterus of another animal

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The transplanting of big trees.

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The transport factor in plant geography

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The transport of bull sperm by carrier pigeons

Hartley, H., 1935:
The transport of food by rail

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The transport of spermatozoa in the female reproductive tract

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The transportation of absorbed lipids

Spencer, L.; Wharton, C.; Moyle, S.; Adams, T., 2007:
The transtheoretical model as applied to dietary behaviour and outcomes

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The transversal photo-tropism of the foliage leaves of Fatsia japonica

Borst, H.L.; Yoder, R.E., 1943:
The trash mulch method of reclaiming broomsedge and poverty grass lands with alfalfa

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The treatment and supply of setts for the planting of Sugar estates

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The treatment by marmite of megalocytic hyperchromic anaemia occurring in idiopathic steatorrhoea (coaliac disease)

Keefer, C.S.; Yano, C.S., 1931:
The treatment for secondary anaemia

Anonymous, 1944:
The treatment of wound shock . (Instructions produced by the Medical Research Council committees on traumatic shock and on blood transfusion, in co-operation with the Army Medical Service)

Dinnis, E.R., 1938:
The treatment of hard seeds of sea pea to induce germination

Rynearson, E.H., 1938:
The treatment of Addison's disease

Hicks, C.S.; Mitchell, M.L., 1935:
The treatment of Addison's disease by whole adrenal gland

Bitancourt, A.A., 1941:
The treatment of Citrus leprosis

Nixon, N., 1941:
The treatment of Graves' disease in children

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The treatment of Hymenolepis infection with fern in combination with other preparations.

Kevorkov, N.P., 1943:
The treatment of Hymenolepis infections.

Schick, A., 1943:
The treatment of Meniere's syndrome with magnesium salts

Anonymous, 1943:
The treatment of Oranges in the State of Sao Paulo

Echeverria, I., 1943:
The treatment of Pinus insignis: spacing, pruning, thinning.

Capus, J., 1914:
The treatment of Poly-chrosis

Gadd, C.H., 1937:
The treatment of Poria root disease of Tea

Simmonds, J.H., 1937:
The treatment of Tobacco seed-bed covers to prolong their useful life

Koch, R., 1934:
The treatment of Tomato plants with uspulun against Tomato stem rot and bacterial wilt

Maplestone, P.A.; Mukerji, A.K., 1939:
The treatment of Trichuris infection with iron

Van Slogteren, E., 1931:
The treatment of Tulip bulbs with various disinfectants. (Preliminary note)

Dubois, P., 1931:
The treatment of Vine mildew by copper mixtures

Bbanas, J.; Dulac, J., 1934:
The treatment of Vine mildew by copper mixtures

Arnaud, G., 1940:
The treatment of Vine mildew. The present state of the question

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The treatment of Wheat bunt

Arnaud, G.; Gaudineau, M., 1932:
The treatment of Wheat bunt. III. Comparative of copper products and formalin

South, F.W., 1923:
The treatment of a root disease of Borneo Camphor

Walker, J.M.; Hamilton, J.W., 1945:
The Treatment of Actinomycosis With Penicillin

Salomon, H., 1939:
The treatment of acute aad chronic diarrhoea with a salt-free diet

Hawes, R.B.; Monteiro, E.S.; Smith, C.E., 1937:
The treatment of acute cardiac beri-beri or shoshin with massive doses of vitamin B1

Deutsch, J.; Goldmann, A.; Nassau, E., 1945:
The treatment of acute digestive disturbances in early childhood

Anonymous, 1934:
The treatment of acute enteritis in infants

Hawes, R.B., 1938:
The treatment of acute fulminating cardiac beriberi (shoshin)

Pelner, L., 1944:
The treatment of acute gingivostomatitis (Vincent)

Ulrichs, B., 1931:
The treatment of agranulocytosis with extracts of organs of a young animal

Mitscherlich, E.A., 1934:
The treatment of agricultural and other biological experimental results

Wechsler, I.S., 1940:
The treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with vitamin E (tocopherols)

Trowell, H.C., 1945:
The treatment of anaemia in Africans with special reference to a trial of dehydrated liver

Magnusson, H., 1933:
The treatment of anaemia in children by copper and iron

Josephs, H., 1931:
The treatment of anaemia of infancy with iron and copper

Montgomerie, R.F.; Brownlee, G., 1941:
The treatment of anoestrus in domestic animals with stilboestrol dipropionate

Charley, V.L.S.; E.A., 1943:
The treatment of apple pomace prior to drying for subsequent pectin extraction

Dreyer, I.; Reed, C.I., 1935:
The treatment of arthritis with massive doses of vitamin D

Maplestone, P.A.; Mukerji, A.K., 1938:
The treatment of ascariasis

Brown, H.W., 1932:
The treatment of ascariasis and trichuriasis with hexylresorcinol pills

Wang, K.C., 1933:
The treatment of ascariasis with hexylresorcinol

Cawston, F.G., 1934:
The treatment of bilharzia diseases by antimonium potassium tartrate, with the consideration of claims advanced for other remedies

Tomb, J.W., 1940 :
The treatment of black hairy (lingua nigra)

D.Vos, W.A., 1930:
The treatment of brown bast

Anonymous, 1945:
The treatment of brown bast. (Adv. Circ. Rubb. Res. Scheme Ceylon 24)

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The treatment of bunt of Wheat by means of weak doses of copper. The results of a systematic study

Van Muyden, N.H., 1940:
The treatment of cardiac insufficiency with vitamin B1

Vermorel, V., 1924:
The treatment of cereal seed with copper acetate

Petit, A., 1935:
The treatment of cereal seed. Sulphur and cupric sulphur

Smythe, R.H., 1945:
The treatment of certain canine neoplasms by stilboestrol

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The treatment of certain muscular atrophies with vitamin E, with a note on diagnosis and the electromyograms

Morton, E., 1936:
The treatment of children by artificial light

Vidal, J.L., 1938:
The treatment of chlorosis in fruit trees

Irons, E.E., 1934:
The treatment of chronic arthritis. General principles

Schalm, O.W., 1942:
The treatment of chronic bovine mastitis

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The treatment of chronic hemolytic jaundice with liver extract

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The treatment of chronic hypoparathyroidism

Walker, J.E.; Wood, W.D., 1935:
The treatment of cirrhosis of the liver with insulin

Reed, C.I.; Seed, L., 1933:
The treatment of clinical tetany with irradiated ergosterol

Paterson, D.; Pierce, M.; Peck, E., 1944:
The treatment of coeliac disease with vitamin B complex and concentrated liver

Brion, A., 1945:
The treatment of colic in the horse by intravenous injection of novoeaine

Chevillard, L.; Jacquot, R.; Roche, J., 1945:
The treatment of conditions of nitrogen insufficiency of different origins by protein hydrolysates

Dam, A., 1944:
The treatment of cows which fail to come on heat

Kirby-Smith, J.L., 1935:
The treatment of creeping eruption

Smith, D.C., 1943:
The treatment of creeping eruption with sodium antimony biscatechol (Fuadin)

Streets, R.B., 1934:
The Treatment Of Deciduous Fruit Trees And Nut Trees Infected By Phymatotrichum Omnivorum With Ammonium Compounds

Vatcher, S.; Douglas, M., 1935:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus

Wehr, J., 1944:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus in wartime

Gray, P.A., 1936:
The treatment of diabetes mellitus with insoluble insulin compounds

Marble, A., 1941:
The treatment of diabetes with diet and insulin

Geyelin, H.R., 1935:
The treatment of diabetes with insulin (after ten years). Contrasting the effects of normal and of the older diabetic diets

Mollerstrom, J., 1933:
The treatment of diabetes with reference to the endogenous periodicity of the carbohydrate metabolism

Fullerton, H.W.; Lyall, A.; Davidson, L.S.P., 1932:
The treatment of diabetic uraemia with hypertonic glucose solutions

Melzer., 1944:
The treatment of diseases caused by ossification of the hoof cartilage

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The treatment of disseminated sclerosis as a deficiency disease; a study of fifty cases

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The treatment of dourine

Wilson, C., 1935:
The treatment of elephantiasis of the limbs

Giblin, J.; Lischner, M.D., 1935:
The treatment of enteritis in infants and children with raw apple diet

Richters, C.E., 1944:
The treatment of enteritis in swine

Keith, H.M., 1937:
The Treatment Of Epilepsy In Children

McChesney, E.W.; Giacomino, N.J., 1945:
The Treatment Of Experimental Hypoparathyroidism In Dogs

Moura Campos, F.A., 1940:
The treatment of experimental pellagra in rats

Colleary, M.J., 1939:
The treatment of fence-posts with preservatives

Brown, H.W., 1944:
The treatment of filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti) with lithium antimony thiomalate

Levitskii, B.G., 1939:
The treatment of fodders with yeast. (Papers Res. Inst. Pig Husb. No. 13.)

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The treatment of food allergy

Oelgoetz, A.W.; Oelgoetz, P.A.; Wittekind, J., 1935:
The treatment of food allergy and indigestion of pancreatic origin with pancreatic enzymes

Winkler, A.J., 1933:
The treatment of frosted grape vines

Paillot, A.; Pussard, R., 1929:
The treatment of fruit trees against Carpocapsa, and scab

Clapham, P.A., 1935:
The treatment of gapeworm disease

Bassleb, A., 1936:
The treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers as an office procedure

Newton, W.; Bosher, J.E.; Hastings, R.J., 1937:
The treatment of glasshouse soils with chloropicrin for the control of Heterodera marioni (Cornu) Goodey, and other soil pathogens

Bauee, W.; Klemperer, F., 1944:
The treatment of gout

Bartels, E.C., 1939:
The treatment of gout with a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet

Armentano, L., 1940:
The treatment of haemorrhagic diatheses

Napier, L.E.; Das Gupta, C.R.; Majumdar, D.N., 1941 :
The treatment of hookworm anaemia

Kamalov, N.G.; Gordadze, G.N.; Polovetskaya, A.A.; Tsutsunava, T.N., 1944:
The treatment of hookworm anaemia with iron compounds.

Molloy, D.M., 1933:
The treatment of hookworm and other intestinal helminth infections with hexylresorcinol under field conditions in central America

Hermano, A.J.; Eubanas, F., 1935:
The treatment of human beriberi with crystalline antineuritic vitamin

Rose, H.M.; Culbertson, J.T., 1945:
The treatment of human filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti) by administration of melarsen oxide

Hutschenreiter, C., 1936:
The treatment of hypersexuality in the horse

Rose, E.; Rose, E.K.; Pendergrass, E.P., 1935:
The treatment of hyperthyroidism in children and younger adolescents

Soler, B.; Ude, A., 1943:
The treatment of hyperthyroidism with fluorotyrosine

Fullerton, H.W., 1934:
The treatment of hypochromic anaemia with soluble ferrous salts

Duckles, D.; Willis, L.; Elvehjem, C.A., 1937:
The treatment of hypochromic anemia in college women

Rapaport, H.G.; Herman, H.; Lehman, E., 1942:
The treatment of ichthyosis with vitamin A

Shiefeb, P.; Ferouson, L.K., 1941:
The treatment of idiopathic ulcerative colitis with concentrated liver extract and vitamin B1

Woo, T.T.; Fan, C.; Chu, F.T., 1941:
The treatment of infantile tetany with dihydrotachysterol (A.T. 10)

D.Bois, 1940:
The treatment of interdigital epidermophytoses

Burgess, J.F., 1941:
The Treatment of Lichen Planus with Vitamin B Complex

Bennett, J.P., 1931:
The treatment of lime-induced chlorosis with iron salts

Ward, K.M., 1944:
The treatment of little-leaf of deciduous fruit trees

Keeton, R.W., 1937:
The treatment of malnutrition in general practice

Rene, C., 1916:
The treatment of mange in horses

Fritschi, E., 1943:
The treatment of mastitis with Cibazol

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The treatment of milk allergy and its basic principles

Broman, B., 1945:
The treatment of morbus haemolyticus neanatorum (familial erythroblastosis foetalis). Guiding lines tor experiments towards an improvement Ada paediai

Meyer, O.O.; Simmons, C.C., 1931:
The treatment of mouse carcinoma with thymus extract (Hanson)

Cuthbertson, D.P.; Maclachlan, T.K., 1934:
The treatment of muscular dystrophy with glycine

Oppenheimer, H.R., 1943:
The treatment of neglected citrus groves.

Lashmet, F.H., 1931:
The treatment of nephritic edema by acid

Ellis, A., 1934:
The treatment of nephritis

Campbell, L.K., 1938:
The treatment of nutritional anemia in rats with meat

Mccabe, J.; Hart, J.F., 1934:
The treatment of obesity

Pelner, L., 1945:
The treatment of obesity by appetite control : the use of autonomic substances and their 'synergists

Humphris, F.H., 1932:
The treatment of obesity by physical methods

Kelly, M., 1940:
The treatment of obesity in general practice

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The treatment of obesity with low caloric diets

Lyon, D.M.; Dunlop, D.M., 1932:
The treatment of obesity. A comparison of the effects of diet and of thyroid extract

Strakosch, R., 1945:
The treatment of oeso-phageal obstruction, or choke in the ox by paravertebral anaesthesia

Gvasaliya, N.A., 1940:
The treatment of parafilariasis in horses with tartar emetic.

Guilhon, J.; Priouzeau, M., 1944:
The treatment of parasitism of the alimentary tract of equine and bovine animals with phenothiazine

Campbell, D., 1935:
The treatment of parathyroid tetany

Macbryde, C.M., 1938:
The treatment of parathyroid tetany with dihydrotachysterol

Spies, T.D., 1935:
The treatment of pellagra

Azmy, S., 1938:
The treatment of pellagra by amino acids. Report of six cases from the post-graduate section, Faculty of Medicine, Egyptian University

Livesco, M., 1939:
The treatment of pellagra by nicotinic acid amide

Ruffin, J.M.; Smith, D.T., 1934:
The treatment of pellagra with certain preparations of liver

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The treatment of peptic nicer with aluminum hydroxide: a two-year study

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The treatment of peptic ulcer by the diet of Goldberger and Wheeler

Fogelson, S.J., 1932:
The treatment of peptic ulcer with gastric mucin

Meyer, J.; Seidmon, E.E.; Nicheles, H., 1933:
The treatment of peptic ulcer with powdered okra

Dick, G.F.; Eisele, C.W., 1942:
The treatment of peptic ulcer without alkalis

Goodall, A., 1932:
The treatment of pernicious anaecia by marmite

Brockbank, W., 1931:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia

Harrington, A.W.; Fleming, J., 1931:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia by injection of liver extract

Lyon, R.M.M., 1932:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia with Campolon

Klumpp, T.G., 1936:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia with autolysed liver concentrate

Snapper, I.; Preez, J.D.G.D., 1931:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia with desiccated hog's stomach

Davidson, L.S.P., 1932:
The treatment of pernicious anaemia with fish liver extract

Barnett, C.W.; Thebaut, W.M., Jr., 1932:
The treatment of pernicious anemia with digested liver

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The treatment of pernicious anemia with horse liver extract

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The treatment of pernicious anemia: a nine-year study of maintenance requirements, with a note on the efficacy of purified liver extracts in the control of neural lesions

Herzog, F., 1936:
The treatment of polycythaemia with a diet extremely poor in animal protein

Binkley, G.E.; Abels, J.C.; Rhoads, C.P., 1943:
The Treatment Of Postoperative Hypoproteinemia In Patients With Cancer Of The Colon And Rectum

Ryan, E.J., 1940:
The treatment of postoperative parathyroid tetany: use of dihydro-tachysterol (A.T. 10)

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The treatment of preeclampsia. A rationale for dietary regulation in the preclinical stage

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The treatment of psoriasis by means of a salt-free diet. A preliminary report

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The treatment of rachitic infants with milk produced by cows fed irradiated ergosterol

Vermooten, V., 1938:
The treatment of renal calculi, with special reference to their solution by the aid of diet and drugs

Graham, G.; Oakley, W.G., 1938:
The treatment of renal tickets

Abrams, N.R.; Bauer, W., 1938:
The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with large doses of vitamin D. A critical evaluation

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The treatment of rhinospori-diosis in man based on the study of sixty cases

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The treatment of roentgen sickness with synthetic vitamin B1 hydrochloride. A preliminary report

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The treatment of root diseases

Bindra, B.S., 1936:
The treatment of schistosomiasis

Fakhry, A., 1934:
The treatment of schistosomiasis and ankylostomiasis with acriflavine

Fisher, A.C., 1934:
The treatment of schistosomiasis with acriflavine

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The treatment of secondary anemia

Cheney, G.; Niemand, F., 1932:
The treatment of secondary anemia with secondary anemia liver extract and iron

Podolsky, E., 1936:
The treatment of secondary anemias

Franklin, M.T., 1939:
The treatment of seed potatoes for the destruction of adherent Heterodera schachtii cysts

Bennett, T.I.; Gill, A.M., 1936:
The treatment of severe diabetes in children with protamine insulinate

Hay, James, R., 1941:
The treatment of sheep parasites with repeated doses of phenothiazine

Wright, C.S., 1938:
The treatment of skin infections with combined tin proteinate and brewers' yeast

Petit, A., 1937:
The treatment of soft Wheat seed-grain against Ustilago tritici. Hot water steeps of short duration

Crous, P.A., 1939:
The treatment of sooty blotch on Citrus fruits

Strom, J., 1939:
The treatment of spasmophilia with a single massive dose of vitamin D2

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The treatment of spotted fever with paraaminobenzoic acid

Manson Bahr, P., 1941 :
The treatment of sprue with vitamin B2 and its bearing upon the aetiology of this disease

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The treatment of sterility in cows with wheat germ oil (vitamin E)

Scorgie, N.J., 1939:
The treatment of sterility in the bitch by the use of gonadotrophic hormones

Anon, 1943:
The treatment of stomach worm disease (haemonchosis) of sheep

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The treatment of stomatitis caused by diet deficiency

Spies, T.D.; Bean, W.B.; Stone, R.E., 1938:
The treatment of subclinical and classic pellagra. Use of nicotinic acid, nicotinic acid amide and sodium nicotinate, with special reference to the vasodilator action and the effect on mental symptoms

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The treatment of table grapes for the local markets

Mukerji, A.K.; Maplestone, P.A., 1943:
The treatment of taeniasis

Snapper, I., 1934:
The treatment of tetany

Mariani, G., 1939:
The treatment of the Pine woods of the Carso.

Gadd, C.H., 1929:
The treatment of the Poria root disease

Tom Kins, R.G., 1930:
The treatment of the cut stalks of fruit to prevent rotting

Meyer, J.; Kasanin, J., 1938:
The treatment of the individual in the care of peptic ulcer

Laizet, G., 1943:
The treatment of theileriasis caused by Theileria dispar in Tiaret (Algeria)

Berk, L.; Sapeika, N., 1944:
The treatment of thyrotoxicosis with thiourea

Anonymous, 1941:
The treatment of timber in a drying kiln

Tomb, J.W., 1943:
The treatment of tinea (dhobie's itch)

Kennie, A.T., 1945:
The treatment of toxic goitre with thiouracil

Rose, A.S.; Jacobson, B.M., 1940:
The treatment of trigeminal neuralgia with vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride)

Rivera, V., 1928:
The treatment of tumours of Bacterium tumefaciens on Ricinus with radium emanation tubes

Greco, J.B.; Lima, A.O.; Canqado, J.B., 1942:
The treatment of underweight with insulin

Semichon, L., 1915:
The treatment of vines with hot water and hot spray solutions

Jermolenko, 1940:
The treatment of vitamin C deficiency diseases

Tage-Hansen, E., 1940:
The treatment of vitamin K deficiency in presence of acholia

Epsteik, B., 1945:
The treatment of vomiting of pregnancy with injections of whole liver and thiamine chloride

Arnaudg.; Gaudineau, M.M., 1932:
The treatment of wheat bunt

Horning, J.G., 1935:
The treatment of whipworm infestation in dogs

Maluezin, P., 1944:
The treatment of wood tars and the extraction of their oils.

Hall, H.T.B., 1944:
The treatment of worms in poultry

Berthelon, M., 1941:
The treatment ofbovine mastitis

Evans, D.G., 1945:
The treatment with antitoxin of experimental gas gangrene produced in guinea-pigs by (a) Cl. welchii, (b) Cl. oedematiens and (e) Cl. septicum

Manstein, B., 1941:
The treatment with vitamin B1 of headache after spinal anaesthesia

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The treatment with vitamin C of thrombocytopenia in children. A contribution to large dose therapy

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The treatments carried out against the insect and fungous parasites of fruit trees in 1930 and 1931

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The treatmsnt of gastric and duodenal ulcers

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The tree in colonization.

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The tree marking competitions. A form of forest conservation propaganda which has been tested with good results in the province of Jamtland.

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The tree race question in the forests of Europe

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The tree rat as a pest of cacao in Trinidad

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The tree species and the climatically conditioned interchange of species in the forests of eastern Patagonia

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The tree species of the genus Adina.

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The tree species of the northern temperate zone and their distribution.

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The trees of Ireland-native and introduced

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The trees of Quebec. How to identify them easily.

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The trehalose of yeast

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The trek of the golden fleece

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The trematode genus Allocreadium in North Indian fresh-water fishes

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The trematode genus Otodistomum in North America

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The trematode parasites from a collection of amphibians and reptiles

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The trematode parasites from a red-bellied watersnake, Farancia abacura

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The trematode parasites of Turritella communis Lmk. from Plymouth and Naples

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The trematode parasites of marine mammals

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The trematodes of reptiles. Part III. Conclusion

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The trend of British veterinary parasitology

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The trend of agriculture in Australia today

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The trend of animal breeding after the war

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The trend of avocado pests and their control

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The trend of cattle breeding and the regionalisation of improver breeds in the Ukraine

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The trend of consumption in 1942. An analysis of sales of groceries

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The trend of egg production and mortality at the Vineland contest

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The trend of enzyme action as an indication of drought-resistance in cultivated plants. Part 5. The effect of moisture deficiency on the alternating change in enzyme action during each period of 24 hours

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The trend of evolution of the nematodes of the family Acuariidae

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The trend of milk production in breeding the Dutch Black-and-White cattle

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The trend of organic food reserves in alfalfa roots as affected by cutting practices

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The trend of pasture research, with special reference to breeding

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The trend of phosphate adsorption by inorganic colloids from certain Indiana soils

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The trend of progress - fungicides

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The trend of progress - insecticides

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The trend of recent advances in the chemistry of food and nutrition

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The trend of wood use in aircraft

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The trend towards a grassland agriculture in the United States

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The trends of certain biochemical processes in plants during a period of 24 hours

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The trexnatode parasites of a species of Gomobasis from the Tippecanoe River, Indiana

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The triangular problem of nutrition in India

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The trichinosis problem: legal aspects

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The trichinosis situation in the United States

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The trichogenic action of the sulfhydryl group in hereditary hypotrichosis of the rat

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The trichophytin test :, report of three hundred and fifty cases

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The triple mechanism of the chemical phase of gastric secretion

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The triple-analysis method of testing soil fertility and probable crop reaction to fertilization

Lundegardh, H., 1939:
The triple-analysis procedure for determining the fertilizer needs of soil.

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The triploid progeny of the cross diploid X tetraploid Populus tremula

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The tripod system of harvesting. Trials with hay

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The tropical Rat Mite and its Control.

Anonymous, 1932:
The tropical anemia of pregnancy

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The tropical diarrhoeas

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The tropical grape

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The tropical rain forest and the bearing of its composition upon the tasks of cell-wall research.

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The trotters at the All-Union Agricultural Show 1939-1940

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The true Reasons for the Increase of the Nun Moth in Central Europe in Recent Years

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The true and false Coffee Berry Borers

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The true blood sugar level in insulin shock and convulsions

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The true financial return and future value of artificial stands.

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The true forestry situation in Georgia

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The true meaning of podzolization in Finland.

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The true relation of vitamin A to respiratory infections

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The true turtle of Amazonas

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The trunk-splitting disease of Areca Palms

Corax., 1930:
The truth about the dying-off of Heather

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The tryptophan and sporogenes vitamin requirements of B. botulinus

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The tryptophane and tyrosine content of peanut proteins

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The tryptophane content of feedstuff proteins

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The tsetse belts of the Petite-Cote and of the Lower Salum (Senegal)

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The tsetse fly in the Sudan

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The tsetse problem.

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The ttgGHI solvent efflux pump operon of Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E is located on a large self-transmissible plasmid

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The tube method of measuring the growth rate of Neurospora

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The tuber-unit seed plot in Quebec

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The tubercle bacilius in milk from Campania before and after pasteurization. Presence of the human, type

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The tubercle bacillus in milk sold in Paris

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The tuberculin reaction after treatment of tuberculous lupus

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The tuberculin test

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The tuberculin test in dogs

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The tuberculin test in guinea-pigs and cattle. The allergic response of animals to tuberculin and extracts of non-pathogenic acid-fast bacteria

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The tumefaciens plastin

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The tumour due to Bacterium tumefaciens and cancer

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The tumour virus disseminated from Rous No. 1 tumours

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The tumours of coniferous trees

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The tundra of the Ob-Enisei watershed

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The tung oil industry of the United States

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The tung oil tree

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The tung oil tree : cultivation experience in N. Auckland

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The tung oil tree and its oil

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The tung oil tree and the tung oil obtained from it.

Anon., 1933:
The tung oil tree does well in suitable districts

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The tung tree

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The tung tree (Aleurites fordii)

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The tung tree nursery at the Krasny Putilovets Collective Farm

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The tung-oil tree Aleurites Fordii Hemsl

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The tung-oil tree in Texas

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The turkey industry in New South Wales

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The turmeric determination of water-soluble boron in soils of citrus orchards in California

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The turnip or rape sawfly (Athalia colibri, Christ.)

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The turnip seed moth a pest of mustard

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The Turnover Of Acid-Soluble Phosphorus In The Kidneys Of Rats

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The turnover of fatty acids in the congenitally obese mouse

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The turnover of phospholipids in the intestinal mucosa

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The Twelfth Primary Trisomic Type in Nicotiana Sylvestris

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The twentieth annual report of the Forest Department, Tanganyika Territory, 1940.

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The twisting of the longitudinal ridges of plum stems. I. Macroscopical study

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The two Bud-moths, Eucosma ocellana and Argyroploce variegana, as Apple Bud Pests in Valais in 1926

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The two Species of Vine Phylloxera, as distinguished by Borner, are inconsistent

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The two Weevil Pests of Plantains (Musa sapientum, L.). Cosmopolites sordidus, Germ, and Odoiporus longicollis, Oliv

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The two ends of straw

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The two most critical periods in the life of cattle

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The two oil palm experiment stations

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The two species of Septoria attacking cultivated Celery in the Argentine Republic

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The two stages of ascorbic acid oxidation.

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The two types of allergic reaction

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The two-dose glucose tolerance test

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The tying and fastening of vines with paper thread in place of raffia

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The type 2 dengue virus envelope protein interacts with small ubiquitin-like modifier-1 (SUMO-1) conjugating enzyme 9 (Ubc9)

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The type and degree of gonadal stimulation induced in hypophysectomized male rats parabiotically joined with castrated, cryptorchid, and normal partners

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The type collection of winter wheats in conditions of the western Ukrainian steppes

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The type localities of some plants first described from West Virginia

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The type of churn as related to uniformity of composition of churn samples

Neatby, K.W., 1933:
The type of infection of wheat seedlings by Puccinia graminis tritici in the greenhouse as a measure of the percentage infection in the field