Section 14
Chapter 13,589

The vitamin D activity of butter: A chemical differentiation of the antirachitic factor of autumn and winter butter from irradiated ergosterol and the vitamin D of cod-liver oil

Kon, S.A.; Booth, R.G.

Biochemical Journal 27(4): 1302-1309


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 16745227
Accession: 013588370

The vitamin D of butter was completely destroyed by saponification, whereas that of cod liver oil (2 samples) and of the International Standard for vitamin D (irradiated ergosterol) appeared to resist saponification, the biological estimation being made by the line test. The vitamin D of cod liver oil was not affected by the presence of butter during saponification. It is concluded that the vitamin D of butter is a different substance from that of cod liver oil or irradiated ergosterol.

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