Section 14
Chapter 13,602

Vascular diseases of cotton in Uganda

Hansford, C.G.

East African Agric Jour 5(4): 279-282


Accession: 013601835

This group of diseases has become more prevalent in Uganda during the last 10 yrs. and in some areas now cause a noticeable effect on crop production. The pathogens concerned in the wilt complex are Verticillium dahliae and a number of strains of a Fusarium sp. belonging to the section Elegans. Verticillium is the most prevalent of the wilt fungi and in some areas accounts for 90% of the infections analyzed. Exptl. tests of the host range of the wilt fungi show that the Fusarium from cotton can attack several spp. of Crotalaria, Sesamum indicum and Capsicum annuum. Likewise, Fusaria isolated from various hosts were sometimes able to cause wilt in a susceptible cotton var. Verticillium was able to cause wilt in all crop plants thus far tested. The cotton vars. of Uganda are very heterogenous; differences in susceptibility to wilt have been noted, but none are highly resistant.

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